Summer Fun Ch. 08

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The threesome with Kim and Kitty was arranged. We decided to meet up at a coastal resort hotel about an hour’s drive away. Kim and Kitty told their husbands that they were going to a ‘girl’s night’ at a health resort. I travelled by myself, of course, but Kim and Kitty travelled together. They had booked a double room. We had checked out the accommodation guide, and I had booked a similar room in the same part of the hotel. It turned out that my room was right next door to theirs, and there was a connecting door. How very convenient, I thought!

As soon as I had settled into my room, I called Kim. As soon as we realised that we had adjoining rooms, the connecting door was flung open, and I was greeted by two very horny, and very naked women!

Our first fuckfest was exactly that – a frenzied melee of cock in pussy, cock in mouth, and mouth on pussy. And of course, some of the mouth on pussy was the girls eating each other.

After that round of serious fucking, we all decided that we would go for a swim to freshen up. Now, I had seen Kim and Kitty naked many times, but I had never actually seen them in tiny bikinis. Their suits just about blew my mind! Somehow, illegal bahis a beautiful woman in a very brief bikini can be even hotter than a naked woman. And seeing the way that other men look at them, and knowing that only you will get to fuck them, is very good for the ego.

We decided not to go to the dining room for dinner, just in case we were recognised. Besides, the time needed for dressing, and in the dining room, could be put to better use – for fucking, of course. So we ordered in dinner, with several bottles of wine.

We knew that we might not ever get another chance to all be together, so we made the most of things. We must have tried every sexual position, in the book as well as inventing a few new ones. I liked to lie on my back, with one girl riding my cock, and the other girl sitting on my face. And I would bend one of them over the bed and fuck her from behind, while she ate the cunt of the other girl. But my all-time favourite position, was to have Kitty lie on the bed, legs wide open and hanging down, and to have Kim lie on top of her, legs wide open. Then I would fuck Kim for a few strokes, and then pull out and fuck Kitty for a few illegal bahis siteleri strokes. This would continue until I was ready to cum. Then I would pull out, and spray cum over both of their faces. This went on until we all collapsed, totally exhausted.

The next morning I awoke to find two tongues licking my hard cock. As soon as she saw that I was awake, Kim climbed up and sat on my cock. She pushed down, and I disappeared completely into her greedy cunt. Then as soon as she came, Kitty took her place, and worked her magic with her cunt, making me come.

We got up, showered, dressed, and ordered breakfast, eating it on our private patio in the sun.

I wanted to stay with Kim and Kitty forever, but all good things come to an end. I watched them pack. Then when they were ready to leave, as we kissed goodbye, I said, “I really do love both of you, you know.”

“Do you love all of us, or just our cunts?” smirked Kitty.

“Well, I admit they’re my favourite parts, but I love all of you,” I said.

The girls left and I returned to my room, for the first time since checking in. I made sure that the connecting door was locked from both sides, canlı bahis siteleri and then I mussed up the bed to look as though it had been slept in. Must keep up appearances for the housekeeping staff, I thought. By the time that I went to the desk to check out, there was no sign of Kim and Kitty.

As I drove home I thought about the future. I knew that I could still fuck Kim regularly, on days that I worked from home. But work had become hectic, and most weeks I wasn’t able to have any home days. I knew that this frustrated Kim. I would have to try to figure some other way that we could be together. Maybe we will have to take a few more risks, I thought. The idea of suddenly just taking Kim, lifting up her skirt, bending her over, and just fucking her hard, in places where we might get caught, was very exciting.

And then there was Kitty. She was even more difficult to get alone, as her new husband apparently liked her pussy just as much as I did, and fucked her every chance that he got. And even when he was away, Kelly was there, which made it very difficult for me to get any alone time with Kitty.

All this depressed me a bit, but as I thought about it, I realised that it was Kim that I really wanted to be with. Maybe I won’t miss Kitty as much as I thought that I would, if I get to spend more time with Kim, I thought. Especially if we can do it in some risky places, maybe even outdoors.

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