Suhag Raat

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Originating in the Indian continent, some parts of this story contain words that are native to the region and I’ve tried to translate as best as I could for English speaking audiences. This story is fictional and any relation to real world events is coincidental. All characters are above 18. Being from a multicultural family, it’s not my intention to hurt anyone’s religious or cultural sentiment.

My Mamaji(uncle) Kaju was a raucous man and he had a wonderful way of telling stories. In time we got very close and as his favourite nephew I got to hear of many of his wild tales about when he was growing up in the 50’s and 60’s. At that time indian society was quite different, more conservative, patriarchal and women had less say in marriage and family life.

Mamiji (auntie) is long deceased but I have seen her pictures in the family album and she looked like a typical bengali wife, short in stature, round faced with a shy smile. When my uncle would reminisce about her, he got that far away look and I knew that he was remembering one of those splendid tales. Apparently they had an unconventionally (at that time) close and romantic relationship. This is a short story I’ve rewritten while piecing together urdu poetry he had written years ago while he was away from home.

The arranged marriage meant he had only spoken to her once before the wedding and that too with his parents and relatives all in the room. After the ceremony she had retired to a private room and he had also changed and was sent in for the suhagraat (wedding night).

He entered the room a little nervous but immediately became aroused when he saw her in the dim light. The faint light from the lamp glows softly casting shadows in the room and on her voluptuous form as she lay on the bed. He drew near and lay next to her, not saying anything but drinking in her form under the warm soft light. Her ample breast and deep cleavage were cast in light and dark and as she breathed gently he could see her deep navel exposed from her light saree. She saw him staring and shyly turned away, and that in itself revealed the treasures of her wide flaring hips and round saree clad buttocks. Her small squat figure had all the right curves to take his nervousness away and turn it into lust. He desired her, as a woman and as his wife. He felt the primal stirring in his groin as blood rushed in. His eyes couldn’t stop drinking in her soft beauty.

The room had become warm and they could hear the crickets outside chirping but the only sound inside was their heavy breathing. Noticing that she was looking into his eyes now, he leaned in to kiss her. Her breath catches as she feels his warm tongue in her mouth and she melts. His warm body is already enveloping her. His hands running through her hair, as he kisses her deeply and passionately. The next few minutes he spends exploring her body with his hands as she struggles to hide her pleasure. She feels his strong rough palms running across her back, down to her waist and gently probing at her deep navel before moving down to her ass.

Burying her face in his shoulder, she struggles to hide her embarrassment as he pulls aside her pallu and starts baring her of her garments. Gently kissing her neck, shoulders and head, he slowly unwinds the loose cloth to reveal her heavy full breasts. For a girl of her small stature, she has always been embarrassed by the size of her bust. Bras rarely seem to fit and she would constantly have to tailor adjustments to the new ones to get relief. Anytime she wore a loose saree, her large nipples would constantly get erect from the friction and poke out, causing men to stare.

Kaju though was mesmerised, removing her saree, her ripe breasts seemed like the size of large coconuts and even then they were straining her bra. How had he not noticed this before, he thought to himself. Even as he was admiring her blessed fertility, she drew her hands across her breasts, turning away from him and asking in a meek voice if he would like to have the milk now. (traditionally served illegal bahis before the sex begins, milk with groundnuts helps increase potency and stamina). It took him a few moments to register that she was speaking to him. He had to clear his throat twice before he could reply yes. She delicately handed him the full glass of milk, averting her eyes even at this point. Drinking down the milk in a few gulps, he turned to find her hiding under the bed covers.

She had been told by many well wishing women about what the marriage night would be like but nothing could prepare her for this feeling of being bared and exposed in front of a man, even though he was now her husband. And he has only taken off her saree! Still she felt extremely ashamed at herself; she was sure he must be unhappy with her unusually large bust, he had been staring for so long. Thinking this, she covered herself with the thin sheets, wishing to quickly end the ritual and her growing embarrassment.

Her heart continued to beat and her ears seemed to grow sharper as she heard rustling from his side, meaning he was taking off his clothes. Her body became sensitive to the slightest tremors on the bed as she clutched her sheet tightly over her head. For a torturously long while she heard no more sounds but that of the cricket outside croaking away happily. Then as she began to relax, she felt his touch on her ass. She let out an involuntary moan jumping slightly even though it was just a gentle caress. Her butt had been her second greatest weakness and shame as she recalled the hot, busy market days when she had to bear the stares of men and women alike. She had tried a number of natural medicines during her growing years to curtail her increasingly large and flaring butt. The medicines never seemed to work and instead sometimes she thought her butt would get unusually thick and heavy during the course of the medicine. Her back cheeks were also extremely deep and her saree would often get caught inside, embarrassing her further. And now her husband was also making fun of her heavy buttocks, she whimpered with deep embarrassment as he continued to caress her ass.

Kaju couldn’t believe his eyes as he saw her small form under the covers, lying flat on the bed, her lower back curved up at an almost unreal perpendicular forming the beginnings of her ass cheeks. He could barely control his now raging lust as he felt his rod swell to its full size. As he mustered the courage and touched her beautiful cheeks, she suddenly flinched and let out a small moan. Her butt cheeks trembled slightly, wobbling in his hands and at that moment he knew that he would love this woman forever. As she continued to squirm under the blankets, he gently began to pull aside the sheet exposing more of her legs and then her ass, she still clutched the sheet over her head. He caught a glimpse of her thin petticoat caught in between her deep cheeks as she clenched her ass tightly and trembled under his wandering lustful hands. Suddenly the lamp in the room spluttered and went off casting the room in darkness. As his eyes adjusted to the gloom, he saw her form bathed in the pure white glow of the moonlight, her tender coffee skin seemed buttery soft to touch and so he ran his hand up towards her exposed back feeling her soft delicate flesh.

She was at least grateful that he had turned off the lamp before beginning the act. After exposing her ass and repeatedly stroking it, she felt him finally reaching for her waist band. As she felt him touching her waist, she thought he must be having trouble finding her nada(knot) in the dark. As he continued to rub his hands over her smooth back and waist, she lifted her ass a little higher, giving him more access to the nada which was tied at the front but he still didn’t find it, instead continuing to rb his hands across her tummy and stopping oddly again at her navel. Her body shivered with an unexpected warmth as his finger gently circumnavigated her navel before probing all the way in. Once again she couldn’t contain herself as she illegal bahis siteleri whimpered involuntarily with his touch. Breathing heavily and growing frustrated with his teasing she pushed up her butt even higher, giving him ample room to find and untie her nada and even going as far as to reach under and place the string against his hand.

Kaju could feel his heart beating at a frantic pace as he freely relished in the soft supple texture of her warm skin. Rubbing his hands along her narrow waist, he felt his manhood pulse violently. As he caressed her navel she pushed up her hips even further, now almost a foot off the bed and pressed the knot of her petticoat against his hands. Even if he had been in a more sober state, this act would have surely tipped him over the edge. In his current excitement, his hands trembled as he pulled open her nada and pushed her petticoat off her wide hips exposing her full juicy asscheeks. He had completely bared her from the waist down and this sight stirred a deep primal urge. Bending over her, his instincts took over as his throbbing erection slipped between the warm folds of her thighs.

She clutched at the sheets with a death grip as he mounted her like the dogs on the street outside her house. Strangely she felt an inner warmth and wetness as she felt his tool slipping between her cheeks and seeking her sacred passage. She moaned louder as his weight completely enveloped her small figure, his hips thrusting back and forth as he sought her passageway. Mother nature took over as she pressed herself deeper into the bed, pulling her hips up as his hard fiery tool latched onto her opening. She held her breath as he grunted and pushed forward, his head firmly pushing into her passageway, widening and filling her entrance in pregnant anticipation of things to come.

He couldn’t stop himself even if the village priest barged in at that moment. Nothing could ever feel as good as the warm soft thighs that were completely enveloping his manhood. Sex is amazing he thought to himself as he kept thrusting back and forth, her flesh clinging onto his hardness as if reluctant to part ways. Her small warm body under him squirmed at his every thrust; was she also pushing back at him? Traditionally women were not very adventurous in bed but he wanted to share and tell his newly married wife how amazing it felt for him. As he wondered how to form the words, she suddenly turned up her hip and for the first time in his life he felt a scorching warm, wet velvet glove envelop his sensitive head. Gasping he stopped his movement as he struggled not to release his load right there and then. Clutching at her shoulder, he made a sound deep in his throat, struggling to control himself from thrusting deeper, he simply paused to enjoy this wonderous new feeling. Already he could feel her her cheeks gripping him right up to his root. The slow realisation that this new feeling was just the beginning of her holy passageway left him awash with a sense of wonder, joy and love. For a long moment he revelled at her hot contsricting passage suckling his tip.

As he stopped his movements, Shruti felt more and more apprehensive. His manhood had breached her inner sanctum and was giving her feelings she had never felt before which both frightened and aroused her. But why had he stopped, was it because he was revolted by her form? She mustered the courage to speak. “Please tell me if you are finished”, she said.

Her firm but tight tone broke him from his reverie and for a short while all was silent in the dark room. His heart sank as he digested her words and he wondered if she was angry but also he was curious as to whether she wanted him to cum inside her? As a plan formed in his mind, he gently drew away the sheet covering her and said softly in her ear, “Let us both finish together”.

She had barely any time to register this as his lips suddenly pressed wetly on her shoulder and then up towards her neck leaving small wet trails as he kissed her. She shivered and moaned as her mind grew canlı bahis siteleri dim from this new pleasure. As his lips gently muzzled against her neck kissing and probing just under her earlobe, her whole body shook, rocking his rigid phallus ever deeper into her. She helplessly impaled herself against him as he continued his assault, nibbling her earlobe and then playing down further against her exposed throat. Her mind was struggling to preserve her dignity, she tried to keep the most vulgar moans from her throat. He continued his ministrations with his treacherous tongue pleasuring her intimately as his hands slid up from her hips, tracing her back and then down to the sides of her heavy breasts.

Her sweet salty taste was making him even more addicted to her. He breathed in deeply taking in her tangy scent, kissing the nape of her neck, feeling her react to his every touch. Using the lightest of strokes he traced his fingers along the underside of her bra, feeling the warm tension in the underwire as they stretched tight to accommodate her. Truly these must be the E cups that he had read of in the magazines. The pictures he had seen in them had been of saggy pendulous breasts but as he traced the contours of his wife’s ample bust, he realised that they were nothing like those.

Her mind was inundated with the new sensations of his warm tongue and his teasing touch, and the sensations were causing her to shake and tremble uncontrollably. His pulsing member was now more firmly embedded into her and she was acutely aware of the lewd position she was in, butt in the air and mounted like a bitch in heat. But she could do nothing as her body betrayed her, pushing back against him with his sly ministrations. As his fingers reached down along her breasts, she felt her nipples harden immediately standing upright and rubbing against her tight bra with his every movement on top of her. She bit her lips hard to keep from wailing out as he gently stroked her breasts, easing the tension in the bra and hefting the heavy globes in his hands. She felt him push his hips forward, burying his fiery hot shaft deeper into her virgin canal and now she knew she was going to receive his seed soon. A pressure kept building deep within her as he probed her depths while teasing, pressing and gently massaging her breasts. Somehow she managed to stay in her senses until his playful fingers finally discovered her rock hard nipples.

Enjoying his wife’s breasts was half the joy, the other half came from the warm wet feeling that engulfed his painfully hard erection. Her small body trembled under him but her hips were still up in the air and gave him the perfect angle to thrust in and out of her. The bed creaked loudly as he pulled out to the tip and immediately thrust back into her over and over. He was hugging her soft body and alternating between caressing her breasts and waist. Using his thighs, he clamped down on her wide hips, using the leverage to push himself to the hilt inside her. Groaning as he felt himself buried to the root, he instinctively grabbed at her breast and discovered her erotically hard nipples. She immediately spasmed under him bucking her hips up and moaning as her first orgasm crashed through her in waves. As she pushed violently against him he could no longer contain himself and felt his sack tighten and then immediately shoot thick potent ropes of cum deep in his virgin wifes sacred opening. As unending streams of his essence poured out, he fervently tugged at her hard nipples over the bra, making her clamp down immediately on his shaft and buck even more violently against him serving to firmly lodge his shaft to the very entrance of her womb.

The world dimmed as he struggled to keep his thighs clamped over her bucking hips pushing himself hard up against her ass. Her body was held tight as his shaft plundered her inner treasures, spewing burning hot sperm into her deepest recess and marking her as his own. He was buried in her soft flesh, feeling even his nut sack and pelvis sinking deep in between her warm ass cheeks while his shaft was buried in her burning hot snatch. He kept streaming out cum over and over into her until he felt the last potent eruptions pass through him and he fell exhausted on top of her still clutching his prize.

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