Sue & David again and Alex too!

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Sue & David again and Alex too!
Appetiser: Sue looked into Alex’s eyes. ‘Take me to bed’. Still impaled on Alex’s cock Sue was carried into the bedroom.

French Connection 2: The next morning Sue popped into the village for bread and to have a look round. When she got back she said ‘Guess who I saw’? ‘The only person we know is David’. ‘Yes I saw him sitting outside the café having breakfast. ‘Did you speak to him’? ‘Yes I said hello. I asked if his friend had arrived safely then I noticed another plate on the table. His friend suddenly appeared from inside the café and David introduced him; his name is Alex … he’s about the same age as David, very French and a typical rugby type … quite dishy too. He’s a charmer like David, he kissed the back of my hand old style and said’. ‘It’s nice to meet you Sue, David told me all about you … he said you were a very attractive lady and I can see what he means’. I could tell from the expression in his eyes that he knew about yesterday. ‘Were you embarrassed’? ‘No the funny thing is I wasn’t Bill … in fact it gave me a bit of a thrill. David said to join them for a coffee and I couldn’t help myself Bill I was flirting with Alex and then some’. Sue paused for a second or two looking rather sheepish. ‘Bill don’t be cross but I asked them round this afternoon for drinks’. There followed a moment of silence. ‘I know that silence Bill you’re cross aren’t you’? ‘I’m not cross Sue … I’m hard’!! Sue put her hand to my crotch. ‘Oooh Bill you are hard … do you think I can have Alex too … I mean all three of you’? ‘That sounds great but actually I’ve got a confession Sue. When I was watching you and David in the kitchen and saw him kissing your neck I could tell from your moaning that he was fingering you … then on the sofa when he had his head buried between your legs, I loved it … watching you really turned me on. Would you do something for me Sue’? ‘Of course darling’. ‘I’d like you to pretend I’m out when they come round but I’ll be on the patio secretly watching through the blinds’. ‘How can I say no Bill after yesterday? When I saw you looking at us in the kitchen it made my cunny tingle. I love the idea Bill it sounds really naughty and exciting’. Sue was always a sensual and sexual creature but this had clearly awakened something new in her … and me! ‘David and Alex said they would come round after lunch at 3 o’clock … gosh Bill I can’t wait I’m damp already’. Before they arrived we tested the blinds on the lounge and bedroom patio doors and I then parked the car in the garage out of sight.

Sue was wearing a thin, almost transparent summer smock, no bra and no panties. It was really meant to be worn with jeans or trousers and barely covered half her thighs … she looked smoking hot. As soon as I heard the doorbell ring I positioned myself outside between the lounge and bedroom patio doors. The vertical blinds were open just enough so I could see in but they wouldn’t see me. Sue ushered them into the lounge and I heard her say ‘Bill sends his apologies, he’s gone to town … we ran out of wine’. From behind his back güvenilir bahis siteleri Alex produced a bottle of Champagne. ‘No problem Sue, will this do? David said it’s your favourite’. ‘Oh Alex thank you, more champagne how lovely … I’ll pop it in the fridge’. She returned to the lounge and gave Alex a hug then turned to hug David. He held on to her and kissed her, his hands roaming freely over her body. Behind her Sue was unaware Alex had begun to undress. David continued to embrace Sue and his hands soon reached the hem of her smock then the bare cheeks of her bottom. ‘Mmm Sue’ I just about heard him whisper ‘you naughty lady, you’re not wearing panties … your bottom feels lovely’. He turned Sue around to face Alex who was now completely naked. His cock was sticking up like a tent pole; not as long or as thick as David’s but a fine specimen nevertheless. Sue’s eyes lit up ‘Oh Alex you don’t hang about … well actually you do!’ and giggled. He took her in her arms and kissed her full on the mouth. Like David his hands soon found those peachy bum cheeks. ‘David was right Sue your bottom is lovely’. His hands slid down and gripped her under her buttocks. He lifted her up and Sue instinctively clasped her hands behind his neck, wrapped her legs round his waist and kissed him. This was hot, my shorts were now at my ankles and I was steadily stroking myself. David had now also stripped off revealing his impressive equipment. He reached underneath searching for Sue’s opening. ‘She’s wet already Alex’. David stepped closer to sandwich Sue between the two Frenchmen, he was running his hands over her shoulders and caressing her neck and upper back with his lips. Sue was in seventh heaven and I could hear her moaning and murmuring. Alex lowered Sue down till the tip of his cock was nudging at her wet crevice. He expertly loosened his hold on her, she sank down and his cock disappeared from view. Oh fuck I said to myself, his cock is right up inside my wife. Sue groaned louder and must have cum. It was an unbelievably erotic sight and I couldn’t stop myself … I came and 3 or 4 jets of my milky fluid spurted on the stone slabs of the patio. How I managed to stay silent is anyone’s guess.

Sue looked into Alex’s eyes. ‘Take me to bed’. Still impaled on Alex’s cock Sue was carried into the bedroom. That was my cue to quickly take a few steps along the patio to the doors of the bedroom. Alex let her down and David stood in close behind her. Sue again found herself the filling in a masculine sandwich, she was absolutely loving it. Alex was kissing her open mouthed and both pairs of hands wandered all over her, her body being showered in kisses and fingers probing every orifice. David eased her around to face him and clamped his lips on hers. Sue reached down and held David’s cock in her soft hand. He was rock hard. ‘Your cock feels wonderful David I want to taste you’. He climbed on the bed and lay on his back leaving just enough space for Sue kneel on all fours between his thighs. Her shins and knees were resting on the bed with her ankles güvenilir bahis and feet protruding over the edge, giving Alex free access to her rear end. Sue held David’s cock and eased down his foreskin revealing the bulbous, mushroom head so engorged it had a deep purple hue. ‘Your cock is beautiful David … it’s wet and sticky and tastes delicious’ Sue drooled as she licked the tip and took his glans in her mouth. Earlier Sue had suggested she gives me a running commentary and I said that would a real turn on … even better if she could be really vocal and graphic. Alex was on his knees savouring the feel of her firm thighs and peppering her pert bottom with kisses. He licked her vulva circling his tongue on her puffed up labia. ‘Oh David your friend is licking me’. ‘Where? … Where is he licking you Sue’? ‘He’s licking my cunt David’. ‘Is it nice’? ‘It’s lovely David’ crooned Sue as she went back to slurping on his bulging glans. Alex was now relishing the taste of the pink inner folds of Sue’s recess occasionally flicking his tongue on her swollen button before thrusting his tongue in as deep as it would go. ‘Your friend’s licking my clitty David … and he’s pushed his tongue inside my cunt … oh David he’s fucking me with his tongue … I’m … oh god I’m … David I’m cumming’! As Sue came she squirted, the sticky fluid flooding over Alex’s tongue which he greedily lapped up.

Alex didn’t give Sue much time to recover as he got to his feet and lined up his cock with Sue’s gaping chamber. She was soaking wet and he slid straight in up to his balls. Alex fucked Sue with long steady strokes; he leaned forward, reached under to caress Sue’s tits and ply her nipples. ‘David your friend’s just shoved his cock right up me … he squeezed my nipples and made me cum again … he’s a very naughty Frenchman’. Oh fuck Sue your vocals are amazing I thought to myself … her dirty talk had made me hard again. Sue slid her lips onto David’s rampant cock. I had a clear view of her head bobbing up and down and he was moving his hips in rhythm with her mouth and starting to make low moaning noises … sounded like he was building up nicely. Alex was upright again and had found a good tempo he was now fucking Sue with long brisk strokes, telling her how wet her cunt was and calling her salope and suceuse. (I doubt Sue understood but I did. Much of our time in schoolboy French lessons was spent looking up sex words and phrases … he was calling her a slut and a cocksucker which rather than offend me, strangely turned me on.) Alex was also getting close. ‘David your friend is really fucking me hard now and he’s fingering my bottom … he keeps making me cum … his cock must be dripping with my cunt juices’. Oh Sue you’ve only gone and done it now … I came again and splattered the patio a second time with my spunk. David took hold of his cock and wanked it as Sue enthusiastically sucked and slurped on his bloated glans. Sue would soon fulfil the fantasy she craved for yesterday but it was Alex at the other end not me. Suddenly David shouted … ‘oui Alex … oui’! Must bahis siteleri have been a pre-agreed trigger and Holy Moses what a fucking racket! Grunting and shouting and bellowing both men came in my wife. Sue was moaning loudly and convulsing … the sensation of two separate invasions of warm, sticky male seed in two separate orifices drove her to yet another colossal orgasm. Bless her she did her level best to manage David’s load but some seeped out the side of her mouth and trickled down her chin. Sexual appetites sated for the moment they all lay on the bed with Sue in the middle. ‘Oh gentlemen I can’t tell you how good that was … just amazing’. ‘Oui … incroyable’ said Alex. ‘Tres intense’ added David.

Once Sue had fully recovered from her exertions she took a swimming robe from the cupboard and slipped it on. It was see-through, short and barely covered her bum. ‘Oh la la’ said Alex. David chipped in ‘Wow Sue you look even sexier in your robe than with your clothes off … if that’s possible’. And boy she did, there’s something about transparent garments on a woman that sets my pulse racing. David and Alex chose to remain naked. ‘Gentlemen anyone for champagne’? ‘Great idea Sue’ said Alex. As they left the bedroom I stepped inside and positioned myself by the blinds. They sat at the patio table, Sue flanked by David and Alex, Sue in her sexy robe and the men stark naked. As they chatted and drank the champers the compliments were flowing from David and Alex on how beautiful she was as they gently stroked Sue’s thighs, occasionally running their fingers through her hair and telling her it was the best sex they had ever had. Sue loved the attention. ‘Does Bill not want to join us Sue’? David asked. Ehm I thought … not ‘when Bill gets back will he be joining us’? I’ve been rumbled, he knows! What the hell I might as well join the party and stepped out onto the patio.
‘Hi Bill there you are, we were hoping you’d join us’.
‘Hello darling’ Sue said with a huge smile on her face.
‘Hi Sue you look fabulous in that robe’.
‘Doesn’t she just’ David added.
‘Did you have a good time darling with David and Alex … it looked and sounded like you did’.
‘It was wonderful … thank you husband’.
David did the introductions. ‘Alex this is Bill, Sue’s husband … Bill this is Alex my old rugby friend’.
‘Hi Alex nice to meet you’. ‘Good to meet you too Bill’.
‘How did you enjoy the show Bill’? asked David.
‘It was mind-blowing David … really erotic … I loved it’.
‘It was obvious yesterday Bill that you were turned on by watching me with Sue. We all know sex takes different forms and voyeurism is just one of them. The fact is we’re all voyeurs in one way or another. I got the sense Sue’s risqué vocals weren’t just for Alex and my benefit … I had an inkling you might be watching us’.

The bottle was soon empty and David’s hand was creeping ever further up Sue’s thigh. Alex slipped his hand inside her robe to fondle her breasts. They both leaned over and started to kiss the side of her neck as Alex found a stiff nipple to tease and David’s fingers met the outer lips of her sex. Sue’s head tilted back accompanied by barely audible moans and murmurings of approval. ‘Gentlemen you’re making me rather wet again … husband you don’t mind if these two gentlemen take me back to bed’? ‘Of course not darling’.

To be continued

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