Suburban Housewives Ch. 07

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Over the following and weeks and months, Annie, Jen, and Terri continued their erotic encounters; either as a twosome, a threesome, or in a few occasions including one of the younger women Annie and Jen had previously dabbled with on their own. Spending time either at one or the other’s house during the day time when no one was around or going out on a ‘girl’s night out’ and finding a secluded location to play in one of their minivans or SUVs. Along with this, the three women found themselves dressing more provocatively and flirting with other people; both men and women. The women’s lewd interests kept growing with time and their perverse discussions about these interests only increased with each visit.

It was after one of their especially exciting play times that the women’s discussion about who, or what, else they’d like to try turned in a different direction. The three lay entangled together in various degrees of undress enjoying the afterglow of another raunchy morning ‘coffee break.’

“I think we have just about tried everything possible together, don’t you?” Jen opined, her hand stroked Annie’s long thick hair as one of her large bare breasts teasingly caressed one of Annie’s own breasts, while her other breast was pressed firmly up against Annie’s side.

“Ya, not to mention all those fine fillies we’ve been flirting with, Annie I still can’t believe how you waltzed into that grocery store and made a pass at that check out girl!” Terri giggled in amazement, her foot playfully running over Annie’s foot as she was on the other side of Annie; her bared legs virtually wrapped round Annie’s torso, while her exposed, moistened pussy was just grazing Annie’s upper thigh.

“Well, girls, when you want something or, at least, just want to have some fun; you’ve got to go for it!” Annie winked at each of her lovers, her arms around each and her hands soon cupping each of the other women’s breast whereupon Annie proceeded to gingerly fondle and knead them.

“Maybe, but you had hardly a stitch on too, I can’t believe how you got away with that!” Terri exclaimed excitedly.

“Just a sheer tank top, with a plunging neckline, and a micro mini and, otherwise, nothing but a little imagination,” Annie purred, “I sure got a kick out of seeing that girl’s mouth drop open, especially when I leaned over to hand her the money and she got a full view of my bare, hardened nipples underneath. She’s been teasing me for weeks, so I thought I’d get her back and maybe see where it leads?”

“And where did it lead, hun?” Jen inquired, her finger making a sensual line down Annie’s chest and between her firm orbs before circling her lovely little belly button.

“Well, ultimately, where you think?” Annie displayed a mischievous grin and another wink.

“Really, she actually went for the bait?” Jen somewhat sharply sat up, her breasts slapping Annie’s arm, side, and right breast.

“Hook, line, and sinker,” Annie crowed, her fingers playfully running down Jen’s inner thigh, “though it was a few days after that. I had handed her a card with my cell number on it and told her to call me if she had any word about something special at the store. . . she played dumb at the time, but I knew she was curious. I tell you, for all her flirty behavior before she sure turned out to be a novice. She’d never been with another woman before, but I think she will from now on — even though she was so embarrassed that she left without her panties or bra on! My little souvenirs, you could say? All in all, now that I’m more experienced I really do take pleasure in introducing these pleasures to other women too.”

“Mmmmm, you’re getting me excited again, Annie!” Terri let out with a hoarse whisper, the tip of her tongue running over Annie’s earlobe as she began to slowly grind her slippery cunt up and down Annie’s thigh. “Was she married too?”

“Oh yes, but only quite recently, I think she said two or maybe three years now? I was a little preoccupied with her when she said it! I know she’s 28 and only been really intimate with a couple of men in her life. A bit of an old fashioned girl, but one who has been full of curiosity in recent years.”

“Very sexy, baby!” Jen cooed her mound mirroring Terri’s with its own rubs against Annie’s other thigh.

“Yes, it was, but when I was at the store I saw someone else, someone who has been catching my eye for some time now,” Annie rather nonchalantly offered as her compatriots made use of her supple thighs and hips for their own pleasure.

“Oh, um, who was that?” Terri finally asked, briefly tearing her attention away from her perverse frottage.

“Why, Jen’s little sister Tina . . . my how pretty she is!” Annie almost growled as she stared intently into Jen’s eyes.

“What . . .my . . .my . . . sister? You can’t be serious?” Jen finally pulled herself out of her obscene stupor and sat up, looking almost fiercely at Annie.

“Yes, dearie, your sweet little sister . . .bet she’s never had the pleasure of a woman anymore than you had before you met me?” Annie chuckled as she held Jen’s chin and leaned into gently kiss bostancı sarışın escort her on the lips.

“Well, I don’t know . . . I doubt it, she’s a happily married woman!” Jen protested, resulting in wild laughter from her lovers as they marveled at the incredulity of this statement.

“Honey, we’re all happily married women, can’t you tell from what we’re doing now?” Terri chortled, while playing with a lock of Jen’s hair.

Jen was taken aback by this revelation of the obvious truth and returned to her place against Annie’s side, “I guess you’re right . . . who knows, maybe she would be open to experimenting?”

“You keen on asking her, sweetheart?” Annie said tenderly, her fingers caressing Jen’s arm and gently stroking one of her significant breasts.

“Um, well, I don’t know . . . I’m not sure she’d open up about that,” Jen looked unsure, inciting both Terri and Annie to caress her and kiss her to bolster her in her uncertainty.

“For us, lover?” Terri almost begged, her sexy pout making Jen more willing to ask her sister and also driving her into a renewed desire for her yummy friend.

“Ok, for you,” Jen leaned over Annie and grabbed Terri by the back of her head and gave her a very big, wet kiss, while her other hand cupped and felt Terri’s lovely breast. Annie soon joined the others in a reignited time of passion that continued well into the afternoon before they were finally forced to break off and clean up before their families returned.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

A few days later, Jen visited her sister Tina. Tina was 32, tall — though shorter than her big sister at 5’7″-as well as somewhat slimmer and bustier too (at 34DD). She had blonde hair that reached down past her shoulders, although not as long as Annie’s lengthy hair. She was also blonde in more ways than one. Although not stupid by any means, she was less intelligent and more prone to foolish, silliness than Jen, which also often resulted in a proclivity for more indiscretions. She was also generally less conservative in her appearance than her sister; wearing shorter skirts, more revealing tops, etc. but lacking any realization of its affects on other people (i.e., men, lesbians or bisexual women). Like Jen, she was also a married mother, although of just one school aged child. Her husband tended to be away at meetings and work related conventions more often than she would have liked, leaving her to own devices.

The two sisters were not especially close, but there was still that kinship that usually comes between sisters. As such, they frequently got together for tea or coffee and traded gossip; yet they had never really delved too deeply into each others’ sex lives. Jen knew that this was about to change and she feared any lack of diplomacy may result in the disclosure of her secret sex life with only negative consequences. Yet, a promise was a promise, especially when it involved her two delectable lovers.

As the visit proceeded, Tina increasingly noticed a certain unease in Jen leading her to inquire about any problem she may have, “Jenny, you seem a little more on edge than normal, is there something bothering you?”

“Well, not exactly . . . it’s more that . . . well, I just have a question for you . . .it may seem a little personal but it’s been playing on my mind for some time now and I wanted to know if I am strange for what I think and feel?”

“Ha, well that’s easy, of course your strange . . . you’re my sister!” Tina winked and patted Jen on the back.

“Yes, very true,” Jen laughed along with Tina, the humor helped ease some of the tension.

“Ok, what is this weird thing you wanted to ask me?” Tina sipped her tea and leaned back in her chair attentively.

“Um, you know how sometimes we fantasize . . . like sexually?” Jen gulped as her sister slowly nodded her head, “it’s just, well . . .have you ever thought what it would be like to be with another . . .you know? . . . another . . .” Jen’s voice trailed off as she looked down in embarrassment.

“Another woman?” Tina offered.

Jen slowly looked up and nodded, “Ya, you know, having sex with another woman.”

“Of course, I’m sure most women have . . . even the most diehard heterosexual girl sometimes thinks of a friend or teacher or coworker and thinks . . . what if?” Tina brushed back her hair and smiled.

“Ok, good, well . . . have you ever actually gone the next step or at least become serious about experimenting?” Jen bit her lip as she stared into her sister’s eyes, hoping things were not about to explode in her face.

“No, I have not tried it . . .” Tina paused, a very serious look on her face. Jen felt a knot in the pit of her stomach and was about to change the subject when Tina continued her thought after much deliberation.

“I have not tried it but, yes, I have very seriously thought of experimenting . . . I just haven’t had the courage nor the woman bostancı yabancı escort to consider it with, why do you? Have you tried it or thought about it?” Tina’s lips pursed and her gaze very nearly pierced right through Jen.

Jen again gulped and cleared her throat, “Well . . . um . . . yes, yes I have.”

“You have tried it or just thought about it?” Tina inquired.

“Um . . . technically . . . both,” Jen’s voice quavered and she closed her eyes waiting for the storm.

“Cool, what was it like?” was all Tina could muster, in her almost silly schoolgirl manner.

“It was . . . nice . . . really very nice.” Jen was shocked by her sister’s unexpected response, but equally delighted. Was this really happening?

“When you do this, who with and what you do together? I want all the juicy details!” Tina virtually bounced so hard in her seat with excitement at the thought of some sordid gossip that her large breasts nearly slapped her in the face.

Jen proceeded to carefully explain all the details, thus creating considerable warmth between her and her sister’s legs. Jen could see in Tina’s eyes that she was full of lusty thoughts, her face was flushed with embarrassment by what her big sister had said and done, but more than that Tina was thinking about how much she’d like to dabble in something as exotic and risky as same sex relations.

“I am a little nervous about the idea,” Tina finally exclaimed, breaking the sexual aura each woman was in, “but I think I might like to explore this . . . of course just once, just so I can say to myself I did it and then go back to the domestic bliss I’m in now.”

The two women giggled about this final statement. Finally, Jen wanted to clarify things, “are you absolutely sure about this? I wouldn’t want you to regret it nor would I want to waste anyone’s time.”

“Yes, yes I am quite sure. Is there anything I should do to prepare myself?”

“You could always look up some porn on the net, just to confirm you are really interested,” Jen replied half jokingly.

“Ok, that’s a good idea. I have seen some things that might be thought of as soft porn in some movies, just kissing and stuff — but maybe I should see what the whole fuss is about before I give my final confirmation?”

“I think that’s a great idea. In the meantime, I will see if either Annie or Terri are interested in helping you out in your experimentation and I’ll call you to let you know their answer and maybe you could call one or both of them to discuss things and see if you want to move to forward with these plans . . . I’ll set things up as soon as possible!” and with that Jen hugged her sister and left for home. Feeling a distinct wetness in her panties and an unfulfilled desire she immediately went to her bedroom, found her vibrator and satiated her longings as she imagined herself in various explicit positions with her friends — and sometimes thought of her sister with them as well.

After cleaning up and changing her undergarments, Jen called her lovers to tell them the good news. Both were ecstatic and Annie told Jen to get Tina to call her the next morning to discuss the next step. Jen was thrilled, although also a little uneasy, should she really have done this to her own sister? Then again, it’s her choice — she didn’t force her, she only asked a question and boy, did she get an unexpected answer! She called Tina and asked her to call Annie when she could the next morning.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Early the next day after her husband had left for work and her son sent off to school, Tina decided she should be prepared for any sexual ‘leap in the dark’ that she might take, As such, she figured she better do a little research into lesbian and bisexual oriented websites. Looking at the pictures and watching the movies made her far more aroused than even she expected. Although she had fantasies over the years, she had never actually been with a woman before, so what she observed was more astonishing but also exciting than anything she had imagined. In fact, it was so arousing that she found herself wiggling on her chair, thus forcing up her skirt, and running her hand over her panty clad vagina and her other hand caressing her breasts through her tee shirt.

The level or warmth and wetness welled up to a point where she could tell her panties were getting drenched and she would need release soon. She stood up, quickly pulled down her panties and returned to sitting back t watch the naughty exploits on her computer monitor. Now free of any constraints, Tina’s long legs overlapped the chair’s arms and her fingers made their way over her labia and plunged into her sodden love hole. Just as she was about to slide a third finger inside her bearded clam, she happened to glance over to see the time.

“Oh shit, it’s nearing noon and I haven’t even called Annie yet! She’ll really be impressed by someone who doesn’t göztepe escort bayan bother to call her!”

Nevertheless, the videos of women making passionate love haunted Tina and kept her quite focused on them for some time afterward. Finally, with an aching desire to be with a sensual woman, Tina picked up the phone and called Angie.

After it was obvious that the phone was answered, Tina at first heard very little but what she did hear she thought sounded very odd. Finally after the phone seemed to be bashed about a bit she heard a somewhat muffled, breathy voice.

“He -hello?” a woman said distractedly.

“Oh hello, is this Annie . . . I am Tina, Jen’s sister . . . she said to call you?” Tina felt awkward but still very aroused; hopeful that she hadn’t blown her opportunity.

“Mmmmm yes, this is she,” Tina heard followed by what sounded like a barely audible giggling and some unusual noises — almost like a slurping noise.

“I hope I haven’t caught you at a bad time but Jen said you might be able to help me with my special interest?”

Again, a rather rough jostling of the phone, more unusual muffled noises then, “um . . .ya . . . oh yaaaa . . . it’s good . . . goood.”

Tina was perplexed, but she decided to solider on, “Well, Jen said I should do some research and I have been looking at some things on the Internet . . . some very curious and rather exciting things . . . of women . . . you know . . . together?”

“Mmmhmmm,” Annie almost distantly replied then more jostling, strange slurping noises and unexpected amounts of sighing and giggling.

“Let me get down to my point . . . well . . . have you ever licked a woman . . . I mean . . . Jen told me stories but . . . I wanted it from you, have you ever eaten out a woman’s vagina before?” Tina was both startled at her brazenness but also extremely aroused; so much so that she felt that tingling in her pussy again and seeping wetness trickling down her inner thigh.

Tina waited for what seemed like an eternity for Annie’s response. Again, the phone sounded like it was being bashed about a bit, again curious noises, like humming, slurping, sighing . . . almost seemed like moaning. Finally, Angie replied “Honey, I am eating a woman’s vagina, what DO you think I have been doing all this time while we have been on the phone? In fact, it is someone you are very familiar with . . . your sister Jen and she’s doing the same to me! And if you are really that interested in what it’s like I would suggest you get your cute little fanny down here this instance.”

At that, Tina heard two women laughing before the phone went dead. Tina was aghast at what had just happened but also extremely aroused. She now wanted what she saw on her computer even more than before, to try it all out with another woman but she was torn, although she had met Angie and thought she was really quite pretty, she was still a woman she hardly and on top of it all, her sister was there! She wasn’t sure she’d want her there too. Besides this she was a novice and she also knew deep down she was going to be cheating on her husband with another woman, but her desire was more than she could bear.

In the end, she threw caution to the wind. Got up and put on her shortest, sexiest little skirt, a tight little, (maybe too little?), rather low cut top with thin spaghetti style straps. Yet, she stopped short of being too slutty. She was a married woman after all! So she was determined she must still wear underwear, albeit a very sweet lacey and rather sheer black push up and matching sheer black panties. Now she really felt ready, at least as ready as she was ever going to be at this stage!

Tina arrived at Annie’s house almost an hour after their phone conversation and she did her best to fix her hair and straighten out her clothes to look as presentable as possible. She was so nervous, and perhaps typically blonde, she almost forgot to ring the doorbell; standing waiting for a couple of minutes expecting Annie to answer before she realized she may never come since she hadn’t heard any bell ring.

Finally, after Tina rather clumsily and accidentally pushed the button more than once, she heard someone walking to the door and heard Annie’s voice call out, “Hold on, I’m coming! Give a girl a chance would you?”

The door opened and Tina gasped as she saw Annie wearing very little at all; merely a miniskirt and midriff tee, which by the very apparent hardened nipples she saw almost jabbing her in the eyes had obviously no bra underneath it! Annie seemed a little distracted and it appeared that she had just straightened out her tee as the door opened.

“Hey, Tina, I’m glad you could make it. Why don’t you come in?” Annie smiled and took Tina by the hand and led her into her living room and guided her to the couch to sit down. It was clear to Tina that it hadn’t been long since Annie had been with Jen by the strong scent on perfume and woman’s body odor (notably the tangy, pungent smell of a vagina- or two!); the scent was especially emanating from Annie as she sat by her. She also noticed Angie’s neck seemed a rather sweaty and her hair was a sticky, tangled mess plus she thought Annie’s upper lip and chin were undeniably shiny; almost glistening with something, she couldn’t say what? Being a little slower than her sister, she did not quite connect what she saw to what may have happened and, so, brushed it off as nothing significant.

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