Submissive Girl

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I’m on the kneeling on floor, legs spread, hands palm up on my thighs – the pose you enjoy seeing me in. My eyes are closed, head lowered a bit while I wait for you, trying to be patient. Nervous anticipation is flowing through me, making my breathing a bit shallow and causing me to shake – just a little.

You finally enter the room – stopping just inside to take in the view. You don’t say anything, you slowly walk around me, watching me tremble. You stop in front of me, and gently cup my chin to raise my face to look at you. I can see the desire on your face, matching mine. You pull my head forward to rub my face against your crotch. I can feel your hardness through your jeans and long to pull you out and taste you. But you haven’t given me permission yet – so I wait.

You pull me to my feet and run your hands down my arms, drawing them together behind my back. You tie them together with a strap I didn’t even see you had in your hands, effectively leaving me fully at your mercy. You lower your head and kiss me – very softly. I try and deepen the kiss, but you pull away and work your way down my neck to my breast. You cup it in your hand while you fasten your lips on my nipple – biting lightly and then harder to make it stand up. You put the nipple clamp on the hardened bud and move to the other nipple for the same treatment. You drop to your knees to fasten the clamp on my clit, pausing briefly to lick the collecting moisture. When all are clamped, you gently tug on the chain between to gauge my reaction. Apparently you got the reaction you wanted, because you murmur “good girl” as you continue to play with the chain, canlı bahis pulling slowing and holding before releasing. You turn me around to check to ensure I inserted the plug earlier as you requested – giving me a slap of approval on my ass.

You bring me back to my knees facing you, and remove your pants while I watch eagerly. Your dick is already hard and pointing to me – you pull my head towards you and rub the very tip across my face before rubbing it against my lips. I eagerly open my mouth and lick the drop of cum off the tip before sliding it between my lips. You have one hand wrapped in my hair and are intently watching me. I bring my eyes up to yours as I take you as deeply into my mouth as I can, you controlling the speed with your grip in my hair. You don’t allow me to finish you, taking your dick out of my mouth before you cum. I dip my head down and suck one of your balls into my mouth, rolling it around with my tongue. I hear you moan as I move to the other side for the same treatment.

You turn and tell me to follow you walking over to the table. You bend me over until I’m laying with my upper body against it, and spread my legs to fully display my pussy to you. You pull up a chair and do nothing but look for what seems like forever. I can feel your breath on my skin, you are so close to me without actually touching me. After what seems like forever, you run just the tip of your finger up the inside of my thigh, stopping just shy of where I want you to go. You just barely brush the edge of my lips, pulling your finger away to taste the moisture that is gathering. I push backward, trying to bring your bahis siteleri finger back in contact with my skin, but you put your hand on my back to hold me in place.

You remove the clip from my clit, and run your tongue across it – I moan in anticipation of what is coming. You back away, and reach for something you have behind you. You bring out a dildo – realistic looking with a large head. You start rubbing it against me, and against my will I’m backing into it – trying to get you to insert it into me. I’m begging you for release at this point. You slowly put the head into my pussy – rubbing my clit with your thumb – careful to keep me just on the edge – not allowing me to cum. You ease the dildo into me – slowly, slowly – working it in and out, deeper and deeper each time it slides in. You finally sink it completely into me and just let it rest – letting my pussy get used to the intrusion. You stand back – looking at my two plugged holes.

I scream as you suddenly slap me on the ass – leaving a bright red hand print that you kiss and caress lovingly before slapping me again on my thigh. Again and again, closer and closer to my clit you slap. Just hard enough to sting – not actual pain. When you finally slap my pussy lips, I push myself out – trying to get more contact with your hand – I want so badly to cum.

You tell me not yet and flip me onto my back on the table. You remove the clamps from my nipples and begin biting and pinching them as you rub your dick on my filled pussy. You kiss me deeply as you pull on my nipples, bringing my upper body off the table. I want so badly to grab your head and pull your bahis şirketleri lips back to me, but my hands are still bound behind me. You look at me and ask how badly I want you in me. I can only moan in response.

You flip me back over, and remove the plus from my ass – I know you are going to enter me there. You reach down and flip a switch on the dildo in my pussy – turning the vibrator on high. You pull my ass cheeks apart, and run your tongue around my ass hole before lining your hard dick up and pushing against me. I can feel you stretching me – feel the head of your dick pushing through the tightness until I yield with a pop. You stop and just stay there – feeling me pulse around your dick, and the vibrator in my pussy. You take a deep breath and slam into me as deeply as you can, reaching around with one hand to pull and twist my left nipple and pinch my clit with your other hand. I buck back against you, but your strength keeps me down and allows you to start slamming into me as hard as you can. I can feel your balls hitting my pussy with each stroke, driving the dildo deeper into me in time with your thrusts.

I arch my back and begin cumming – what feels like the biggest orgasm I’ve ever experienced. As I cum, you can feel me clamping down on your dick – making it even tighter and snugger than it was before. And you pour your load into me – still pulling on my nipple and clit.

You stand behind me – head on my back, trying to catch your breath. Too soon, you pull out of me – and remove the dildo. You sit back in your chair and begin cleaning me – licking the cum out of my ass, and the pussy juices that are running down my pussy and thighs.

You stand me up and turn me so you can kiss me – sharing everything you’ve just licked out of me. You finally release my hands and I pull your face even closer to deepen the kiss…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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