Study Break

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With a groan Laura sat back in her chair and stretched her arms over her head. She was long past tired of studying for her final exams for her first semester of Vet School but with a sigh she lowered her arms and turned to the next page of her vet genetics notes. She was in one of her University’s main libraries, off in a corner looking at the wall where she wouldn’t be quite so prone to getting distracted by the other students scattered about doing studying of their own. She was on her fourth straight day of marathon studying, with one exam down and three more to go.

She continued to read through her notes for another half hour or so until the urge to pee forced her to take a short break from her studies. Pushing her chair back from the table she stood, stretched, and made her way to the bathroom, leaving her books and backpack where they were.

After relieving herself she wandered back to her table, letting her mind wander and not paying too much attention to where she was going. It wasn’t until she was almost back at her chair that she realized all of her books had been picked up and she felt a momentary panic until she noticed her boyfriend, John, standing next to her chair with her backpack over his shoulder.

“Oh! Hi.” She said, surprised to see him.

“Hey.” He responded quietly as he leaned in to kiss her briefly. Breaking the kiss he wrapped his arms around her to pull her into a hug. “Its break time” he said into her long blond hair as she leaned against him.

“But my genetics exam is tomorrow.” She protested weakly.

“I’m sure you’ve already read through your notes five times, and you’ll still have all evening.” He said, adding “Plus, I won’t keep you too long.” with a slightly mischievous smile and sassy note to his voice. “Come on” and with that pulled her gently by one hand toward the elevator.

“The elevator? But we’re on the first floor.” Said Laura, confusion evident in her voice.

“I know. Which floor the stacks on?” John replied as he pulled her in to the elevator.

“Umm, I think any floor above the second.” She responded, a hint of a question in her voice.

In response John simply pushed the button for the sixth floor and waited as the doors began to close.

As soon as the doors finished closing John turned to her, put her hands on her hips and gently but firmly pressed her against the wall of the elevator as he kissed her passionately. Laura moaned slightly as she eagerly responded to him, feeling her body pressed against hers, keeping her trapped against the wall. John’s hands slipped underneath the shirt she was wearing and she gasped and shivered slightly as she felt him gently caress her sides from her hip to the bottom of her bra strap.

As the elevator came to a stop bahis firmaları John’s hands slid out from under her shirt and he stepped away from her, again pulling her by then hand. “Which way are the stacks?” he asked.

“That way I think.” She replied, point to the left.

They quickly came to a door leading to a moderately large room filled with floor to ceiling bookshelves, the “stacks”. There were two rows of shelves set off a center aisle, with the ends of the shelves running all the way to the wall. Each shelf was quite close to the next, leaving no more than two feet between shelves.

John pulled Laura down the center aisle until they reached the final shelf set against the far wall of the room. Here he turned in between the shelves, pulling her along behind him. Turning to face her John dropped her backpack behind him and again kissed her, his tongue brushing her lips. She opened her mouth to admit his tongue and put her hands on his hips as his tongue twined with hers.

When he had first pulled her into the elevator asking about the stacks Laura had guessed his intentions, and his hands unfastening her belt dispelled any lingering doubts. While they had had sex in public before the previous times had been outdoors, at night, where they would have had a least a bit of advance warning had anyone been approaching. They hadn’t before had sex during daylight hours, nor in a public building, and while bookshelves concealed them they would also hide if anyone else was in the room with them.

These thoughts flashed through Laura mind in less time than it took for John to loosen her belt and unsnap and unzip her jeans, and with the excitement of her thoughts came a surge of arousal, accompanied by an increasing wetness between her legs aided by John’s attentions.

Laura wiggled her hips to assist as John pushed her jeans down to her ankles, then moaned into his mouth as his hands cupped her ass, now clad only in a skimpy black thong. Her moan turned into a gasp as the fingers of one of his hands gently traced the line of her thong passing lightly over her anus before brushing across her slit. She broke their kiss and leaned against him while burying her face in his shoulder as he continued to caress her folds through her thong.

She felt his hand lift from her momentarily before returning to grasp the edge of her thong in order to lift it away from and pull it to the side, exposing her pussy. Expecting his touch right away she shivered in anticipation as he withheld from touching her folds for a moment. She gasped and pressed her face against his shoulder as his fingers gently brushed her lips, running from the back near her opening nearly to her clit, as far as his hands could reach given the angle of his reach.

She kaçak iddaa felt him shift slightly to allow his hand to move the extra inch forward to her clit. Here his fingers pressed into her little button and rubbed in circles, sending waves of pleasure coursing through her body. She turned her head sideways against him and noticed that she could see over the top of one level of books in the shelves next to her, allowing her to see a thin section of the whole, well-lighted room. She shuddered in delight both at the attentions of John’s fingers and the naughty feeling she felt from being exposed and pleasured as she was in the well lit, public building of the library, even if they were quite concealed.

Pushing her body away from his Laura reached down to fumble at John’s belt. She undid his belt, unbuttoned his jeans and as she reached in to grasp his erection she looked into his eyes and, in an urgent and sultry, if soft voice said “I want your cock inside me. I want you to bend me over and fuck me right here.”

Immediately he spun her around so she was facing back toward the aisle between then shelves. Laura looked back over her should as John freed his cock and positioned himself behind her. As he was taller he placed his feet outside her and bent his knees slightly. One of his hands grasped her hip as she felt the head of his cock press against her nearly dripping cunt.

He started to slowly press into her but wanting more Laura thrust her hips back against him and both of them gasped as his cock slid deep inside her. Taking the hint John grabbed both her hips and pounded his cock into her again and again, like he knew she liked it. Leaning over slightly he whispered “Is that what you want you little slut? Do you like having my hard cock deep in you?”

She just moaned in reply as his words spiked her arousal. She could feel his cock hitting her g-spot with each thrust and could feel herself building to an orgasm. Suddenly she felt him wrap his hand in her hair and pull sharply. This pushed her over the edge and with a shuddering moan that she tried to stifle she pressed her hips against him, burying his cock deep inside her stopping his thrusts in order to not be overwhelmed by the sensations.

As she came back to her senses she moved her hips against him he took his cue and resumed his thrusts, still pounding her hard and fast. After another minute or so she could feel another orgasm building. She heard John’s breath start becoming more ragged as he approached his own orgasm.

Suddenly she heard a girl giggle followed by a male voice that sounded like it was in the aisle between the bookshelves. Either John did not hear this or chose to ignore for he continued thrusting into her depths. She turned her head to look kaçak bahis through the shelves but bent over as she was could only see a few feet of the aisle beyond the shelf they were hidden behind. Almost immediately two pairs of feet appeared and before she had time to reach another young couple stepped into the aisle directly in front of them.

The other couple was obviously on much the same errand for as they appeared the girl, quite attractive Laura noticed, spun around to grab her partner for a kiss. The other couple was so distracted with each other that they didn’t notice John and Laura for a moment but then the girl spotted them and with a squeak jumped and faced them, bringing her partner’s attention to them as well.

John had briefly slowed his thrusts as the couple appeared but quickly resumed once he processed that they were there for the same reason. Laura gasped as John’s thrusts became even harder and faster and met the other girl’s eyes. She had flushed when she first saw them but her gaze remained fixed on them. Laura’s gaze shifted to the guy and felt her arousal spike as she saw him look her over appraisingly.

John’s breathing was again becoming ragged and she felt another orgasm building in herself, fueled further by the feel of the other couple’s eyes on her. Her own breath began coming in gasps. Looking again at the girl watching them she moaned in delight as the girl’s lifted the edge of the skirt she was wearing and slid one hand under her panties to finger her sex.

John too moaned in response to the girl’s display and rammed his cock deep into Laura’s tight pussy. Suddenly the girl took two quick steps forward and fell to her knees in front of Laura. Grasping Laura’s head in both hands she pulled her in for a kiss, immediately forcing her tongue into Laura’s willing mouth. This proved too much for both Laura and John and as her own orgasm gripped her she heard John groan and felt his come spurting into her depths.

After a few more thrusts Laura felt his cock slip from her as the other girl stood up and stepped back toward her partner. As Laura straightened up she felt a gush of John’s come from her lips. Turning, pants still around her ankles, she kissed John before bending over proudly displaying her ass to all to pull her pants back up.

“Wow.” She heard the guy say as turned around. John had buttoned his own pants up and after retightening his belt he picked up her backpack. Glancing at him to make sure he was ready she flashed a sexy smile at him before turning back the other couple. With a naughty look on her face she strode to the girl and boldly grabbed her hips to pull their bodies together as their lips locked together for another kiss.

Breaking the kiss she stepped back, grabbed John’s hand and pulled him with her past the couple. “Now you two have fun.” She said teasingly as they passed.

Back in the elevator she leaned against John and, with a contented smile, said, “That was a good study break.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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