String of Luck Ch. 03

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Hello again, and welcome this third chapter of my String of Luck. There are a few other chapters coming afterwards; if you want to read them (hint: feedback!) and if I have the time and patience to write them. By now most of you understand what I mean by “String of Luck”. The first thing on the list is Nella, the green-eyed, blooming-body woman I’m lucky to call my girlfriend. And then, and this is when it becomes really interesting, there are Nella’s girl friends. Not only are they all attractive, each in their own way, but most of them are under Nella’s spell.

What do I mean by that? The first time I saw Nella in my quickly forgotten art class, I found her quite attractive. When I saw her in bed I became fascinated by her. But when teasing games, exhibitionist and voyeur incidents, bisexual openings and episodes… when all that began to happen, I became enthralled by my newly discovered girlfriend. And now, about seven months after our first nights together, I knew that most if not all of her friends were so enthralled, regardless of their sex. I have to admit, disgracefully, that so far I’ve only met two of her male friends and that I’m not especially looking forward to meeting the others. I know that it’s not terribly noble of me, just as it’s also quite weak that I don’t feel like introducing most of my own male friends to Nella. But who knows, maybe one day I’ll dare to follow her own path to sexual open-mindedness…

For the present, though, I’ll begin by writing a quick resume of what happened since Jenny moved in. She was indeed looking for massage volunteers, as many as she could find and as often as people around her had the time. As we still were in the middle of August, I was still enjoying the long summer of school-workers. Work didn’t resume until the first week of September. Nella, on the other hand still had to work during weekdays, both as a lifeguard and sculpting teacher. Neither jobs was particularly well paid, but neither did she have an expensive lifestyle: fucking as much as you can is incredibly great fun while being perfectly free!

As for Jenny, she had a part-time job at a massage parlor, of course, and she too was waiting for school to resume. So for the last month or so, I’ve been enjoying the benefits of regular massages. Especially during this past week, the massages have become a daily ritual for Jenny and me. Of course when you’re half naked (I only kept some briefs on), when the girl massaging you is slowly revealing herself as a “recreational nudist” (in her own words, she said with a grin) and so only wears a mixed collection of bare minimum clothes, and on top of that she’s massaging you for at least an hour each day, well, you get to know one another.

Merely seeing her walk around during the day was a treat. Most of her choice of clothing revolved around her many bikinis, but not always. One of her other favorites are a unique pair of thin cotton pants, from hip to ankle, slit all the way from those hips and ankles. If she stands still they’re completely closed but as soon as she starts to walk her legs pass through the openings. If she happens to kneel or crouch, her legs become completely exposed. And of course, as you may have guessed, Jenny doesn’t believe in waste, so if she decides to wear anything that would hide panties, she simply doesn’t put the panties on in the first place.

So when my personal massage sessions began, I was feeling quite awkward: I was half-naked and beside me, oiling and caressing me, was a girl who was equally disrobed. I kept getting glances up or down her blouses, tank tops, loose pants or wrap-around skirts. Breasts, nipples, pussy and ass. By the time the fourth session ended, I had seen her entire body while never having the chance of *really* seeing it. It was extremely frustrating.

It was, also, quite stimulating. And my cock, the source of all the awkwardness, was reacting quite normally to the show I was getting. The first two times, even though it was poking obviously from beneath my boxers, Jenny chose to ignore it. The third time, her face becoming as red as mine, she smiled and shyly told me that she was used to seeing men get hard-ons during massages. They had prepared her for that particular situation in school and she was now used to it. I’m not sure she was used to seeing an eight inch cock in full attention, but she really didn’t seem to mind.

Three days ago something new happened and even though I hate hot and humid weather, I was ready to thank whatever was responsible for it. When we all woke up at six in the morning, because of the heat, we knew that we were in for a scorching day. Nella wore her bikini for breakfast, and Jenny chose her bikini bottoms with a thin veil around her breasts. They were fairly noticeable beneath the thin veil, and seeing it, Nella shot me a quick smile. Although both girls have been talking quite a lot, Nella still hadn’t been able to determine if Jenny would be opened to anything remotely sexual with us. Maybe this güvenilir bahis more obvious decision towards nudity would help our cause!

Just before Nella left for work, Jenny asked her to come to her room. When she came out two minutes later, she came to kiss me and whisper: “Enjoy the show…”. She then grinned at me and winked. When Jenny came out, nothing different was visible. We usually had our massage sessions in the morning so that we could keep the rest of the day free. So when she pulled out her massage table a bit later, I was still looking for something special or new.

I laid down on the table and Jenny pulled out her bottles of oil. Before opening them though, she told me she had a question for me.

“You know that I’m an recreational nudist. ” She began. She had all my attention. “But I’m only used to opened nudity with my close friends and that’s why I’ve kept myself covered since I came here. But this heat is driving me crazy and I was wondering if you would mind if I…”

She hesitated but her meaning was clear. “Of course you can Jenny…”

“I asked Nella and she said that she didn’t mind if I was sometimes nude around you guys.”

“I think not. ” I smiled. “Au contraire, I think she was waiting for you to make the first move.”

“Really?” she said, visibly happy and relaxed. “Well then, just give me a minute…”

And then she proceeded to remove the thin veil, exposing her breasts without any trace of shame or shyness. I was still lying on my back on the table, but for this I had to sit up. If she was going to be opened about this, I had to be honest too. She was going for her oils, but I stopped her.

“Wait a second Jenny, I have to tell you something too.” I took a deep breath and I saw that she was a bit nervous about this after all. “I really don’t mind your nudity, but there’s something you may have noticed around here: not only are we quite opened about nudity, but about sexuality as well.”

“Ok, what does that… mean for me?”

“It means whatever you want it to mean…” I smiled warmly. “At the very least, it’s going to mean that I’m going to look at those wonderful breasts of yours. I won’t simply ignore them the way I can ignore an arm you choose to bare. They are gorgeous, even more beautiful than I had thought before this morning. My guess is that Nella will act just like me: don’t expect us to behave as if you were clothed.” I paused, letting her the time to digest all this. “On the other hand, we won’t treat your nudity as an invitation to sex. Never fear about that. Never.”

I was pleased to see her smile, and my guess was that it was not her first time in such an environment. I blatantly looked down from her eyes to her breasts and stared at them for a long while. Dear God! Firm flesh, bursting out from her chest as only smaller breasts can do, capped with pale pink nipples that were already standing straight despite the heat. She was a full C cup, but she was also young enough so that they hadn’t begun to feel the pull of gravity too much. They were, in resume, what most older women have in mind when they decide to go to a breasts surgeon.

Laughing, she turned to her right and her left, giving me an even better show. But then, having decided that it was enough, she pushed me back on the table and I laughed with her. “Damn!” I said, feeling it, “this time we’ll both know exactly why I have a hard-on!” We both laughed even harder and the following massage was really great. We talked about more intimate things while I openly looked at her breasts, thighs, ass and bikini-clad pussy for more than an hour and a half. We spent most of the rest of the day in the pool, and we even dared to swim completely nude for an hour or so. We knew that other people, like the landlord, could appear at any time, but the added thrill seemed to excite Jenny as much as it excited me. Sadly, she put her bikini back on before leaving the pool, so all I got was wavy and blurry looks at her pussy. Still, a dark patch was obvious. Mysteries to be unfolded…

We spent the evening with Nella and a few neighbors from our building on the patio, in and out of the pool. When the three of us left for bed, I saw that most of the other men present were preparing to leave: they had clearly been here to gawk at Jenny and Nella. Both girls were well aware of the attention and even began talking about it on the way up. When Nella and me went to bed she crawled over me and asked if Jenny had gone nudist during the day. I gave her a short summary of the day and the things I had told our new roommate about us. She was glad to learn that Jenny had reacted well and then, quite naturally, Nella proceeded to fuck me thoroughly. And, I must add, a bit more noisily than usual. I was reasonably that Jenny, in the adjacent room, would hear some of Nella’s moans as well as a few of the ass-slapping thrust I had driven into her, kneeling behind her.

The following morning, two days ago then, I was graced with another massage in türkçe bahis the morning. This time though, Jenny chose to assume her nudism and came out of her room completely nude. The day was at least as hot as yesterday. After commenting freely on her body, and seeing her blush with a smile, I got up and removed my boxers altogether. “Why bother?” I told her. My cock, every inches of it, was as rock hard as yesterday morning. She laughed and fetched her bottles.

I had an especially long massage this morning as well and I was treated to a complete, unrestricted view of Jenny’s body. She was everything I had dreamed of: firm body all over, from her thighs all the way to her rounded breasts. The patch of hair on her pubic mound was barely trimmed, wild and savage, but her lips were shaved. It was an odd combination but it worked really well to keep my cock as hard as it could be.

A few times during the massage I complimented her, mostly about the parts rarely talked about. She remained mostly silent, except perhaps to mention that doing massages everyday kept you in good shape. I could see, through her apparently unaffected miens, that she was getting excited by my comments. And, probably, by my exposed cock. Unlike previous sessions, I spent most of the hour and a half on my back. When she stood at the top of the table behind my head, massaging my face and scalp, I was graced with an upside down view of her young yet nubile breasts. It was also easy to figure out that hidden behind her own breasts, her eyes were free to stare at my cock.

But the massage ended without anything special happening. Yesterday morning’s massage, though, was something else. It began and unfolded in quite the same manner. We were both naked even though the weather was mostly back to normal. At one point, after I made another comment about her breasts, Jenny stopped her massage and looked at me.

“How can you find my breasts so beautiful when your girlfriend has such beautiful and big breasts? I mean: I know mines are not bad, but compared to Nella’s I must look like a child to you! Hers are so incredible!”

“That’s not true at all.” I was pleased by her question and by her tacit avowal that she was looking approvingly at Nella’s breasts. I paused, as if searching for an explanation. I began with the simplest one, the one I knew wouldn’t work. I stared at them and merely said: “Damn Jenny, just look at them. Just look!”

She laughed but obviously wasn’t convinced. “Come on Will, I’m serious…”

“Well, so am I. They are fabulous, and they should be celebrated.” She laughed again with me. “OK, try to see it like this. What are you two favorite songs?”

“Hmmm, Take Five from Dave Brubeck and Summertime from Janis.”

“Perfect!” I said with pleasure. “Which one is your true favorite?”

“Oh, I see where this is going. Summertime is my truly favorite.”

“And does that prevent you from fully enjoying the beauty of Brubeck’s piece?”

“Of course not. I understand what you mean, but breasts are not music! Nella’s have everything mine have and are quite bigger to boot!”

“No they don’t.” I took a deep breath, ready to dare something that could shatter the mood. “They don’t have this right here…

Slowly I extended my hand towards her breasts, leaving her more than enough time to move away. Then with my extended first finger, I traced the smooth and fresh line below her left breast. She didn’t move away. Shivers ran up and down my arm and my breathing paused while I tasted her intimate skin for the first time. Instantly her nipple hardened and I saw her shivering for less than the time it took me to complete the line. But in fact there was no line, and that was the point. regaining my breath, I told her what I meant.

“You see, your breasts are still firm and perky, defiantly high and proud. There’s no fold here. Right here… “

This time I used my thumb to trace a line from her nipple to her chest, following the steep curve of her flesh. By then we were both breathing fast, shallow breaths. Leaving my hand there, with my thumb still pushed against the underside of her breast, I continued.

“In a sense your breasts are just as large as Nella’s… I’d never seen breasts as big as yours that didn’t fold back on themselves. It’s as if they contained nothing but flesh; heavy, full and as firm as a burgeoning adolescent breast. Nella’s breasts are comfortably large, quiet in their confident beauty.” By now my thumb was tracing small circles on her flesh, making it move and bulge from left to right, up and down. “Yours on the other hand, look like they’re arrogantly proud of their appeal, standing high and firm on your chest. With your nipples hard like this, ” I dared another step forward and grazed her left nipple, making it twist under my thumb. “your breasts are simply impossible to resist…”

With those last words I opened my hand and palmed her entire breast. My eyes closed as my fingers did the same on her compact flesh, feeling güvenilir bahis siteleri its youthful bounciness as I squeezed and released it. By now we were both ostensibly breathing faster and shallower, thrill and pleasure mixing together. She was burning up, her warm flesh now covered with a thin layer of sweat. Somehow the sweat made everything even more exciting, licentious. It certainly made fondling her a lot easier. After a few minutes of this perfectly silent caress, Jenny placed her hand on my arm and lowered my hand. Still without a word she smiled at me and resumed the massage.

By now her entire body was covered in sweat and after the cleanness of her shower, she now gave out a wonderfully feminine scent. Underneath that smell, for the first time in life, I actually smelled a woman’s excitement. When she moved pass my head I was able to get a whiff of the wetness between her legs. The sexual tension was still palpable, the silence charged with desires and anticipation. Her massage had deconstructed itself into nothing more than long-stroked caresses.

Then, surprising me and breaking the stale-mate, Jenny laughed.

“Damn it, why are we so stressed-out?” She had been standing at the foot of the table and was now walking to its side. “This must be killing you, as it has probably been doing so for the last couple of weeks…” She smiled, staring at my cock.

“Hu-Hm.” I agreed, unable to say anything more: my cock was, in fact, ready to spontaneously combust.

“Here, how does this feel?”

Without any other warning, she closed her hand around the base of my cock, squeezing it really hard… The shockwave of pleasure that swept through me made my entire body twitch on the table. When she brought her other hand around the head of my cock, she had me twisting around and moaning out loud in pleasure. Both her hands oiled up she gave me an incredible hand-job, apparently taking a lot of pleasure herself while doing it.

She began by squeezing the base of my cock firmly while using her other hand to pump my shaft and head. When she switched a few dozen strokes later, holding the head and pumping the rest of my length, the pleasure was impressively different. The feeling of her palm and fingers carefully holding my knob tightly was surprisingly good, especially when she began to slowly stroke the rest of my hard-on. Usually most if not all of the sensations come from the sensitive head, but her lubricated fingers on the skin of my cock were somehow marvelously enjoyable.

All the skill I had discovered in her fingers while she had massaged me was now magnified as she handled my cock like a well-known instrument. After teasing me with this new technique, she let her lower hand move down even further and cup my balls. Now I have very sensitive balls and I rarely enjoy having them fondled. Now, of course, was an exception. Jenny was wonderfully subtle and precise in her strokes, touches and ball-hugs. Soon a slow rhythm emerged: gentle caress, thumb rolls and entire ball-sac squeeze. Higher up, the hand holding my glans began squeezing it in unhurriedly, the timing flawless: just as she was about to hug my balls with her left hand, her right one released my glans. She kept that rhythm for what seemed to be a long time. (As you might have guessed, I had my eyes closed in delight, completely oblivious to anything else than her hands on my genitals…)

At one point her tempo increased and the sensations naturally followed suit. Soon after she began to sync her squeezing before adding a long expected friction on the head of my cock. All the while continuing her excellent care of my balls, she started to stroke my cock again, her fingers very tightly curled around my meat. Her speed increased and decreased in reverse proportion to my twisting around: she was deliberately teasing me into a huge climax.

I barely felt her left hand, the one on my balls, turning around until the tips of her fingers reach the bottom of my sac. What I did feel, while realizing the irony of that caress, was the harder pressure she suddenly applied to the sensitive point between balls and asshole. My ass responded by raising itself from the table, the pleasure suddenly too intense. I was seconds away from exploding and was ready to bless Jenny with all my heart when I felt her strokes coming faster and faster.

It seemed to me as if my entire body was cumming, throwing everything it had into my climax. I *had* been expecting this since I first saw Jenny in the pool, so this was an orgasm long in coming! And come it did! I came and came all over my stomach, my cum pooling in large globs in and around my navel. As I was trashing in absolute joy, I heard Jenny laughing gently: she was still pumping my cock and massaging that magical spot between my legs. And my cum just kept flowing.

Eventually it stopped and Jenny gently released my balls and cock. She was still smiling but less so than before. I, on the other had, was probably radiating with pleasure, breathing hard and enjoying every fleeting second of this climax. Rolling one of my fingers in my navel, I pulled it out and playfully covered one of her nipples with my cum. She smiled but stopped me after a few seconds.

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