Strangers in Paradise Ch. 03

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Saturday 7pm.

I sat in my dressing gown, eyes locked to the person that stared back at me in the mirror.

‘You’re gonna look great. So what, if the skinny bitches say stuff. You’re a big beautiful woman,’ I said to myself. The last time I was at a club, I got teased for being the ‘big girl’ in a dress. It wasn’t one of my favourite past times but, it did happen and kinda why I haven’t gone out in a long time.

I disrobed myself, took the dress from the side and put it against my body. I wore this dress on many occasions when I went out in the past. It had no straps and stopped mid-thigh which made it a slightly shorter dress than what I was used to, however it made me feel sexy.

Saturday 9pm

I applied make-up to my face. It hid away my red face and made me feel like I could compete with the pretty girls that would be out tonight. Probably looking amazing in their dresses, with skinny bodies. I slapped my face. Stop thinking like that. There’s guys that love bigger women and you are gonna find someone like that.

I took a deep breath and slid on my light pink heels, adjusted my black jacket over my shoulders, checked that no ‘fat bits’ was out of place and winked at the mirror. I felt a lot more confident than normal.

Knock Knock. I walked to the condo door, opened it to find one of the male attendees stood in front of the door. I’d seen him around the pool, soaked up some sun when he was on a break and when I left the holiday site. He was about 6 foot, black, dark eyes and his hair was short – exactly what I like… oh and he looked like he really worked out. I could tell from his biceps – massive turn on for me!

‘Hey, just to let you know the … er… the …’ He seemed a little distracted. He looked my body up and down and he licked his lips. I blushed as soon as I saw that… another turn on for me.

He walked inside the room, closed the door behind him and pushed me up against the door. He leant down and kissed my lips very softly. He smiled as he stopped the kiss.

‘Sorry. Just you in this dress is just… damn baby girl. Turn around,’ He said as I tried to catch my breath. I bit my lip and turned around, bent over against the door. His hands moved up my legs, scratched gently up my thighs and then my dress was pulled up, my pink lacy panties exposed to him. I reached back and tried to pull my dress back down but my hand got pulled to the door.

‘I told you. I wanna see this booty. Sexy panties by the way.’ I blushed as he said that. His hands moved over my ass spreading them apart. My panties moved inside my pussy and ass crack, I bit my lip as that happened.

‘Look at that baby. Mm. Looks so fucking good. I only do big women illegal bahis you know that, right?’ He said as he looked up at me. I bit my lip and blushed as she said it. Okay, well now I know he was defiantly checking me out at the pool earlier this afternoon.

He turned me around and slid his lips over my neck which made my head fall back and my eyes shut. A moan escaped my mouth as his tongue made its journey all over my neck and down my chest. He made a little moan which told me that he enjoyed my presence. I opened my eyes only to be greeted by his eyes that glanced up at me.

‘Lets take this to the bed, baby girl. I wanna see how good you look naked,’ he said as he took my hand and led me over to the bed, kissed my forehead then pushed me gently onto the bed. I gulped as I landed. His big muscular hands softly pulled my legs apart and his lips started a journey from the bottom of my thighs over to the tip of my clit. I made a little noise as I felt a gentle kiss onto my clit.

‘You okay baby?’ He kissed my thigh as he looked up at me. I bit my lip and nodded down at him. He smiled.

‘Good baby. Daddy’s gonna make you feel real good.’ I gasped and held on tighter onto the sheets. His tongue moved lightly over my clit then down my slit, popped his tongue inside it and then slid it back up to my clit. A few more times he did this before he lightly sucked onto my clit which made my body shiver from the feeling he bought to the table… or bed in this case.

He moaned against my clit which made small vibrations onto my pussy which caused me to scream out in desire. He made a little chuckle.

‘You like that baby? I told you I’m gonna make you feel good. Is Daddy making you feel good?’ One of his large black fingers slid inside my tight pussy which caused me to sit up and bit my lip.

‘Sh… it. Daddy is mak…ing me feel… gooooood,’ I moaned out as his finger started to work itself in and out.

‘Mmhmm. Daddy loves to make beautiful girls feel good.’ He smiled up at me and leant down to flick his tongue all over my clit, moved his finger faster and harder in and out of my tight pussy. ‘Somebody’s tight baby. Someone is real tight. I think I’m gonna have a lot of fun with you.’

His spat down onto my clit and it slid down till it reached his fingers. I had gasped when he spat down onto it. One of my major turn ons is having a guy spit down onto my pussy. Kinda horny and dirty about it being spat on. He smiled up at me again before he inserted another finger inside my slit which caused me to lay back onto the bed and begin screaming in ecstasy. I felt his tongue all over my clit and a few little sucks onto it as his fingers worked up inside my pussy which made illegal bahis siteleri me pulsate and scream out his name as I began this journey of cumming. My body began to shiver which caused me to erupt onto his fingers.

‘Ohhh. Fuuuuck. Blaise… shiiiit. Fuuuuck. I’m gon… OHHHH YESSSS!’

Blaise then looked up at me as I came back down from my high. He kissed my left thigh before pulling his fingers out.

‘How was that?’ he asked as he got up and kissed up my body until he reached my stomach.

‘It was amazing. I haven’t had …’

‘Shh. Now then you gonna be a good girl and help me out with something?’

I nodded as I realised that he would want a blow job. He smiled as he stood up, unbuckled his trousers and pulled them down along with his boxer briefs. I got down onto my knees, looked up at him for a moment and then moved my mouth over the head of his cock. He let out a small groan as my tongue moved down his shaft, all over his balls and then slid back back to the tip. I spat onto it, moved my tongue and mouth all over the tip and entered an inch or two inside my mouth. Glided it inside my mouth to appreciate the man that made me cum more than I had been able to do to myself. I put more inside my mouth which made me gag a little and Blaise pulled himself out of my mouth.

‘You Okay baby? I don’t want you to hurt yourself. Its good though baby girl.’ I smiled up at him and spat down again, watched the spit run down his cock and then onto his balls. I licked the trail that my spit left and kissed the shaft softly.

‘Whoo. Baby girl, you talk my language,’ he said as he ran a hand through my hair, stroked it softly before his hands glided over my back. I loved the feeling of his big black male hands all over my body even though I was clothed. I slid my mouth over his cock once again, slurping and sucking onto his cock which made him let out a loud moan.

‘Baby, lets go over to the wall, I need to be inside that wet pussy.’ I stood up and unzipped my dress. It fell to the floor along with my cardigan. Blaise kissed my lips softly and slid his tongue inside my mouth. Once I felt his amazing tongue I started to moan into his mouth. His hands landed onto my waist where he rubbed them and slid a finger inside my pussy. My moans got louder inside his mouth as I felt him hit my g-spot. I broke the kiss as he slipped in another finger.

‘Ohhh fuuu… god thats ohhh god.’

‘Aw baby girl. Baby girl. Is Daddy doing you good, huh?’

‘Mmhm. Yes Daddy is doing good.’

‘Mm baby. I love seeing your face. So sexy when you’re moaning for me.’ At that moment, he started to ram his fingers inside. Finger fucking my tight pussy. I held onto his shoulders canlı bahis siteleri as we made our way to the wall, he took his fingers out and licked them.

‘Ooo. Shit baby girl. You taste so fucking good. Now then.’ Blaise took hold of my thick thighs and put them around his waist as he pulled my panties to the side and slid his huge black cock inside of my cunt. I let out a small groan as he slowly slid himself inside of me. My pussy muscles began to get used to the thickness and his length.

‘Ohh baby girl. You’re so tight. Just how us niggas love our thick girls. Mm.. Mm shit yeah.’

He began to pump inside me a little harder and faster than before. My tits bounced right in front of his face and my hands held tighter onto his shoulders as he got deeper inside. My moans turned into screams as he hit my spot. He really knew how to make a woman feel so good. As he bounced me onto his cock, hips lips moved over my left nipple. He flicked his tongue over my nipple, kissed it softly, gently bit onto it.

‘Oh my god. I’m gonna cum all over your big black cock. Mmhmm.’

‘Yeah baby, cum all over it.’

I felt the build up of my orgasm begin to take over me, my hands held tighter onto him, bit my lip harder and then I came all over his cock. My juices flowed all over his cock. I let go of his shoulders and heavy breathing began to emerge.

‘Oh. I’m not finish with you baby. Nah uh. I wanna see this big fucking ass bounce on my cock.’ With that he took me over to the bed, put me down gently and then slid out of me. My juices flowed all over his cock which I then licked and sucked most of my juices from his cock. I spat on it and sucked a couple of inches. He smiled down at me.

‘Shit baby. You’re nasty. I love it.’ I smiled up at him as I got onto my knees, turned away from him and laid onto my stomach and my ass was up in the air for him. He slapped my ass checks a couple of times before he slid his cock inside my pussy. I squealed and bit my lip as I felt his cock inside me once again. He moved slowly inside of me until he felt my ass being pulled up and down onto his cock.

‘Oh wow baby. You wanna fuck this dick, huh? Fuck it for me.’ I began to start a rhythm as I fucked his cock. I pulled my pussy up and down his cock and moved a little faster each time our bodies connected. He let out a low growl as she put his hands arm over my ass and his hand over my back, stroking it gently as he and I worked up a rhythm which caused us both to scream out in ecstasy. I couldn’t hold back any longer as my juices began to build up.

‘Ohhhh fuck, Blaise. Blaise. I’m cumming. Ohhh fuck.’

‘Mmhmm. Me too baby. Me too. I gotta cum all up on this motherfucker.’

I came all over his cock which caused me to spasm and squirt all over him. He pulled out and came all over my ass. It trailed all down my ass check and on top of my ass hole.

‘Shit. This ass is what us niggas love. Remember that!’

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