Strange Encounters Ch. 01

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Strange shit always seems to happen to me. I’m serious. MOST of it I feel I do NOT bring on myself.

For instance, in two difference instances at two different bars I’ve had guys come up to me or attempt to come up to me and jerk off on my leg. I was one and one with that. One guy succeeded while I was sitting at the bar and the other failed because my husband was able to intervene before he could get to me but..

See! Who does that?!

I have another example of a male stripper eating my pussy, while I was on stage, during an amateur nite at a strip club. I was the amateur. Shit got crazy and before I knew it his head was buried between my legs and he was eating the shit out of me. OK, that is a bad example. I may have had a hand in that, but THINGS LIKE THAT!

OK, here’s another example that may better illustrate my point.

It’s been several years ago during New Years. A group of us had all gone out and it was after the ball had dropped. People had separated and passed out and I ended up with a couple of friends of mine Patty and Stacy.

Patty and Stacy were sisters.The three of us had gone to high school together in a small town in the Midwest. The running joke was how small the town was and how everyone was related to everyone else in one way or another, by blood or marriage. I am not related to them as far as I know, but who knows. The gene pool was definitely spread thin where I come from. Not quite banjos and barefooted hillbillies, but not that far removed either.

We used to be closer when we were younger, but drifted as people do. We didn’t drift that far since we still lived in the same small town, but we didn’t get together regularly. This party was the first time I’d spent any real amount of time with them in quite a while. It was nice to get reacquainted.

Anyway, I’d lost track of my husband at some point during the evening and the three of us had been drinking and laughing for most of the night. I don’t recall how we got there or who suggested it, but at some point we ended back up at Stacy’s house.

Everyone was gone so Stacy got a bottle of wine and a few glasses. We sat around drinking more, talking about old times, and giggling and laughing. The conversation turned to sex as it usually does when there’s a lot of alcohol involved and Patty confessed to trying to seduce my husband, when he was still my boyfriend, back in high school.

She mentioned one night we had all been together drinking and playing cards and she had her foot in his crotch the majority of the time playing footsie with his cock. My husband was from out of town, fresh blood, quite the catch, and the fact he was hung was no secret. Locker room talk spreads. He used to be embarrassed about it, but he grew out of it.

The night wore on, the alcohol kept flowing, the talk kept getting more illicit. Patty and Stacy were sitting next to each other on the couch and I had taken a spot on the floor in front on them. I don;t remember what we were talking about, but I do remember when Patty leaned over and kissed Stacy.

It was a kiss that at first didn’t strike me as odd. It was quick-ish, but on anadolu yakası escort the lips. I don’t know about most families, but mine stopped kissing on the lips a while ago. So it sort of startled me. It was when they started looking at each other and talking, Patty started stroking Stacy’s leg and not just a quick stroke. She was stroking her leg from the knee up to the thigh, the top of the thigh then slightly inside the thigh.

They seemed to have forgotten I was there and Patty leaned over and Stacy leaned in and they started kissing. Slow deep kissing and I saw tongue. I freaked the fuck out.

I know I was sitting there with my eyes wide and my jaw dropped. I was completely stunned not believing this shit. NO way shape or form was this ever even hinted at in all the time I’d known them. I tried to convince myself I was just really drunk, which I was, but I just sat and stared. This was happening.

Patty had slide her hand up Stacy’s thigh and under her dress and I heard Stacy moan a bit.It was about mid-kiss they they opened their eyes and both looked at me out of the corner of them. They both smiled and kept kissing with Patty’s hand moving under

Stacy’s dress.

Stacy had spread her legs a bit wider and from where I was sitting I could see Patty had slide her finger in through the side of the panties and was stroking Stacy’s clit pretty good.

I still didn’t know what to do. I wasn’t processing this through the alcohol, but sex in front of me was starting to make me horny.

They stopped kissing and Patty turned her head to talk to me. My eyes shifted from Patty talking to her hand in Stacy’s panties, to from what I could tell she had at least two fingers inside of Stacy’s pussy, back up to Stacy’s face lost in the ecstasy of the moment. Despite the wrongness of the situation my pussy was wet and my clit was throbbing.

Stacy was grinding her hips against Patty’s fingers her moaning getting louder until Stacy shook and fell back against the couch breathing hard and gasping for breath.Patty pulled her fingers out and held them up for me, shiny and wet, Stacy had cum a lot.

Patty looked over at me and smiled. She was telling me that they had shared a room since they were little and sort of developed an interest in sex at the same time. They would play show and tell at night and had never thought anything about it. The showing developed into touching, developed into exploring. They started stumbling across what felt good and what felt really good until they more or less fell into the cumming.

As things progressed they just hadn’t thought anything was wrong with it. They also didn’t volunteer the information to anyone either, it was just games they shared. When they started having more sexual relationships with guys and started talking about it, the guys at their age level just never seemed to know what they were doing. No one seemed to know how to make them cum as well as they could do it themselves. Even their husbands, as much as they loved them, still couldn’t hit it exactly right. So, they kept coming back together because it was gebze escort just too fucking good not to.

Patty stopped a minute and pulled her sweater off. She watched me as she reached behind her back and took her bra off. She had really nice tits. Full and round, just enough sag to them. We had all had kids and none of us were exactly bikini models at this stage in our lives. But we weren’t completely gone either. We all have the bodies of mature women who get what exercise we can running errands and looking after the kids.

I sat there transfixed by Patty’s nipples. They were nice and perky. I was watching her tits move up and down as she breathed. She giggled and started talking again. They didn’t consider themselves gay or lesbians, but damn no one could make them cum like each other. They’d had more practice at it.

Listening to Patty talk, watching her tits, still trying to take in what had just happened through my still less than sober haze, I’d inadvertently started stroking myself. Stroking my leg and my thigh. My breathing was picking up and I felt that tight feeling start to build in my chest.

Stacy moaned and sign as she started to rouse from her cum infused exhaustion. She turned her head and looked down at me with those sleepy fresh fucked eyes and smiled. She extended her leg and stroked my knee with her toes. She said they had talked for a while about how to seduce me. It had started out as just talk while they played, but then it became more of a plot. They’d lay in their room touching themselves talking about how they would do it and what they would do to me. Each one upping the other and the talk getting more creative and dirtier. Then they would cum, giggle, and pass out.

Stacy mentioned it wasn’t until they came across my profile on one of the cam sites that really started to plot.

Wait. What? I’d heard, but it was taking a minute to process. They saw me on cam?

I’d been working on cam for a while. I sort of fell into it…lol..and I was good at it, but I didn’t exactly tell anyone. Well, outside of my husband and a couple of other close friends no one knew what I really did for a living. I’d tell them I was doing some consulting work online. I’d contemplated regularly what would happen if someone found out. I thought about going back and getting a ‘normal’ job, but I make ridiculous money playing with myself on cam.

Anyway, when I fully processed what she had said my eyes popped open and I froze just looking at her. She was smiling back at me. My gazed shifted to Patty who was also smiling at me and slowly squeezing her tits and pinching her nipples. Stacy’s voice was saying how they found out my dirty little secret by accident. They had gone out on the internet one night and gotten curious. They stumbled across my site and I was plastered on the front page.

They didn’t believe it at first. That picture of me with my tits out and legs spread. But then there I was in a picture of me with my tits out and legs spread, because I posted a picture of me with my tits out and legs spread. It got me a lot of traffic.

Apparently, curiosity kartal escort got the better of them. Stacy went on saying how they clicked on the picture because they had to know. The site made them join first. The whole process just made them more anxious. Finally they got to my page and the video popped up and there I was. She described one of the outfits I wear and how they sat and watched me in chat squeezing my tits and talking dirty. They watched as a string of guys took me into private chat too and watched the video restart and how I looked hot fresh fucked.

My mind wandered and I started smiling. She kept talking and my fingers started stroking again, slowly traveling higher up the inside of my thigh. They started joining in on the chat and their curiosity got the better of them when they finally clicked on the private button.

Listening to her tell it. Listening to her voice say the words got me hotter. She was telling me about the chat session. What they watched me do. What they made me do. They had taken turns typing and playing. The more she described the more I remembered and it was getting me extremely wet to run through that session again, this time knowing it was them.

They had seen my toy collection. The big ones, the small ones, the strap-ons. The vibrators, the machines, the ones for my pussy, the ones for my ass.

They’d made me do dirty things that night in chat. Blowjobs, bent over, on my knees, on my back with my legs spread as wide as they would go. I fucked my pussy for them and squirted long and hard. I fucked my ass when they asked. I did double penetration. I got the fucking machine out, literally a machine with a dildo on an arm that once you turn on with fuck you continuously, and it does its job quite well. They watched it take my pussy and my ass deep and hard. I’ve got ones with suction cups I stick to a pedestal and am able to ride, I like that one.

Yeah, I remembered.

They put me through my paces that night.

My fingers had moved up my leg and were in my panties stroking myself feverishly. I didn’t realize they had stopped talking and were just watching me. Well, not JUST watching me. Patty had slid her hand down her pants and Stacy had slipped her panties off and was also stroking herself. She had unbuttoned her dress and had her tits exposed, squeezing one and pinching and twisting the nipple with her fingers.

Their eyes on me made me even fucking hornier and I stuffed my 2 fingers deep inside me to find my spot. I closed my eyes and could hear their breathing. My back started to arch, my tits going forward bouncing and my breathing got faster. I couldn’t stop it if I wanted to at this point and I felt the moan build from deep inside of me. My head fell back and I just felt the waves of electricity go through me and my pussy just explode all over my fingers.

I heard both sisters groan and squeal as they watched me. The sound of them stroking themselves like crazy as they strained to cum at the same time as I did. My eyes were still closed and I could hear them both panting.

My head lolled to one side and my eyes opened slowly and I grinned wide. I was so fucking weak, but I couldn’t help but giggle in my cum induced stated.

Remembering that chat session with them. The best part, I recalled, was that the money had cleared. LOL!

Now that would have been a perfect line to end this story with, but the night wasn’t over.


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