Stranded Ch. 01

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by Patricia51 and Dotrice

(The format of this is a little different. We each wrote a complete chapter from our own viewpoint covering the same events. So we have edited and combined them. The first person speaker is identified each time in parentheses above their part. Hope you like it. Tell us.)


I was traveling through the South; no destination, no goal. My trusty 1995 Saturn gave it up just outside Savannah, GA. Well, I was told for $3000 I could get it to limp back home. For that much I figured I could get another used car. The girl at the tire dealer I went to for a quick look at my car said a deputy Sheriff had a decent used pickup for sale and even offered to call to see if it was still available.

She chatted forever with whoever she was talking to and I noticed her looking at my legs in my short shorts and my not too obvious breasts in halter. Fun at truck stops but a bit too exotic for this little town, I suppose. She hung up and came to me smiling, “Sorry, Matt’s not home. But his wife said she has the time to show you the truck. It’s a bit out of town. I offered to drive you after work. Patti said she was coming to town anyway and should be here in about ten minutes.”

I asked if there was someplace I could store my bags and she said in the trunk would be fine. Helping me with my bags in the back seat she noticed the rainbow emblem suspended from my mirror. I heard her say under her breath, “Won’t Patti be surprised.” I laughed and she blushed a bit. Brightening I said, “By the way, my name is Dorothy, Dot to friends,” “Laura, happy to meet you, Dorothy,” she said a little nervously.


I was fixing my second glass of ice tea and eyeing the pile of dirty dishes in the sink with extreme distaste when the phone rang. I caught it on the second ring.

“Hello?” I asked.

“Hi Patti, this is Laura down at Tire World,” came a familiar voice. “Is Matt there?”

“No Laura, he had court today and should have just gone on patrol. What is it?” I smiled. Trust Laura to ask for my husband first. Long ago we had gone to high school together and we had both shared a crush on him. Matt’s break from the first part of his Army service had coincided with my college graduation and we had married. Laura, although happily married herself, had never quite got over that crush I thought.

“Patti, there’s a woman traveling through who’s car has had pretty well had it. It really would cost more to fix it than its worth. Do y’all still have that old pickup for sale?”

“Sure do Laura,” I replied. We chatted a bit longer. She offered to bring the woman out to the house after work. I decided that there were always errands to run in town so I would drive it down there instead. I was sure I could çeşme escort get Laura or someone else to bring me home if things all worked out. I slipped my sandals on and debated the merits of putting a bra on under my sundress. Deciding I would only be seeing Laura and another woman I decided against it. With a sneer at the sink I got the keys and left.

The red Dodge pickup had been passed down from my husband to our two boys in turn. With them grown and out of the house we had bought a new truck. Since we were offered basically nothing as a trade in for the old one we had decided to sell it ourselves. Long hours of riding with all my guys and animated discussions around the dinner table had left me pretty knowledgeable about the truck and I thought I could do a good job selling it.

I pulled up in the parking lot of the tire/auto repair shop and hopped out as soon as I stopped. I saw Laura and an unfamiliar blonde woman standing over by a car with out of state tags. Wisconsin, I thought, she’s a long way from home. I walked over to them.


Laura pushed past me and greeted the woman. “Patti, this is Dorothy. I told you she was interested in Matt’s truck. I think she is anxious to be on her way out of town,” she stammered. The older woman looked past Laura and at me, then she noticed the rainbow in my window and smiled. In a soft wonderfully delightful Southern drawl she assured the younger woman she would manage my stay and if I liked the truck to have me on my way. Patti walked toward me and held out her hand, looking terrific in her cool spring dress. It made me feel even more out of place dressed in my shorts. I nervously took her hand and said hello, in what I am sure she thought was a nasally high pitched voice. Her grip was firm, not aggressive, but still, as I looked into her eyes and felt her hand, a jolt of electricity surged through me.

I have been attracted to other women often before, some totally ignorant of my interest, some down right embarrassed, but Patti was instantly a friend in a hostile place. Laura did not notice but when I was accepted by Patti her demeanor changed to one of ease, if not comfort. We chatted like old friends as she showed me the truck, opening the hood, explaining the engine’s size and features like I might just have any idea what all those wires and things might have to do with making it move and stop. I watched Patti much more closely, and thought I was being very subtle. Everything was pretty much just a job of selling the truck and Laura got bored and went back to the office.

“I think you might want to see if you can manage this monster, Dorothy,’ laughed Patti. I looked at her and corrected, “Dot, please, to friends.” in a voice just above escort çeşme a whisper against the passing traffic. She insisted I drive the truck, and let slip that I might be more comfortable wearing something just a bit less teasing, adding that every man in 500 miles would be tempted to try to get me to at least have dinner with him. I chuckled and said something like, “I have no interested in men, for dinner or much anything, Patti.” She slowed for just a moment and I thought I had bothered her until she suggested I drive her to her home and change anyway, chuckling that the weather would be dipping into the 60’s before long. I lifted a small bag into the back of the truck and hopped into the driver’s seat. She climbed into the passenger side and held out her hand seeming to need a lift. When I touched her hand another lightening bolt hit me.


She started the truck and the V-8 engine pulled as soon as she shifted into gear. I giggled and put my hand on top of hers. “Watch it Dot! The sheriff here has an eye out for reckless drivers and his best deputy is on duty till 10 PM looking for them too. Now, turn right, ease into traffic and follow this road till I tell you to turn.” I was so surprised. Her hand felt so warm and inviting and I was somewhat reluctant to let go of it.

On the way home my mind was in a whirl. I couldn’t understand it. Why did I seem so, well, attracted was the only word I could think of to use. Not that I was completely immune to the charms of another woman, but that was a very long time ago. And college experimentation doesn’t count I reminded myself. So why did my throat suddenly seem dry? I stole more than one look at her shapely legs. Once when giving directions for an upcoming turn I felt her gaze on me and I knew my nipples had crinkled. “Oh my goodness,” I thought. “What if she saw that? I’m not interested in other women. I’m happily married. I love my husband.”

Somehow I managed to direct Dot to my house without getting us lost. When we arrived she laughed as our menagerie came out to meet us. I collected myself by petting the dog and whatever cats came with in reach. I shooed the ducks and geese back towards their pond. I realized I had absent-mindedly picked Dot’s bag up from the back seat and was carrying it in for her. Well, that was okay, just a friendly gesture. Still, I was sure I could feel her eyes on me and the very thought was exciting.

I led Dot down the hallway. I had started for my bedroom, than changed my mind. Trying to get hold of myself I opened the guest bedroom. Acting nonchalant I set her bag on the bed and opened it for her. Immediately I realized I had made a mistake. She made a gesture as though to stop me as I discovered that the top item çeşme escort bayan was a pair of already worn panties, wrapped around an unmistakable toy. Without any thought I bent my head slightly. A single whiff brought me the scent of another woman and my head reeled.

Dot, perhaps uncomfortable at what I did, mumbled, “Umm, I will change clothes quickly and be on my way. I am sure I can find the main road from here.”

For one long moment I felt the balance could have tipped either way. Then I decided. “No Dot. Don’t go. When I saw the emblem in your car,” I hesitated, then plunged ahead, letting the words spill out, “I hoped it was a statement. I find you so attractive. I have never done this since my marriage. I can’t believe I’m doing this now. You’re a stranger but I feel I’ve known you all my life.”

Dot stopped my babbling by simply holding her arms out to me. I fell against her and she held me, stroking my hair. “I felt you were a long lost friend Patti. Your smile, your accent, your friendliness all charmed me. I am not traveling to find women. I was just taking a break from a hectic life just now.”


She lifted her lips and I pressed mine to hers, tenderly flicking my tongue tip along them. Her lips tremblingly opened slowly and accepted the ardent kiss of a stranger. Gasping for air, I zipped her dress down and slipped the straps off her arms. Her naked breasts now calling for my lips. Flicking my tongue over each, I pushed the dress off her hips and it puddled at her sandaled feet. Her panties were as damp an mine in my shorts. Releasing her, she dropped to the bed and looked at me with open desire. Her hands fumbled with my shorts and mine undid my halter. Lifting the halter off my neck, I felt my shorts and panties drawn off.

Pat made a deep intake of breath and kissed me quickly just over my mons. I realized that she was nerving herself for this but I paused for a second and whispered that I would not allow her to do that, at least just then.

Dropping to my knees I lifted her legs and kissed the huge wet spot on her panties. I breathed in her sweet aroma, the flood of nectar just rising. Chewing the cotton and sucking her juices into my mouth, I swallowed. Pushing the crotch aside, I flicked my tongue over her red lips, tasting her essence, her deep womanly power to seduce. Pulling the panties over her knees I sank my tongue deeply between her quivering lips. Moaning, I lapped and sucked, feeling her tremble and pull my face harder against her love starved pussy. She locked her ankles and gripped my ears between her thighs and with a loud scream thrust herself against my soaked face! Pulling her to me I lifted her ass and drank her hot womanly cream, I let out a muffled scream of my own as the long surppressed orgasm overwhelmed me and I shuddered with her. I held her, moving up to share a deep kiss. We fell to the bed in each others arms and drifted into a shallow sleep, awakened by the yapping of the dog as another vehicle approached the house.

(to be continued)

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