Straightforward Sex

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She’d waited eight whole years for him and he’d been such a disappointment. It wasn’t that he was a little smaller than some of the other guys she’d been with, or that his penis wasn’t the best looking. It wasn’t even that it was drunk goofy ridiculous sex.

It just wasn’t right. It just didn’t feel like it should have.

And so she did what any girl would do. She bought herself a new little black sexpot dress, put on some fuck me heels, and went out to find someone to wipe away the memory.

She spent a few weeks at bars and such with not a lot of luck. There was one guy she liked and made out with all night long, a pet here, a caress to her hips, him grinding behind her as they danced. But she let it fall apart as the night ended. She just didn’t have the gumption for it.

While she was recruiting girl friends to be her wing-ladies on these searching seeking nights, she happened to spend a few nights after the bar with one of the other girl’s male roommates. They were all funny and cool but one of them really caught her eye.

He was more slender than she usually went for, especially since she was a curvaceous woman and didn’t like to feel too Amazonian when she was with a guy. Still, he won her over again and again with that smile and ready laugh.

How can you not be attracted to a man who is so charmed by everything you say?

He seemed a bit shy. In fact, she almost wondered if she’d scare him were she ever to really flirt with him.

One night, a few weeks into her fretful search she came back to their place disappointed again. She’d been raring to go but the night had fizzled at every turn. Every guy who had gotten her blood steaming up a little from afar had failed to bring it to a boil when she actually talked or danced with them.

She found herself back at her friend’s house, wondering once again how her friend managed to live with four cool and funny guys and not want to have a fling with all of them.

She was telling stories about the night’s failures, regaling them all with her usual stuff about the bar and the night bahis firmaları they’d just been through. He was smiling at her from across the room and she just couldn’t help it.

“I really just wanted to come home and spoon with Dave, anyhow.” She said with a saucy wink.

The liquor had worn off ages ago but she felt a new upward surge of adrenaline now and welcomed it.

His lips spread in a different smile this time. They continued chatting a few minutes as normal but men being the lovely creatures they are, the other three male roommates soon claimed they were too tired to keep staying up chatting. Boys will do anything to help each other get laid, God Bless Them.

The girls followed the boys not so subtle cue and soon it was just him, I, and my sizzling hormones. I stood up and stretched, looked at him, “Well? How about it?”

He stood up without a word and just led me to his room.

I had already gotten down to the bare essentials since I hate being uncomfortable. He was slower about undressing. I stood in my pink lace thong and matching bra and watched him, realizing all at once that I’d never been with someone so kind.

He turned toward me finally and pulled down the covers invitingly. We climbed in and he slid his arms around me. I was content for a moment, just to snuggle like I’d said.

Soon, though, as male hands will do, his started to wander. He felt my curves and I felt his calloused palms against them. I reveled in having male hands on me again, in the fact that this time it felt just right. It felt like I didn’t need to think about anything, much less tomorrow, which had always been my favorite thing about good sex. Good sex can make you feel like you never had a mind to begin with. It erases every worry.

I turned onto my back to give him fuller access and he moved half over me. He kissed me just right, not too much tongue, not too little.

I bit his lower lip a bit, gently. I couldn’t help it. “Is that okay?” I asked, knowing some people like only soft touching during sex.

“Yes. Oh, Yes.” He choked out, kaçak iddaa looking at me like I was already a goddess.

“Good, because I kind of can’t help it.”

He moved a leg in between mine and lay on top of me now, kissing me thoroughly again. He kissed down my jaw line and met the part of me that is most responsive to kisses. My neck is just absolute that weak-kneed spot for me and I melted. I yipped out an uncontrollable sound and clenched my hands around his surprisingly broad shoulders. From a distance all this time I’d thought him kind of scrawny but touching him, he was solid and manly.

His thigh rode up and down between my legs as he got more turned on, bringing anticipation and a deep hollow feeling in me.

He moved his mouth to my nipple and that, coupled with his gyrating thigh, was almost enough to have me coming right there. He looked up and grinned wolfishly as my thighs clamped on his and I yelped a short moan.

I moved my head back, unconsciously exposing more of my neck to him. He licked the hollow of my collar bone and I came instantly in a rush. I guess he found a whole new “weak-kneed” spot.

His grin deepened and I sighed.

I was constantly moving my hands over him now, fascinated by the muscles of his body. He had a slender frame but his whole body was defined. I loved getting to know the curve of his broad shoulder and have always loved the deep cut that some slender men have above their hips. That “v” that leads right down to a woman’s favorite object on a man.

He kissed me again as I pushed his loose jeans down over his hips. He kicked them off and moaned as my hand slipped into his boxers.

Ah! There he was. He was long, surprisingly, gratifyingly thick, and hard. I looked down as I brought him out of his boxers, pushing them down for him to kick off. The head of his penis glistened with just a small amount of pre-cum. Lovely. I always got so turned on to see that.

It was like coming home to an eager puppy somehow. You just knew he was so happy to see you.

I stretched under him happily and he laughed kaçak bahis a bit at that move.

“Like it?”

“Of course.” I replied to him, looking him in the eye as I reached down and gave him a few strokes.

He put his hand over mine and moved mine away.

He maneuvered over me and ran his penis around my clit. I loved it when men did that. I felt my hips jerk toward him and smiled at his quiet chuckle. He was loving how responsive I was.

I let my legs fall in welcome. “Hard.” I said.

He grinned that wolfish grin again and shoved himself into me in one swift move. Ah, yes. This is what I’d been needing. Here was a man who could really use the tools God had given him.

He reached a calloused finger down and touched my clit as he began a hard and fast rhythm driving my head into the wall behind his bed.

I came right away, clenching around him and feeling myself gush a bit. He moaned but didn’t lose control yet.

I reached up and let my fingers wander the muscles of his bare chest and shoulders. He positioned himself inside me just at my g-spot and drove upward and back so that my hips lifted off the bed as my head hit the wall again. I put one hand in my mouth and bit down to keep back a scream of ecstasy. My muscles clenched weakly around him as if trying to come again but unable to quite get there.

He groaned and I grinned up at him.

Looking at that grin as a challenge, his eyes changed. He moved his head down and very slowly, so that I was dying of anticipation, he nipped at my neck just under my ear. I came so hard it floored me. I couldn’t believe he could keep up that hard and fast rhythm with the way my muscles pulsed around him.

Finally, I reached down and found his balls as he shoved into me. I stroked them lightly for a second, almost a tickle, just teasing…

And then I gave them a harder touch. A massage, but enough to let him really feel it.

My head hit the wall so hard I saw stars. I laughed out loud and quickly tried to stifle it.

He laughed quietly too as his come gushed up inside me.

I fell back, sprawled and sated.

He rolled over and looked at me, a glint of pleasure in his eyes.

“Hi.” I said.

“All right?” He said, knowing the answer.

“More than.” I replied.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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