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Sometimes when I’m home alone & I know no-one will be around I like to turn myself on. I like to get myself excited, draw it out & satisfy myself at the end of it.

I have certain outfits that really work well for me. Particular clothes that make me wet just thinking about them & imaging myself in them. Imagining myself in this outfit, naked, with the curves of my body, my breasts pert & standing up and my nipples hard in the cool air turns me on.

One of my favourite things to do is to go into my room & strip naked. I always ensure I’m fully shaved all over including my pubic hair so my body is cool and smooth, ready for uninterrupted masturbation.

I have a pair of expensive hold ups from Agent Provocateur. They feel silky against my skin, have a thin seem up the back and generally make me feel sexy whenever I wear them. I like to wear them with a pair of 3 inch patent leather black, stiletto high heels and the minute I have put this outfit on I feel turned casino şirketleri on, my clit tingles in anticipation as it knows what is coming.

My shiny brown hair reaches my slender shoulder blades and my body is toned & slender. I like to strut around the room in my stilettos and stockings & nothing else, feeling the air around my body, reaching places it doesn’t usually reach so easily.

My next move is to crouch down, balancing on the balls of my feet, my knees parted, stretching my lips and exposing my pussy when I push my knees wide. When I’m in this position I like to lightly trail the backs of my fingers over my pussy. It is usually aching for fingers to rub harder and start probing but I hold off, knowing it will be better if I wait.

By this stage I can feel the wetness on my fingers tips and smell the musky scent of myself which only serves to make me wetter and make me feel even hornier.

Staying in a crouched position I then start to casino firmaları play with my nipples. Squeezing them so hard they hurt. I like to pull on them and twist them between my thumb & forefinger, rolling them and teasing them before letting one hand drop to between my legs again. Letting it trail over my pussy whilst the other hand continues to twists & tease my nipples. I’m usually incredibly wet by this point & am aching to have something pushed inside me, stretching me.

When I feel I can’t take any more and am about to cum, I stop. I lie down on the bed and bend my knees so my heels are on the bed, digging into the mattress. If I’ve remembered then I’ve usually got my vibrator out and left it on the bed ready for action and it’s now as I lie back on the bed that I pick it up.

Gently pushing the tip of the vibrator against my aching hole I don’t push it in but just push it against my wet hole. Pushing slightly but not enough to enter me, just enough güvenilir casino to get the tip covered in my cum. I then move it slightly up towards my clit and rub the tip against my clit, gradually building the feeling inside.

Putting the vibrator to one I side I then get my fingers involved. I trail them between my lips and now, finally, allow the tip of my index finger to touch my clit that now sounds an electric shock through my body. A jolt of pleasure shooting through me, I close my eyes. Rubbing harder now I let my orgasm build rapidly, rubbing harder & faster, quickly involving 2, then 3 fingers so I now have 3 fingers of hard pressure rubbing against my clitoris, turning my on and on and on, pushing myself against them my fingers are now soaking wet.

Using the other hand I reach for my vibrator & locate my sopping hole, pushing my vibrator in whilst still rubbing my clit with the other hand. Arching my back and pushing my heels hard into the mattress I let the feeling take me over.

Fucking myself with the vibrator, rubbing my clit with the other hand and digging my heels into my mattress I come hard and fast, the juices flowing all over my vibrator I finally feel satisfied until next time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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