Steph’s Sexual Secret Ch. 02

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Big Tits

Steph reveals what happened with her roommates.

This story is a work of fiction; any resemblance to reality is purely coincidental. If you liked the story, please take a minute and rate it. If you didn’t, please be gentle–it’s my first time. All comments are appreciated, especially constructive criticism.

It was over a week later that the elephant in the room raised its big head. They were snuggling in bed, in Steph’s favorite position with her head on his shoulder, when Mark began dancing around the topic.



“So…” Mark started out hesitantly, “So you’re always preaching about the importance of open and honest communication in a marriage. I seem to recall your motto is ‘no secrets,’ correct?”

Steph tensed as she knew where this was going. But a small part of her actually wanted it to go there, actually wanted to clear out the elephant skeleton from her closet, if she could mix her metaphors.

“This is about your question from last week, isn’t it?”

“You know, if you don’t want to tell me then that’s fine. I’m not going to push the issue. It just seemed a little…” Mark considered carefully how to end the sentence.

“Hypocritical?” Steph offered.

“I was going to say inconsistent,” Mark replied, “but we can go with your word.”

Steph silently weighed her options. She was scared to death of what Mark would think of her if he knew everything. But her philosophy of ‘no secrets’ in marriage was central to her being. She debated the issue in her head, back and forth, tell or don’t.

“Do you still want to know?” Steph asked, much more kindly than Mark was expecting.

“I am curious, yes,” Mark responded.

“It’s just something that happened. Before I even met you.”

“It’s not a big deal to me, honest,” Mark reassured her. “I was just curious, that’s all. Although it sounds like it might do you–do us–some good for you to talk about it.”

He was right of course, and Steph knew it. Telling this story would require an exceptional amount of trust. But she did trust Mark more than anyone, and it was time to exercise that trust.

“OK, here goes.” Steph closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and began to recount the details.

“It was right after I graduated from college. My two roommates, Trica and Madison, and I went on a caribbean cruise.”

“Tricia and Madison, your bridesmaids?”


“Wow, this story is getting interesting already.”

This wasn’t working for Steph. She needed to do it her way.

“Mark, I’m going to have to ask you to be totally silent for this,” Steph stated assertively. “I’m not going to be able to make it through the whole story unless I spit it out non-stop.”

Mark got the message and clammed up.

“OK?” Steph inquired. She opened her eyes and lifted her head to look at him. Mark raised his eyebrows in a gesture of how can I answer you if I’m being silent?

Steph smiled at the unspoken humor, closed her eyes and laid her head back down on his shoulder. She could now continue uninterrupted.

“Tricia’s mom had received a voucher for a free cabin for two on a 7 day caribbean cruise, and she gave the tickets to us. We split the surcharge of adding a third person to the room so all of us could go.

“If you recall, Tricia dropped out of college after junior year; she never finished her physical therapy degree. She had moved back in with her parents in Houston and was working as a masseuse. The week after graduation, Madison and I flew to Houston, and then Tricia drove us all to Galveston to board the cruise ship..

“The cruise was a blast–we had so much fun. We didn’t even mind having three of us crammed in an interior cabin. We swam with the dolphins, snorkeled shark-infested reefs, and hiked up waterfalls. In the evening we’d get dressed up for the fancy dinner, not the buffet, and then party until late in the evening. Tricia and Madison both had one-night stands during the cruise, but I wasn’t into that kind of thing.

“Oh, and Tricia was cra-zy. One night we had gone to the stand-up comedy show and were hanging out in the lounge afterwards. This guy who is so full of himself saunters up and starts flirting with us–all three of us. It’s like he’s playing the field all at once and trying to see who would bite. Well, Tricia starts flirting back. You know Tricia is so beautiful, with her long flowing dark hair, her pouty lips, and an ass that looks sexy in every outfit. She’s giggling at his stupid jokes and touching his arm and everything. She doesn’t even mind him staring at her titties half the time.

“So this guy is ready to score with her, so he leans in and whispers in her ear, ‘Why don’t we head back to your cabin?’ But he’s kinda drunk, and he says it loud enough for Madison and I to overhear.

“So Tricia whispers back in his ear (loud enough for us to hear) ‘Just the two of us? I thought maybe we could do a threesome.’

“The guy turns bright red and drops his drink on the floor! It spills all over Madison’s bahis firmaları Jimmy Choos and she jumps. Luckily, the lounge is carpeted, so the glass doesn’t break. He squats down, picks up the glass, curses, and mumbles an apology to Madison. Then he stands up, looks at Tricia and says, ‘I was just thinking the same thing! Although…wouldn’t it be a foursome?’ grinning and nodding in our direction.

“Tricia responds, ‘No, just three. You’ve heard the expression “Three’s company, four’s a crowd” haven’t you?’

“He looks puzzled for a second, but then he starts checking out my tits, then Madison’s tits, alternating back and forth trying to figure out which one of us is going to be joining them. Tricia is doing her best to keep from busting a gut, but she holds her tongue and gives us a wink. Finally the guy says, ‘So, who’s the lucky third? Stacy or, uh, you?’ looking at Madison. He can’t even remember our names!

“Then Tricia looks him right in the eye and says, ‘Oh no, not them. It would be a threesome with you, me, and your wife. I’m guessing she’s back in your cabin right now, and she’ll be thrilled when you and I walk in on her so the three of us can get it on.’

“The guy turns bright red, drops his glass again, curses us out like a sailor, and hightails it out of the lounge. Tricia, Madison and I laugh our asses off the rest of the night about it. Tricia had seen the tan lines on his left ring finger and decided to teach him a lesson.

Anyway, after the cruise ship docked Sunday morning we drove back to Tricia’s house in Houston. Madison and I weren’t flying out until the next day so we spent the night at Tricia’s. We did some shopping in the afternoon, but it was too hot and humid to do anything outside, so we spent the rest of the evening at her home. Tricia’s mom cooked an authentic Italian dinner for us, including plenty of red wine. After dinner, Tricia suggested we hang out in her room, so we grabbed our wine glasses, and Tricia opened another bottle.

We all got ready for bed. I was wearing my usual T-shirt and boy shorts; Tricia put on some short silky robe-thingy and offered one to Madison as well.

As we were talking, I mentioned that my back was sore. There was a rock climbing wall on the cruise, and the three of us competed on who could reach the top first. I won basically every time, but now I was paying for it with some sore muscles.

Tricia offered to give me a massage. Madison thought that would be a great idea and asked if Tricia could train her on some massage techniques. I sat down in front of Tricia, but she reminded me that she was a professional and that we should do this right. She left her bedroom and in a few minutes returned with a portable massage table and some lotions.

Tricia set up the table and laid out the massage lotions. Then she said, “I’ll be right back. And, um, you’re supposed to be completely naked for a massage, you know.” I looked at Madison, who shrugged and noted, “Well, it’s not like we haven’t seen each other naked before.” Which was true, since it’s basically impossible for three women to share one room on a cruise ship and not see each other’s nude bodies. So I went ahead and stripped down to my altogether.

Tricia returned shortly with an armful of towels. She spread out several of them on the massage table and instructed me to lay face down. As I stretched out on the massage table I realized the towels were unbelievably soft and warm! “How did you…?” I started to ask.

Tricia explained that she threw the towels in the dryer before she came back with the massage table. “Little masseuse trick I picked up along the way.”

I placed my face into the toilet-bowl shaped hole on the table and settled in on the warm towels. I already felt more relaxed even though the massage hadn’t started yet. After draping a towel over my bare ass, Tricia began administering the lotion.

“OK, Madison, I’m going to teach you Massage 101,” Tricia instructed. “Nothing fancy, just mimic whatever I’m doing. I’ll massage Steph’s left side, and you’ll do her right. Just mirror my actions.”

Tricia bent down and whispered in my ear. “How are you doing? Comfortable?”

“Uh-huh,” I replied. For some reason the sensation of her breath on my ear induced a small chill along my spine. But I felt great, very comfortable on the table, and a little buzzed from the wine.

Then Tricia began the massage. “We’re going to start with the shoulders. See the technique I’m using here? Do the same thing to Steph’s right side. Oh, and make sure to get some lotion. You never want to rub her dry.”

Tricia had given me massages before when she was still studying physical therapy, but it was usually just her rubbing my neck or something while I was seated in front of her. She had never given me a professional one, and it felt awesome. Tricia started ever so gently and slowly built up pressure in each spot she massaged. It soothed my muscles without ever feeling painful. Madison didn’t quite have the same perfect touch for my right kaçak iddaa side, but it felt good just the same. The tension and soreness steadily drained out of my body.

I slowly lost myself in the massage. It felt so wonderful to have four soft hands working over my bare skin. After relieving the pain in my shoulders, Tricia and Madison moved on to my neck, then slowly worked their way down my arms. We were all talking about the great times we had on the cruise, but as the massage continued and I relaxed more and more, I contributed to the discussion less and less. Tricia and Madison did most of the talking.

I don’t know when the feeling started–I think it might have been when Tricia whispered in my ear–but I started to feel a little turned on. The warm towels, the wonderful scent of the lotion, and the four hands working over my naked flesh all started to make me feel a little sexually excited. I had never been turned on by a woman before, let alone two women, so at first I just blew it off thinking it was probably the wine.

Plus, I hadn’t gotten off in over a week. With three of us in the same room on the cruise ship, there wasn’t much alone time for masturbating. Although a couple times I woke up in the middle of the night to hear muffled moans from Tricia who I’m pretty sure was petting her bunny in the bed across from me.

Anyway, that’s how I explained away what I was feeling. The wine. The fantastic massage. The lack of orgasms for over a week. That’s the only reason why I was horny. Nothing else. I told myself I would just enjoy the free spa treatment, and my bizarre urges would disappear once it was over.

Having run out of arm length to massage, Tricia and Madison began working their way down my back. Tricia’s technique for this part of my body was to use her right palm to apply pressure straight down onto my back while her left palm pressed in from the side. Then she used a fancy motion with both hands together that must have stimulated some erogenous zone in my tits. I felt my nipples start to harden, while my nether region began to perspire. It was too innocent to feel wrong, and the sensation was wonderful. I think I moaned a little, but neither Tricia nor Madison noticed as they continued their now two-way conversation.

Tricia didn’t pause there, but instead worked her hands down the rest of my back; Madison followed suit on my other side. My desire subsided, but only slightly.

And then they made their way to my butt. Tricia must have taken a special class just for this section of the anatomy, because her technique here was indescribable. (I could just picture the first lesson of this course, with ‘mASSage clASS’ written on the whiteboard.) The sensation was electric, causing me to close my eyes and begin breathing heavily. My horniness jumped up two notches, and I could feel my pussy juice moistening the towel. I made a mental note to “volunteer” to clean up the towels right after the massage so no one would notice the wet spot.

And if this wasn’t bad enough, then things really started getting crazy.

“Let’s switch to her feet and work our way up from there,” Tricia announced to Madison.

With mixed feelings of relief and disappointment, I felt the magical hands abandon my ass and begin to massage my feet. But my erotic feelings were only growing stronger. I started to strategize how I could facilitate some alone time after the massage to rub out a quick orgasm.

“Hey Madison, did you ever tell Steph the full story of your escapade last night?” Tricia asked, as she worked out the tension from my five little piggies.

“Oh, that’s right, you wanted me to wait to tell her,” Madison responded. “Steph, you’re gonna love this. It’s almost as good as the threesome guy story.”

Madison began relating her experience. “So you remember I was talking to that Robert guy at the club last night when y’all went to bed? Well, we have a few more drinks, and then he asks me back to his cabin. He isn’t the greatest guy, but I’m feeling pretty horny, and I really need some dick. So I go with him back to his room, and we jump right into playing tonsil hockey on his bed.”

Tricia and Madison had finished my feet and moved on to massage my calves.

“Well, I’m horny as all get out, so I start unbuttoning his shirt. He tries to take off my dress, but it’s kinda dark in the room, and he’s too drunk to work the zipper. So I have to undress BOTH of us, then I go down on him to get him hard. I’m sucking and licking and playing with his eggs, but his cock is only at half mast, not hard enough for me to ride to orgasmville.

“Then I look up, and he’s passed out! What a loser. I decide to cut my losses and let him sleep it off, so I gather up all my clothes and head to the bathroom so I can have some light to get dressed.”

At this point, Tricia and Madison were done massaging my calves and were working their way up my thighs.

“I stumble into the bathroom,” Madison continued, “scooping up my clothes as I go along, and I literally run into the kaçak bahis most awesome hunk of a man you’ve ever seen, coming out of the shower. Tall, muscular, trim, six-pack abs, the whole package. And speaking of package, he has a huge, perfectly formed cock hanging right in front of my face. He doesn’t try to cover up or grab a towel or anything, he just stands there, dangling cock and all. I can’t help but stare directly at it as I say ‘hi.’

“He must be offended or something that it looks like I’m talking to his dick, so instead of saying ‘hi’ back he says, ‘Uh, he won’t answer you, he doesn’t talk much.’

“I don’t know who the hell this guy thinks he is, so I stand up and look him in the eye, but before I can say anything, he keeps going.

“‘His name is Johnson, by the way. If you really want to meet him, you can shake hands,’ the guy says totally nonchalantly.”

By now, Tricia and Madison were rubbing near the top of my thighs, with their fingers getting dangerously close to brushing against my love box. My pussy was drenched, and I could feel my juice dripping down into the towel. If their hands moved up just one more inch, they would feel how turned on I was, and I would be so embarrassed. But I didn’t want them to stop, it felt so wonderful. So I thought I would say something to break things up.

“Are you kidding?” I stammered, the first words I had spoken in about 30 minutes. “What did you do?”

Madison went on with the story. “What can I do? I can’t let some dude get away with a line like that! So I grab his dick, shake it, and say, ‘Nice to meet you, Johnson, I’m Madison.'”

Tricia must have thrown her head back with laughter, because I felt her hands retract a little from my thigh as she giggled. Then she used the opportunity to shift that last inch upward so her fingers were tucked into the crease between my pussy and leg. She continued the massage, with her right hand rubbing my labia, while her left hand moved up to that perfect spot on my ass. A moment later, Madison mirrored Tricia’s movement on my left side.

“That is hilarious!” Tricia roared.

I was starting to panic a little. Even though neither Tricia nor Madison mentioned anything, I knew they could feel my love nectar as they were rubbing my pussy lips. It felt so wrong yet so fabulous at the same time. I didn’t know what to do. My heart was racing, and I had trouble catching my breath. I wanted them to stop, but I desperately needed them to keep going.

Madison continued the story as if nothing unusual was going on with the massage.

“So I’m shaking this guys dick, and if it wasn’t big enough to start with, now it’s growing and hardening nicely.”

I’m going crazy inside. My head is starting to spin–I can’t believe what is happening. It feels soooo good to have them rubbing my pussy and ass like that. I can feel my mound swelling up and getting wetter and wetter–it must be dripping down their fingers.

Madison didn’t miss a beat. “Do you know what he said next?”

Now panic was really starting to set in. I was going to climax if they kept going like this, so I was going to have to stop them. Did they even realize what they were doing to me?

Raising my head up out of the massage table face hole, I swallowed hard and mumbled, “Uh, Tricia, uh, you’re–“

Before I could finish the sentence, Tricia gently but firmly took her left hand and pushed my head back into the face hole and told me, “Shhh. Don’t interrupt. This is the good part.” Meanwhile, her right hand reached a little farther up and started caressing right on my pussy.

Madison kept going with her tale. “He says, ‘Johnson tastes like ice cream, by the way.’ “

Tricia cracked up at that line, even though she had apparently heard it before. And she continued holding my head down while making tiny circles with her fingers on my sopping wet, engorged love box.

“So, did it taste like ice cream?” Tricia asked.

Madison responded, “Well, the whole encounter is so bizarre up to this point, it almost wouldn’t have surprised me. In any case, there is only one way to find out, so I kneel down and start licking and sucking Johnson right there in the bathroom. But no matter how hard I suck, I can’t taste any ice cream. I think he might have said that just to get a free blow job!”

Tricia laughed again. “No way! Do ya think?”

By now I was so turned on, I was moaning and squirming under the spectacular feel of Tricia fondling my pussy. Plus, Madison’s story was making me all the more horny. But I still felt so guilty, so wrong. I couldn’t let them bring me to orgasm. I tried once more to tell Tricia to stop.

“Tricia–” I mumbled.

“Shh, shh, shh, Madison isn’t finished yet,” Tricia warned as she continued to hold my head firmly in the massage table hole, all the while rubbing my wet hole with her magical fingers.

Madison continued. “Well, I don’t mind giving him a blow job, but not for free–he’s got to pay me first. So I stand up and whisper in his ear, ‘Why don’t you take your ice-cream-flavored Johnson and fuck my brains out?’ Then I grab his rock-hard equipment and pull him out of the bathroom and over to the second bed, since Robert is still passed out on the first one.”

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