Stepdad Carl Pt. 18

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We chatted for a bit Scott and I both tired and to be honest horny, decided to go to bed, we bid everyone a good night and were off. It would be nice to spend a few hours alone just Scott and I, we heard Darren and Billy go into their room, Dad and Timmy in theirs. We were all tired and wanted some alone time with only the two of us.

Scott and I laid on top of the covers on the bed, fully clothed just talking, he and I making plans for our future. Once I graduated I would move out with Scott, he and I would look at houses together. Scott lived in a condo right now it suited him fine, he did not have any outdoor work to do, he could enjoy his free time doing things he wanted to do.

We planned a long weekend where I would fly out to spend time with Scott in his city, in his condo, we would wait for three months then I would take the Friday and the Monday off this way I could spend four days with Scott. Funny because Billy and Darren had planned the same thing.

Scott and I slowly undressed each other, him and I under the covers kissing making out, I wanted Scott in me, I needed him in me.

“Please Scott can you make love to me?” I asked him

Scott folded me in half his tongue deep in my hole, Scott lubed me up and slid his cock deep inside of me. Scott pounded my hole, him and I getting into it, Scott so close to orgasm, Scott grabbed my cock firmly in his hand stroking me as he pounded me. Scott and I so ready to cum, both our balls ready to be drained.

“Oh Babe take my Load, shoot for me.” Scott said loudly.

“Oh Scott give it to me, I need your hot cum deep inside of me.” I said to him.

I clamped down on Scott’s cock, his hand gripping my own cock in his hand, I worked my muscles to stroke the man. Scott’s cock exploded deep inside of me, I felt his cum fill me up, my own cock blew everywhere. I showered myself with my own load, my balls ached as I unloaded, Scott pulled out and leaned in for a kiss, he and I covered in cum.

Scott rolled us over so I was now on top of him, the cum dripped all over us both, I went to get up to grab a towel to wipe us off but Scott held me on top of him.

“I am not done kissing you yet, you and I have some more kisses before I can let you leave this room. Babe did I tell you today?” Scott asked me.

“Nope pretty sure you did not tell me.” I said to him smiling kissing him over and over.

“You do know I love you very much? Don’t you?” Scott asked me.

“Yes of course and you know I feel the same for you as well? I asked him.

“Babe I think you and I really need a shower here, I am sticky and your cum is everywhere.” Scott said smiling at me.

I pulled him up, he and I playing in the shower, I sucked his cock till I had him screaming out as his cock shot yet another huge load deep inside me, Dad would get a kick out of Scott screaming in the shower. We dried ourselves off then got into bed, I was exhausted and this would be our last night in bed together for a month or so.

Scott and I held each other tightly, not sure I would sleep much tonight as I knew he had to leave tomorrow. Morning came quickly, I did not want to get out of this bed, I wanted to hold him next to me for the rest of our lives. Scott looked at me, pulled me into a kiss, he too could feel it, our time together done, he and I having to go back him to work me to university. I would miss the man terribly, but we could talk on the phone now, and he and I would be together in a month.

Scott and I laid there, arms wrapped around each other, our lips touching over and over, I did not want to say anything cause I knew it would make me cry.

“Guess we better get up Babe.” Scott said to me.

“I don’t want to leave this bed, no one can make me.” I said to him.

Scott rolled on top of me, holding me down, his eyes on my eyes, his lips on my lips, his hands laced into mine.

“I love you so much Tom Matthews.” Scott said between kisses.

“I love you too Scott Mitchell.” I told him.

“Okay Babe we have to get out of this bed, I know I could lie here all day but I have to get packed and get to the airport for my flight back, back to work tomorrow.” Scott said to me.

“Two more days and it’s back to university for me, but in a month you and I will be together again, and I get to see your place.” I said to him as I kissed him.

Scott and I got up, got dressed, did our bathroom routine and headed in for coffee. Dad did not say anything this time he only smiled at Scott and that was enough Scott was all red faced, hiding behind me. We had coffee then breakfast, Billy and I would bring them to the airport, bahis firmaları I knew the tears would be flowing.

We got all their stuff in the car, Scott and Darren hugged Dad and Timmy thanking them for their hospitality, looking forward to another time when we could all be together as a family. We got in the car, Scott and I in the backseat we could make out till we got to the airport. Billy let Darren drive him seated in the passenger side his hand on Darren’s lap.

We parked the car and went in, they checked in, I could feel a weight on my chest as they got closer to their gate, I knew I would be a mess, but I tried to hold some of it back. Darren and I hugged, Billy and Scott as well. Scott stood there looking at me we embraced, I kissed his neck, he and I both in tears.

“I love you so much Babe, three months and you and I will be reunited.” Scott said tears in his eyes.

“I love you too Scott so very much, I can’t wait for our next time in each others arms.” I said tears pouring out of me.

Darren and Billy held each other, both so quiet, Billy in tears, Darren his eyes welled up with tears.

“I love you Billy.” Darren said to him.

“Love you too Darren, see you in three months.” Billy said crying in Darren’s chest.

We released each other and the guys went through their gate for their flight, as they called final call for their flight. As they disappeared through the gate Billy and I stood beside each other arms around each other, both of us in tears. Billy and I got back to Dad’s and got loaded up, he and I still had that drive to university.

It was hard to say goodbye to Dad and Timmy, I thanked them both for all they had done for us during our stay, Billy cried as he hugged Dad, thanking him over and over for making his parents accept him and Darren. Billy thanked Timmy as well for all he did for Darren and him during their stay. Billy and I would stop in and say goodbye to his Mom and Dad.

Barbra and I hugged said we would chat online and on the phone, his Dad even hugged me. Billy was in tears once again, he thanked his parents for being so nice to him and Darren, he would call once we got back to University.

The road was long, I flashed back to my time with Scott his smile, his screams, his touch, I really did love that man so very much. I looked at Billy and smiled, Billy knew I was thinking about Scott and he about Darren. We got unpacked and settled in, Billy called his parents to let them know he was back and was okay. I called Dad and Timmy to let them know we were fine.

Scott called me, Darren called Billy at about the same time, we talked about the drive and he about his flight, he had lots of work to catch up on so he would have to cut the call short. Billy and I would go out for a beer at a local bar, I needed a beer before we started classes back up.

He and I in bed early, we both had early classes, Billy and I lived ate and slept studying, we never took a break. After two weeks of constant studying I suggested we got for a beer and pizza, it was nice to get away from the books for a while. Scott and Darren called nightly, I missed Scott so much, even video calls were not the same as him snuggled beside me.

Scott and I planned my trip to visit him, he would book the flight return, he did not want me paying for the flight or any expenses. Darren doing the same for Billy, they did not want us out of pocket for this trip. Billy and I took a cab to the airport, checked in they had booked us first class. Billy and I were pampered all the way there.

Darren and Scott both there huge grins on both of them, I was of course in tears, I was so happy to see Scott once again. Him and I hugging and kissing in the middle of the airport, Darren and Billy doing the same, Billy had his legs wrapped around Darren’s waist his arms around his neck.

“I’ve missed you so much Babe.” Scott said between kisses.

“Do you know how much I missed and love you?” I asked Scott.

“As much as I do?” Scott replied.

Darren and Billy never came up for air, lip locked Billy still wrapped around Darren.

“We better get our luggage and get out of here.” I said trying to get those two to slow down.

They both could not let each other go seems they had some things that were hard to conceal, Scott and I went to get my luggage, we would grab Billy’s too. We got our luggage and got those two apart long enough to get out of the airport. We all got in Scott’s car and headed to Scott’s, Darren had parked his car at Scott’s he and Billy would go to his leaving Scott and I alone so I could make Scott scream and shout all night long.

Darren kaçak iddaa and Billy came in for a drink, Scott gave me the tour of his condo, it was incredible, the views spectacular, the city so lit up, we were so high in the sky, it made you feel so small. Darren and Billy made out on the sofa while Scott showed me around, two bedrooms with a den, two full bathrooms, a state of the art kitchen, with all the newest appliances.

Looking at Scott’s rangetop and ovens the man really did not do much cooking, I would be in heaven in this kitchen. Scott and I joined Billy and Darren in the sitting room, we chatted for a bit but they wanted to get to Darren’s place, they had some catching up to do. Scott and I saw them out, he and I would have a drink before we got into bed.

We would stay in bed tomorrow, Scott had not really planned much, a nice day of him and I relaxing catching up in the bedroom and on how our lives have been. It felt so good to be back in his arms, his kiss, his entire body, I loved him so much. Scott and I cuddled, I slid under the covers, I kissed my way to my prize.

I wanted, no I needed his cock in me, in any part of me, I had to taste it first, savor it, make love to it. I examined it closely, I held his balls in my one hand his cock in the other, Scott lifted the covers to see what I was doing.

“Babe you gonna suck that or what?” Scott asked grinning.

“I’m making sure its in good condition, I plan to use this over and over this weekend, I brought clothes to wear but you and I will be naked all weekend.” I said to him smiling as I took a lick of his knob.

“Oh fuck Babe that feels so good, please don’t stop I haven’t jerked off in over a week, my balls may explode.” Scott said concerned.

“Oh I will drain you, you will beg me to leave your cock alone once I am done with it.” I said slurping his cock deep into my throat.

I forgot how good his cock felt inside my mouth, I needed cock and I needed cum, lots and lots of cum. Scott laid there his hands behind his head, I flipped the covers off looking at him as I licked his cock root to tip, I licked his balls, sucking one in then the other, then both. I released his nuts and went back to his cock, I pulled on his foreskin, I ran my tongue under the hood, I swallowed it deep inside me.

Scott was close, I would not deny him an orgasm this time, I needed his cum as much as he needed to unload it. I sucked and slurped his cock, like a lollypop, to the base then back out, my tongue was in overdrive. Scott tensed up, his body rigid, his balls in tight to his body, his cock ready to blow, I sucked deeper, harder, ran my tongue along the base.

“Oh Fuck Babe, Take it, Swallow it for me, Oh Yes suck it like that, Mmm Babe, Tommy Fuck Yes.” Scott screamed as his cock flooded my mouth, throat, lips with his beautiful white cum.

It was nice to not to have to worry about anyone listening to Scott scream as he unloaded, I held his cock in my hand, I coaxed all the cum I could get, still wanting more, I planned to keep the man hard. I wanted him in me, I wanted his seed inside my hole, I slicked him up, I grabbed the lube lathered him up, slicked up my hole and slid it in me. It felt so good to have his cock back in me, I rode Scott for a few minutes, he and I switching positions a few times, ended up me on my back legs on his shoulders, Scott pounding me good.

Scott lubed up his hand, grabbed my cock stroking me, the combination of my hole being pounded and him pounding my cock, I blasted my face with cum. Scott licked it off of me and fed me all of it. He and I kissed as he fucked me.

“Cum for me Scott, Cum in me Please.” I begged him.

Scott’s breathing labored, his balls pulled in tight, his cock swelled ready to shoot once more, his strokes harder, his cock slamming inside of me. My hole ached, my head slamming the headboard, my own cock still dripping the last of the seed I had just shot.

“Oh Fuck Tommy take it, let me fill you full.” Scott belted out as his cock shot a huge stream of cum deep inside of me.

Scott pulled out, putting my legs down, he collapsed on top of me, his head on my chest, his arms along the sides of my body. He leaned in and kissed my chest.

“I have missed you so much Babe, can we just sleep like this tonight so I know your here with me?” Scott asked me.

I pulled the blankets over us and shut off the light, Scott was out in minutes, I knew I would not be able to sleep like this all night, I rolled him off and pulled him so his head was on the pillow. I snuggled in close to him he pulling me in nice and close to him. Scott and I slept till kaçak bahis nine am, I had to get up to pee and drain his seed out of me.

Scott came in as I was finishing up, he stood at the toilet his cock semi erect, a full stream of piss making a splash in the toilet. I grabbed my toothbrush and did my morning routine, Scott grabbed his brushing his teeth. He looks at me pulls me into a kiss, we had toothpaste all over ourselves, he laughed so hard at this, after rinsing he gave me a proper kiss.

“So happy your here with me Babe, I have missed you so much.” Scott told me.

“Missed you too, so glad to be here with you alone for once. Coffee?” I asked him.

“Yes please, I bought some groceries not sure if I bought the right things but we have food.” Scott said to me.

I got coffee on, then took out some food for breakfast, he had it all, we had food for a week, his fridge and freezer stocked full. I got us sorted with coffee, then I would start on breakfast, I would make him help so he could learn how to do some basic cooking. Scott planned to take me sight seeing, show me his beautiful city and all it had going for it.

After breakfast he and I made out I drained him of yet another load, he said his balls already ached. I only smiled at that statement, he did not know what ache meant yet. We had a shower then got ready to spend the day in the city. We called Darren and Billy to meet us for lunch, they were still in bed big surprise there.

We all met for lunch, a small bistro with awesome service and excellent food, Billy and Darren planned to go out for dinner tonight Darren wanted to wine and dine Billy it seems, they did not invite us to join them so we did not ask to tag along. I wanted Scott and I to make dinner together alone tonight anyways, he and I could be alone and naked making dinner for us.

Darren and Billy left as soon as we finished lunch, they wanted to make the most of the short time we had together. Scott and I walked the downtown, not really looking for anything just enjoying each others company. Around three we headed back to Scott’s condo, we would get diner prepared, maybe fool around a bit before we had to get cooking.

When we got back into the condo Scott and I quickly disrobed, he and I would not need clothes for the rest of this evening. We sat and talked, had a beer, got some of the prep work done, Scott was horned up once more, he and I would take this to the bedroom.

I wanted Scott in me, I got on my knees and took his cock in my mouth, I sucked and slurped that cock of his, I would get it wet and ready for my hole. Scott laid me out on the bed, lifting my legs and placing them on his shoulders. He grabbed the lube and lathered his cock and my ass up, He pointed and shoved, his cock pressed through my hole, nothing was stopping him now.

Scott grabbed my hips and proceeded to ram his cock into me, my hole would be sore for a while after this one. Scott used my hole for his satisfaction, his balls pulled in his cock swelled, his breathing labored, his strokes stronger. His body tensed, his cock shot me full of his beautiful white cum, his orgasm rocked his body, he pumped till there was no more.

Scott laid beside me on the bed, he looked at me, this look of euphoria on his face, he rolled on his side, he grabbed my cock in his huge hand. Scott massaged my cock till I was on the edge, my balls ready to be drained. Scott pumped my cock till my balls withdrew tight inside my ball sack, his grip on my cock strong, hard, I was breathing hard, I needed to cum.

Scott man handled my cock well, he made me shoot myself in the face neck and chest, he continued to stroke my cock even after my orgasm subsided. His grip now varied from strong to gentle, I was wiped out, the orgasm had taken it out of me. He and I would relax for a bit before we would start dinner, he suggested we go out for dinner but I wanted to cook something for us where it was only him and I, not a crowd of people.

We got dinner going, we kissed touched each other in all the right places, ending up on the kitchen floor doggy style. Once dinner was cooked we sat ate, then decided we would watch a movie on tv, maybe take a walk to the local park, see the city all lit up from ground level, it was like a perfect date.

The weekend flew by, we no sooner knew it was Monday, our last day, we had afternoon flights we had to get back to university, back in class tomorrow morning. Darren and Billy drove to Scott’s we would go to the airport together. It was hard to say goodbye to Scott I would miss him so much, Darren and Billy were lip locked the entire time.

They did the final call for our flight, I kissed Scott one last time, Billy and I walking to our gate. Our flight uneventful, we got back to university, back to classes, we would not see Scott and Darren till summer break.

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