Stacey The Mistress Ch. 2

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He hugged her tight before releasing her. Stacey got off of him, his soft penis slipping out of her full vagina.

She picked up her panties off the floor and stepped into them, slipping them up her smooth, tanned legs. She grabbed one of his white T-shirts out of the closet and threw that on, hiding her huge breasts from him.

Danny watched Stacey walk out of the room towards the bathroom, staring at the bottom of her beautiful ass which appeared beneath the shirt. He looked at the clock. It was getting close to noon. Time flies when you’re having fun!

He got up and walked into the kitchen, still naked. She emerged from the bathroom and he slipped his arms around her waist, his hands cupping her bum beneath her shirt. Stacey looked up at him, smiling, and he kissed her softly, lips smacking. He kissed her again.

“Are you hungry?” he asked.

“I could use some food.” she answered, pecking at his mouth.

“Feel like pizza?” he asked.

“Sure!” she said. He kissed her once more before releasing her. He went into the bedroom and grabbed the cordless. When he returned to the kitchen, Stacey was at the counter, back to him, pouring herself a glass of water. His heart nearly stopped.

God she was beautiful. He loved everything about her. How tussled her dark hair looked from behind. How just enough of her gorgeous ass appeared beneath the T-shirt she wore, accentuated by the thin triangle of her panties. How smooth and sexy her legs were. How beautiful her bare feet were as she stood on the linoleum, toenails painted red. He realized he was fully erect, and his heart was in his throat.

He set the phone down on the table and crept up behind her as she drank her water. Stacey put her near empty glass down on the counter and was pleasantly surprised to feel his arms slip around her body. The tingling sensation in her pussy that never seemed to end when he was around surged through her. She could feel his hard pole press against her, just above her ass as she turned her head.

Danny gently kissed up the side of her neck before his lips found hers and they kissed passionately. His left hand slipped into her panties while his right hand slipped up her shirt. One hand found her naked breast at the same time as the other hand found her wet slit. “Mmmmmm…” she moaned into his mouth as many sensations hit her at once. His finger found her clitoris and it manipulated it as his other hand squeezed her breast gently.

She sighed into his mouth, her tongue shooting far inside as she subtly writhed her crotch against his hand. Her nipple grew erect in his hand, and it was a pleasant contrast to how soft her breast was. He ran his finger down her slit, not stopping until it reached the entrance to her wonderful treasure. He dipped it inside. “Mmmmmmmph…” she moaned again, and she broke the kiss.

“Fuck me again, Danny.” she whispered. She could feel his cock noticably twitch against her ass at her words. His hands left her breast and crotch and he reached in front of him as she bent over. His fingers eased her panties to one side, exposing her pink, swollen pussy lips to him. He held the panties against her ass as his other hand ran the head of his member down the crack of her beautiful ass. Her cunt was buzzing with anticipation, she needed to be filled up again so badly.

He felt moisture touch his cock and he knew he’d reached her slit. He stopped when he got to her entrance. He leaned back so he could watch himself enter her. She was breathing laboriously, wishing he would hurry up.

He pushed forward and watched as his thick penis forced güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri the pink lips of her pussy to stretch open and accept him. He slid halfway inside her in one stroke. “Ohhhhh…” she sighed. She pushed her ass back towards him, trying to force more of him inside her. He pulled part way out of her, loving how her pink lips looked wrapped snugly around his cock. He pushed himself forward again, this time he slid his entire penis into Stacey’s unprotected vagina.

“Ohhhhhhhh fuck….” she moaned, smiling. She was full again! He held his groin pressed tightly against her ass, holding his cock deep inside her. He held her panties to one side with his thumb while his other hand slid back up her shirt to cup her naked breast. He leaned over her, completely covering her small frame with his size. She turned her head and his lips were on hers, shooting his tongue into her mouth while his hand teased her nipple.

She was kissing him sloppily and moving her ass back against him, trying to get him to start fucking her. Danny obliged. He began to slide in and out of her, using short, quick strokes. “Mmmmph! Mmmmph! Mmmmph! Mmmmph!” she moaned into his mouth. She broke the kiss. “Unh! Unh! Ohhh! Unh!” she cried, ramming her ass back to meet his short strokes. His one hand was manipulating her huge breast while his other was trying to hang onto her panties and keep them out of the way as their animal instinct took over. He lost his grip on her panties.

To her dismay, he slid his hard penis out of her with an audible slurping noise. He grabbed the thin elastic of her panties and began to slide them down her legs. Stacey pushed one side of her panties down, helping him.

Her gorgeous ass was now completely naked before him as her feet stepped out of the dainty things, kicking them off. Suddenly, he had a huge desire to pay more attention to her ass.

He fell to his knees behind her. He was so overwhelmed by her beauty, he didn’t know where to start! He kissed each of her ass cheeks. He grabbed a cheek in each hand and began to knead them as he kissed her all over her ass.

Stacey felt him spread her ass cheeks, and she bent over even further for him, very excited and not knowing where his tongue would be next. Her heart was pounding and she was gasping for breath she was so horny. Her pussy was aching and she wanted him back in there, but she began to really want him in her ass, too.

Danny kissed the puckered lips of her cunt and she gasped. He slid his tongue into her pussy, tasting her juices mingled with his. “Ohhhhhh…” she sighed softly.

He buried his face in the crack of her ass and sucked her clitoris into his mouth, his tongue manipulating it. She began to writhe her ass back into his face, orgasm rising as he relentlessly teased her sensitive button.

Mercifully, he released it, and slowly licked her entire slit towards her ass. Stacey rested her head on her arms, completely giving herself to him, closing her eyes. He licked up towards her asshole. He circled her tight hole with his tongue, tickling her, teasing her. Now she really wanted him to do something with her ass. Anything!

Squeezing her ass cheeks wider, he slid his tongue into her asshole.

“Ohhh God, yesssss…” she sighed, on the edge of orgasm the entire time. He began to slide his tongue in and out of her anus, much to her delight. He caught her off guard by briefly licking her clit before moving right back to asshole. “Ohhh!” she squeeled with pleasure at his unexpected move.

He fell into a rythm where he fucked her ass with his güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri tongue a few times before giving her clit a single lick. Not enough to let her cum, but enough to keep her as close to edge as possible, enough to keep her moaning and whining. Ass, ass, ass, clit. Ass, ass, ass, clit. It was enough to drive a woman insane! Her knees were shaking, she thought she was going to collapse with pleasure.

Suddenly, he sucked her clit into his mouth and held it there, licking it with his tongue at an insane speed. A dozen lightening quick licks was all it took.

“OH GOD! OHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Stacey came, and she came hard. She nearly knocked him over, she rammed her pussy back against his face so hard! Her entire body was quivering, her vagina was pulsating on the inside, she was gasping for breath. Wave upon wave of orgasm blasted through her and she held herself up by her arms, for her legs had no strength. Danny mercifully released her clitoris, and gave her pussy lips one last kiss before standing up behind her.

“Oh my God, Danny, that was….mmmmmm. Wow.” she gasped, still quivering. He ran his rock hard cock all the up and down her slit and the crack of her ass while she tried to regain control of herself.

“Put it in my ass, Danny.” she breathed, heart still pounding. He stopped his dick when it reached the tight entrance to her asshole. He pushed forward, trying to squeeze the mushroom head into her tight ass. He made little progress. All that was lubing her hole was his saliva.

He slipped his cock into Stacey’s pussy. “Ohhhh!” she cried as he entered her in one stroke. He fucked her for a few strokes before slipping out of her. His cock was coated with her juices. He again placed it at the entrance to her asshole. Stacey tried to relax, praying it would go in. Needing it to go in.

He pushed harder this time and he watched her tight hole open up and just barely make the head disappear. She sighed, feeling some discomfort, but even more arousal. He pulled back ever so slightly. Just enough so that he could see his helmet stretch the entrance. Danny pushed forward again and this time was able to slide half of his dick into his dream woman’s ass.

“Ohhh God!” she cried, “Go slow…” He began to slowly fuck her ass with half of his dick, letting her get used to the size, and relax a little. After a few strokes, he noticed she was moving her ass back against him slightly. He knew she was ready.

Holding the sides of her ass tightly, he pushed hard into her. His entire penis slid into Stacey’s asshole.

“Fuuuuuck…” she sighed, grimacing. Underneath the pain was intense pleasure, and her pussy pulsated slightly in a minor orgasm. He held himself deep in her ass, letting her get used to the feeling. After a few moments, she began to rock herself back against him, encouraging him. He began to slowly move in and out of her ass, using small strokes.

She was loving the sensation, and her hand reached between her legs and she began to finger her clit as he fucked her up the ass. He began to notice that she was actually ramming her ass back to meet his thrusts. He took that as a sign that everything was ok. Danny began to ram his penis in and out of Stacey’s asshole using long, firm strokes, slapping hard against her buttocks.

“Ohhh yesss….” she breathed, orgasm rocketting towards her. ‘slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap’ was all that could be heard for a moment as Stacey lost her ability to breathe.

“OHHHHHHHHH! OHHHHHHHH my God!” she screamed, cumming yet again. He could feel her anus squeeze güvenilir bahis şirketleri and release his cock as her entire body was wracked in orgasm. He continued to drive his rock hard dick in and out of her ass, extending her orgasm. Finally, her senses calmed down, the feeling in her vagina dulled enough for her to think clearly again, though she still felt amazing.

He pulled out of her ass and spun her around. His lips covered hers roughly as he forced his tongue into her mouth. She sat up on the counter, not breaking the kiss. She placed her feet on either side of him on the counter, curling her toes over the edge, opening herself up for him.

As if with a mind of its own, his rampant hard on found the entrance to her womanhood and poked its head inside. They both moaned as he eased himself inside her pussy.

He was fully sheathed in her warmth, and they kissed passionately as he began to slide in and out of her ever so slowly. He pushed himself deep inside her and stopped, breaking the kiss. He lifted up her T-shirt and she raised her arms, allowing him to take it off. Her breasts were freed as he dropped the shirt on the kitchen floor. Beautiful, tanned globes, heaving as she gasped for breath, nipples erect.

His hands caressed the side of her entire body as he began to glide in and out of her slick tunnel. From her pretty feet up the sides of her smooth legs, up her sides and around to her back, his hands explored her gorgeous body. He was so hard inside her! He reached so deep within her, she didn’t want this day to end! Still breathing heavily, she kissed up his neck, her searching lips finding his. Their tongues explored each others mouths as he began to fuck her harder.

Finally, they were forced to break the kiss as he was fucking her too hard. “Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh!” Stacey moaned, another orgasm on its way as the sensation in her cunt was just to powerful for her to handle. He watched her, starting to lose it himself. She was just so incredibly beautiful! He loved how her face was clenched in ecstasy, how her eyes were shut, eyebrows raised, how she moaned with pleasure. Her amazing breasts were bouncing up and down with each of his hard thrusts.

Danny began to throw it in her with all his might, using long, hard strokes. Her moans increased in pitch and volume as he pistoned in and out of her. He couldn’t take it anymore.

“I’m cumming Stacey! I’m cumming huge!” he groaned.

“Yes!” she cried, “give me more of your cum! Unh! Unh! Unh! Cum inside me! I love you Danny! Oh! Oh!…….OHHHHHH!!” she moaned, cumming again. Her entire body was shaking, a tingling sensation touched every inch of her body, threatening to tear her apart.

He continued to jackhammer in and out of her mercilessly as she lost all control. He rammed himself hard inside her one last time and he held himself there. Stacey wrapped her sexy legs around his waist, holding him even deeper inside her.

When thinking back on this moment, Danny swears he blacked out for an instant, and Stacey swears the same about her.

The two were lost as they orgasmed together. He was right, it was huge. His cock jerked and a thick stream of his seed fired into her hungry vagina. Load after load of his sperm immediately followed, spilling into her needy, convulsing pussy. They held each other tightly, they were one. They could feel each other’s hearts pounding,or was it their own?

He moaned again, penis shooting another river of his seed into Stacey’s fertile womb. He finally came to his senses, and she did soon after. The last of Danny’s cum trickled out of him and into her. They looked at each other.

“God, Stacey, I love you so much!” he breathed. She smiled at him and they kissed, tongue sneaking into his mouth. He stayed inside her for a few minutes, just kissing her as she gently ran her bare feet up and down his waist and ass. He hugged her tightly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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