Springtime of Youth Ch. 03

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Part 3 of Lexi and Sean Adventures in the Springtime of Youth.

For backstory into the characters, please read Ch. 01 of Springtime of Youth.

Lexi and Sean have some fun at home while waiting for her parents to get home.

Bit of a longer chapter this time. Enjoy!


As we were in the car listening to music and talking, I looked over just thinking to myself how lucky I was to be with Lexi. Lexi was that special girl you meet once in a life that no other girl can compare to. She was drop-dead gorgeous, insanely sexy, funny to talk to and hang out with, spontaneous, smart, and didn’t beat around the bush for things she wanted. I had hit the ultimate prize with this special woman and was thanked whatever god was up there looking out for me from her sitting next to me, to dating her, and all the fun that has come from it.

As we pulled up to her house, I was amazed at the size of it. It looked to be about the size of a McMansion. Really, on second thought, the whole neighborhood seemed to be in a wealthy area looking at how each house was of similar size.

Her neighbor was out shooting some hoops in his driveway. He smiled and waved as she let out a frustrated groan “That’s Max.” With the windows tinted in her car, I doubt he saw her pained face or maybe he just chooses to ignore it. She had talked briefly about him and how he never gave up trying to ask her out since they broke up in high school.

She pulled into her driveway and, is if, on cue, Max started walking up to the car. She opened her door and was beginning to stand up as Max began to speak “Hey there beaut…” but then hesitated for a moment upon seeing another person get out of the car. Probably recoiling from the shock of Lexi with another guy he reached out his hand to me “Sup bro, names Max.”

I shook it and an invisible battle of strength began as he gripped my hand tight to try and make me let go first. We both increased the pressure as the battle for alpha raged on. Knowing I couldn’t lose in front of Lexi to this dude, I focused, and with all my strength squeezed down hard until finally Max briefly closed his eyes in pain and let go of my hand.

Lexi caught onto this and with a smirk and a voice laced with venom “Ohhhh, Max I never told you. This is my boyfriend Sean.” Then grabbing my arm and hooking hers in it “I’d love to chat, but we have to get going. Bye Max-y” in a full out taunting tone that you could see Max’s blood boiling.

He hmphed out “Whatever” as we both turned away walking to the front door.

As we got to the front there was a small package on the door addressed to her. She giggled excitedly “Oh hell yeah, I didn’t think that was coming in yet.” As she opened the door, she pulled me in for a kiss giggling again “Wow I’ve never seen Max so jealous. What a little bitch boy.” She gave me one more kiss before she showed me around the house.

The main floor had a living room, dining room, guest room, bathrooms, a spacious kitchen where I put the ingredients, I had brought to cook for dinner tonight, an office, and the master bedroom. The downstairs had another guest room and bathroom, a game room with a pool/ping pong table, and a laundry room. Their backyard was just as impressive as the inside of the house with a pool and jacuzzi, fire pit, and a gazebo with a grill for BBQ. The upstairs had 2 more guest rooms and bathrooms, a theatre room, and finally, we arrived at her room.

Her room was huge. If I were to guess, her room was about the size or even bigger than my entire dorm room combined. It consisted of a massive walk-in closet, a desk with a computer for homework, a queen-sized bed about I’d guess waist-high level in height, and a spacious area with a couple of love sacks to relax on.

On one of her walls was a door that led into an ensuite bathroom with a shower that could fit 3 easily with a bench to sit down on if you were so inclined, a bathtub, and a massive sink with a vanity mirror with lighting that looked like a professional makeup studio. She had curlers, straighteners, tools that I had no clue what they even were for, and a collection of makeup that would make any female envious.

This house was on a level that I couldn’t even imagine growing up in an average middle-class family in a smaller quiet suburban neighborhood. As if the list wasn’t long enough, I can add well monetarily off to?! My god, everything about her was just perfect.

After the grand tour, she led me back to her room and in a friendly tone “Make yourself at home, I’m gonna go change into something a bit more comfortable.” She headed into her closet with her package and shut the sliding door leaving me to my own devices.


God from the minute he showed who was more alpha between him and Max, I wanted to just rip his clothes off and fuck him right there. Getting to shut up that annoying little bitch boy up just made me so happy and a bit wet. The day was becoming better and better when I saw the package canlı bahis I had ordered came in as well. As I gave him a tour of the house, he was surprised, to say the least, at my house. I don’t think he’s ever seen such a big house before.

I ripped opened the package and quietly squealed as I couldn’t contain my excitement at what his reaction would be. Now to assemble the perfect outfit. Opening my drawers I reached for the things to complete the look until I turned to look at myself in the mirror I had in my closet. Wow I looked sexy.

My hair was pulled up into a high ponytail with a few strands framing my perfect face. I had on a tight red long-sleeve exercise top with no bra that pulled snug against my boobs framing then perfectly against the material. It was thin enough to expose my hard nipples and every contour of my firm soft breasts. It was cut high on my torso which showed off my toned midriff and slim waist.

Below consisted of high waisted black spandex booty shorts that hugged my juicy ass and made it look subline. The material strained to hold in my shapely bubble butt as it lifted and sculpted it to perfection coming down just enough to barely cover the underside of my ass.

Then to drive him mental, I had put on what was inside the package. My long legs were covered by thigh-high black socks with a white circle that went around my leg near the top of the sock. They, of course, were tight and made my legs look even longer as they hugged my legs in an alluring way that would make you want to just grab them. The socks gave me that naughty schoolgirl look that would drive him wild.

I opened the door and stepped out awaiting his response. He looked up from his phone and dropped it from his hands upon feasting his eyes on the delicious sight before him. I gave him a twirl to show him what the front and back looked like. In a flirtatious tone “If this is comfortable, I don’t even know if my dick can handle sexy.” I blushed and looked to see what’s happening downstairs, happy as his bulged increased in size within his pants.

Smiling “Well, I’m glad you like it. I ordered these socks but wasn’t sure if they’d come in time.” Then giving him a wink “Good thing they did.”

Wanting to parade around in my little outfit some more teasing him before I’m sure he ripped it off of me I asked innocently “You don’t mind if I stretch a little? Helps me relieve some of the stress from that final.” He nodded still stunned at my appearance. “Here help me move these out of the way.” pointing to the love sacks.

After moving them to clear some space I pointed to my bed “Watch and enjoy!” I started off by facing away from him and bending down with straight legs to touch the floor nice and slow. In this position, I knew it accentuated my juicy ass making it the center of attention as it looked even bigger and more mouthwatering in this position than normal. I also made sure my tits were against my legs causing them to bulge our around them showing how soft and squeezable they were. I held it for 10 seconds moaning out “Mmmmmm feels good.” before spreading my legs outward reaching down to each leg to really showcase how long and sexy my legs were in this new position.

From there I spread my legs farther and farther slowly dropping down into a front split really proving my flexibility in this position. I had been doing years of yoga, so these positions were no problem for me. Like this, I knew my ass was super tight and firm enough to bounce a quarter off of. I looked back at him seeing his dick enlarge with each passing second “God, nothing feels quite as good as a good stretch.” Winking at him hoping he’d catch the sexual innuendo.

After, I brought my legs together parallel in front of me and rotated my body 90 degrees so he was looking at my side profile now. I reached for my toes making sure to run my hands along my legs the whole time making sure to moan quietly during the stretch to entice and arose him. I came back up readying my body for the next position.

With one leg kept in front of me I lifted myself off the ground a little until I was able to pull my other leg back behind me into a side split once again showing him the limberness of my joints as I leaned over to reach down my leg and touch my toes. This continued to bring his attention to my sexy legs in the thigh-high socks. By now my tiny shorts had wedged themselves so far between my ass, it was basically a thong at this point.

He muttered under his breath “Fuck” when I went into the side splits again but this time on the other side reaching for my toes. Coming back up I arched my back and grabbed my waist leaning back to stretch my back knowing this would push out my boobs to their fullest extent tempting him to just reach out and grab them as they strained the material of the top.

I pulled my legs back in front of me and transitioned into child’s pose for the grand finale reaching in front of me as far as I could and really arching my lower back for his viewing pleasure. This final position highlighted my hourglass bahis siteleri body as you could see the edges of my boobs and my thin waspish waist that exploded out into wide hips and mouthwatering juicy ass that looked like it just wanted to be played with. I moaned to really amp up the sexual tension in the room holding this position for a solid 20 seconds.

Turned on beyond belief I pulled out of the stretch and stood up readjusting the tops of my socks. I walked up to him and when I was within his grasp he pulled me in and ground his rock-solid dick against my body. Smirking up at him “Glad you enjoyed the show.” He gave me a chuckle before meeting my lips in a savage kiss shoving his tongue in my mouth pushing it almost to the back of my throat. Not letting him win I fought his tongue as we battled for ground between our lips.

He ran his hands down my body until he got to my ass and grabbed it in fierce grip that made me moan into his mouth. He groped and squeezed my cheeks between his hands loving the feel of my spandex clad ass. He grabbed the bottom and pulled them upward into my pussy making me moan out at the sensation. He pulled away from our kiss looking down at me with a lust-filled look and a cocky smirk.


“Ah!” shocking me as I didn’t expect it.


“You just love to tease me, don’t you? You purposely choose these outfits knowing I can’t hold myself back once I see you.” He growled out as he became more and more assertive by the second.


“Mmmmm! Fuck! Yes, I love to tease you. I make sure to choose the most sinful outfits knowing how crazy it’ll drive you. God, I’m such as slut!” I moaned out as he messaged my butt.

“You know what sluts get?” he asked in a playful tone. He shot one of his hands around my throat lightly choking me “Punished” meeting me for another kiss that made me moan into his mouth.

He grabbed me and bent me over the bed exposing my ass to him. He ran his hands up my legs admiring the thigh high socks on my sexy legs until he reared back with his hand delivering a loud smack on my upturned ass.


“Answer my questions slut. How long until your parents get here?” as he reared his hand again ready to strike.


“Ohhh, umm not for another couple hours.” Feeling myself becoming wetter with each spank.


“Hmm, cutting it close.” he said thinking out loud to himself. “Ready to get fucked slut?” not a hint of doubt in his voice knowing what my answer would be.


“Fuck! Yes! Fuck me! I’m your slut. Fuck me you bull hung stud” moaning out.


“What would your parents think of raising such a dirty slut?” Whispering in my ear as he messaged my ass easing some of the pain making me moan out.


“I said answer me slut!” wanting me to scream it out.




“OHHHHHHH! PLEASE FUCK YOUR SLUT! I WANT IT! I WANT YOU TO FUCK ME!” wailing in pain and pleasure from his constant smacks on my ass. He grabbed the tops of my shorts and pulled them down and made me step out of them. His nose flared when he saw that I wasn’t wearing underwear.


As I convulsed in a small orgasm from just being spanked “No underwear? And cumming from this? You really are such a slut.” As he squeezed my cheeks in his hand.


“AHHHH! PLEASE NO MORE! FUCK! JUST FUCK ME! I CAN’T TAKE IT!” withering on the bed from his repeated slaps on my naked ass making it a rosy pink as my pussy pulsed in need.

Giving it one more solid slap for good measure that made me squeal out he turned me around and pulled me up into a kiss as he groped my tits. I moaned into his mouth feeling some relief on my ass. He pulled up the underside as we both pulled it up until finally getting it above my head. He leaned back looking at me with nothing but my socks “Fuck. What a sexy sight!”

He leaned down and hinted at wanting to pick me up. I jumped into his arms and he placed me on the edge of the bed. He backed up and began to strip for me showing me his dedication to fitness with his defined pecs and 6 pack that made me so wet. He pulled off his pants and underwear freeing his massive dick and coming back in between my legs to put his dick over my pussy making me feel the heat coming off it.

Looking down, it seemed impossible to fit such a large tool in such a small space, but I would try as hard as I could. It looked angry from all the teasing and each vein on his dick throbbed in anticipation. He looked at me “Ready?” with compassion behind his voice as I nodded bahis şirketleri yes signaling the start of our fuck.

He grabbed the base of his lengthy shaft and positioned the tip at my entrance and started to push. With some effort he was able to get the tip in before I pushed my hand to his chest telling him “Stop. Let me get used to it.” He was huge inside of me and this was just the tip. I felt myself being stretched out causing a slight pain. I took a deep breath and took my hand off his chest. He went slow and pushed in more of his dick until he got about halfway, and I had to stop him again.

I was breathing heavily at the full feeling. While the pain was still there I was beginning to feel pleasure from his dick. As I was getting used to his size again, I looked up and began to laugh “Guess what? You are the farthest anyone has ever been in me now. God your so big you make me feel like a virgin again.” He smiled back happy at the compliment. I took my hand off of him letting him continue his forward progress.

He got another 2 inches in before I gasped out “Holy fuck!” The pain had almost all but subsided and left me with only pleasure. I looked at him and with an urgent pleading tone “Do it” With that he pulled back to just the tip that made me moan out “ohh” as my pussy gripped him tightly never wanting him to leave before grunting and slamming his entire length in me driving 10 fat slut breaking inches into me.

Groaning out “Ahhhhhhh!!! Fuckkkkk!” cumming from just feeling all of his dick in me as I clamped my legs around him signaling him not to move. I closed my eyes, my body was on fire from the orgasm and getting used to all 10 inches inside me.

After my brief orgasm, I opened my eyes and saw him looking down smiling “You good?”

I replied with a stupid grin on my face “Better” Commanding him “Fuck me stud.” as I locked my legs around his waist.

To which he smirked “Gladly” and pulled out to the tip again before thrusting back in as I moaned from his dick.

He reached so far inside of me, it felt like he was fucking my womb from how far he was driving his dick into me. He began to increase his pace getting into a good rhythm that had me moaning out in pleasure at every couple thrusts. He groaned out “God you’re so tight slut, it feels so good.”

Moaning out “Fuck, mmmmmmm! It’s cause your so god damn BIG! You stretch me out so much. Yes. Fuck. Don’t stop” He would graze my g-spot that made me gasp out “Oh shit!” He would run his hands up and down my legs obsessed with how hot they looked in my thigh high socks. He raised his hands upward to my bouncing tits and grabbed each in his hand squeezing them like stress balls. I loved the feel of his hands being so rough with my boobs “Ughhh yes.”

He played with my tits and erect nipple constantly making me moan and groan in pleasure “Fuck! God! Yes! You like these tits? These firm breasts that are the perfect size for groping? You like how they bounce and jiggle on my chest with how soft they are?” He began to thrust harder building a faster rhythm and an impending orgasm within me.

Groaning out “Yes, God your tits are so fuckin perfect. They look good in anything and are so fun to play with. God, I can’t hold myself back, Ugh!” Leaning down to meet me for a kiss mid-fuck.

“Mmmmmmmm then don’t. Fuck me like the slut I am! Show me how much better you are compared to those limp-dicked jock bastards like Max!” moaning lewdly and challenging him.

“You asked for it, slut!” growling out and positioned one hand attaching it to my throat choking me knowing how much it turned me on as hips, with a new vigor, started to pound me with fast hard thrusts that made his balls slap rhythmically against my ass filling the house with the sounds of sex.

I could barely even moan out in pleasure with his fingers around my throat cutting off most of my nasty sounds. He pummeled me as he drove his dick in deeper driving me crazy with pleasure. His was so thick inside me and made me orgasm edge closer and closer. My ponytail was whipping around wildly as I fucked myself back into him as best as I could with his dominant grip on my body showing him how desperately I loved his dick and wanted more of it.

“Come one slut. Beg for it. Beg for my dick. Show me how much you want it.” he started slapping my boob sending jolts of pleasure and pain through my body.

“Ohh yeah! OHH FUCK! Ohhhh! I want it all! I fuckin love your dick! Fuck me, Sean! Fuck me harder!” I moaned as best as I could with his hand on my throat. He squeezed down harder on my throat making me gasp for breath as his hips went into overdrive fucking me within an inch of my life. My pussy was on fire and my body was struggling to keep up with him and all the pleasure as my oxygen-deprived brain was seeing spots as he choked me.

He reached down with his hand that was on my boob and began to strum my clit fucking me as hard and fast as he could throwing me over the edge and causing me to cum explosively around his dick. “AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! YESSSSS!!!! FUUCKKKKK!!! I’M CUMMMINGGGGG!!!!!!!” wailing out in pleasure as waves of pleasure descended down upon me. I locked my legs around his waist as I felt my pussy tighten around his girth making him struggle not to cum right there.

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