Spin Class Surprise

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Ugh! They were at it again upstairs. Every night this week. The squeak of their bed and headboard had kept Hallie from falling asleep until late into the night every night so far this week. Not to mention the moaning of the woman. It sounded like she was getting it good. Hallie wondered how they had the stamina to keep this up so frequently.

They had moved in about a month ago and Hallie had not yet met them or even laid eyes on them. That’s just how it went in a large apartment building in the city. People came and went. Although from the sound of things above Hallie, people came and came, and came some more. Hallie laid in her own bed staring at the ceiling, sometimes even creating an image in her mind of what was going on up there. What did they look like? What the hell were they doing to each other every night (and some mornings)?

This was Hallie’s first apartment on her own. At 22 years old and recently out of college she had gotten a decent job in the city and moved into this place where she had lived for about 4 months now. A bit on the shy side, she was single at the moment but did have her share of boys in college. She had slept with 4 of them but they were just that, “boys.” While Hallie enjoyed the sex and even the foreplay, these boys didn’t quite give her the pleasure that seemed to give them. She wondered when she would meet a real man, someone to take control and make her cum, kind of the way her new neighbor was all the time.

Pissed off because she had a spin class early the next morning, Hallie finally was able to drift off to sleep, but not before her hand wandered its way down her young body and rubbed her damp pussy. She had gotten herself off with her fingers three times so far since they moved in upstairs, imagining that it was her getting fucked that hard and that well. She also found herself wondering how the woman looked.

While she only had one, admittedly drunken, encounter with a girl before, she never quite got that curiosity out of her mind. The one encounter was when her roommate had a friend visiting and they all went out drinking. Her roommate met a guy and took him home and that left the roommate’s friend having to share a bed with Hallie for the night. They had all had way too much to drink and Hallie watched as the friend stripped down to her bra and panties and climbed into her bed. There was something about the way her ass shimmied out of her tight jeans and the matching blue undies and bra that made Hallie tingle a bit between her legs. Having what she felt were small boobs even though they were quite ample for her slim frame, she was obsessed with the size of this girl’s big rack. Hallie wondered what it would be like to have big tits like that, that all the guys and maybe even the girls would stare at and want. And the truth was at that moment she kind of wanted to touch hers.

Luckily when the friend hopped into her bed, she turned and faced her, her big tits mere inches from Hallie’s own chest. Hallie wore pajama pants as her roommate’s friend clad in just panties reached over and tried to cuddle her for warmth. Hallie did not resist and it felt really nice but then the girl’s hands started roaming Hallie’s body, finding her chest and slowly rubbing her breasts through her t-shirt. Hallie couldn’t tell if the girl was just really drunk, or if she was a lesbian, or if she simply wanted warmth but as her hands became more adventurous, Hallie brought her own hands to the ample chest of the friend and massaged her first pair of tits. They had felt amazing, soft like hers but way bigger. She felt a combination of jealousy and desire and she acted on the latter, squeezing and playing with the girl’s big tits while scanning her eyes for approval or disapproval. Seeing only a drunken smile, Hallie pulled down the bra cup and licked the bare skin of her bedmate’s left breast, the liquid courage helping her become more brazen and now she had her tongue exploring her cleavage and her nipples, slobbering over all of it while in return, the roommate’s friend was now squeezing Hallie’s tits and trying to free them, eventually succeeding. The drunk coeds took turns enjoying each other’s chests until the effects of the alcohol knocked them both out for the night. Before passing out, Hallie had brought her fingers down to the girl’s panties and remembered feeling warmth and wetness before nodding off herself.

When she woke the next morning, Hallie had hoped to finish what was started the night before but was disappointed and frustrated to see the friend already gone. She was off to visit some other girl and that was the last time Hallie ever saw her. She wished like hell that they had stayed coherent long enough for her to smell the girl’s wet pussy, and maybe even taste it. These feelings were fairly new to Hallie at the time as she had only ever had boyfriends and hadn’t ever experienced anything with another girl. Nonetheless, she wished she had the chance to try that pussy when she had the chance.


The güvenilir bahis buzz of her alarm jolted Hallie out of a deep sleep. The clock read 6AM. Already. Hallie groaned and climbed out from under her comfy and warm blanket and slid on her black yoga pants and a pink sports bra. She threw on a loose fitting white tank top over the bra, threw her blonde hair in a ponytail and headed off to the spin studio. The good thing was the instructor was hot, a 30ish year old guy with strong arms and a tight body. Hallie didn’t mind having him to stare at for the next hour. There was also someone else she had noticed recently. Not a guy but a woman. An older woman. She had been at the last few classes and looked to be about 40. Hallie had never been with anyone significantly older than her but there was something about this woman that made Hallie stare at her at times during the class, and even wonder what it would be like to be with someone much older. She imagined they would definitely know a lot more than her and be way more experienced. They would probably go right for what they wanted and what felt good, without the games.

This new woman had black hair down past her shoulders, perfect smooth skin to go with what looked to be an amazing set of tits encased in a black tank top with what must have been a strong black sports bra underneath. She wore light blue yoga pants and Hallie could swear she could see the dark triangle of a thong underneath her tight pants.

Hallie couldn’t decide if she’d rather the woman get on the bike in front of her so she could watch her from behind or if she wanted her next to her so maybe they would get to chatting. As she pondered that thought, the woman claimed a bike opposite Hallie facing her. Before she got on, she did a few minutes of stretching next to her bike and Hallie was treated to views of some seriously deep cleavage as well as a fantastic plump ass. This woman was exactly that, all woman, curved in ALL the right places whereas while Hallie knew she herself was attractive, she often wished she was better proportioned.

Class that day was rough, and occasional glimpses of the new woman’s bouncing tits across the room helped Hallie get through it. When they were done, Hallie watched as the sweat glistened off the woman’s tits, and as she dismounted the bike and stretched out, Hallie could see the thong much more clearly now. She felt a jolt of excitement in her own girly parts and wondered what that meant. She surely still thought guys were hot and was actively looking for a boyfriend in this fairly new city. But she also knew what she liked and knew she also had a desire to finish what she once started on a drunken night in college. That time it had been a sloppy drunk college girl. Hallie thought about how much better it would be with an older and more experienced woman. As the class filtered out and they headed to the water stations, Hallie found herself waiting right behind her new fascination and she tried not to stare. As the woman turned toward her, she smiled at Hallie and headed for the exit. Hallie was a bit disappointed when she saw the giant rock on the woman’s well-manicured finger. She knew nothing would ever happen between her and the woman but seeing that she was married and likely very happily kind of sucked.

Normally Hallie would go do another light workout after spin since she was already at the gym but today she was tired and decided to just get her coat from the locker room and go home. As she started the three block walk home, she noticed another shapely ass sashaying ahead of her, waiting at the corner for the light to change. Hallie quickly realized it was blue pants woman from her class. She had never seen her walking this way but then again, she remembered she never went straight home after class!

The light was still red when Hallie reached the corner and she stood next to the woman trying not to make eye contact with her. Hallie was shy when it came to meeting new people and interacting with them, but she opened up and was quite normal and fun once someone got to know her a bit. Luckily for Hallie, the woman was less shy and turned right to her.

“Hey, tough class today huh?”

Hallie replied, “Oh yeah I was struggling to keep up most of the time.”

“How long have you taken that class?” the woman asked Hallie.

“Every week since I moved here pretty much. I find it the best way to stay in shape. Plus the studio is right near my apartment.”

“Well you certainly are keeping in shape,” the woman smiled. Something a bit more than friendly about the way she said that and let her stare linger at Hallie’s body, Hallie thought.

“And I live right by here too, so yeah I know what you mean about the convenience of it.”

“Oh, where do you live?” asked Hallie, as they now crossed the road and were on the next block.

“I’m right there across the street, the brown building there.” She pointed at Hallie’s building.

“No way! That’s my building!”

The türkçe bahis woman perked up. “Oh? What unit are you?”

“I’m 3H,” replied Hallie.

“Get out of here, we are 4H. Right above you!”

Hallie noticed she said “we” which confirmed she was in fact married and then suddenly it dawned on her. The squeaking bed every night, the moaning woman. It was spin woman! Hallie had lay awake so often listening to the woman getting fucked and wondering what she looked like and for the past few weeks in spin class, she was checking out the very same woman!

The woman could see the gears turning in Hallie’s brain. “Sorry if we’re a bit loud, I hope my husband and I haven’t woken you up at all. The walls are a bit thin.”

“Um, what do you mean, why would you have kept me up?” Hallie tried to play dumb.

“Come on, I hear the people above us when they sneeze, you must have heard my husband and me, you know, at night…”

Hallie let out a smile. Well maybe once or twice but it’s no problem. Really. I’m a pretty heavy sleeper so not much can keep me up”, she lied.

“Well here we are. Hey we should walk to class together sometime. By the way my name is Carla.”

“Nice to meet you Carla. I’m Hallie.”

The two shook hands and agreed to meet in the lobby and walk to class together next time, which was two days later.

Hallie went upstairs and hopped in the shower, her fingers immediately finding her slick vagina. She rubbed it like it was an itch she couldn’t get rid of. Her fingers focused on her clit and she grabbed the shower nozzle from its hook and pointed it right between her legs as she thought about Carla’s big tits hanging down in her husband’s face as she got fucked hard. Now that she had the actual image of the woman making all that noise, Hallie couldn’t stop thinking about her.


Two days later Hallie took an extra minute or two in her mirror to make herself a bit more presentable that she normally would for a spin class. Yes she may have tried to flaunt her slim body in front of the hot teacher once or twice but today Hallie wanted to look nice for Carla. She spritzed a tiny bit of her perfume on her body and let her long blond hair flow freely with no ponytail until she got to class. She wore her most supportive sports bra which pushed her tits proudly up and showed off her own cleavage. She decided not to wear a shirt over that today. She also wore her favorite pair of yoga pants because she felt like they made her ass look its best. Hallie had been told she had a great ass but she only really thought it looked decent when she wore her expensive jeans and these yoga pants. She did one more scan in the mirror and headed down to the lobby.

Carla was sitting on the bench with her legs crossed and a cup of coffee. She had a light jacket on and wore a pair of dark pants. She looked very well put together and confident and Hallie found herself entranced by her. They greeted each other and began to walk.

“So what’s your story Hallie? How old are you? How many guys are you dating or is there just one special guy? Tell me.”

“Ha, what do you mean how many guys? You think I’m some kind of slut or something?” Hallie asked almost playfully.

“Oh, no, no. I meant look at you. You’re gorgeous. I wish I looked like you when I was your age. I meant you must have guys all over you.”

“Ah I see. Well to be honest there is no one special at the moment and there’s also no one NOT special. Bit of a dry spell for me I guess. Ha ha.” Hallie replied.

“Also, what do you mean when you were MY age? What are you like 5 years older than me?”

Hallie knew Carla was more than 5 years older than her but she looked amazing and besides, Hallie was trying to get at how old she really was.

“Well thanks for that compliment Hallie. Tell me how old you are and I’ll tell you if I’m in fact 5 years older than you.”

“I’m 22.”

Carla laughed. “22. Wow. I could literally be your mother. I’m 44.”

Halie had guess late 30’s or early 40’s so she wasn’t overly surprised but she pretended to be.

“Wow I would never have guessed that. You look fantastic for 44. I hope I look half as good as you at that age.”

Carla smiled. Why thank you. I do like to work out and stay fit. My husband’s big into fitness too so that makes it easier.”

Hallie couldn’t help but let out a small grin as she envisioned the “workouts” Carla and her husband must be getting together.

Carla noticed. “What?”

“What do you mean what?” Hallie asked.

“You grinned when I said my husband and I like to work out. Why is that so funny?”

Hallie looked down at her toes, suddenly too shy to continue this conversation.

Carla’s eyes widened and she playfully slapped Hallie. “You DO hear us at night, don’t you??”

Hallie laughed. “What do you mean?”

“You hear my husband fucking the shit out of me don’t you? I knew you heard us!”

Hallie answered. “Well as you said, the walls güvenilir bahis siteleri are pretty thin in our building so…”

“Why did you lie about it the other day then? There’s nothing to be embarrassed about. If anything, I should be embarrassed.”

“I don’t know” replied Hallie. “I just met you, I don’t really know you. It’s just not something I was comfortable talking about.”

“Well we’ll have to do something about that, won’t we?” said Carla.

“About what? Me talking about you having sex?” Hallie laughed.

“No silly, about you and I not knowing each other,” Carla advised.

Hallie smiled. The two walked into class and Carla set up a bike right next to Hallie’s. The two chatted until class started and then during class, Hallie would steal glimpses of Carla who had shed her coat and was sporting a white tank top that barely kept her “girls” contained and definitely could not contain her hardening nipples. Any time Hallie let her eyes sneak a peek at Carla, she saw Carla staring straight ahead, focused on the instructor. What Hallie didn’t see was when she wasn’t looking at Carla, Carla had stolen a few glances of her own and had definitely noticed that Hallie looked hotter than she did the class before, and even smelled really nice.

On the walk home, the pair discussed the class and the instructor, both agreeing he was one fine man. Carla suggested Hallie make a move but Hallie said she was shy and could never make the first move. And that there were 30 attractive girls in the class, he could have his pick of any if he wanted to date one.

When they got to their building, Carla suggested they meet later on for some wine. She said her husband would be at a work dinner until 9PM and she would love some company for a bit before he got home. Hallie had no plans like usual and she loved a good glass of wine so she agreed that she would come up around 7:30PM.


Hallie felt fairly comfortable around Carla. In the few times they’d spoken, they talked like girlfriends would. Carla just happened to be twice Hallie’s age. Hallie tossed on a pair of jeans and a tube top and headed up to 4H. As she knocked on the door, she did feel a bit nervous when she thought about if she wore the right outfit. Was she too casual? Not casual enough? Does it even matter, they were just going to drink some wine and watch some TV.

To Hallie’s surprise, Carla answered the door in a towel, with another towel wrapped around her hair.

“I’m so sorry, Hallie. My husband Brad was running late and needed the shower and I showered after him I just need to finish drying off and throw some clothes on. Why don’t you go have a seat on the couch and I’ll be right in”

Hallie did as she was told and grabbed a seat as she scanned the apartment, looking at the decorations and the furnishings. This apartment was much bigger than hers because this was a two bedroom unit and hers was only one.

As Hallie glanced in the direction of the bathroom, she caught glimpses of Carla’s smooth legs under the towel and got a quick shot of Carla dropping the towel and slipping on her panties. She didn’t have a great angle because of a wall in the way, but Hallie was treated to a very quick view of Carla’s ass and legs in the mirror. Her ass was as she had imagined it, plump and shapely, the kind of meaty ass guys drool over. Her legs were a bit thicker but looked shapely and powerful, probably from all the spin classes. Carla disappeared from sight again and when she re-emerged, she had on a pair of leggings and a t-shirt. Even if that, she looked sexy.

“Whew, ok I’m here. Sorry about that. Red wine work for you?”

“No problem, and sure!” Carla replied.

Carla returned with two glasses, handed one to Hallie, and then clanged her glass on Hallie’s. “To new friends.”

“Yes, to new friends,” echoed Hallie.

The two drank their wine and chatted about the neighborhood, good workout classes and random other things. The conversation flowed and wasn’t ever awkward or forced, which pleased Hallie.

When Carla disappeared to get their third glass of wine, Hallie checked her phone and saw it was getting close to 9PM which was when Brad was supposed to be getting home. She figured she would have one more glass and then head back downstairs.

Carla returned with their wine and instead of sitting on the loveseat, this time she plopped down on the couch next to Hallie. Their faces were both reddened from the wine and Hallie was feeling pretty good. She was a pretty good drinker in college but since moving into her own place, she didn’t drink as much. The conversation had stopped and Hallie sipped her wine and watched the TV. When she looked over at Carla, she found Carla studying her and looking her up and down. Hallie could see a dark bra under the white t-shirt Carla wore, and her tits looked big even with the t-shirt not doing anything to help shape them. Carla’s bare feet were also well manicured and her nails painted. She was one classy woman who liked to look good.

“What?” Why are you staring at me?” Hallie asked with a smile.

Carla continued to look at her for a moment. “So be honest with me about something.”


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