Sophia’s Story

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Big Dicks

Sophia did not have as much fun during her first semester of college as she thought she would. She figured that she would be able to enjoy college life to the fullest at her Midwest party school, but not nearly as much as she had hoped. Her grades were good, like they always were, but she wanted more of everything; mainly girls. She does a lot of hip-hop dancing, and so far had only had a few of those girls. She liked boys fine, a good stiff one occasionally was awesome, but nothing beats a girl.

In Sophia’s mind, girls are just better. Girls are soft and gentle, as well as fiery and wild. Their bodies are great too. Smooth curves and soft features, exactly what she wanted. But she didn’t want to actually BE a boy, just to have girls in her bed. She loved being a fiery, shorthaired, blonde girl. She loved the feelings girls gave her in bed, especially when she knew she was giving the exact same feeling to them. But she didn’t have nearly as many girls this year as she wanted. In four months she only had slept with only four girls (not including her roommate, but that’s saved for a prequel).

Sophia had decided it was time to go where there were plenty of girls and plenty of partying: sorority row. At her school sorority rush was done from November through Christmas break. She had skipped it, thinking sororities weren’t really her thing. After the lack of lapping she had done she changed her mind. She decided to do late rush. She saw all 19 houses, and saw lots of potential, but she settled on the one where she would enjoy the girls the most; both sexually and as friends. She got into a sorority nicknamed The Feisty’s. The house had around 150 girls in it, with 85 actually living in the chapter house. While rushing she saw about 5 girls she thought for sure she could fuck, and about another 20 that she would be willing to go for.

When she moved in, during the first week of the spring semester, she was blessed with having a room to herself. It wasn’t big enough to be a normal, double, room so it was usually used as a guest room. It had a desk and a chair, a double bed, and bathroom with a shower. Like I said, she was blessed. Because it was the beginning of the semester there were no classes, so there was going to be partying all week.

She hoped into her private shower to get ready for the night. The shower was heating up and she slowly took her clothes off. Every time she got naked in front of her bathroom mirror she pretended she was seducing someone. Sophia first took off her leggings, keeping her underwear on. The slower the better. Sometimes she wants to just jump out of her clothes, but she really wanted to turn herself on. She reached for her underwear but her fingers found their way to her crotch; it was beginning to get wet. She slipped off the lacey boy shorts and let them fall to the floor. Her dancer’s legs were completely bare and smooth. Next came her top. Though she was wearing one of her thick sorority crew-neck sweaters, she could see her hardened nipples through it (and her bras). She slowly lifted it over her head until it too dropped to the ground. Her nice B-cups were only hidden by her bras. She stared at her own breasts, wishing she could suck on a pair just as nice has her own. Well shaped without the slightest hint of sagging. She ran her finger up her toned, tanned, stomach and unclasped the front of her bras. She loves her stripper-style bras. Sometime she loves feeling like a slut underneath her conservative clothes. Looking at her naked body in the foggy mirror made her wet; she could feel the juices start to seep down the inside of her thigh. She gets so wet so easily.

Sophia stepped into the shower and let the water flow over her. After she cleaned her body shed decided to warm herself up for the night. She liked being horny before she went out. She began by pinching her nipples, not hard enough to hurt, but hard enough to really feel it. Her fingers traipsed their way downward. As they wandered down, she starting thinking bahis firmaları of the girls in her house that she wanted to have in the shower with her. Kayla, that 5 ’10 fuck machine. Sophia would love to kiss her long legs. She likes to have a wild time and Sophia would love to experiment with her. Sammi, that cute blonde virgin. Well, she says she’s untouched, but maybe she’s just hiding her dark side. Either way, Sophia would love to force her pussy on Sammi’s mouth. Sophia’s fingers then found what they sought. She thought of Sammi’s beautiful roommate Kathryn. She’s just beginning to find her sexual side. Sophia would love to help her find the lion inside of her. She’d see how many fingers each of them could fit into each other. Maybe Kathryn would even squirt on her…

There were so many girls to choose from. Who to pick, Sophia wanted them all. She wanted to taste their skin, kiss their nipples, and ride them until they spray her with their own cum. Sophia squirts…and loves to be squirt on. She loves to drink it, have it cover her. Now Sophia was so caught up in her thoughts she didn’t realize she had 2 fingers inside of her, with her other hand pinching her nipples fiercely. She started rubbing her clit, hard. Her hand was moving so fast she had to brace herself up against the wall of the shower. She felt it climbing, she was going to cum. Then it happened. Sophia couldn’t keep her eyes open. She cam so hard she fell back against the wall and on to the floor and felt her juices spray upward in the air. It shot 3 or 4 good squirts before she finished. She sucked her fingers and rubbed some of her cum on her own stomach.

What a good way to start the night, hopefully it would finish in a similar way.

The party tonight was a Slumber Party themed event. She decided to dress in a short, hot pink, robe only. No underwear or bra. The only other thing on her was makeup, a silver necklace, and some strawberry flavored body lotion. She wanted to be good to go, should the best happen. Besides, this was a gift from the first woman who fucked her. Her best friends older sister. She was 4 years older and that girl loved to fuck little Sophia.

The girls were getting sober rides over to the Ep fraternity house, but first they were going to pregame. They went up to Chelsey’s room. She was a kind of a bitch, but cute enough. She also had a lot of money and didn’t mind sharing her alcohol when pregaming. Sophia walked in to Chelsey’s room to girls chanting on Chelsey and Sammi, racing with drinks. One Jack and Coke, one shot of vodka, and one beer. They were seeing who could drink all three the fastest. Chelsey won but all the girls were still proud of Sammi for doing well. She’s not much of a drinker. Maybe she could be at fucking than drinking.

The girls welcomed Sophia in by making her take a double shot with a girl named Emily. The girls proceeded to each take about another 4 or 5 shots before heading to the Ep house. After Allysa deepthroated the bottle of Jack and nearly puked, it was time to go.

They got to the party and a bunch of girls were already there. They wore various types of pj’s and lingerie. Sophia was actually dressed pretty well, there were girls who were way more slutty-looking than her. Some were wearing only thongs and a bra. Some less.

She spent time flirty with guys, taking shots and wondering around talking with people. She was getting pretty tipsy by this point. It was getting. She had done about another 3 or 4 shots. Girls kept commenting on much they loved her outfit and she returned the compliment. And some of the girls were hot as hell. Just seeing them flirt with guys, or grind on them or make-out with them, was making her horny. Really horny.

She devided it as time for a beer. She walked over to the keg, turned down a boy’s offer to dance, and bumped into Sammi.

“Hey Soph! Here to do one too?” asked Sammi.

“Do what?” she replied.

“I’m about to do my first keg stand! Would you kaçak iddaa mind holding my hair? I’ll hold yours if you want to go too.”


Sophia realized that if she did a keg stand everyone would see her completely naked. Fuck it, it’s a party.

Sammie was, apparently, just wearing a white tshirt. It hung down to about 6 inches above her clit. Sophia was hoping that when Sammi went up in the air her shirt would slide up. She wasn’t disappointed.

The boys lifter her up, Sophia held her hair, and her shirt rose up. She was wearing the tiniest of g strings; red. Seeing it made Sophia’s heart pound and her pussy moisten. It was all she could do, to not shove her face into it.

Sammi lasted about 20 seconds then shook her head. When she came down she spilled beer all down her shirt. The thin white cotton became see through down the center of her shirt. She had on a matching red bras.

“Yea! That was fucking awesome. Your turn Sophia”

Sophia put her hands on the keg, the boys lifted her up and she could feel a nice cool breeze hit her bald little fuck-box. She heard someone gasp. She sucked on the nozzle and tasted the cheap beer. After 30 seconds or so she came down. Sammi was laughing and came over and grabbed Sophia’s hips. Sophia took it as her making a move, so she leaned in and kissed Sammi.

Sammi didn’t resist so they made out in front of probably 10 people, most were shocked. The boys loved it. The two beauties stopped and headed over to the bar.

“That was great! They really loved that almost as much as the loved seeing your pussy haha. It seemed wet…. Haha” Sammi said.

“Well you have that effect on me haha” Sophia said. She said it jokingly, so that she could judge Sammi’s reaction. Sammi didn’t’ seem to mind.

“Let’s have a shot” Said Sophia. Sammi agreed.

“We should do that again at the party tomorrow” Said sammi. “Guys won’t be able to keep their cocks out of us.”

“We should do it as often as possible” said Sophia.

“I think so too. We should do it later tonight here” Sammi said with a smile.

“We could do it somewhere else, where we would get more out of it.” Sophia said, she was taking a risk. She felt Sammi was just drunk enough that she might be willing to try something. Sophia really wanted to get this girl naked, so she could suck on her perky B-cups, while grabbing her tight ass.

“What did you have in mind?” Sammi asked.

“Let’s get a ride out of here and do some more of the same back in my room” said Sophia. She was putting it all on the table.

Sammi looked at her with a very puzzled look on her face. It took a moment for her to realize what Sophia was asking. Still with a puzzled look on her face, she glanced around the party. She then looked at Sophia and said

“Yea, OK. I think I’d like that.” Said Sammi.

Within in then minutes they were in the backseat of the sober drivers’ car, heading back to the Fiesty’s house. Sophia and Sammi had their hands all over each other. Rubbing, caressing, touching. Sophia didn’t reach for anywhere too forward, she didn’t want to scare Sammi off. Sammi however had a different plan. She reached in between Sophia’s legs and grabbed her pussy lips.

“I wanted to see if you were as wet as I thought you were” Sammi said, with a grin.

“I told you, you have that effect on me”. Sophia leaned in and they started kissing, softly. The driver didn’t seem to notice so the girls kissed until they got to the house.

Sophia took her by the hand to her room, closed the door, and slammed Sammi against the back of the door. She was hers tonight. Sophia attacked her, she planted kiss after kiss on her soon to be lover. She wrestled her tong into Sammi’s mouth with little resistance. Sammi began messaging Sophia’s tight ass, Sophia started kissing softly down Sammi’s neck.

Sammi then started moving her fingers down Sophia’s bare ass but Sophia decided she was in charge here. She pulled Sammi’s kaçak bahis hand above her head and pinned it against the door. She then moved her other hand up there, and ripped the thin white shirt over her head and off her body. Sammi reached back around to grab Sophia’s ass, but much harder. Sammi was fine just sucking face and squeezing ass but Sophia wanted to really get things going. She could start to feel her nectar ooze out of her flaming pussy.

She pulled Sammi’s face to her own neck and Sammi instinctively began to suck her way down to Sophia’s nipples. First she undid her robe, leaving everything exposed. Sammi began feeling the inside of Sophia’s leg, slowing gliding upward. Sophia was loving the anticipation but she desperately needed to eat pussy; Sammi’s. Just before Sammi’s fingers found their destination, Sophia grabbed her by the waste and tossed her onto her bed. Sammi giggled she was loving this. As Sophia dropped her robe, leaving her completely naked and oh so fuckable, Sammi took off her own bra. Sophia walked over to the bed, grabbed Sammi’s soaking panties and tore them off of her conquests’ body; leaving her naked.

Sophia wasted no time. She dove her face into Sammi hot box. She stuck her tongue in as far as she could, licked as hard as fast as possible. Her nostrils were right up against her clit. She loved the smell of this juicy pussy. She drank every drop. Delicious. After a few minutes was lifting herself up off the bed. She was struggling to keep her eyes open. The orgasm was building, her flow down below was increasing. Then it stopped. Sammi’s whole body began to shuddar, the she screamed out in extasy.


She began to buck like a bronco. Sophia could barely keep her face on Sammi’s pussy. After a few minutes though Sammi’s breathing slowed, she came back down, and she finally opened her eyes. Sophia sat there rubbing her own pussy gently.

“That was exactly what I was looking for” said Sammi.

“You mean you wanted to have me suck your pussy tonight?” Sophia asked, puzzled.

“Well I’ve always wanted some girl to fuck me, and God did I find a good fuck. You were amazing.”

“Now it’s my turn. Let’s do it in my shower.”

“Oooh I love shower sex. I bet that will make it easier for me to eat your pussy haha.” Sammi said. While that was true, Sophia wanted to do it in the shower because she new she was going to spray everywhere. She wanted to see Sammi covered in her cum. She hoped she was ready.

Sophia got up and pulled Sammi up after. Sophia pulled her into the shower but she did not turn on the shower. She was going to wait until after she gave her a special shower. Sophia could feel how full she was. That pregame session earlier did not do it enough for her.

“What are you waiting for?” Sammi asked.

“I’m going to give you something special first” she responded. ” Suck on my pussy”.

Sammi dropped to her knees and went to town. She began by rubbing Sophia’s pussy all over her face; from her forehead to her chin. She wanted to smell like her dripping cunt. She then began eating away, all while Sophie pinched her own nipple, and toyed with her clit. After a few moments it was time to erupt.

“Stop. Lean your head back.” She commanded.

Sammi instinctively opened her mouth and shut her eyes. She knew what was coming; and did it ever come. Sophie screamed out in ecstasy. She absolutely gushed out a clear stream of cum. The first shot splashed over Sammi’s face, filling her mouth. Four more shots followed, and Sammi let her shoot it on her tits, in her hair, and back on her face. She rubbed it in, while keeping a mouthful waiting. Sophia got down on her knees too.

“Put it in my mouth” she said. Sammi emptied the cum into Sophia’s mouth. Sophia returned the favor but keeping some for herself. They both swallowed what they had in their mouths. The pure eroticism of the moment lead to Sammi having another orgasm. They were both in such a euphoric state, they barely noticed.

For the next 15 minutes they just rolled on the shower floor, covering each other in cum. They licked each other form head to toe, before showering off.

Now it’s time for bed…

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