Sonja Ch. 02

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It’d been a couple of weeks since my wife displayed herself so openly in public. One would think that witnessing an event like that would leave it stuck in one’s head on an infinite loop playback. Incredibly as it seems though, life moves on, and routine thoughts, daydreams, and cares eventually moved back into mine. Mental notes to pay some bills coming due warred with personnel problems between employees of mine on my drive back from my office on an overcast, dreary late afternoon. It’d been threatening to rain for the last three days, but so far, there was no evidence to suggest the storm would break.

I was pretty much on auto-pilot; my car practically steered itself into our driveway all on its own. I shook my head slightly, bringing myself back to reality. I cast a last glance skyward and walked on in the door.

‘Honey? Where are you hiding?’ I tossed my keys into the bowl set aside for them by the door. Experience has proven that if I went any further into the house with them, some gremlin or other would spirit them away. I might find them in my shoes, under the bathroom sink, or even in the freezer. So, in the bowl, every time.

‘Hon?’ No answer. I knew she was home; her keys were nestled with mine. The house was silent and cool, not a sound. I figured she must be napping. I strode over to the fridge and pulled out a soda. No, not diet. Give me something that doesn’t make me want to amputate my tongue when I drink it, please. I took a healthy swig and headed for the bedroom to change. I made sure I was quiet so I wouldn’t wake her. I peeled off my jacket as I walked, intending to hang it up.

The door slid smoothly open under my hand. I cast a quick glance at the bed, my mind’s eye already seeing Sonja snuggled up under the blankets. I’d already turned to the side and was heading for our closet when I stopped and did a double-take. Oh, she was bahis firmaları there, alright. Instead of being curled up underneath the covers, though, they had been stripped off the bed…and so too had been the clothes off her body. Her long, reddish curls draped over her chest. Underneath the tips of her hair lay a pair of simply gorgeous breasts, white and shining and tipped with the most crimson nipples I’d ever had the fortune to lay eyes on.

A while back, we had experimented with light bondage, and we’d obtained a strap system. Simple enough, just wrap one end around the bed frame, and the other velcroes around whichever appendage you want to secure. Perfect if you don’t have posts or slotted headboards or any of those assorted other items which made tying someone up so simple.

Evidently, Sonja had decided to have another go at it. I stood there in the doorway a few moments, taking it all in. She’d strapped her ankles down so they spread her open fairly wide. Just thinking about the position she must have been in proved her flexibility…as if I needed further proof of that. She’d then taken the other pair of straps and had tied her arms over her head. Before that, however, she’d plunged one of her favorite toys into her pussy and had turned it on. I could hear the buzzing slightly over her moaning.

‘How long have you been like that?’ I asked as I walked towards the bed.

‘Mmm…oh, about two hours. I wanted to be tormented, and you weren’t around…so I had to do it for myself.’ She cast a playful glance my way as she continued on. ‘I made sure it was on low…I didn’t want to bring myself off and get stuck here waiting on you.’

As she was speaking, I was speedily disrobing. Screw the wrinkles…that’s what the dry-cleaners are for. I bent down and gently touched my lips to hers. Gentle didn’t last long of course. She lunged up, best as kaçak iddaa she could, and ate at my mouth with hers. Our tongues fought back and forth. It didn’t take me long to straddle her and start running my hands up and down her chest. Me erection was straining and pointed directly at her. I slid it forward a few inches. Sonja was able to bend her neck and slurp the head into her mouth. She bobbed her head slightly, but that position wasn’t the best for a blowjob. It did feel good though. Sonja moaned around my dick.

‘Eat me, please…eat me!’ Well, with an order like that…

I reluctantly pulled myself out of her mouth and shimmied down her body, positioning myself between her legs. I grabbed the end of the vibrator in my hand and pushed it back and forth inside of her a couple of times, then removed it and turned it off. The vibe glistened in the light, and a sticky thread of her fluids hung off of it and dripped onto my hand. I could hear my wife mewling above me as I pulled it out of her. I bent down, getting a heady whiff of her aroma. Of its own accord, my tongue leapt out to lap at her. Tangy, salty…and delicious. There was no doubt about it, she was wet and waiting for me. I licked all up and down her slit for a moment or two, then thrust my tongue into her.

‘Oh god, yessss.’ As always, Sonja let me know when I was doing what worked for her. I added two fingers with my tongue, pistoning them back and forth inside of her for a minute or two. Finally, I added a third finger, and went to work on her very exposed, very aroused clit. I nibbled and licked all around it while finger-fucking her. It didn’t take long for Sonja to announce her climax to me…and to anyone on that side of the planet, it sounded like. I kept at it, and turned my fingers up so they were caressing the top of her insides. That and my continued attention to her button very quickly kaçak bahis brought her off a second time. My name, shrieked in her voice, echoed from the rafters.

I knelt back for a moment, then bent down over my wife. I kissed her softly, waiting on her to come down from her high. I softly kissed her face, her neck, her breasts, and her forehead. She gave a deep breath, and looked up at me with a look on her face. I knew that look. In short, it was her ‘why aren’t you fucking me’ expression.

Normally, I like to at least start off slow, and work my way up. That look on her face, though, so slutty. I grabbed my cock in my hand, lined it up at her entrance, and thrust all the way inside of her. Immediately afterward, I reached up above her head. Her straps had been holding her arms above her, now I added my own wrists to them , forcing them down into the mattress.

‘Mmmmaaaah! Oh, I’ve needed that all day. Now, fuck me…fuck me hard!’

I did my best to obey, and she did what she could to reciprocate. I could feel her velvety muscles surrounding me, milking me within her. I pumped my cock back and forth inside her. I did what I could to hold her off, but in short order I could feel the familiar sensation of my balls tightening up. My wife moaned underneath of me and her hips thrust up to match the rhythm I set. I let go of her wrists and brought my hands down to molest her boobs as I thrust into her.

‘Oh, fuck!’ I exclaimed. I slammed myself into her. Once, twice, and I was gone. My body surged, and so did my cock, expelling copious amounts of cum into my wife’s waiting hole. All of a sudden, my energy was gone, poured out of me and into her. I collapsed onto her briefly. My dick wilted and slid out of her. I rolled over to nuzzle against her side. One of my hands reached up and pawed open one of her straps. Just before unconsciousness washed over me, I heard her whisper, ‘I love you.’


This one could have likely been categorized differently, but I figured here fit better. Thanks for taking the time to read…feedback is always appreciated in any form.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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