Something in the Water Ch. 01

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I know this may sound cliché, but I’m not really that kind of guy.

Now, let me explain what happened. You’ll see that I’m mostly innocent here.

I work in an office building. Its not the oldest one in town. There are a few newer and bigger. Various small businesses spread over several floors. One single, old, slow elevator and a couple stairwells.

There is a small answering service, a couple photographers that work together most of the time, a geological survey business. What do they even do? I don’t think they know half the time. But their receptionist is cute.

There is a web design business run by a young man. Very smart, a bit brash, but doing well for now. He does half of the web sites for the businesses in the building.

A mailing company, writing a few newsletters and sending them out periodically.

An art studio on the first floor split with a small designer clothing store. They do mostly consigned hand made work for local artists and authentic western apparel.

All in all, its a random slice of small town businesses. Everyone pretty much knows each other. You pass in the lobby, or using the common restrooms. Its comfortable and things move at a pretty average pace. This isn’t some high-rise office building in a big city after all.

People in the building? Typical cross section of ethnicities and genders. A few old guys that have been working too long. They’re bored and tired. Young men, on their way elsewhere, anywhere else but here. Just not sure how they’re going to get out. But they will. A few working moms. And several attractive girl-next-door types.

Then there’s me, the token nerd I guess you’d say. I work as a graphic design slash data entry specialist for a no-name business that barely keeps enough business to require me being there. The name is not really important anyway. Nothing happens in my own office. The boss is gone most of the time.

But, my cousin got me this job, and I cant say that I have found anything better.

Its boring, but I have other hobbies at home. I’ll admit it, I’m a gamer. With ambitions of designing my own games. But that’s not really important here.

I have to tell you, something weird has been going on for a couple months. I’m close to figuring it out. I’m a little caught up in the mystery of it. Cant really decide who I should talk to about it. All I know is that if I’d been caught in any one of the situations I’ve found myself in lately, I’d be lucky to just get fired.

Well, maybe I should just tell you the first story and you’ll see that I’m honestly not that kind of guy. I would never force myself on a woman. I’m not into one night stands. Just haven’t found the right girl for me, honest. And I’m not the kind of guy to do things that will make things awkward in the future.

Seriously, I’d describe myself as one of the nice guys. Probably too nice.

Anyway, back to the story, which, as you’ll see, has a certain amount of random blind luck. Without some of which, I’d never have figured out what was going on.

I was helping put some supplies away. There is a common loading dock for the building. It is usually me helping put things away. My boss doesn’t mind, even when he’s around. Its usually slow, remember?

“Thanks for your help, Joe. I ‘preciate that you’re always willing to do most of the heavy lifting.” Karen smiled over her shoulder. Shifting a few lighter packages and a stack of letters, she managed to push the UP button for the elevator. She’s the freckled brunette who works in as cashier for the combined art studio and clothing boutique.

She had a cute southern accent. Definitely not from around here, but I didn’t know her whole story. Just that she was nice and treated me kindly. She’s a few inches over five feet. When she wears heels, she’s close to my height. I’m not that tall I guess.

I actually did most of the heavy lifting in the building. Not sure how that had become my thing, but I did help with rearranging office layouts and furniture sometimes. And I was by no means the strongest guy, but I’d always been willing to help. Maybe it was part of my upbringing.

And did I mention, that my boss didn’t really care? He was hardly there most of the time. I just had occasional graphics deadlines. And sometimes there was a shit ton of data that he wanted entered in to some spreadsheets. He had me make some detailed spreadsheets occasionally

But back to Karen. She held the elevator door while I maneuvered the dolly loaded with 50 reams of paper into the small elevator car. One tire was mostly flat and it made a dangerous wobble if you loaded it too heavily. Like I had done today.

As the door closed slowly, I turned the dolly around to be in a better position for exiting. The wobble of the its almost flat tire caused the precarious stack to teeter dangerously. I barely caught it, but not before it bumped Karen in the hip.

That bump knocked her into the elevator car wall slightly, jostling the packages she carried. bahis firmaları She tried catching the top one, but it bounced on the tip of her fingers seeming to float.

I over corrected the stack of paper on the dolly causing it to bump the other wall of the small elevator car. It shook ominously making weird noises in the elevator shaft.

I absently wondered what the weight limit of the elevator was. It should be posted somewhere, right?


The fallen package made the sound everyone recognizes as glass breaking.

I flinched.

“Ooops. I’m really sorry, Karen.” I reached out to pickup the package, but the stack of paper on the dolly chose that moment to wobble as the elevator began to move adding to my challenge of keeping it balanced.

Karen stabilized her stack of letters and small boxes, but the stack of paper tipped the other way, swaying right into the exposed red stop button of the elevator.

We lurched to a halt. I struggled with the reams of paper and almost got them to hold still. It was worse than trying to settle down my 5 year old cousin after a sugar binge.

Karen however, in trying to avoid stepping on the package at her feet bumped into the wall again and it threw her off balance. She bumped into me as the elevator car swayed a little due to the off balance caused by the heavy reams of paper on one side. It shouldn’t have swayed that much, right? I was starting to worry about this old elevator. Maybe I’d have to look up its inspection papers later.

Then her low heel caught on an old wrinkle in the carpet and rolled, dumping her into me again and tossing the remaining packages and envelopes she held up into the air.

It seemed to go in slow motion like in the movies. I knew what was going to happen before it happened.

Most of the letters slid sideways. They still made a mess. The small box she’d been balancing in the middle went higher than I thought it would. It wasn’t too heavy but had a weird balance. I remember holding it as we sorted the packages for the day.

It went up and slowly came down on the top of the dolly’s rounded handle. There was a cracking sound. Something in there broke. Hopefully not too far beyond repair.

Karen finished collapsing into me, pushing my knees sideways, forcing me to tumble as well. I had to scramble to not fall directly on her.

When the dust settled, so to speak, the paper boxes were all still standing on the dolly, luckily. Just slightly leaned against the wall. Better than having fallen on either of us.

Karen was on her back with the small box resting on her stomach just below her breasts.

I had a hand on the tower of boxes, still a little paranoid that they were going to start trying to escape again.

I let out a breath. It sounded loud in the sudden silence.

“You OK, Karen?” I asked gently. “Sorry I couldn’t keep these boxes from going crazy…”

“Oh, no, Its not your fault. I don’t think anything is broken. On me anyway. That first package that fell, I think its a goner.” she moved to sit up.

As she lifted the small box that had fallen last, she realized it was leaking something.

“Oh!” she exclaimed in surprise as her arms involuntarily flung the package away from herself. There was already a spot of wetness spreading on her blouse.

It flew, spinning, flinging little drops of liquid in a fascinating arc. Somehow I watched it as if in slow motion again. But I knew right where it was headed.

I couldn’t get my hands up in time. It smacked me in the face glancing off then coming to rest beside the tower of paper.

It didn’t hurt. It was just a light contact as I flinched away. But it did fling several droplets of liquid onto my face and shirt.

“Ugh…” I protested. “I always seem to spill something on myself. But this time it wasn’t my fault.” I chuckled lightly to make sure she didn’t think I was bugged at her.

“oh, man. I’m sorry, Joe.” she wiped at the spot of liquid on her blouse. It wasn’t any bigger than the bottom of a coffee mug. The liquid seemed clear and I was sure it would dry pretty quickly.

I pulled a handkerchief from my pocket as I sat up. I know, who carries a kerchief these days? Well, I do, for when I spill something. But in this case, like I said, it wasn’t my fault!

After wiping my face and dabbing at my shirt where a few drops had spattered, I offered the kerchief to Karen. I noticed a sweet, pleasant smell in the air.

Before she could take it though, I brought my handkerchief back near my nose. “Ooh, that smells pretty nice. I’m not normally one to buy perfume or cologne, but this is nice, don’t you think?”

I closed my eyes and took a deeper breath. It made me think of soft flowers, maybe lilacs or roses? I wasn’t really an expert on flower scents. But it was pretty.

I sniffed again, then offered it to Karen again.

Her eyes looked a little funny. Almost closed but unfocused. She took a sniff too, absently wiping at the kaçak iddaa spot where it spilled on her blouse. A smile quirked the corner of her cute mouth.

I noticed again how her freckles lightly kissed her cheeks. She didn’t wear too much makeup. She really didn’t need to. And her brunette locks came down a bit past her shoulders, currently resting on the upper swell of her breasts.

Her chest was moving with her breath. Which seemed to be coming more quickly.

I jerked my eyes away, realizing I had been staring at her chest. A slight blush found my cheeks. I was afraid she’d smack me after realizing where I had been staring. But it never came. I did hear her breathing get heavier though.

Glancing up, I was surprised to see her gazing at me. Eyes lidded, I could see a flush on her also, down her neck and darkening the tops of her breasts that were visible. As she moved to her knees next to me, one hand came up and undid a button, then another.

“Umm… Karen? Are you OK?”

I shifted to my knees too and tried to pick up a couple of the envelopes and packages by way of distracting myself.

“It sure is getting hot in here…” Karen left the sentence hanging. Her voice had changed somehow too. Deeper and a bit throaty. Almost like a purr. And good lord, that southern accent was even more amazing now.

I looked up. And she was right there. In front of my face.

My back was against the wall, literally. I was definitely feeling hot. But it wasn’t really that hot in here, was it? We’d only been in the elevator for a minute. Maybe two.

“… Karen. What are you doing? We need to pick up all the packages, and finish taking them to the other offices. And the paper. That needs to be put away too. And…” I realized I was rambling.

I looked away, focusing on anything but that smoky look in her eyes, and the plunging neckline.

If she was hot, that meant I was going to be roasting soon. Cause I’d never met a woman who had the same internal thermostat as me. They were always colder.

I know its a cliché, but my shirt was starting to feel tight around the neck. I pulled at it trying to get some air, but it was starting to feel stifling and stuffy in here.

“We can start the elevator back up and get some air. Its not like we’re really stuck in here.” I chuckled thinking about movies where people had been stuck in an elevator. “And then we can deliver the packages… And get some air.” I really was in danger of rambling. Again, I already said that.

And Karen hadn’t said a word yet. I felt a slight shift in the elevator balance as she moved. Then suddenly I felt her breath on my neck where I’d pulled at my shirt.

“Mmmm.” She purred. “You really smell good. This scent…”

I jumped up when she licked my neck!

“You taste delicious too. Like vanilla and sugar cookies and rose petals all rolled in to one.” She closed her eyes savoring the scents. “And a little salty. Just perfect.” she had leaned back on her knees when I jumped to my feet.

I realized too late what position that put us in.

Her eyes, looking up at me from waist level, locked with mine. I couldn’t move. There was such intensity. Driven by a burning heat I’d never seen in any woman’s eyes. At least I’d never seen that kind of look directed at me.

“Don’t. Move.” she commanded.

And I obeyed. I was paralyzed.

Her hand slid up my pants starting at the knee, slowly making its way to my zipper. Her touch was feather light and tingling followed in its wake. I couldn’t quite remember when I’d become hard. There was pressure right behind my zipper and her hand hovered, seemingly casting a spell as it moved closer.

A part of me kept saying that I should move, pull out the emergency stop button and start up the elevator again. Pick up the packages and put away the supplies. We needed to deliver the packages. Apologize for the broken ones. That was probably an order of expensive perfume that was cracked. Maybe a piece of jewelry or something in the smaller one. The boutique got shipments of little things like that, special orders, all the time.

Strangely, no that’s a lie, not strangely at all, a bigger part of me was telling me to hold still at all costs. Partly because she’d commanded it. And partly because… well, lets be honest, I’m a guy. And you can only expect a guy to be able to resist a hot, horny, brunette for so long.

That part of me that was chomping at the bit to get some action, any kind of action was practically on cloud nine now that the action had come to me. And I was afraid too that if I did or said the wrong thing, this spell would break and dissipate.

And Karen was getting into it. It almost looked like she was drooling now.

But again, the slow motion thing kicked in. As soon as her fingers touched my zipper, time slowed down.

Then I saw her glance up at me with a mischievous look and I realized the truth, she was teasing me. After our eyes met, she winked, then unzipped me.

“Undo kaçak bahis your belt for me, Joe. I want to see it. I need you…” and she rubbed the outside of my pants, impossibly, increasing my hardness, waiting for my belt to release and let my pants down.

I got a little glint in my eyes too. There were several thoughts warring in my brain right now, but dammit, I hadn’t been laid in months. Hadn’t gotten any action since I’d moved out here. And Karen was cute, horny, and here.

“You sure?” I moved to undo my buckle as I watched her face. She was almost panting. This was totally weird, and unexpected, but who was I to look a gift horse in the mouth? This would probably never happen again in a million years.

But we were in our work building, and I had to be sure. Plus, it was kinda fun to take control back, just a little, right?

“Is this what you want? Cause you told me not to move a moment ago…” and I slowly undid the buckle. Letting the belt slide out from the clasp, then moving to the button of my slacks.

I drew the moment out torturously, as she had done. Watching her face. She was definitely drooling, and while one hand was over the bulge in my pants, the other was absently opening her blouse further. Massaging her breast through her bra, the blouse was open down to show bare skin of her belly. She was a little curvy, but it looked good. I never had been attracted to girls who were just skin and bones.

Besides, how else did girls manage to fill out a bra if they were like a stick figure everywhere else. It wasn’t healthy, but Karen looked perfect.

I slowed down enough that she got impatient. She looked up at me and there was that smolder in her eyes, with a little bit of fire beginning to come up behind it. It was as if she was saying, You’d better quit messing with me. Then she looked back down barely containing her lust.

But seriously, as much as most of me wanted this, and Karen was obviously very much into it, part of my brain had to be sure. Even if this was a one time thing, and even if I wasn’t really in love with my job here, I couldn’t let this get out and I didn’t want her to get in trouble either.

“Are you sure you want to do this? You’re not going to tell anyone, are you?” I reached down and put my hand over hers, holding it still and pulling her attention to my face again.

Her eyes were still a little out of focus, but I thought I could see wheels turning in her mind too. Trying to make sense of this. I’d never done anything like this before, and I didn’t think she was the kind of girl to just jump someone in the elevator. There had to be something else going on here. We’d always been friendly, but I thought she had a boyfriend. I wasn’t really sure though.

Karen’s hand moved under mine, rubbing my rock hard member. I wasn’t sure I could hold back any more, but I wanted to make sure. If I unleashed the pent up desire I’d been holding in check…

I offered her a way out one more time. “I’m not sure I can hold back muck longer…”

She seemed to come to a decision, or something decided for her. I say that because her eyes were on mine for a moment longer, then just before she looked back down, her eyes clouded over again.

A faint smile quirked up one side of her mouth, and she pushed my hand away.

Licking her lips, she undid my button and felt for the waist band of my boxers. She pulled them down along with my pants letting my steel rod spring free.

It almost hit her in the face, but her reflexes were quick, grasping it in one hand, she steadied it and stroked up and down slowly. With a deep breath, she sniffed me and sighed.

“Oh, yes. I want this. I’ve wanted your cock for a while now.” She said softly, finishing up with a lick on my tip.

I breathed in sharply. Surprised by the tongue work and also her language. This was definitely not like the little bit I knew of her. Then again, I guess you never really know what someone is going to be like behind closed doors.

And with that, she licked her lips one more time and sucked me in, slowly. Painfully slowly. It felt amazing, but she was once again teasing me. Or perhaps herself.

I stared down at her, heaving breasts still barely in her bra, but almost completely exposed, one hand around my member, the other squeezing and kneading one breast, then the other.

I kept switching between that amazing view and throwing my head back enjoying the best blowjob I’d ever had. Hands down, this was the most amazing.

She swirled around the head while somehow applying suction, then went down slowly until I could feel the head in the back of her throat as she made a little gagging noise. It wouldn’t go down any further. Not that there was any left to go down. Her lips were at the base. I’m not small, but I’m not that big either. I’ll just say that I haven’t had any complaints.

“Karen… Karen, please.” I pleaded quietly. “You’re gonna have to slow down… Or… I’m gonna go if you keep doing that.”

And she barely flicked her eyes up at me. I knew she heard. But she kept going, and maybe even sucked a little harder. She must’ve known I liked that part the best. I did moan a little when she did it.

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