Snowstorm Ch. 02

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Big Dick

All of a sudden time seemed to slow to a halt – you know, one of those weird moments from a movie where you can hear the person across from you breathing, and everything but them is lost in a blur. That was how I felt as Colleen once again drew me into her arms, and as the world fell to pieces, kissed me like there was no tomorrow.

I returned it with just as much force. We stumbled across the room (her backwards, me forwards) and fell back together onto the bed. A battle of tongues ensued; I swear I could still taste myself as I ran my tongue in slow circles around Colleen’s.

“Mmm,” she groaned and rolled on top of me. Colleen then straddled my thighs; sitting up for a moment, she then reached up and pulled her navy blue sweater vest up over her head. As she did so the collar got caught up in her hair clip, resulting in the clip falling out into a beautiful avalanche of blonde hair as she freed the sweater and tossed it onto the bed next to her.

I literally almost started drooling. “Holy shit… why don’t you just wear the white blouse every day? You look so much hotter without the sweater,” I breathed.

“Exactly,” she teased in reply, reaching up and slowly starting to unbutton the uniform shirt. “I learned a while back that it just caused too much of a distraction. Not that I’m full of myself or anything… I just got tired of people looking at my chest.”

Staring me down, Colleen continued to undo her blouse at a painfully slow pace. I could feel my panties getting damp as she briefly ran her hands across her nipples and huskily whispered, “Apparently some parts of me are full of something, though.”

I couldn’t help it; I placed my hands over hers and gently caressed her breasts through the neatly pressed white linen. “They are… and they’re beautiful,” I whispered. As before on the plane, I could see antalya escort her nipples harden as we slowly ran her hands over them. She drew her hands away and gasped as I pinched each nipple in turn and slowly twisted them into hard peaks.

I reached down and finished unbuttoning her blouse then pushed it off. Colleen unhooked her basic white cotton bra and got rid of it for me.

“Boo for boring underwear,” I teased as I lowered my head to a nipple and gently kissed it.

“You try wearing something nice under that shirt… it just doesn’t work… ohhh…” Colleen’s head tilted back slightly; her hand reached up to caress the breast that I wasn’t currently working on. She then trailed her hands across my torso. “Speaking of shirts, you wanna go ahead and take that off, babe?”

I complied with her request and deftly undid the buttons on my own shirt and pulled it off along with my bra. “Nice,” she commented, and laid back down on top of me, slowly kissing me again.

Eventually we ended up on our sides, facing each other. I trailed a hand down Colleen’s body and unbuttoned her pants, then stuck a hand down them. I smiled as I discovered that she was already soaking wet.

“I haven’t even touched you yet, and look at all this,” I groaned, sliding my fingers across her crotch through her panties. “Oh, God,” she moaned in reply, her hand instantly starting to rub me through my own pants.

“These pants are a problem. They have been all day. They need to fucking come off. Now,” I continued huskily. I grabbed the waistband of both pants and panties and pushed them down her thighs; she helped me kick out of them. I didn’t waste any time in removing my own and pushed the pile of clothes off the bed.

I started to say, “Much better,” but was cut off by Colleen’s mouth meeting mine again. Our tongues battled kemer escort forcefully. It was like I was staring into a mirror for a few minutes; we rolled across the bed, moaning, hands furiously working between each other’s legs.

I managed to stop so that I was on top of Colleen again. I trailed kisses down her body, stopping just above the thatch of hair between her legs. “I want to taste you so fucking bad,” I whispered, taking a few fingers and slowly sliding them inside her. I pulled them out and slowly licked them clean, then added another finger and even more slowly drew them in and out. I could feel her clench around me and more juices drench my fingers.

“Oh, God, please…”

“What?” I teased, increasing my pace.

Colleen squirmed and moaned again; I could feel a wave of pleasure cause more wetness between my thighs. “You know what…fuck; I need to come so bad…” She placed a hand on top of my head and gently pushed down.

“Well, since you begged for it, I guess I could.” I continued to trail kisses down her left leg, then up the inside of her thigh, then finally slid my tongue in between her labia and slowly circled her clit. Colleen let out a long, low moan and buried her hands in my hair.

I reached down and slowly started to stroke myself. I could already feel Colleen begin to tremble a little as I continued to suck on her clit. Picking up my free hand off the bed, I slid a few fingers back inside her and began to pump them in and out, a little faster than before.

At this she arched up into my face and groaned again. “Oh, shit… that’s… fuck, Amanda…” I moaned into her at the sound of my name; the hand between my legs quickened. Suddenly I felt my head slowly being pushed up.

“What… what’d I do?” I whispered, sitting up confused.

“Nothing,” konyaaltı escort Colleen replied, her eyes glazed over with desire. She put a finger up in the air and turned it around in a slow circle. “Come sit on my face so we can finish this together, babe.”

“Mmm, sounds good,” I groaned. I couldn’t help but give her a wet, sloppy kiss before turning around and slowly lowering my body until I could feel Colleen’s hot breath between my legs. “Ohh, fuck yeah, that’s it,” I moaned as her tongue stroked me in pretty much the same fashion as on the plane earlier that day. I returned my mouth to her as well, and pretty soon I could feel myself start to shake.

I didn’t know what to do with my hands. They raced across the bed, attempting to grip the mattress, then eventually found a satisfactory hold on Colleen’s thighs. She had already had the same idea and was maintaining a pretty firm grip on my butt.

All too soon, it seemed, I could feel the end start to begin. I shook harder; I could feel the muscles contracting between my legs as the waves of pleasure shot more frequently and harder through me. I tried to hold out as long as I could, but I just couldn’t take it. I raised my head long enough to spit out, “Oh God Colleen, I hope you’re close, ’cause I’m coming right now…” then muffled a series of screams into her crotch.

The crappy hotel bed felt like it was going to fall apart beneath us; if we were in California I could have sworn there was an earthquake. As I continued to scream Colleen let go of me, pushed me forward a little, and while gasping for breath chose to vocalize a set of long, low moans into the air as she bucked orgasmically beneath me. I rolled off her, turned back around, and drew her into another set of frantic kisses while I strove to catch my breath as well.

Eventually it seemed like the world had pieced itself back together; we separated and laid back next to each other on the bed, breathing slowly. A few moments later Colleen sat up and looked down at me, grinning.

“I think after three months you can ask to transfer over here to Chicago Midway….”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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