Snowfalls, And Snowdrops

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The day after Thanksgiving, 7am, and here she was, sitting at her dressing table. She was hardly able to believe that she, Sara, was actually getting ready to go to work. So much had happened in her life, in this terrible year of 2003.

The loss of her dear husband Harry, in that horrific train crash in January had devastated her. The driver had fallen asleep at the controls, and 56 people had perished as they commuted to work. Her world had collapsed around her; she was so lucky to have her son, Harry Jr. to help her through the trauma. The air force had been very good, giving him compassionate leave, considering the events unfolding in Iraq. Poor Harry had been at the front of the train, and they said he died instantly, as it ploughed into the express, not that that helped Sara much, but at least she knew he didn’t suffer.

Those early months of the year were the worst she had ever known, her life empty, and she, almost devoid of feeling. The inquiry was very traumatic, bringing everything back to her, but at least it was now over. The driver would not be a free man for many years, and the compensation, plus Harry’s insurance, had left her very comfortable. The only problem now, was that she was dreading Christmas, she had never in her life been alone at Christmas. Harry Jr. was in Iraq still, a Tomcat pilot, and there was no way he could get leave.

Sara had thought about it for a while, and eventually decided to try and get a little job for the holidays, something to occupy her, and help her through. The local toy store had advertised, a person to sell the tickets, for the children to go into Santa’s grotto, starting the day after Thanksgiving. It seemed perfect for her, nothing too taxing, and she would be around children whom she loved. She missed Harry terribly, the friendship, the companionship, and the love, she would still lie in bed at night crying, praying that he would appear, take her in his arms, and make love to her again. She missed his lovemaking more than anything, he knew just how to turn her on, just a word, and she was aroused. The toys that they played with were still in the bedside table, she had looked at them many times since January, but it was so hard. She knew that she had to move on, start to live again, and she hoped, that maybe, just maybe, this was her opportunity.

At 8am, Sara was sitting in the human resources office at the store, with a man of approximately her own age, 45, and two younger ladies, girls really, students she guessed. The head of the department was explaining the protocol and procedures, and passing them handouts, all part of the induction process. The introductions were made, the man being called Dave, was to be Santa, for the next four weeks almost. The two young girls, Anna, and Nikki, were to be his elves. The first day passed so quickly for Sara, it was very busy, and she hardly had a moment to herself, apart from her lunch break, when she sat alone in the cafeteria, Sara was exhausted by the time the store closed at 6, but she felt good. So many happy smiling children had spoken to her that day, she felt that she achieved something, and that this was just the start.

As the holiday season progressed, and the first days of December passed by, the four of them got into a routine, and, they were a good team, knitting together well. Working from 9 till 5, with an hour for lunch at 1 each day. They started sitting together at lunch on a regular basis, and Sara liked the two young girls. Yes they were a little brash and loud at times, but then, so had she been at that age. What did surprise her though, was there openness about sex, they would discuss it so frankly, and how she wished her youth had been like that. And sometimes, even though her and Harry had shared an open and varied sex life, they surprised her. Dave said very little at first, he seemed a shy man, slightly withdrawn, but gradually, he too began to open up. He was recently divorced, and because of that had become unemployed, due to the fact the business he and his wife had run, had been sold. He said he had taken this job, just to pass the time, and get him through Christmas, until the New Year. Sara told him she could understand that, there being certain parallels with her own situation. In the privacy of her own home in the evenings, she realised what a nice man Dave really was, she began to wonder about him, but quickly dismissed the thoughts, he would not be interested in her.

On the Saturday two weeks before Christmas, Dave did not join them for lunch, saying he had some shopping to do. Anna and Nikki were their usual bright bouncy selves, in the green elves uniforms, laughing and joking. They had no idea how just being with them, was so infectious for Sara, how they lifted her spirits, even if they did treat her like a surrogate Mom at times. Always asking for advice, about boyfriends, and gifts for their families. Sara did not mind at all, if anything it made her feel wanted, something that had been sadly missing from her life recently. The girls had been whispering as Sara canlı bahis ate her lunch, which they did occasionally, but on this day, they pulled Sara into the conversation. Anna asking Sara’s opinion on swallowing, when she was giving her boyfriend a blowjob. Telling her that she was unsure, afraid of gagging and being sick, or catching something.

Sara smiled to herself, remembering the taste of Harry, when he came in her mouth, or on her tits, watching as she rubbed it in, and then licked her fingers. She explained quietly to them both, how wonderful it was to swallow your man’s cum, what a gift it was to him. Telling them the joy of feeling it slipping down her throat, the taste of him, the delicious salty flavours. They stared at her in shock, when she told them about pineapples, unable to believe, that if he ate one during the day, he would later taste of it. They set off in a fit off giggles, laughing about ordering a dozen pineapples for Christmas. Sara smiled at them, and assured them it was true, she knew from personal experience. From then on, Sara became their personal sexual counsellor almost, every day; they would come to her in her ticket office, whispering questions to her.

Dave meanwhile was the complete opposite, he was great with the children, when doing his Santa act, but very reserved in conversation. Sara, who was coming out of her shell now, thanks to Anna and Nikki, decided, that at the right moment, she would try to help him if possible. The opportunity came a few days later, when the girls went out for lunch, and he and Sara shared their table alone. Surprising even herself, she just came straight out with it, asking if something was bothering him, as he seemed quite low. At first he didn’t want to talk about it, telling her he was fine, just a little under the weather, but Sara knew better. Letting him know, that if there ever was something wrong, she was a good listener, and it always helped to get things off your chest. Slowly but surely he opened up to her, admitting that he was low, and quite unhappy in fact. The reason being his ex wife was getting married in a few days, to the man she had run off with, Dave’s best friend.

Sara was at first a little taken aback, but soon recovered her composure, letting him now he was not alone, and if he needed to talk, or a shoulder, she would be there. She too was alone, she reminded him, and knew exactly how difficult it was, but, she, and he, had to move on, and not live in the past. He smiled, agreeing, telling her that he knew this was so, but it was hard, very hard. Sara gave him her phone number, telling him softly, that if it got real bad, he could always call her, and they could talk it through. By the time the two girls returned, he was smiling, if only a little, but he was smiling. The afternoon passed fairly quickly, many children smiling happily as they passed through the grotto, much to Sara’s delight. Then as they were leaving for the day, Dave stopped her just inside the door, and hugged her, whispering as he did so, thanking her for what she had said to him. Then, just as quickly, he was gone, off into the dark December night.

That evening Sara sat in her chair after dinner, quietly contemplating her new life, as she now called it. Realising that the two short weeks of working at the store had already changed her. Meeting so many new people during the day, interacting with them. The children, parents, and grandparents too, it gave her such a warm feeling, the holidays always seemed to bring out the best in people. Then there was Anna and Nikki, who she supposed, had stunned her really, with their open sexuality, admitting that they slept together occasionally, and both being bi-sexual. They were even thinking of inviting a boyfriend to join them one night; and truthfully, she hoped they would, as long as they told her all about it afterwards. They had been responsible also, for a small resurgence in her sexual feelings, twice in the past week; she had sat on the bed, and opened “their” drawer, looking at the toys. But she could not bring herself to use them, there were so many memories there, even thinking about them made the tears well up.

And that left Dave, Sara felt sad for him, knowing in a way what he was going through, and wishing that she could help him. Ease the pain, and lift his spirit again, the poor guy was so down. She looked at the clock, just before 9, far too early for bed, that the left the TV, and the inane meanderings of what passed for entertainment now. She rose from the chair, crossing to the TV, when the phone rang. Turning away from the TV, she picked up the phone, wondering, and hoping that it was her son, then realising it could not be, due to the distance and time difference. Before she could even say hello, Dave spoke to her, apologising for ringing, but obviously in a highly charged state, and very emotional. He told her that he had just had a call from his ex-wife, taunting him, telling him how good in bed this new man was, and that he was a failure. Sara knew instinctively that he had been bahis siteleri crying, and probably still was, and tried to think quickly on what to say to him. She told Dave that his wife did not really mean it; she was just being spiteful, trying to hurt him for her own pleasure. Suggesting to him, that he put the phone down if she called again, or asked the phone company to block her from calling him. Gradually he calmed down, even if he did pour his heart out to Sara, telling her he found it easier to talk on the phone, not as embarrassing to admit he was a failure.

Sara stopped him, telling him he was not a failure, bur a fine upstanding handsome man, and he was to stop thinking otherwise. He needed to think instead about the future, his future, get a game plan, and stick to it. Forget his wife, her spite, and her unfaithfulness. Eventually he agreed in a way, saying that he knew she was right, and asking if she minded talking again sometime, when he was a little less upset. Sara told him they could talk anytime he desired, all he had to do was ask. She never did watch the TV that night, instead sitting in her chair, wondering, not just about Dave and his future, but her own as well. In two weeks it would be Christmas Eve, and at 4pm on that day, the job ended. What then she thought, what then?

Sara awoke with a start, at 6am the next morning, it was dark, she felt cold, and turned on the bedside light. As she looked, she realised, the quilt was not covering her, and it was on the floor. Not only that, her nightie was gathered around her waist. She was confused a little, until it slowly came back to her. The dream. For some inexplicable reason, she had been in the store, late at night, long after closing time. Wearing only a loose tee shirt, which she was trying to pull down, to cover her nakedness, The lights were on in Santa’s Grotto, not the normal subdued coloured ones, but almost full daylight it seemed as she approached. She stepped inside, and the first thing she saw was Anna and Nikki, going 69 with each other on the floor.

Then she heard Dave call her name, and looked up, to see that he was sitting in Santa’s sleigh, wearing all the costume, and waving to her. She waved back, still trying to stretch her T-shirt to cover her sex, and watched in disbelief, as Dave opened his coat. He was naked underneath, and holding his cock, smiling at her. She could not stop herself from looking at it; it had been so long since she had seen one in the flesh so to speak. He was bigger than Harry, maybe 7 inches to Harry’s five and a half, and thicker too. She suddenly wanted him, and went to move towards him, but she couldn’t, her feet seemed locked in place. Then everything changed, the two girls were in the sleigh with him, kneeling either side of his legs. They now had their elf uniforms on, and were licking his cock and balls, as they looked at her smiling. They told her that they were going to suck his cock to make him cum, and then let him fuck them both, any way that he wanted. Sara stood there, still trying to cover her pussy, as she watched them. Sucking him, rubbing his hard shaft up and down, faster and faster, as he lay there, moaning. Dave’s eyes closed, as his body tensed, and he came with a roar, a growl so loud it shook the room. His cum spurted from his cock, a jet so strong, it crossed the room, screaming towards her, as she stood 12 feet away. She felt it hit her, hot and sticky, onto her hand, and her bush, she tried to wipe her hand on her T-shirt, and that was the moment that she had woken.

She could still feel his cum on her, even though she knew it was a dream, and moved her hand to her bush, to wipe it off. It was dry, she moved it a little lower, then gasped at how wet she was, and her pussy was soaked. This had not happened since Harry died, she could not believe it, and touched herself again. It felt so nice; she kept her hand there, her left hand automatically going to her breast, and the nipple, now hard and erect. She could not stop herself, and slowly inserted a finger, moaning out loudly at the delicious pleasure. She probed deeper, then searched around, to touch her G spot. The moment she felt the spongy flesh, she came, crying out at the unexpected pleasure, her head rocking, as she flooded her pussy.

She lay there for ten minutes, still unable to grasp what had happened, trying to take control of her emotions, to understand the meaning of it all. She gathered all her thoughts, trying to be rational, to get something from this event. Was her body, her mind, telling her something? Was this a defining moment in her life? She thought about it long and hard, before deciding that Yes, it was time, and from now on, the world would see a new Sara Minton. She took a shower, ad her thoughts kept spiralling through her mind, as she held the showerhead to wash her pussy, the jets cascading onto her curly tight bush, she made the first decision.

To shave, Harry had loved to lick and kiss her smooth Mons, but since his death, she had let it grow again. Never feeling the need or bahis şirketleri desire to shave. But then, that morning in December, her new life was to begin. She sat a little later, at her dressing table, with a mirror to hand, and carefully removed every trace of her pubic hair. Stroking herself afterwards, delighting in the smooth silky feel, that she remembered so well. She also felt a little sad, a tear beginning to well up inside, but she checked herself, knowing that it was time to move forward, not reflect. She looked again in her “toy” drawer, redundant for many months and months now. Seeing the large vibrator, the thin white plastic one, and the cuffs. She knew that she could never use them again, for they contained so many memories. Sighing softly, she wrapped them, and placed them in the back of her closet. She took out the silk underwear, that she had purchased from Victoria’s Secret, after the funeral, but never had the courage to wear. It was so soft against her face, as she held it to her cheek, smiling in pleasure. That was the second phase of Sara’s rehabilitation, after her shave. Driving into work that morning, Sara felt good, indeed, she felt better than she had in almost a year, not quite understanding why, but happy that she did.

Driving into the car park, Sara saw Dave, standing by the rear entrance, and wondered if he was waiting for someone. Locking the car, she turned to walk to the store, and was surprised to see him, striding purposefully toward her. When he reached her, he was full of apology, about disturbing her evening, and pouring his troubles out over the phone. Sara would hear none of it; taking his hand in hers she told him they were friends, not just workmates. He could call anytime, and that a problem shared, was a problem eased. He smiled, thanking her, and say that he would never forget her kindness. They entered the store together, each then going to their respective changing rooms. Nikki was already changed, and sat on a chair, reading something when Sara entered, and they exchanged the usual polite greetings. The door opened, and Anna came bounding in, full of the joys of spring it seemed. She could not wait to speak to Nikki, telling her that “It” had arrived, and that ”It “ was awesome. Sara watched, a smile upon her face, thinking how wonderful it was to be so young and carefree. The two girls sat there for a while, giggling over whatever it was that Nikki was reading, as they waited to start work.

The morning passed uneventfully, the usual crowds of happy excited children, and leg weary mothers. Yet Sara had a smile on her face, the whole time, nothing would faze her today, she just knew it, and felt so alive. Dave only stopped with them for a few minutes at lunchtime, saying he had some shopping to do, and left as soon as he had finished eating. Once that he had gone, Nikki pulled the same thing she had been reading earlier, from her bag She was giggling again, and wondering out loud if she should buy a rabbit also. Anna laughed, and offered to take it round to Nikki`s apartment that evening. Sara made a comment about how nice it was to have a pet, and the two girls nearly fell from their seats laughing, as she looked on, totally bemused. Anna passed Sara the brochure, her finger pointing to the words

“Jack Rabbit.” It only took a second or two for Sara to realise just what kind of rabbit this was, a vibrator, a sex toy, she blushed and handed the brochure quickly back to Anna. Before going to the ladies room, slightly embarrassed at her feelings, and sitting alone in there. Anna joined her, and apologised for offending her, kissing her cheek and hugging her. She could see the tears that had recently run across Sara’s cheek. Sara, smiled at Anna, and explained that it was not her fault, telling her that it was only a few hours earlier, that she had stored away the toys from her marriage. Seeing the brochure had got to her, rekindled old memories, of happier times. They hugged again, then Anna left her again, but not before suggesting to Sara, that maybe it was time for some new toys, for her benefit and enjoyment, as just everyone used them now. Sara had to admit to herself, Anna had a point, and this was the first day of her new life, so why not. She would ask if she could borrow the brochure, improve her education a little, and maybe, just maybe purchase something. When she started work again, Dave was already in his place in the grotto, and she did not see him all afternoon, it was so busy, now that school had finished for the holidays. Anna popped in to see how she was, and seemed delighted when Sara asked if she could borrow the brochure, smiling broadly she agreed without hesitation. Mentioning that if Sara needed advice about any of the products, she only had to ask. The afternoon passed quickly, Sara smiling at all the children, and feeling very pleased with her self, it was going well. Anna passed her the brochure, winking at her, as they changed from their uniforms in the locker room. Sara quickly placing it at the bottom of her bag, in case anyone saw it, and then feeling foolish for bring so prudish, she placed it on the top. Saying goodnight to Anna and Nikki, she headed for the exit, where she found Dave, waiting for her again, wondering, was this becoming a habit of his.

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