Snowboarding Anal Encounter

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Mara and I had recently started to explore the aspects of exhibitionism. The idea of having sex in a semi public place was appealing to us both. Thus we sat down and started to plan our first adventure into the unknown…

Being winter and with plenty of snow on the ground, we decided to aim at having sex in the great outdoors. We live in a fairly populated area and had trouble thinking of where to execute our dirty little plan.

The next day at work I herd an ad for one of the local ski slopes. Then it hit me. We could go to the local ski slopes during a weeknight when it was deserted, veer off into the woods on one of the runs and have some snow bunny type fun. I couldn’t wait to get home and tell Mara. I could almost imagine her tiny little frame in her snow pants with her jacket unzipped and her beautiful breasts hanging out, the cold winter air making her nipples so hard they could almost break off. I started to get hard just thinking of it, so I had to quickly distract myself with something on my desk to try to get my dick to settle down.

I raced home from work and excitedly explained my idea to Mara. “I love it” she said with a huge smile on her face. Over dinner we made the plans more concrete and went into detail of how we were going to pull this off. We would go to one of our favorite ski slopes to do some snowboarding. Mara would not wear any underwear, elastic sweat pants and her snow pants. Also she was going to go without any shirt, and jut her jacket on. I would wear pants with a button-fly and snow pants. That way I could have my cock hanging out of my pants and only a thin layer of snow pants to pull down to get access. Mara liked this idea, and took the initiative to make a slit in the crotch of her sweat pants so she didn’t have to pull them down either. We would go out on a Monday night deciding that that was usually the slowest time.

The days flew by and soon it was Monday. I made record time getting home from work and found that Mara was just as excited as I was. She had gotten everything ready and offered to load the car while I changed and got ready. “Sure” I said as I raced past her into the house to change. I found all of the clothes that I would be needing laid out on the bed for me including my socks. ‘She isn’t fooling around’ I thought to myself as I dressed quickly. Soon I was out the door and we were off to the slopes.

We were driving and Mara just kept looking erotik film izle over at me and smiling. Every once in a while she would lean her head back and relax. It was a hour and a half drive to the resort that we were going to. We went through small town after small town twisting and turning through the hills on our way. It was in one of these small towns that we stopped at a stoplight and I looked over at Mara to find her with her legs slightly spread and her hand inside of the tare in her sweat pants. She was slowly working the length of herself by the looks of it. This would explain her leaning her head back and closing her eyes. “Having fun without me,” I asked. With her eyes still closed, her only response was a simple “Yup”. Then I could see the unmistakable movement of her hand as she slammed fingers into her pussy. Now that she knew I was watching she was going to put on a show.

Suddenly I herd a car horn and almost jumped out of my seat. The light was green and I was sitting there like an idiot. The car behind me wanted me to get moving. I started to proceed with our journey as Mara laughed her ass off at me.

“Like the show” she asked. “See for yourself” I responded, pointing to my crotch. I had gotten so hard watching her I was straining the material of my pants. Mara reached over and started to undo my fly. Soon her expert hands had fished my cock out of my pants and were giving it a tender stroke. She then leaned over and started licking the entire shaft. She came back to the head and slid almost the entire length down her throat and held it there. She had been practicing this trick and wanted to show off for me. While it was held in her mouth she started to swirl her tongue and hum. Oh my! The humming always did something special don’t ask me why. Soon I was having trouble keeping my eyes on the road. I felt my seed start to stir and knew it wasn’t going to long until I filled her mouth with my cum.

Just as suddenly as she started, she pulled her head back up and wiped her saliva-covered mouth. “We need to save that liquid heat for the slopes. I have a feeling I’ll need you to warm me up once we start” she said with a grin.

Soon we were at the main Chalet and purchasing our lift passes. We couldn’t wait. We knew exactly where we were going to accomplish our playtime and headed off to our destination.

Sure enough there was practically no one on the slopes that night. We film izle worked our way down a couple runs and across the resort to the secluded area that we had planned on. There was a fresh layer of powder on top of the base and our snowboards made good time to our little snow-covered playground.

When we arrived to the hill that we planned on ditching into the woods halfway down the run on, we were glad to see that the lift was not operating that night and some of the lights were off. I guess with such little business on Mondays they didn’t want to have all of the lifts operating. We rode the previous lift up to the top. The two lifts shared a similar departing area to begin the hill, but the hills went different directions.

We started our run and just like planned halfway down the run I veered off the main path into the woods with Mara close behind. We got to a good area and took off our snowboards. Mara went over to a tree and leaned against it. She then unzipped her jacket half way and exposed her beautiful tits to the moonlight. I was instantly hard. I went over to her and pinned her to the tree. Laying a hard kiss to her lips, I fondled her breast with one hand, and slid the other down the waistband of her snow pants. She was latterly DRIPPING down her leg she was so excited.

I slid a finger then two then three into her sopping snatch. I could hear her moaning into my mouth. I felt her tugging the waistband of my snow pants down and undoing the fly of my pants. Soon she had my cock in the moonlight and was tugging away at it. Mara broke our kiss and looked me in the eye. “FUCK ME” is all she said as she pushed me away, pulled her snow pants down, turned around, planted her hands on the tree and looked over her shoulder with a huge grin. I didn’t need to be asked twice. I walked up to her and slid right into her dripping hole. I slid all the way in so my balls slapped her clit in one stroke. “ARRGGhhhh” was the only sound that could be hers from both of us. I stayed there deep in her pussy for a while just enjoying the warmth of her cunt. It was a drastic contrast to the cold of the winter air. Soon I started to slam into Mara with an increasing force. She steadied herself with the tree while trying to subdue her screams of pleasure by biting her lip and thrashing her head around like she was possessed.

While continuing my assault on her sopping cunt, I reached down and started to rub my index finger seks filmi izle on her puckered anus. To my pleasant surprise I found it moist from her juices and gave easily to pressure. I slowly inserted my finger to the second knuckle and then took it almost all the way out. After a few slow insertions, I was finger fucking her anus to the same tempo as I was slamming her slit. I then took my finger out and slowly inserted two. Mara was now so worked up all she was doing was shaking and holding on to the tree for dear life. I’m not sure how many times she had climaxed, but she was in her own state of Zen.

Once her anus was nice and relaxed I removed everything I had inside her body in one swift pull leaving her to feel empty. A loud whimper escaped her lips. I positioned my cock at the entrance of her bowels and started to push. “Oh god yes, fuck my ass” were the first words spoken from the time we started this. I easily slid into her anus and started a slow movement. Soon I was building up momentum and could feel my balls slapping against her well-fucked cunt. I continued to slam in and out of her well greased rectum and could feel her squeezing her anal ring every time I withdrew to simulate her ass sucking my cock. God I loved this. The intermittent cold breeze did wonders to distract me from climaxing too early and was a great contrast to the heat of her bowels.

Soon I could feel my climaxing climbing it’s way through my body. I could feel my cock start to swell. Mara could feel this as well and knew what was about to happen. With a few more deep thrusts I started to spurt my fire hot cum deep inside her anus. “That’s soooo hot” Mara said as she started to convulse into another orgasm. I kept slamming in and out of her gaping anus and my cock just kept spurting and spurting. I guess all that teasing in the car had really built up a huge load inside of me.

I slowed my pace as my semen stopped erupting from my cock. I slowly withdrew from her ass and took a couple steps back. There in the moonlight I could see Mara, hanging onto a tree, with a hole in the back of her sweatpants. I could also see her gaping cunt and anus in the dim light. Just as some of my cum started to leak from her ass a slight breeze came by and her anus snapped closed and she stood up quickly. “Ohhh, that’s cold” she said as she pulled up her snow pants.

We tided up and strapped back into our snowboards. I tell you. Trying to finish that hill with wobbly knees was a trick. We got back to the Chalet to warm up and sat down with some hot chocolate and two huge smiles.

Sodomite. ^__^

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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