Skye was Her Limit

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This story has been collaborated by two authors and written from her own perspective. Brittni4u and Skye_sub are two bisexual females who, through fate, met up for a passionate girl on girl experience. We hope that you read and enjoy both versions.


I had just landed my first Pharmacist job near San Diego and had been working about a month. I had thought all those years in school were going to pay off and eventually they would but as the low person on the totem pole, I was the young 24 year old, stuck working the closing hours and weekends and on that night, it was both. Lucky me.

As always, I tried to look professional with my long dark blonde hair up in a messy bun while wearing business clothes under my lab coat. I had on high heels but may have regretted that decision as we were so busy, I had been on my feet for several hours without a break. I was behind the counter, working on a couple of insurance issues even when the privately owned pharmacy had closed. I was beat but had a few things to wrap up before I could leave for the night.

Nathan, the clerk in front, was supposed to lock the door so we could complete our duties while customers filed out. With my hair starting to fall and still thinking about how much my feet and back hurt, I was not in the best of moods. The door buzz had told me that the last patron had finally exited the store.

As I was engrossed in finishing, I felt like someone was close by. I was praying it was just Nathan straightening something up. Without moving my head, I peered upward and through my fallen hair, I could see a lady who looked like she was in need of something.

Using my hand, I tucked the fallen strand behind my ear, straightened my sore back and curtly asked, “Can I help you?”

The lady was pretty with her half wet long flowing black hair and large piercing greenish hazel eyes. She was wearing tight jeans with a hole in the knee and a tight black tank top that displayed her firm boobs. She looked what I called worker strong which meant she was toned and fit like someone would be just from their everyday job. She smiled widely, and in a slight Canadian accent, asked, “Uh…hi. Are you open?”

I was anxious to leave so with an atypical impatient tone, I responded, “For the moment, it would seem, since you are in here. How did you get in anyway? The door should have been locked because we closed five minutes ago.”

I didn’t want to be rude but I will admit, I was half listening when she continued, “Um…I see…well the door was open and I just came in. Listen, I won’t be long. I have crazy sore shoulders from driving down from Canada you see…I’m a trucker and well…it has been a long stressful drive.”

I was proud that I was correct on guessing her accent. Just like that, she switched the subject, “Holy shit, I mean do they ever have decent weather in Yellowstone? Every time I have to pass though, I feel like the place is directly opposed to my presence and tries to kill me with its terrible weather. Anyway…I was hoping you’d have a pain reliever or a muscle relaxant so I could sleep. Seems like I’ll be stuck in my truck for another couple of days at least. I ran out of logbook hours. Hmmmm…I guess you probably don’t care about most of that.”

I thought that lady was talking a mile a minute so I laughed tongue-in-cheek mockingly as I gestured with my hand, “Oh yes…I can see you will be very brief. Ugh…just go on and look around and take your time.”

I was surprised by her laughing at herself and my annoyance. I lightly shook my head thinking, “What kind of crazy girl have we let in?”

She apologized, “I’m sorry. I suppose you didn’t need my life story, although I had a very interesting childhood. I could tell you about it, if you have a spare hour or two.”

After hearing her humor, I realized that my tired annoyance had nothing to do with her. I looked up and saw a half smile coming from the side of her mouth and my impatience just melted away. She was in pain and trying to make the best of a bad situation with her sass and needed my help. I giggled, “I think I’ll pass.” It was I who needed forgiven, “I apologize…I have had a bad day and we were closed but Nathan forgot to lock the door…again.”

I returned her humor with a friendly chuckle, “Now I’m telling you my life story. We have plenty of muscle relaxants in aisle five.”

She thanked me and I wanted to make sure she selected the best one for her trouble. I stepped out from behind the counter to help her the best I could. The poor lady was scanning the store to locate the section I had advised. She glanced my way and I signaled her with my moving finger.

When she approached my direction that is when I realized how beautiful she was. I was 5’6 and even with my heels on, she was still just slightly taller than me. She smelled amazing and I was taken back by her presence. She wore a Celtic armband tattoo around her biceps which for me, displayed a level of toughness antalya escort combined with her sexy femininity.

I held up the best medicine we had without a prescription and advised, “Here is what you’re looking for.” I then thought about my boyfriend and how he was going out that evening, drinking with his buddies and added, “I don’t know what your plans are for the evening, but I must warn you that you shouldn’t drink alcohol while taking these relaxants.”

She casually responded, “Oh, well. I guess I knew as much. I was planning on a quiet evening, anyway.” There was an awkward pause, then she subtly asked without asking, “Unless by some chance a pretty blonde pharmacist wished to join me for a drink later…then I suppose I might be convinced to suffer in silence for the pleasure of your company.”

It took me a second to process what she had just asked. Was she just wanting me to hang out or was she asking me out? Even though I had a boyfriend, I had once fooled around with a girl in college. It was exciting and different and those same electric feelings I had felt then were rushing through me again. I estimated her about 10 years older than me which only added to my intrigue.

When I saw her tilted-head smile and that gleam in her eye, I knew it was more than just a hangout session she wanted. With a half grin of my own, I answered, “Hmmmm…Firstly, I can’t imagine you doing anything silent and secondly, I have to say I’ve heard better lines.”

Her beautiful smile widened and confidently continued with the witty sass, “Fair enough. Perhaps I can reason with you. It’s just you haven’t heard about my childhood yet…so you should probably say…yes.”

I chuckled while trying to give it back to her, “Haa…well that would probably be a shame but luckily there’s always therapy.” I was exhausted and wanted to go home but I didn’t want to leave her there when I offered, “We will see about that drink later but for now, I’m leaving here and I’m guessing you will need a ride. I’m pretty sure I just saw your cab leaving the parking lot.”

She blurted, “Oh, for fuck’s sake! Uh…I mean thank you. A ride would be delightful.”

I loved her realism. Her vibe was like, “Here I am and I ain’t changing for anyone.” Nathan rang up her purchase while I excused myself to the changing room. I always kept a few outfits in my locker just in case I had an unplanned outing and didn’t have time to change before going home. I began to get second thoughts about not going out while gaining my second wind. I knew my boyfriend was going to be gone, so I decided if my trucker girl asked me again, I was going to get a drink with her.

Just in case, I slipped on a short dark blue summer dress that matched the black high heels I was wearing. It had built-in support so no bra was needed. After taking my hair down and touching up my makeup, I found my keys and jumped into my silver and black corvette convertible and drove around to the front. The beautiful trucker girl jumped into the passenger side and just as the door closed, I squealed the tires on the pavement, proving that my reputation for having a lead foot was warranted.

Taking a hand from the wheel and extending it, I formally introduced myself, “I’m Brittni, by the way, but you can call me Britt.” She shook my hand and told me that her name was Skye which I thought was just the coolest name. I then gave a faint smile with my lips turned up and answered wryly, “Yes…Skye the Canadian truck driver with the fascinating childhood.”

She rambled, “Oh…um…perhaps I played that up a bit but yes, that’s me. And my childhood, well I…for one feel that people bandy about the term child prodigy a little too much. Anyway, you wouldn’t want to hear about it…very cliché.”

That done it! I laughed and shook my head, “You are quite possibly insane, aren’t you?”

She winked, “All the more reason to have a drink with me.”

I had given in when I responded, “I wouldn’t say that. I generally make a habit of avoiding insane people but it has been a very long, shitty day and how could I possibly make it worse by drinking with a stranger at a truck-stop? Wait…don’t answer that.”

We both had a good laugh. We eventually pulled into the truck-stop parking lot with all the rigs parked this way and that. We walked into a little dive and sat down together at the bar. As I scanned the run-down establishment, I commented, “Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d be drinking in a truck-stop bar with a pretty Canadian trucker girl.”

Skye sighed then joked self-deprecatingly, “I’m in these place all the time…it comes with the territory. They aren’t so bad if you lower your standards sufficiently…come to think of it…that advice applies to this Canadian trucker girl too.”

Her humor was cute but an inaccurate assessment. On the contrary, she was stunning and had I thought that, I wouldn’t have been sitting in a truck-stop bar, drinking with her.

After kepez escort a few hours and even more drinks, I was getting tipsy. My loud and flirtatious mode was revealing itself. Guys were buying the rounds and we accepted them graciously. At one point, I just about fell when I got up to pee, stumbled and abruptly sat back down with my dress flopping up to my waist exposing my thong covered pussy.

I looked over and Skye was staring at my silk covered crotch and I wasn’t in any hurry to cover it. I giggled, “Look…my panties are showing for everyone to see and guess what…I don’t care.”

Skye gave a quick comment under her breath before quickly changing the subject, “I love looking at that, Why is it so easy to talk to you?”

I was thinking because we had such an amazing connection but I smiled warmly and gibed, “Perhaps because you never stop talking?”

I could tell that she was also feeling good due to the effects of our drinking as she gave me the cutest crooked smile during her response, “I stop…well, sometimes I stop…but yes, mostly I just keep going.”

I flirtatiously admitted the truth, “I wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t enjoying it. You are funny and just the right amount of strange.” I put my elbow up on the bar and leaned toward her with a curled lip whisper, “But…I still wonder what it would take to shut you up?” Of course in my mind, I could think of a few things.

We both made scorching eye contact when she responded, “I can imagine a few ways you could keep me silent for a little while, anyway.”

Lost in the moment, I resisted the urge to kiss her in public when I asked with one eyebrow raised, “Can you now?

“Have you ever seen the inside of a semi?” She bluntly asked.

The truth was that I had not ever been inside one. I thought it was a great suggestion. I excitedly said, “No! Oh my God…you have to show me.”

Mocking my eagerness, she teased, “Now?”

I thought, “Oh it’s on right now,” when I gave it back at her with a mischievous smile, “Unless you can think of a reason why not.” Then I discreetly pointed at a bearded unattractive trucker that had been hitting on us all night, “Maybe you’d like to show him your truck instead. I’m sure he would just love to show you his.”

Her eyes widened in protest, “Uhhh…yuck! I am going to go with ‘no’ for obvious reasons.”

“Hmmmm,” I said bringing my hand to my chin in a thoughtful pose, then directed my gaze to the much more handsome bartender, “Maybe him?”

With her haunting hazel eyes, Skye looked deeply into my mine while answering, “Perhaps someday but definitely not today when I have the attention of the most beautiful girl in the bar. I think it’s obvious to everyone here, I would be doing astronomically better by taking you.”

I blushed and was speechless as I got that warm flitter in my stomach. She put her hand on top of mine, stood up and gently pulled me with her. We walked hand in hand out of the bar like we were a couple. I was so wet between my legs that my thong was sticking to my lips. At that point, I would have followed her toward a moving truck.

I softly mumbled to myself, “This has been a very strange day. I would never have guessed it would turn out this way.”

We were walking in the parking lot under the warm night breeze. Suddenly, Skye paused in her steps and we were standing in between two huge semi-trucks away from the prying eyes of anyone. I wanted her to kiss me and I think she wanted to but we both sort of gazed into each other’s eyes. I broke the awkward silence with a grin, “Maybe I should go back in and talk to that bartender myself?”

She growled through a mischievous smile of her own, “You better fucking not.”

Skye was no longer hesitant and swiftly moved in for a kiss before I was able to say another word. She was seductively removing all my strawberry lip gloss with her moist lips. Her breath tasted of sweet alcohol which made me hotter as our kiss deepened and all I could do was melt passively against her.

I was weak at the knees as she took control with her hand to my throat and pushed me back against a truck without losing our locked lips. Our kiss intensified and she slipped her tongue in my mouth for me to suck on. Her hand moved from my throat to my face and she held my soft cheek while sliding her lips to my neck. Her warm breath, her soft tongue and her moist lips made me moan. I closed my eyes as I tilted my head towards the stars while enjoying the heat from a badass femme that I had met only hours before.

My nipples were hard as diamonds inside my dress and when she pressed her body up against mine, our height difference caused my breasts to nestle perfectly below hers. She ran both hands down my face and cupped my ass while lifting me off my feet. I was impressed by her strength and even more turned on. I wrapped my legs around her waist and the side of the Peterbilt helped her hold me up.

She brought manavgat escort her lips back to my mouth and began to grind her hips in between my legs causing me to writhe and moan louder against her body. She broke our kiss and whispered, “I want you right here!” I felt the same way but with all the noise we were making, I was surprised someone hadn’t heard us.

I jumped when we heard a truck door open and a loud angry voice yell, “What in the blue-blazes, ever loving fuck is going on out there?” He had to think someone was trying to vandalize his big rig.

We both stopped our passionate dry humping to look up and see the angry, puffy, red face of a trucker. We were busted and even though we slightly cared, we really didn’t. We were much too into each other and that is what mattered most at that moment.

Skye acted like she was concerned and I just giggled when I detected her sarcasm, “Oh shit…um…sorry sir. Your truck seems to have gotten in the way of our…um…”

He growled, “It got in the way of your fucking? Ya’ll can bring your hot asses inside my bunk with me instead of trying to break own the wall from the outside.”

Like a ventriloquist, Skye responded without moving her mouth, “Uh…yikes.” She dropped me to my feet and added, “We better carry on, sir. Sorry, again.” She grabbed my hand pulled me away with her before he could respond. While we darted, I was trying to keep up but while in the dress and high heels, it was a difficult task. We both were giggling along the way.

He called out after us, “Hey! No worries, girls! You just made my day…hell…you just made my whole year!”

We continued holding hands and when the click, click, click of my heels trying to keep up had finally ceased, we found ourselves standing in front of Skye’s truck. She smiled and dramatically gestured while pointing her hand, palm upward, “Madam, your chariot awaits.”

She politely opened the door for me and stepped back to allow me to go first. I thought that was a thoughtful touch. I couldn’t believe how high you had to step just to get up into the cab. As I climbed the steps, I glanced back to see Skye looking up my dress at my ass. I grinned as she mumbled, “Mmmm.”

I plopped down behind the wheel. I admired the size and was officially impressed that anyone could drive it. She walked around and came through the passenger door and sat beside me. I exclaimed with my eyes wide open, “Wow! There are so many buttons and switches and gears. How can you drive this thing?”

Skye laughed, “It keeps my hands strong and my fingers in good shape for other things.”

I played coy, “Oh…I wonder what ‘things’ you might be referring to?”

She responded with a sinister giggle, “I think that is something best demonstrated.”

My pussy was still gooey from our earlier make-out kiss up against the truck. She reached her hand over and gently grazed my leg. Her hands were tough from all her manual work, yet soft and feminine to the touch. She delicately ran them up my inner thigh to the warm, damp crevice between my legs. I craved her touch, so after a deep moan, I firmly grasped her hand and brought it into contact with my covered labia.

Raising her eyebrows and in a nurturing tone, she sighed, “Ah ha. You are wearing silk panties. When I saw them earlier in the bar, I was wondering.”

Lifting my hand and teasingly running the back of my fingers along her mouth, I whispered, “What naughty thoughts you have about strangers you just meet.”

“You should hear what I’m thinking at this moment about this gorgeous blonde pharmacist I just met,” she breathed while punctuating her words by kissing my fingers.

I gazed at her and copied her earlier response, “I’ve always preferred demonstrations to testimonials.”

With her middle finger, she began rubbing my clit through my panties and I gasped from the immediate sensation. I needed her touch and I was getting wetter by the second. She shifted to a circular rub and after we leaned in and met each other halfway, I murmured softly in her ear before flicking my tongue on her lobe then running it down along her neck. I kissed and lapped at the sweet smelling cleft where her neck met her shoulder. It was so sensual that within a minute I was close to orgasm.

Using her free hand, Skye flipped a switch from under my seat and it swiveled so that it was facing her. She stood over me, carefully keeping her hand busy between my legs and bending her upper body so that we could kiss. She started slowly but increased her tempo to match the pressure she was putting on my swollen clit. Using her teeth, she nibbled and sucked on my lips, causing me to whimper. I was on fire and needed her to make me climax.

“How is this for a demonstration?” She questioned between kisses.

I softly responded, “Mmmm…so good. Better than any I’ve seen on YouTube.”

“Oh gee…stiff competition,” she smiled and slid her body down mine until she was on her knees between mine. I spread my legs to give her easy access while she hooked her fingers on both sides of my panties and with her fingers playing on my legs, she said, “You won’t be needing these.” In one swift motion, they slid down my legs, stopping almost to my knees.

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