Shyam, Savita Bhabi , Kajal Ch. 01

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Author’s Notes:

I counsel patience to readers who are keen to quickly get to the juicy, “action packed” parts of my story. While I will eventually get there, my main purpose is to tell what I hope is a good story.

Conversations that took place in Hindi and are recorded as such initalics, immediately followed by a translation in English. Readers familiar with Hindi might find it rewarding to read through the original Hindi conversations. Others can conveniently skip them.


Although they were Marathi speaking, Shyam Belekar and his wife Renu lived in a small one bedroom apartment in a predominantly Gujarati speaking area of the suburb of Ghatkopar in Mumbai. They had been married just eight months ago. Shyam, aged around 25, was a tall, dark, well-built, handsome guy. He sported a natty, well trimmed moustache so popular with Indian men. Renu was of medium height, fair, very attractive, with bright eyes, dimpled smile and a full, well endowed figure. Both dressed well and made a strikingly good-looking pair. Shyam worked in a large manufacturing company as a shop floor supervisor. He was ambitious, diligent and hard-working. Renu, aged around 22, was a typical home-maker.

They were very much in love. In fact, Shyam was besotted with Renu. While at work, he could hardly wait for his shift to end so that he could return home to his attractive, sexy wife. As is quite common in India, their marriage had been arranged by parents. They had met only once or twice before marriage, under the watchful eyes of the family. Both Shyam and Renu were virgins at the time of marriage.

Although Shyam’s physical endowments were perhaps just a little above average, he was blessed with a vigorous libido that lay dormant until he got married. After marriage, his sexual appetite was almost insatiable. Shyam made love to Renu at least twice a night and sometimes again in the early morning. Apart from this, they also made love in the afternoons on Sundays. Although Shyam would have loved to try out many new things he read about in books, Renu was rather conservative and would discourage Shyam when he tried to do things she considered “wicked” or “bad”. Renu didn’t like to use any birth control devices herself, and to delay her first pregnancy, they depended only on the use of condoms by Shyam. However, in the first flush of their marriage, these things were no big deal. They were both quite happy with their married life although Renu did sometimes find Shyam’s attentions a bit overpowering, particularly when she had PMS. However, being a dutiful Indian wife, she always made herself available to Shyam.

Kantbhai Shah and his wife Savita lived in a one bedroom apartment across the staircase landing from Shyam’s. Kantibhai was around 30 and was a businessman. He was short, fair, potbellied and nondescript looking. His business involved frequent traveling and he was apt to be away for 10-15 days at a time. One wondered how he managed to marry the fair, good looking Savita. She was around 26 and was a typical Gujarati housewife. She was rather plump. They had a young baby boy, around 6 months old. She had large, sagging but still very shapely breasts that were barely contained in her blouse. Her baby was nourished exclusively on breast milk, of which she had an abundant supply. The baby was chubby, good tempered and slept almost 18-20 hours a day, waking up at 4 hourly intervals to feed and then promptly going to sleep again, except after his midnight feed, when he was apt to be wide awake and playful, refusing to go to sleep for an hour or two, much to the consternation of his mother. Kantibhai’s grandmother also lived with them. She was perhaps 70 and known simply as “Ba”. Apart from being somewhat simple-minded, she was also hard of hearing and lately had developed cataracts in both her eyes, which blurred her vision too. She mostly occupied herself with prayers and meditation. The last apartment on that floor belonged to the Patels, an old couple who were away on a long visit to their sons settled in US.

The Bhalekars and Shahs lived on the fourth floor. There was no elevator in the building, so it was quite a climb up the stairs. This automatically discouraged salesmen and sundry visitors. It was a common practice for the residents to leave the door of the main entrance of their apartment open, with only the latticed steel security door closed against the remote possibility of a stranger intruding. This allowed an unrestricted flow of air through the apartments, permitted a clear view of each others’ living rooms and also enabled the neighbors to carry on conversations without leaving their homes.

Renu and Savita quickly became good friends. Savita being the older and more experienced was addressed as “Savita Bhabi”. (“Bhabi” literally means an elder brother’s wife, but is loosely used as a term of respect when addressing an older married woman.) They spent many an afternoon together, learning recipes from each other, playing bahis firmaları with the baby and gossiping. They sometimes shared a thing or two about their sex lives, amidst much whispering and giggling. It appeared that Kantbhai & Savita were not only more experienced, but also more adventurous. Renu was many times shocked and scandalized by things Savita told her and Savita in turn enjoyed Renu’s discomfort, taking pleasure in egging her on to try some of the new things.

“Mujhe pata hai tum bahut darpok ho. Tum apne pati ko aisa karne ko nahi bologi. Shayad mai khud hi Shyam Bhai ko bolungi.”

“I know you are a scaredy cat. You are not going to ask your hubby to try that, are you? I think Perhaps I’ll tell Shyam Bhai myself to do it with you!” Savita would challenge Renu. (“Bhai” or “Bhaiya” means brother, but is loosely used as a term of respect while addressing a male acquaintance.)

“Nahi nahi! Aap aisa kuch bhi nahi karengi!”

“No no! Don’t you dare!” Renu would squeal, her ears turning red with embarrassment. Savita would burst out laughing. And so they would banter on. Savita felt more than a twinge of envy when she realized how often Shyam made love to Renu. Alas, her own hubby Kantibhai was not so energetic.

Then one day, there was a condom malfunction. Some of Shyam’s virile semen seeped into Renu’s fertile womb and, to cut a long story short, Renu missed her period. Women in Renu’s maternal line were prone to severe nausea and vomiting during pregnancy and Renu had also unfortunately inherited that trait. Soon her morning sickness became so severe that she was nauseous throughout the day and was hardly able to keep anything down. No remedy seemed to work. To make matters worse, she developed an aversion to sex. In fact, the mere sight of her husband’s underwear hanging out to dry on the clothesline was enough to bring on a severe bout of retching. So finally, Shyam had no alternative but to send Renu off to her father’s home in Satara, when she was barely in her third month of pregnancy. That meant that he had to spend almost 8 to 9 months without his wife, assuming that she would return after the baby was say a couple of months old.

Renu set her house in order as best as she could, and bid a tearful goodbye to Savitabhabi, admonishing her to take good care of hubby Shyam. Savita assured Renu that everything would be fine in Mumbai and told her to take care of her own health. Shyam took a couple of days off to drop Renu off at her father’s place in Satara, a small town about 400 km south-east of Mumbai.

Shyam returned to Mumbai with a heavy heart, but soon became extremely busy in his work. He was an ambitious young man and decided to put his wife’s long absence to good use. The factory he was employed in worked round the clock and the manpower rotated in shifts every two weeks. The third shift from midnight to 7 in the morning was obviously the least liked by the employees. People would try to make all kinds of excuses to avoid the third shift. He knew that the management would be very pleased with anybody who volunteered to work in the third shift. Apart from getting an additional hardship allowance, he would also gain experience of managing workmen on his own without any support from senior staff. So Shyam lost no time in talking to his boss and immediately he was put to work in the third shift for a period of six months.

Shyam’s daily routine was a bit different from most other people. After getting off from the factory in the morning, he would return home around 8:30 AM, eating breakfast in a restaurant near the suburban railway station on his way home. After a quick shower, he would go to sleep and wake up around 1 PM. He would go out to eat lunch at a nearby restaurant, return home, spend some time reading the newspaper or watching TV, then go to sleep again, waking up at 6 or 7 PM. After another shower, he would go out, socialize, eat dinner, get ready and start for his factory at around 10:30 PM, to report for duty just a little before midnight. Soon, he got quite used to this rather strange routine.

Savita took Renu’s admonishment to heart and would often invite Shyam to have lunch or dinner. After a little initial hesitation, Shyam fell into the habit of eating either lunch or dinner at Savita’s place practically every day. After all, it was so much more convenient than eating in a restaurant and besides, Savita was an excellent cook. To compensate Savita for the additional expense she incurred on his account, Shyam regularly bought some useful things for the household or little gifts for Savita or the little baby. Although he didn’t really know Savita very well till then, they soon fell into an easy, jovial, companionable friendship. Savita would address him as “Shyam Bhai” and he would in turn call her “Savita Bhabi”. While there were no sparks flying between them, Shyam certainly enjoyed the feminine company she provided. Savita too enjoyed his male company, something she missed kaçak iddaa because of her husband’s long absences.

Although their friendship consciously remained at a platonic level, Savita and Shyam were both aware of an undercurrent of sexual tension between them. After all, they were young and attractive. Savita would sometimes catch Shyam’s eyes wandering over her bosom. She would pretend not to notice and allow the pallu of her sari to slip and reveal a bit more of her shapely breasts before rearranging it in a leisurely fashion. Shyam too was aware of the speculative glances Savita cast at him sometimes, a knowing little smile playing on her lips. He didn’t know that his wife had confided some of their bedroom secrets to Savita and hence he didn’t quite know what to make of those glances. They sure did get him a little excited, though…

As days lengthened into weeks, Shyam started feeling more and more depressed because of his enforced celibacy. Although he masturbated regularly, that was poor compensation for what he missed with Renu. He missed her soft breasts against his palms, her hot breath on his face, her moans ringing in his ears, her tight, moist pussy clutching his hard cock as he plunged into her… Sometimes, he idly thought of going to a prostitute, but never seriously did anything since he knew that it could be dangerous and also quite expensive. Besides, he didn’t quite know how… So Shyam channeled all his sexual energies into his work. His boss was very pleased with Shyam’s work and very soon Shyam got a raise.


Enter Kajal!

One day when Shyam returned home in the morning, there was unusual activity in the Shah household. Savitabhabi insisted that Shyam have tea at her place, since her younger sister Kajal had arrived from Indore the previous evening and she would like them to meet. Shyam was very tired & sleepy and tried to beg off. Then suddenly, Kajal burst into the living room, and Shyam’s sleep vanished!

Kajal was around 20, a bit short (perhaps 5′-2″) and had a glowing, unblemished brown complexion. She was rather small boned and dainty, weighing perhaps no more than 100 lb. She had an astonishing figure – high, full breasts, a narrow waist and wide, flaring hips. While in absolute terms her breasts were not very big, they were big enough to make nice little handfuls and looked absolutely stunning on her small frame. Her legs were relatively short. She often wore saris, since that helped her look more mature and less girlish. She had a long, shapely neck and a very beautiful face. She had a short, shapely nose, full cupid-bow lips, high cheekbones and large, brown eyes that sparkled mischievously. Many little dimples broke out on her cheeks when she smiled. Her thick black hair was gathered in a single plait that reached well below her waist.

Kajal’s voice was high and clear, like a bell. She smiled and laughed a lot. She had a cheerful, bubbly temperament. Her movements were naturally graceful, perhaps aided a bit by her training in classical Indian dancing. Although she was well aware of her own attractive looks and the effect she had on the male sex, she had not yet felt the urge nor developed the guile to flirt or deliberately invite male attention. In fact she was a bit of a tomboy in her manner. And yet, she oozed sensuality.

“Namaste, Shyam Bhaiya. Aap kaise hain? Maine aapke bare me bahut kuchh suna hai. Aap ko mil ke bahut khushi hui!”

“Hello Shyam Bhaiyya. How are you doin’? I’ve heard so much about you. I’m happy to meet you!” Kajal trilled in her high, clear voice.

Shyam immediately liked Kajal, yet was a little unsure about how to react to her. He made polite conversation, quickly finished his tea and excused himself, pleading tiredness. He went home, showered and went to sleep. Although he was tired after a full night’s work, he still took a long time falling asleep. Kajal’s voice kept ringing in his ears…

Shyam was woken from his slumber by the doorbell ringing. It was 2 pm, a little past his normal wake-up time. It was Kajal at the door.

“Shyam Bhaiya, khana khane chaliye. Savita Didi  ne bulaya hai.”

“Shyam Bhaiya, Savita Didi (a term of respect used to address an elder sister) has called you for lunch.” Kajal said, her face smiling and cheerful.

After freshening up, Shyam went across to Savita’s apartment and they all ate a delicious, freshly cooked Gujarati vegetarian meal. Shyam had an excellent appetite and ate with gusto, while Savita and Kajal looked on approvingly. After lunch, they chatted amicably and Shyam got to know more about Kajal.

Kajal was about 6 years younger than Savita. They had no other siblings. Their mother had passed away while Kajal was still very young. They had been brought up in a well heeled Gujarati joint family in the central Indian city of Indore, where they owned a prosperous business. Their father doted on his daughters, particularly the younger Kajal. Father’s widowed elder sister kaçak bahis (called “Bua”) had taken the place of their deceased mother and brought the girls up competently, if perhaps a bit strictly. Kajal had started feeling a bit hemmed in by the provincial atmosphere of Indore. She kept pestering her father to send her to Mumbai to take some courses that were not available in Indore. Although her father was not too keen to see his pretty young daughter go to Mumbai, he finally relented and agreed to send her for a couple of months for some summer courses. He was reassured by the fact that Kajal would be living with her elder sister Savita. (Besides, he thought this would be a good way to put a stop to a budding friendship between Kajal and a neighborhood boy whom he considered to be a waster.)

Kajal was keen to see the absent Renu’s photos. So after a while, Kajal and Shyam moved to Shyam’s living room and Kajal flipped through the wedding album.

“Wah, Shyam Bhaiya! Sach much, Renu Bhabi kitni sundar hain! Aap bahut khush kismet hain!”

“Wow, Shyam Bhaiya! Renu Bhabi is really so beautiful! You are very lucky.” Kajal exclaimed.

“Thanks” Shyam responded.

“Aap bhi bahut achhe lag rahe hain. Aap dono ka joda bilkul Ram or Sita ke saman lag raha hai.”

“You are looking good too. You two look like Lord Ram and his wife Sita.” Kajal gushed.

“Kajal, tumhe bhi ek bahut achha pati milega. Tum bhi bahut achhi dikhti ho.”

“Kajal, you look very nice too. You’ll also get a good husband.” Shyam said with a naughty glint in his eyes. Kajal blushed prettily.

“Lekin mujhe abhi shaadi nahi karni. Mujhe padhna hai”

“I don’t want to get married so soon. I want to study.” Kajal responded.

“Han, han. Zaroor padho. Lekin shaadi me bhi bahut maza hai!”

“Yes, yes. By all means study. But there’s a lot of fun in getting married too!” Shyam said. He was surprised at himself how he had dared talk like this to a pretty young girl. It was completely out of character.

“Oh Shyam Bhaiya! Aap mujhe aise kyon chidha rahe hain? Mujhe nahi karni shaadi waadi.”

“Oh Shyam Bhaiya! Why are you pulling my leg? I don’t want to get married.” Kajal responded, her face flushed. Shyam burst out laughing.

“Dekh lo. Jab tum shaadi karogi tab main tumhe poochunga kitna maza aata hai.”

“Just you wait. After you get married I’ll ask you how good it feels.” Shyam teased again, enjoying Kajal’s discomfiture, who had by now become completely flustered.

Although Kajal had joined coaching classes, she needed additional help with Math, Physics and Chemistry. She brought this up with sister Savita. Savita immediately suggested that Shyam might be the best person to give her additional coaching in these subjects, since he was an engineer and presumably knew these subjects well.

“Shyam Bhaiya, kya aap mujhe Physics, Chemistry aur Math sikhayenge? Mujhe coaching class mein samajh nahi aa rahe hain.”

“Shyam Bhaiya, will you please help me out with Physics, Chemistry and Math? I’m having difficulty in the coaching class.” Kajal asked one day after Shyam had eaten a delicious meal.

Such were her persuasive powers that Shyam agreed, in spite of the demands this would make on his time. Besides, Shyam had started enjoying the company of young, bubbly, sexy Kajal. In fact secretly, he had been wondering how he could spend more time with her without arousing Savita’s suspicions. So this came to him as a godsend.

“Thik hai. Lekin din mein ek ghante se jyada nahin.”

“OK. But no more than an hour a day.” Shyam said after a show of reluctance.

“Oh Shyam Bhaiya, thank you! Aap kitne achche hain!”

“Oh Shyam Bhaiya, thank you! That’s so nice of you!” Kajal squealed in delight, clapping her hands gleefully.

So from the next day, Kajal would go to Shyam’s place in the afternoon after lunch and spend an hour trying to understand the intricacies of those subjects. Doors of both the apartments were open to allow cross ventilation, so Savita had a clear view into Shyam’s living room. However Shyam did not have a desk at which they could sit. Instead, they used to sit in the small kitchen, where a tiny (4′ by 2′) table had been squeezed into a corner. The table had been placed with its long side touching a wall. There were two dining chairs, one placed along the length and the other along the width of the table. Kajal generally used to sit along the long side, books spread on the table, while Shyam mostly used to sit along the short side, rocking the chair back & forth as he explained the subjects to Kajal. Savita could not actually see them when they were inside the kitchen, though she could hear the sound of their voices…

Whenever Shyam was speaking, Kajal used to look intently at him, raptly attentive. Shyam found her unwavering gaze rather exciting and unnerving. The kitchen was small and they were obliged to sit in close proximity. Apart from her intent gaze, Shyam was also acutely aware of her heady feminine scent and the tantalizing glimpses of her sexy young body as her pallu occasionally slipped off her shoulders. However, Shyam consciously didn’t allow these things to distract him.

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