Shower Time

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Double Handjob

You have been teasing me all day, in that way I love so much and you know so well. Little touches at unexpected times, kisses on my neck as we pass each other, glimpses of your sexy body that only I can see. Every time I reach for you, you slip away giggling, telling me with a look “Not yet, dear. I want you more than wanting me. I want you almost crazy for me.” I know this little game we are playing so well, you turning me on, driving my desires and lust higher and wilder, me trying to hold on to control for as long as I can.

It’s a game we both win in the end.

Although I am feeling the pressure, the exquisitely delicious torture of desires unmet, I find myself enjoying it all the same. For as the day goes on, you get bolder with your actions, each time surprising me with where you touch and how. Leaving me wanting you even more and yet looking forward to your next tease.

When you flashed your titties at me in the parking lot of the store, my cock sprang instantly to attention. I know you saw it, your eyes lit up and you smiled so devilishly. I could barely get it down some before we went into the store. Then, you just had to reach around me, your sexy tits pressed to my back, and give my cock a little squeeze and stroke. That was when I came the closest to loosing all control and taking you right then and there.

I did do my own teasing. I know I took you by surprise when I put my hand under your skirt and slipped my fingers deep in your wet pussy in the middle of the produce section. Mmmmm you did taste good, and seeing the lust shining in your eyes as you watched me suck your juices from my fingers stoked my fires even more.

We are finally done with all the things we needed to do, time to cuddle some and relax. I put my arm around you to pull you close and kiss your sweet mouth. My other hand finds it’s way across you until I can cup your breast as my tongue gently parts your lips. You surrender to the kiss and my touch with a small moan, melting against me. My mouth on yours gets more urgent and I start to trail my hand down your body to your waist when you AGAIN giggle and slip out of the circle of my arm.

“I think I would like a shower”, you softly say, grinning devilishly as you look at my shocked expression, “Come wash my back, sweetie?”

Following you into the bahis firmaları bathroom, I can’t take my eyes off you as you start to undress. Each piece of clothing is discarded almost carelessly, turning the simple act of disrobing into a sensual dance that drives me ever farther into animalistic lust. By the time you reach the bath and bend over to turn on the water, I am lost in a haze of desire and need. I don’t even remember getting out of my clothes. Coming up behind you, I press my naked hard cock against your ass. You press back for just the barest second, then stand and step under the rushing water. Growling in desire and frustration, I join you. You hand me the soap and the washcloth and look with sweet innocence at me.

“This is going to feel so good on my back”, you tell me with a quick kiss on the cheek, “Thank you, dear.”

As I soap the cloth, I watch you turn, your naked body glistening from the water that courses down your inviting curves. I am trembling with lust for you and can almost not remember what you wanted. Coming back to now, I begin to wash your back. You sigh as I move the cloth over your skin, covering you with the rich lather. Bearing down a little, I scrub and massage your back, now and then distracted when my cock brushes against your butt.

“Mmmmmm that does feel good”, you sigh, “OH baby, so very good.” Are you talking about the back scrub or my cock? I don’t know anymore.

Rinsing your back and rubbing it to make sure all the soap is cleaned off, I slip my hands around you and fondle your breasts as I give your shoulder a small love bite. You start to giggle and move as if you were going to slip away again. But this time is different. I reach up and pin your hands in mine against the shower wall.

Grinding my hard cock in the crease of your ass as I growl low in your ear, “Oh no baby, not this time. I can’t wait any longer. I have to have you NOW!”

Bending my knees slightly, my cock slides between your thighs and presses on your pussy lips. You are so wet and hot, when you spread your legs I slips right inside as you arch your back and push back to me.

You growl out through clenched teeth, “Oh you fucker, it’s about TIME!”

In one quick slide I enter you to the hilt, until my balls are pressed on your pussy, the lips engorged and open kaçak iddaa to my thrust. Feeling your wet pussy grab and pull my cock deep at last, I throw back my head and roar. My scream echoes off the walls as we begin to move, no sensuous slow dance but a frenzied burst of lust and wanton desires. My cock plunges into you, so deep that my balls slap your clit, itself already swollen and flushed. The hot water pounding on us, over and over we push to each other, nothing else matters but the feeling of my cock invading your welcoming pussy, our bodies possessing each other, our passion joined. You are pushing your butt back as hard as I am fucking my cock into you, the force to the point it lifts you to your toes every time we smack together. I see your hands clenched against the wall, feel your hard nipples and swollen clit as my hands explore you, hear your groans from the force of our fucking, my own grunts as I take you hard and fast and deep. We are so wild we can barely keep our feet under us. Your pussy clenches my cock is a grip so tight I have to shove hard, almost force it to continue to move and pound and grind into you.

Suddenly, my thrusting so hard and wild, I slip from the tight wetness of your pussy. The head of my cock rises and pushes against your hot ass. You gasp as the tip slips inside your puckered opening a little, then moan aloud.

So far gone in lust, you arch and push back, “Oh yessssssss baby, take me there. Push your hard cock in my ass.”

You reach back and pull your ass cheeks apart, opening your tight ass more as I start to push my throbbing cock slowly in. The slipperiness of your pussy juice mixed with the precum leaking from my cock lubricates the slide of my stiff shaft deeper and deeper in your tight hot hungry hole. You start to wriggle your hips as your ring relaxes, groaning along with me. My fingers stroke your clit, turning you on even more. My teeth nip at your shoulders and neck as I bury my pulsing hard cock as far as I can in your snug backdoor.

You turn your face to me and grab my lip with your teeth, sucking it as you bite. Releasing my mouth, you look me straight in the eyes.

“Oh shit baby,” you whimper, “just fuck me now. Don’t hold back, not this time. I want you to screw my ass good and hard and fill it with your hot sticky cum.”

Answering kaçak bahis the animal look on your face, the lust that fills your voice, the movements of your ass as you start to fuck yourself on my cock, I abandon any thoughts of control. Grabbing your hips as you arch back to me, I lean out, thrusting my cock deeper in your wanting ass. We both cry out as I start to fuck you, long deep hard strokes. Pulling my cock almost all the way out, sometimes pausing there, teasing you a bit before thrusting deep again. Your ass clenches and relaxes, clenches and relaxes around my shaft, making me gasp and moan. Your hips squirm and buck along with my thrusts, and soon I am pounding in your ass as hard as I fucked your pussy.

My balls draw up against my cock as I feel your ass start to close tighter around my shaft. My hands snake around our body, one to cup and fondle your breasts, pinch and pull your nipples your nipples. The fingers of my other hand press and rub your clit as the familiar tingle of my building orgasm starts deep in my groin.

“Oh baby I’m gonna CUM soon! I’m gonna empty my balls deep in your sexy ass.”

You push back hard as your legs begin to tremble, gasping out, “Oh fuck baby yes, do it, cum in me, cum with me NOW!”

Your asshole grabs me so tight I can no longer move as you start to cum. The exquisite pressure, almost pain of your grasp on my cock, pushes me over the edge. I scream along with you as our muscles lock and we begin to shake, my cock exploding deep in your quivering ass. With each twitch of my cock and balls, another stream of hot cum spurts out. The hold of your ass around my shaft is so tight it begins to leak out, covering your pussy and my balls, running down our legs. When the intensity of our climax starts to lessen a bit, we slide down to the floor of the shower, my softening cock jerking as you milk the last of my cum from it, then slipping from your ass.

For a time we simply lay together, shaking and gasping for breathe as we hold each other. The water cascades down, washing the sweat and cum from our bodies. Kissing now tenderly, lovingly, the animal lust that we built through the day satiated for a time. Murmuring soft sounds to one another, not yet able to speak words, never the less knowing the meaning. We rise after a timeless span and finish washing. Patting each other dry, we move to the bed, there to lay together, touching, laughing, and kissing, as we drift into slumber. Knowing we will wake tomorrow, together always, loving always, simply to be, together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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