Shopping and Sex

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The kids have just been dropped off at school and we decide to go shopping at the mall for awhile. After looking in several shops we end up at Victoria’s Secret. We both go in and start looking at the evening wear they have. There are no customers in the store but us. You pick out several dresses and some sexy sleep wear.

You take them into the dressing room and start trying them on. I sit in a chair just out side the dressing room entrance and ask you to model them for me as you try them on.

You come out of the dressing room with a sexy red dress on and model it for me. The lady working there sees you and says it looks great. She picks out a pair of high heels to go with it and you sit down next to me to put them on. I kneel down and take your leg in my hands and put the heels on for you. You walk around and the lady and I both tell you how sexy you are.

You go in the room and try on another dress. It looks even sexier. You walk around and you like it. Another customer comes in the store as you go back in to try on another one. I walk to the room you are changing in and open the door. I step in and help unzip the dress so you can try on a sexy night gown.

The room is small and as you turn around my arm brushes against you breast. Your nipples get erect. I help you get out of the dress bahis firmaları by pulling it over your head to remove it. As you have your arms in the air, I massage one of your breasts and nipples with one of my hands. You shudder with excitement.

As the dress comes over your head, I press you against the wall and kiss you. It is a soft kiss at first and I slide my tongue in your mouth and we passionately kiss for several minutes. As we are kissing I gently pinch your nipples with my fingers. Your panties are getting soaked as you get excited from the touch to your nipples.

I kiss you on the neck and behind your ear as I kiss my way down to your breasts. You are on fire and wet with juices flowing into your panties. Your pussy is on fire. After a few good licks of your nipples, I kiss my way down lower. I am still massaging your nipples with my hands.

I finally get to the top of your panties and run my tongue down the inside of your thighs. I slide your panties down to the floor. When you lift your leg to put one foot on the chair I remove the panties. While you are still standing and have one leg on the chair I run my tongue slowly around your clit.

I am excited but I take my time. I gentle lick your clit and then suck it into my mouth. I still have one nipple in my fingers and I slide one kaçak iddaa finger in you.

While circling your clit with my tongue I slide another finger into your pussy. You are hot and wet. I can’t wait anymore and I remove my fingers and slide my tongue in as far as it will go. As my tongue is inside you, I gently stroke your clit with my finger.

In just a few seconds your have an orgasm and cum on my tongue. You reach down and pull my head into you and feel the orgasm building again. After several minutes and your orgasm has stopped, we hear the lady ask if everything is OK. You answer, everything is great.

We buy one of the sexy nighties and leave. We go to the tanning salon to get a tan next. I follow you into the room you are tanning in and you undress. I put the lotion on your back and I reach around and massage your breasts again.

You reach behind and massage my cock through the shorts I am wearing. When your hand touches me, you find that I am already hard from the excitement at the store where we were at. You kneel down and remove my shorts. You take my cock in one hand and start pumping it.

Your other hand is massaging my balls as you open your mouth and slide it over the head. Your tongue is circling the head as your hand pumps the shaft. You slide your mouth over the head and kaçak bahis down the shaft. After only a few strokes of your tongue and lips on my cock I am ready to explode.

You sense that I am ready to cum and you stand up, turn around and bend over. I kneel down and slide my tongue into you and savor all of your juices. You are still hot and need more. The orgasm you had in the dressing room has left you needing more. I stand up and position the head of my cock between your lips. You are wet and you push back towards me.

I slide all the way into you in one movement. You hold onto the wall as your knees are week. I pull almost all the way out and slowly push back in. As I do this a few times the speed picks up.

You can feel your orgasm building. I start thrusting into you faster and harder. I have found the perfect spot that is sending you over the edge. You moan that you are Cumming and I pump harder into you just as your orgasm peaks I start pumping my cum into you. You can feel the heat of it and cum again.

We both stand still for a few minutes until we calm down. I pull out of you and turn you around and we kiss so deeply. Our tongues dance together for several minutes. You lay down in the bed for a 20 minute tan and I go to the other room for my tan.

While you lay in the bed and tan, you smile thinking what a sexy day it has started out to be. You smile as you realize it is Friday night and we are going out for a ride on the Harley. You wonder all day what else will be in store for you tonight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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