She’s Still Hot Ch. 01

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Tammy Jordan was in a rut. She was approaching forty and lately had begun thinking, “Is this it? Is this all there is?” She was looking at her nude body in the mirror, evaluating it and wondering if she still had “it.” Blonde, five feet-three and in fairly good shape, she felt that she could still turn heads if she tried. Her 36-DD breasts had a little sag, but they were still shapely, and her pink nipples had retained their puffiness. She had always loved her nipples and took one in her mouth now, licking it before sucking it gently. The thrill reminded her that her nipples were by far the most sensitive part of her body.

Her mind wandered back to a happier state. She had been a sexual adventurer, loving new things, trying them with enthusiasm. Her body had been the envy of most of her friends, both male and female, and her wanton lust had led to some extremely exciting sexual adventures.

Holding her breast and sliding her other hand down her stomach and then her hips, she saw that her ass didn’t droop yet, and her thighs had maintained their shape. Her pussy hair peeked out and she stroked it gently. God that felt good! Deciding that, with a little gym time, she could have a body that would get his attention, she began to pull her nipples and slide her finger in and out of her pussy until she came, whimpering and clenching her hand with her thighs.


Tammy and her ex-husband had married young, had two adorable boys, and then fell out of love. The trouble was, she and her husband were a great business team. They each owned half the business, and although they couldn’t live together, they made a lot of money together. Sex, of course, was discarded along the way. And that was just what she was thinking now.

It was all his fault; not her ex, but a customer. Lately, she had been thinking about sex-quite a bit, and he was always the center of her focus. “He” was a retiree who seemed to have found the fountain of youth. Fit and trim, he always seemed upbeat and didn’t mind spending money, especially with them. Therein lay the problem-he was such a good customer; he often spent time in the office with Tammy and her ex. Always pleasant to their receptionist, he somehow made time to speak to her on each visit, complimenting her dress or hair, and leaving her more and more interested each time. She was quite taken with his charisma and confidence.

One day, she had been getting her nails done when he walked out of the tanning booth in the back of the shop. You just don’t see men leaving a tanning bed in a small-town nail salon, so she was a little surprised, not only by his presence, but by the fact that he sat down beside her. Complimenting Tammy’s choice of nail color, he offered a suggestion for her next visit, and carried on a very funny, animated conversation with her and her nail stylist. He had a gift that made you feel like you were the only person in the world when he engaged you in conversation.

On the way back to her car, she couldn’t get his fragrance out of her mind, and realized that her pussy was leaking. “Damn, he’s hot!” she remembered thinking, and that was the beginning of the fantasy. “I’d love to have some fun with him!” she thought, never in her wildest imagination planning to act on it.

Her fantasy became more and more demanding and Tammy gave herself to it completely.

Suddenly, after a marathon session with her fantasy guy, the light came on in her head. “SEDUCE HIM!!!!!” She set upon a quest to get him in bed, or embarrass herself in the attempt.

Her work in the gym paid off handsomely, and soon she noticed the looks from men that she hadn’t gotten in years. Tammy knew that his visits to the office were fairly regular, and began dressing differently when she thought he would be stopping by. She had noticed that he was drawn to her titties, and she started showing him some cleavage on his visits.

After a couple of months of the game, she was ready to spring her trap. Eavesdropping on a conversation, she knew that he would be in the office on Wednesday. She wore a very low cut dress and a stylish bra that pushed her breasts up, creating some very enticing cleavage. Checking herself in the mirror, she felt that she may have gone too far, but reasoned that desperate times called for desperate measures. Anyway, she loved the pronounced jiggle created when she walked, and could only imagine how great it would feel without a bra.

“Damn!” she thought. “Why didn’t I think of that earlier?” Well, that would have to be Plan B.

Walking into the office, she moved by her ex’s desk, noting that, as usual, he barely looked up. It was two hours before “he” walked in. She had been turned to her filing cabinet when she heard his deep, mellow voice. Tammy turned around and caught his eyes settling on her breasts. She bent down over her desk, and gave him a view of her breasts, bra and all. When she stood up, she looked directly at him, and he made no attempt to avert his eyes. He seemed to be enjoying her show.

Before he left, he came over to her desk and looked directly into her eyes, saying “You look better bahis firmaları each time I come in here. I especially enjoyed today.”

When he had left, she could barely make it to the restroom. Her pussy was so wet, she was sure that it was squishing as she walked. Getting in the door, she leaned back on it and yanked her dress above her waist. Tearing her panties off, she started with two fingers in her cunt, and soon added another. Her climax was quick and violent, and she ended up sliding to the floor, letting her body quiver as long as it would. Tammy finally removed her fingers and licked them clean, thinking, “I don’t know if I could stand Plan B!”

When she got home, she masturbated again, and didn’t bother to dress before she called him. Feeling extremely sexy as she admired her body in the mirror, she stroked a nipple while the phone rang. His mellow voice caused her to pause before saying anything. Finally finding her voice, Tammy said, “I know how unusual this is, but I need to clarify something that happened on the office this morning. Can you meet me at the grill beside the Post Office for lunch tomorrow around one? If I’m not there when you get there, go ahead and order. I’ll be along.”

“Of course. I always want to see such a pretty lady,” he said, not knowing that her finger was flying in and out of her cunt, bringing her closer and closer. He hung up and she attacked her pussy with a vengeance, coming three times before she finally allowed herself to cool off.

“I hope he can take it!” Tammy thought mischievously, planning her wardrobe for tomorrow before going to bed.

Thursday found her nervous as a teenager waiting for her first date. Today’s outfit was much more conservative than yesterday. She wore a pair of moderately tight khakis with a buttoned blouse that was tucked into the waistband of the pants. Her sexy figure was actually accented by the outfit, but reserved enough to be professional. She left the office at one o’clock and took her time getting to the grill. By virtue of him eating before she got there, the local gossips would think they met by happenstance, rather than a planned rendezvous.

He was sitting at the window and had watched her come in. They waved innocently, and when she had ordered, she walked over, shook his hand and sat down. It looked to the casual observer that they met by accident, and were to enjoy lunch together. Small talk consisted of business and money, and they were near the end of their meal when she took a deep breath, unbuttoned two buttons of her blouse and leaned on the table edge. The move pushed her breasts up and gave him a breathtaking view of her delectable cleavage.

“Did you like yesterday’s show?” she asked, staring into his blue eyes.

“You can believe I did,” he answered, still entranced by her display.

“So, would you like to take this relationship further, or do I have to keep masturbating while I think of you?” she asked seductively.

He never blinked as he took out a business card, wrote an address on its back and slid it across the table. “Be there at three on Friday. The codes for the garage and security system are on there. What kind of wine do you like?”

“Merlot,” Tammy answered, watching him leave. Only then did she look at the address on the card. It was at the nearby beach, on a section she was unfamiliar with. “Sure glad I have a GPS,” she murmured.

Friday morning drug by and when she announced she was taking the afternoon off, her ex simply grunted. “Lousy fucker,” she thought. “If he only knew.”

She arrived home and found a bouquet of red roses waiting for her. He had sent them, along with a note which read, “No need for a lot of clothes.”

A soak in the tub seemed to calm her nerves, and Tammy managed to keep her hands out of her cunt and off her breasts, wondering just what was in store. She knew that she had taken an irreversible step in agreeing to meet him at his beach house and decided to see the end of the journey. Stepping into her skimpiest thong, she slid on a stylish pair of shorts and a tank top, sans bra. When Tammy appraised herself in the mirror, she was quite pleased. The shorts were snug, without being too tight, and her nipples didn’t show through the material, but their impression was unmistakable. She knew that they would try and poke holes in the fabric as she became aroused.

The forty-minute drive to the beach was uneventful until she crossed to the island. Her GPS directed a left turn down what appeared to be a dead end road. On one side of the turnaround, she saw a gate with an attendant. Driving over, she handed him the card.

“You’re expected,” he said, and turned to open the gate. “Fourth house on the right,” he said, waving as she drove by.

When she got to the house, Tammy turned in, parked and jumped out to open the garage door. A voice next door said, “Hey there!”

She turned and looked up at the second floor deck of the house and saw a man leaning on the rail. She waved, got in her car, and pulled in the garage. As the door closed, it dawned on her that the man had been nude!

As kaçak iddaa she entered the elevator with her overnight bag, Tammy wondered if she had made a big mistake. The elevator stopped and she walked into a spacious living area of an open-floor plan house. She could see the bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen from where she stood. A sliding glass door opened onto the deck.

Her phone buzzed, startling her slightly, and she saw his number. “Hello there,” she said.

“Hello yourself. Have you arrived yet?”

“Just got in. Love the house. Are you near?” she asked.

“Ten minutes,” he answered. “Make yourself comfortable. Pour me a glass of wine.”

Tammy found the wine and glasses, and had just sat down at the table when she heard him drive up. She heard him speak to someone, his voice sending a thrill through her body, and then he was in the room with her.

“Fuck, he looks good,” she thought, she got up to greet him and hand him his wine. He took the wine and looked her over. His eyes seemed to linger on her nipples, and she swore she could feel them growing erect.

“Nice outfit,” he said simply, setting his glass down and stepping close.

“So’s yours,” she said, stepping into his arms and sliding her hand around his neck. Pulling his mouth to hers, Tammy found his lips to be just as she expected-soft, yet firm, demanding, and delicious. When she pushed her tongue past his teeth, he opened his mouth and let her have her way, finally sucking her tongue gently. His hands had slid down her back and under the hem of the shorts. As he massaged her asscheeks, she pushed her pelvis into his groin, feeling a delightful bulge forming.

Pulling her mouth away slightly, she smiled and said, “My, my! You seem quite ready to start this tryst!”

“Ready, my ass,” he said. “I’ve been ready for months. Your outfit Wednesday sealed the deal. If you hadn’t agreed to come here today, I might have gone to jail for rape. You are one sexy woman and I want to pleasure you in every way possible. I can tell that you have been neglected too long, and I want to be the lucky man to help you catch up.”

He bent to kiss her again, this time massaging her breast and rolling the protruding nipple. “Let’s get to the hot tub for a soak before we go to dinner.” She turned to refill the wine glasses and heard the door slide open. When she turned back, he had disappeared and she walked to the door and read the small sign hanging beside it:

Leave Your Clothes and Inhibitions Inside

“This is it,” she thought. Would her plan work? The hard work in he gym, planning the seduction, and now carrying it through-did she have the nerve? Looking deep within herself, thinking about her loveless life, and remembering the thrills this man provided in her fantasies, Tammy knew very well she could do it, and she was planning on enjoying each and every minute of it. Her resolve bolstered, she stripped, gathered the wine and glasses, and stepped onto the deck, head and shoulders thrown back, breasts jiggling seductively, and smiling like she’d just won the Miss Universe pageant.

When she saw him, she drew in her breath. He was tanned, toned and absolutely gorgeous! When his eyes met hers, she was delighted to see them light up. As they traveled down her voluptuous body, she felt herself getting moist. She set the wine down and offered him his glass.

Glancing from her puffy pink nipples to her downy soft blonde pubic hair, he smiled inwardly, thinking, “A real blonde!”

As he took the glass from her hand, they were interrupted by a female voice calling, “Hey, guys! Good to see you! Maybe we can get together later!”

The voice belonged to a gloriously naked thirty-something blonde next door, enjoying her deck with an equally naked female.

“Do any of you wear clothes?” Tammy asked, relating the greeting from the man when she arrived. Laughing heartily, he said, “No, not when we’re within that gate. These four houses have a compact, signed, sealed, and approved by the zoning board. This is officially a ‘clothing optional’ area, and as you can see, the option is no clothes. It really makes for good neighbors. Does this make you uncomfortable?” he asked before stepping into the tub and offering her his hand.

Looking at the ocean, she thought before answering. When she stepped into the tub, Tammy turned to him and said, “If this is what you want, so do I. I came here for one reason and one reason only. I guess clothes would just get in the way of us enjoying each other’s body. I just need to know if I’m about to do something wrong.” When she kissed him this time, she took her time, kissing him gently, moving to his eyelids, then his cheeks, and finally back to his mouth. Savoring his sweet lips, she kissed as if she were eating a rare delicacy. “You are some kisser.”

Looking down, she saw that her nipples had grown erect, standing out proudly from her breasts. Tammy also noticed that his cock, while not extremely long, was as big around as her forearm and just as erect as her nipples.

“Thank you, my dear. You’re not bad yourself,” he said, smiling and kaçak bahis finding her lips again, cupping a breast and rolling her nipple gently. The sounds of the two neighbors yelling sweetly, “Woo hoo! Give her one for us!” broke the mood and he waved at the girls.

Laughing that deep baritone laugh that resonated throughout his chest and tingled her toes, he said, “You want to put on a show out here, or go to dinner?”

“I don’t think I’m ready for an audience yet, so let’s go to dinner,” she said, looking around for a towel.

“Go ahead and rinse off while I get us a towel,” he said, standing up. His cock swung in her face and she was tempted to touch it. He got out of the tub before she could do anything, and realized the shower was in plain view of the girls next door. Summoning her courage, Tammy stepped out of the tub and over to the shower. As she rinsed her body, she expected some comments from the neighbors. He returned with towels, and while she dried off, he showered, letting her help him towel down.

“I have a surprise for you,” he said, wrapping his arm around her waist as they went into the house, their hips rubbing together sensuously. “I need to go to the car. Go ahead and get ready, and I’ll be back before you finish,” he said with a twinkle in his eyes.

Drying her hair and applying her makeup, she heard him come back in. When she finished, she walked into the sleeping area and sucked in her breath. He was holding an absolutely gorgeous dress on a hanger.

“I told you not to bring a lot of clothes, so I figured you might want to dress for dinner tonight anyway. Try it on to see if I guessed your size correctly,” he said, slipping the slinky garment off the hanger and holding it by the shoulders. “Turn around.”

She did and stepped back so that he could slide the dress over her head. It felt like silk to her skin, and Tammy leaned back into his chest. His hands naturally cupped her breasts and massaged her nipples. They felt lovely through the slinky material of the dress and he kissed her neck sensuously. “We may not get to dinner,” he said, turning her to kiss her lips once more.

Summoning her courage, she said “I think dinner would be a good idea. We’ll get to know each other better and we can plan our activities. After all, we’ve got two whole days, and I want to find out if my fantasies are true.”

He searched her eyes and was pleased at her sincerity. He said, “After all, you might not be the only one with fantasies!”

She giggled and kissed him lightly, saying, “Do I go commando, or do you have some panties I can wear?”

He blinked, then smiled and said, “Oh, I’m sorry. I forgot. It’s in the car. I’ll go get it.”

After he left, she took her nipples in her hands and rubbed them gently, enjoying the massage and the silky friction of the dress. She looked down and was pleased to see them poking tents in the soft material. “That ought to get his attention,” she thought when she heard him coming in.

He took one look and said, “You are breathtaking. I have to admit that your breasts have turned me on for months, but I had no idea they were as perfect as they are. I want to spend days loving them and I assure you, they are the object of many fantasies. I think you’ll enjoy the restaurant I’ve chosen.” He took her hand and placed a silky slip of material in it, saying, “Let me help you.”

Tammy looked at the thong, thinking it was the smallest “garment” she had ever seen. The strip of cloth meant to cover her pussy was grossly inadequate. She hiked her skirt up and placed a hand on his shoulder for balance. When he slid the elastic strings over her hips, his hands lingered on her ass. “Just as lovely as I suspected,” he murmured. When he pulled the strings up, the strip of cloth almost disappeared in her puffy outer lips. Her unshaved hair almost obliterated it. “We’ll have to do something about that hair,” he said, still massaging her ass.

“Do you know how good this feels?” Tammy asked, her breathing becoming more rapid. “It’s massaging my clit, and you rubbing my ass is about to make me rape you right now. Let’s go to dinner and move on to bigger and better things!” She gave his erect cock a squeeze as she kissed him, slipping her tongue in his mouth and swirling it around seductively.

He pulled on his trousers and shirt and was ready in minutes. His car was a top of the line SUV, and he wasted no time getting them to the island-themed restaurant. They were greeted by a gorgeous, raven-haired goddess that led them quickly to a fairly secluded table. “The usual?” she asked before leaving.

“No, not tonight. Send Laani over please,” he said, taking Tammy’s hand and squeezing it slightly. I have a real treat planned,” he whispered as their waitress came to the table. “Laani” was a smaller version of the hostess, except she was nude from her waist up. Her breasts were large for her frame, and carried the same olive skin tone as the rest of her body. Her jet black hair was long and framed her breasts, which bounced slightly as she walked. Her only garment was a thin, floral sarong, fastened snugly around her waist, showing off not only her amazingly flat stomach, but her sumptuous ass. She smiled when she saw him, and offered her hand to his date. After their drinks arrived, Laani took their order.

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