She Lusted After His Sister

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Thanks to Princesss for all the help editing this for me. I hope you all enjoy.


“I know what you want,” He whispered in her ear.

“Oh, yeah, what’s that then?” Rebecca replied.

“This.” He pushed his hand up her skirt and between her thighs.

“No, we can’t do that! Not here!” She shouted at him.

He persisted.

“Derek Smith, don’t do that!” She squealed as he tried to get his fingers inside her panties.

But Derek wasn’t listening to Rebecca’s pleas. All he wanted was to get off, but she was having none of it as they had only been going steady for about a week and a half. Try as he may, Derek failed miserably and decided to call it a night. He went inside and up the stairs to his room to bed, leaving Rebecca sitting there all alone on the veranda. She had gone inside to call a taxi to take her home when Derek’s younger sister, Suzie, who had been in the living room watching television, appeared in the hallway.

“Hey, what’s up, Becca?” Suzie asked her friend.

“Your brother, that’s what’s up,” Rebecca said aloud so he could hear as she burst into tears there in front of her friend.

Derek Smith was twenty years old and had recently lost his job due to cut backs at the local tannery. He was built like a double decker bus, yet for some reason he had always been able to get any of the girls down at the club. Well, that was until tonight, when he finally got his first knock back.

His sister, Suzie, on the other hand, was a shy yet gorgeous girl of nineteen, with long flowing red hair and the deepest green eyes you had ever seen. Rebecca had always fancied Suzie, which was about the only reason she actually decided to go out with Derek, so she could get closer to his sister.

Rebecca was the opposite of Suzie, and although she had been with a few girls in the last couple antalya escort of years, this dark haired stunner of eighteen felt a little shy with her for some reason. She was good looking, with a fantastic body and Rebecca had fancied her from the first time she had seen her two years ago when she moved to this town with her mom.

Suzie put her arm around Rebecca and took her into the living room where she had been sitting watching television until she had heard the raised voices outside and then her brother Derek barging in the house and slamming the front door behind him before stomping up the stairs and slamming his bedroom door too, like a little kid might after being told off and sent to bed with no dinner.

Rebecca noticed as she was led into the living room and sat down on the couch that Suzie was wearing the same clothes she had been wearing earlier that day. A short black skirt with black stockings underneath and a black loose fitting t-shirt on top. As Rebecca cried, Suzie put her arms around her as if giving her a big hug, pulling her close. Rebecca could smell Suzie’s perfume and the wonderful smell made her feel quite giddy. For some reason, she began stroking Suzie’s red hair with one hand and moving her other hand under the back of her loose fitting t-shirt and up her back.

As Rebecca’s fingers moved cautiously under the first couple of inches of her friends t-shirt, she didn’t know what to expect next. She half thought Suzie would push her away and run screaming up the stairs, and the other half expected Suzie to do nothing. Instead, Rebecca felt Suzie’s hands move under her the hem of her own top and rest on the small of her back. Rebecca then moved her hand further up her friends shirt, taking the fabric with her, and sliding it up over her head to reveal her boobs, encased in a soft black lace bra.

Without lara escort saying a word, Suzie rested her head against Rebecca’s arm. Rebecca moved her arm around Suzie’s shoulder, letting her slide down her body until she was lying in Rebecca’s lap.

“You were staring at me earlier, weren’t you?,” Suzie asked as she lay there.

“No, I wasn’t,” Rebecca replied, smiling to herself.

“Yes, you were. I saw you staring at me.”

“I was just looking. Did you have problem with that?”

“No,” Suzie said with a smile on her face, moving her hand lightly on Rebecca’s leg.

It was true that Rebecca had been looking at Suzie and dreaming of what it would like to be with her. Now here they were in her living room with Suzie half naked and laying on her lap. They sat there for what felt like hours, but was probably only about thirty minutes or so. Suzie had stopped moving her hand over the lower part of her friend’s bare legs and was just lying quietly. Rebecca talked for a while longer about what had happened between her and Suzie’s brother as she gently stroked the bare flesh of Suzie’s tummy.

Suzie seemed to wake up and turned, sitting up and looking up at Rebecca. They looked into each other’s eyes for a few seconds and then Suzie leaned forward and they were kissing each other lightly on the lips. It developed into a more passionate kiss and soon they had their arms wrapped around each other as their tongues met and they locked together in a deep embrace. The lingering kisses were followed by hands roaming over each other’s bodies as their excitement escalated.

Rebecca wrapped her arms around Suzie’s shoulders and tugged at her bra, unclipping and pulling it off to leave her boobs exposed. She couldn’t resist getting up close and beginning to kiss very gently manavgat escort on the top of her boobs. With soft slow kisses over her tits, moving down, she teased one of Suzie’s nipples with her tongue, slowly opening her mouth wide and taking as much of her lovely little boobs in her mouth as she could possibly manage. As she slowly pulled her head back, her lips slid back to Suzie’s hard nipple, which she sucked on then nibbled before releasing it from her grasp.

Rebecca next switched her attention to Suzie’s other boob, playfully biting her nipple, but being careful not to bite too hard. She sucked gently on it for a few moments, then lifted her head and looked at Suzie. She pulled her in close and they began to kiss again, their tongues exploring each other’s mouths. Suzie began to run her hands down Rebecca’s body until she reached the hem of her skirt, which was just above knee length, pushing her hand underneath and all the way up to her now soaking wet panties.

Rebecca’s legs spread wide to give her more access to her dripping wet, hungry pussy. As Suzie played with her through the wet fabric, Rebecca lifted her top up and over her head and threw it on the floor next to Suzie’s. The beautiful red head turned her attentions to the dark-haired beauty’s now naked breasts and pulled her to her. Their firm tits pressed together as they hugged tightly to one another and continued kissing. It felt good to both girls to feel their boobs pressing together and their hard nipples fighting each other’s.

“I always had you down as a shy girl,” Rebecca told her between kisses.

“I am, kind of,” Suzie replied.

“Have you ever been with a girl before?”

“No, but you’re going to change that for me, aren’t you?” She begged, biting her lip.

Her sweet voice sounded so sexy at that moment that Rebecca almost came in her panties just hearing her speak.

“Try and stop me,” she replied, then gasped. “Oh shit!”

“What is it?” Suzie asked, a look of concern on her pretty face.

“Derek is standing at the door watching us!”

“What the fuck is going on here!” He demanded.

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