She Learns About Her Other Senses

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All day he planned the evening’s events in his mind. As quitting time got closer the more excited he got, imagining what would happen that night.

When he got home he hurried to get the needed items for the for the evenings adventure ready, making sure that everything was in place.

When she opened the door he stepped from behind it and before she realized what was happening he covered her eyes with the blindfold and tied securely to her head.

“Hey, what’s going on?” she said as he stripped her of her clothes and led her to the large rug on the living room floor. “Don’t worry, I’m not going to hurt you” he said, “This is just a way to show you how your imagination works with your senses!”

Her pussy was already getting wet as she felt the glow from the fire in the fireplace and his hands helping her down to the soft rug on the floor. Picking up a feather he began to trace her lines, from her toes, up her leg, to her navel and on to her breasts. Lightly over both nipples causing them to become harder than he had ever seen them before.

The moans the feather received let him bahis firmaları know that she was enjoying the attention and he rolled her over on her belly so he could repeat the actions on her back. Starting at the base of her neck, moving down her spine slowly to the cheeks of her ass, through the crack and on along the inner sides of her thighs to the backs of her knees the feather traveled, bringing soft cries of joy and causing her to tremble in anticipation of what was be next.

Setting the feather aside he reached for the champagne that had been chilling near by and holding the bottle over her stretched out body, he let the beads of ice cold sweat drip off onto her. Each drop causing her to jump and moan loudly while impatiently waiting for the next.

Setting the bottle aside he rolled her over on to her back making her think “What’s he going to do now?” as she heard him get up and walk away. Soon she heard water running in the bathroom, then footsteps moving towards her and something heavy get set on the floor near by.

As he lifted up one of her legs she felt a warm cloth begin kaçak iddaa to wash her leg. Not until she felt the soft cream being spread over her did she realize that she was about to have her legs shaved by someone other than herself. Immediately her reaction was to stop the action right then and there but the rising heat in her crotch told her to let it go on.

Starting at her ankle he began to take long slow strokes with the razor. Down her leg the sharp blade traveled making her force herself to stay still so he didn’t cut her. As he finished one leg and began the other she wondered silently if all he was going to shave was her legs. Her questions were soon answered when he finished her legs and she felt the brush lathering the hair on her pussy.

As he started to spread the white cream on her pubes he couldn’t help but notice how wet her pussy had become. He had never seen a lady get so wet that her juices actually ran out, down over the bud of her ass forming a puddle on the rug.

With careful strokes he watched as the thick hair of her pubes fell away leaving the soft smooth skin kaçak bahis below, gently holding the lips aside he made sure to remove all of the stubble so that she would be as smooth as possible. All he left was a small patch above her slit.

After he finished he took the cloth and washed her, making sure to clean up all of the excess shaving cream and loose hair. Paying special attention to her hairless lips he made her shiver as rubbed the cloth through her crack and over her clit.

Taking her hand he placed it on her mound so she could feel what it felt like. As she rubbed her naked puss she began to do something she had never thought she would do in her life….spreading her legs even wider she began to masturbate. Just the thought of having someone watch her was enough to make her climax in a few short strokes on her clit. As he watched her he couldn’t believe how much more exciting the scene was in reality than in his fantasy.

When her orgasm was over all she could say was “Please”. Knowing what she meant he moved between her legs and slowly entered her, slipping his cock into her depths. They spent the rest of the evening making each other cum and sipping the champagne until neither one could go on anymore.

Only when they went to the bedroom to pass out from exhaustion did the blindfold come off.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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