Sharing Fantasies

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The following is a modified extract from a novel length work entitled – ‘Alissa’ – which is unable to be reproduced on this site.


Chapter 1

Afterglow – David’s Fantasy

I was lying there bathed – no wallowing, luxuriating – in the warm afterglow of some absolutely fabulous sex. No, what we had done was much more than that – the things we had shared, and the feelings experienced while doing them had lifted us out of that often quite mundane activity – we had truly, truly, been making love.

Alissa was young, in fact by my middle-aged standards she was very young – and until a few hours earlier the mere idea that I might even spend time alone with her would have seemed perfectly ridiculous. But now, after what in hindsight seemed a most improbable set of circumstances, I had – and not only that, I had spent most of it in her bed!

She may have been young, her body still in that first flush of mouth-watering feminine curvaceousness, but both she and it were neither virginal, nor lacking in creative audacity – and in the hour or so we had been there she had drained me, both figuratively and, by the feel of the state of my body, quite literally.

I’m not certain of what I was thinking, or even if I was even capable of thought – maybe I was wondering just how long my body would need to rest before I could even attempt starting again. But then her voice broke through the clouds of pleasure-filled satiation that were drifting through me.

‘So what do you usually do now? Go to sleep? That’s what most guys seem to do.’

Although one part of me wanted to agree, sleep would give my over-exercised body time to recoup some of its strength, another simply refused to waste one single precious minute of being with her.

‘Sometimes, but not right now.’ I said as I rolled on to my side and kissed the nearest part of her.

She giggled softly. ‘That’s nice, but right now I doubt if you’re capable of much more than that – though you’ll make me very happy if in a little while you feel like starting again.’

‘Oh I think you can be sure of that.’ I replied. ‘In the meantime we can chat.’ I added, in answer to her original question, at the same moment wondering just what the hell Alissa and I might possibly have in common to talk about.

“I know, pillow-talk!’ she responded enthusiastically. ‘Sex-talk, your experiences, dreams, that kind of stuff. No – I know what would be even better than that, fantasies, we can talk about our fantasies! But’ – she added as she slid off the bed – ‘first we’ll need something to drink. I think I’ve still got the last of a bottle of white wine in the fridge, will that be OK?’

‘Fine.’ I muttered, watching her taut little buttocks jiggling as she headed for the kitchen – then once they had gone found myself both wondering whether what I would be offered would be anything but some sort of sweetened vinegar, and speculating as to what sort of fantasies I’d be expected to exchange in return.

But then the thought of Alissa’s body, and the amazingly miraculous things it could do for me, flooded back – and if all it took to be able to re-savour it was the downing of a few mouthfuls of some cheap and nasty wine, and the telling of one or two of my all too frequently used fantasies, so be it!

She returned a few minutes later, carrying a bottle and two near-full tumblers of a pale yellow liquid. But she could have been bearing the British crown jewels and I wouldn’t have cared, all I could see was the tangle of honey-blonde hair framing her cornflower blue eyes and cherry-red lips – and of course, gently swaying beneath them, those utterly adorable and perkily rose-tipped, breasts.

Having passed me a glass she slid down beside me. ‘I hope you’ve been getting your thoughts together while I’ve been gone.’ she whispered conspiratorially. ‘I have.’

Partly to slake my undoubted thirst, but also to give myself a little more time to think, I slowly sipped small mouthfuls from the tumbler. I was pleasantly surprised, the wine – a light Chardonnay style – was very acceptable. ‘This is nice.’ I said. ‘Refreshingly fruity, and not too sweet.’

‘I’m glad you like it, there’s still a bit more left if you fancy it later – I meanafter you have told me a fantasy!’

‘Are you quite sure this is what you want us to do? Fantasies are so very personal – and usually have nothing at all to do with reality.’

‘Oh I know that!’ she responded. ‘But I’ve always loved reading erotica, and, well please don’t take this the wrong way, but with all the experience you’ve had at writing that, by now you must have an almost encyclopaedic collection of fantasies.’

I chuckled, then took another sip of wine. ‘So this is why you agreed to having sex with a much older man, just because it would give you an opportunity to go data-mining his store of creativity.’

She punched me, playfully. ‘Not true! You know very well why I wanted to have sex with an ‘older man’ – as you put bahis firmaları it – it’s because I’d read that it takes much longer for older men to come, so giving me time to have lots of orgasms. As I did, and that’s not even counting the grand finale you gave me.’ she added affectionately.

‘I’m glad I didn’t disappoint.’

‘Far from it – but now stop messing about, it’s time to tell me at least one of your fantasies.’

‘OK – but I actually have various sorts of fantasies, as I suspect most people do. There are those, quite fleeting moments; when you see someone, somewhere, and have a brief, maybe momentary flash of what it might be like to have sex with them. Then there are those I come up with when I’m writing; in those the characters themselves sometimes seem to actually orchestrate what happens, I often get the feeling I’m merely observing and recording their entire range of activities. Then there are my much more personal ones; the ones I use when I’m alone.’

‘You mean the ones you masturbate to?’ she asked.

‘Yes, that’s right.’

‘It’s one of those I want to hear.’

‘OK – but those are much longer, and far more complex.’ I warned

‘Well I’m not planning on going anywhere soon, are you?’ she replied as she snuggled herself closer.

‘Not right now.’

‘Then let’s hear one of those – but make sure you don’t use any euphemisms, I want to hear real words! None of this, ‘and then we made love’, I want all the gory details, ‘big, powerfully throbbing cocks thrusting into sopping wetly clinging pussies’, ‘thick, juicy dollops of semen spouting everywhere’. All that sort of stuff, OK?’

‘Well if that’s what you really want, here goes.’ I began once I’d made myself comfortable. ‘One of my favourites takes place in a large country town, I’m there on business for a few days and I’m staying at a rather up-market motel. The core building is pretty old, it had obviously originally been used for something quite different but had had a lot of money spent on re-modelling and upgrading it. Now although the individual rooms are each very well-appointed some other parts of the place are a bit rambling, lots of winding corridors, that sort of thing, so when you first arrive and don’t yet know the layout, it’s easy to get lost.

It was getting rather late when I arrived and by the time I had checked-in and taken my bags to the room it was well after eight o’clock. Knowing that country motel kitchens often finish relatively early I decided I had better not waste time showering and changing but get across to the restaurant straight away.

There were only half a dozen or so people there; a group of three or four men who looked and sounded like local businessmen, a middle aged couple who were presumably on a touring holiday, and a woman, like myself, on her own. The waitress was homely with a very friendly manner, and immediately showed me to a table, gave me the menu and took my order for a drink.

Whether it was purely by chance, the table I had been given gave me a direct view of the woman sitting on her own and as I was looking through the menu I happened to glance up – and found her watching me. I felt momentarily embarrassed, you know that feeling you get when someone catches you staring at them, and so quickly looked back down again. It didn’t take me long to sort out what I felt like eating and when the waitress brought me my drink I gave her my order. With all that done I relaxed, but as I raised my glass and looked up, I found the woman was still looking my way, and then as I sipped, she smiled.

Obviously I couldn’t ignore a friendly gesture so I raised my glass and smiled back, using that opportunity to take a better look at her. She was extremely attractive, very white skin and really glossy black hair pulled tightly back behind her head and although I couldn’t really see much more than her face and shoulders I still got the impression that she was tall and slim. But perhaps the most immediately noticeable detail from that distance was that for someone with such dark hair, her eyes were a very pale colour.

Just then the waitress crossed between us and placed down what was obviously her desert, and a couple of minutes later my own meal arrived. Then, while to anybody watching we would have both appeared to be concentrating on our food, from time to time our eyes continued to meet, and when they did we exchanged several more smiles. So in one way she didn’t really take me completely by surprise when, as the waitress cleared her plate, I saw her saying something to her, then nodding in my direction before getting up and coming across to my table.

‘I don’t know about you but I really hate eating alone, so although I only have coffee to come would you mind if I joined you while you finish eating?’ she said.

In the minute or so it took her to cross to my table I saw that my first impressions had been correct, she was tall, almost as tall as I am. Tall, but with an almost classic hour-glass shaped kaçak iddaa body; nicely rounded hips, a really tiny waist, and breasts that pushed her jacket sharply forward. The jacket was part of a very smart two-piece business suit, black; tailored to fit very snugly, and with a skirt that left a fair bit of her extremely long, and obviously shapely legs in view.

I don’t know whether my face registered surprise, delight, excited anticipation or all three, but she gave me a broad smile, said – ‘I’ll take that to mean you don’t mind.’ – and sat down opposite me.

That gave me the chance to get a much better look at her and the first thing I saw was that her eyes were even more extraordinary than I had thought. They weren’t the colour I had assumed they would be, blue, they were actually grey, flecked with pale green highlights. And as she sat down one glance confirmed what I had thought about the size of her breasts, from close to they appeared exceptional. The suit jacket had a deeply cut vee front and beneath it she had on a very fine silk blouse, also with a vee neck-line, and the way the blouse and jacket bulged, plus the well defined cleavage I could see, gave me a very good idea of just how much firm flesh there was underneath.

Her coffee arrived and while I continued my meal, we talked. Her name was Tara, she was also in the town on business, her work involved putting together what she called ‘rescue packages’ for ailing farm properties. Sometimes that involved selling all or part of them, but more often she was able to help the owner by advising on new or additional activities; sometimes things for tourists, trail riding, walking trips, that sort of thing. Anyway, as there were some common areas between my consulting business and what she did I was genuinely interested and we continued talking long after I had finished eating.

By then the other diners had gone and eventually it became obvious that the waitress was anxious to finish clearing away, so I suggested she join me for a night-cap, finish our conversation in my room. She gave me another, much warmer smile and answered. ‘I would like that David, but let me suggest my room rather than yours. I was given a rather excellent bottle of brandy the other day, a sort of thank-you gift, come and help me sample it.’

That sounded even better than my own idea and as I followed her through the winding maze of corridors to her room I took the opportunity to admire the way her bottom moved beneath the skirt, feeling my cock responding to both that and the thought of what the rest of the evening might have in store.

We talked for some time, the conversation helped along by each of us drinking a couple of glasses of her excellent brandy, but although I was able to keep my end of the conversation reasonably sensible I was only using part of my brain for that, the other part had been swamped with a desire to make love with her. Desire that had been brought on by a whole range of things; the nearness of her, the subtle perfume she wore, the deep cleavage between her breasts and the amount of thigh the short skirt left on view. But what I found in some ways even more seductive than all those very obvious physical attributes was the smiling promise I thought I saw in those extraordinary eyes.

When the urge inside grew just too strong I finally took her near empty glass and put both it and mine down on a nearby table, then turning to face her I slid one arm along the back of the sofa until my finger-tips were just brushing her neck. ‘You must know how much I want to kiss you Tara. It must have been obvious to you from that first minute.’

She leaned forward and stroked the side of my face, her touch sending shivers up and down my spine. ‘I thought you did, but I wasn’t absolutely sure. I have been feeling something growing between us, something very strong, but I didn’t want to rush you, maybe frighten you off.’

‘Frighten me off?’

‘It does happen, for some reason some men find me a bit frightening. Well maybe not frightening really, perhaps they think I won’t be as compliant as they would like, that I’ll be difficult to handle. And I have to warn you, I do know what I like.’

‘I would be happy to please you any way you need Tara.’ I answered, having no idea what that might lead to, but knowing that at that moment I wanted her so much I would have agreed to absolutely anything she suggested.

She said nothing more, just leaned forward and kissed me.

Her lips were incredibly soft, incredibly moist and her mouth and tongue eager and enthusiastic, and the effect that kiss had on me was so phenomenal it was as though she had slipped some powerful drug into my mouth. I felt my head spinning, my heart pounding and every muscle in my body started to flex and quiver. Then, as the kiss went on and on, I felt blood coursing through my veins, all of it headed in one direction, down to my cock.

Slipping one hand behind her head I pulled her tighter, kissing her hungrily, kaçak bahis feverishly, and at the same time trying to fondle her breast with the other hand. She let me do that for a minute or two, then pushed me away. For a moment I felt devastated, felt the implied promise had already been broken. but then my heart started racing again when she got up, looked down at me, and said. ‘Come on David, we’re not over-anxious teen-agers, let’s make ourselves more comfortable.’

While I sat there catching my breath she went swiftly around the room turning off the over-head lights, but leaving a couple of smaller ones still on. ‘I don’t like to feel I’m under spotlights, but I do like to be able to see what’s going on.’ she said, then suggested I undress while she went to the bath-room.

I was so tense and excited I could feel myself shaking and I seemed to have little control over my hands and fingers, desperately fumbling with each button, and so took an age to get my clothes off. But it was as though she knew precisely what was happening because just as I was finally stepping out of my underpants, the bath-room door opened and I looked up and saw her.

She stood there; her hands on her hips, her legs spread wide, and apart from her shoes and a pair of black stockings that ended three quarters of the way up her thighs, proudly naked. Her jet-black hair had been loosened and brushed out, falling to well below her shoulders, the ends just brushing the dark red nipples that tipped her breasts.

And what breasts she had! Full and round, yet high-set, jutting out from her body in gloriously upsweeping curves. I felt my mouth go dry and licked my lips as I tried to imagine what it would feel like to hold them, to fondle and kiss them, and then to suck on their already stiffening nipples. Then, tearing my eyes away from that tempting sight, I let them drift lower, down over her tiny waist and lightly muscled stomach, on down to where I saw a dark, neatly trimmed triangle of thick black hair nestling between her splayed thighs.

I tried to imagine what her pussy looked like; the pink, hopefully already moist slit fringed by that dark curly hair, the pouting outer lips waiting to feel my fingers, my tongue, and later, eagerly allow my cock to push up between them.

Then, doing my best to ignore the rising lust that seemed to engulf me, I looked lower still, down the long length of her thighs, the contrast between the whiteness of her skin and the black sheerness of the grip-top stockings making them look even longer. But even as my eyes drifted up and down her unbelievably sexy attributes I also tried to imagine what I had yet to see. Not only her pussy but also her buttocks, somehow knowing that they would be tight, perfectly shaped globes of flesh, and feeling my fingers tingling at the thought of soon being able to grip and fondle them too.

She just stood there for a while, a slight smile on her blood-red lips, obviously enjoying having my eyes feast on her, apparently reading the primitive urges that filled my brain, then she finally looked down.

‘Ah yes, very adequate, no, to be fair, much more than adequate.’ she said when she saw the state of my rearing cock. ‘I’m sure we’ll both have a quite memorable time.’

She finally moved, came slowly towards me, and I found I couldn’t move, just stood there, my cock jerking even higher as she approached. Reaching down she touched it, lightly trailing her finger-tips up and down its length, her long, finely manicured finger-nails grazing up over and around the bulging head. All that time her eyes remained fixed on mine, and as I stared into those grey-green pools I felt myself being sucked down into a vortex of uncontrollable carnality.

I had to have her – and I did! Doing things with and to her that I hadn’t thought I was capable of.

I fondled, kissed, squeezed and sucked every single part of her glorious body, starting with her breasts and then rolling her over to do the same thing to her buttocks. As I had anticipated, they were superbly shaped, fully rounded, but the flesh beneath the tautly silky skin was firm, and the cleft between the cheeks invitingly deep. Then, sometime later, when I first pushed my head up between her thighs I discovered something I hadn’t anticipated, something that made the fire burning inside me rage even more fiercely. The thick bush of pubic hair I had expected to find surrounding her pussy actually ended just above it, the area around her sex was free of even the finest hairs, the skin smooth and ultra soft.

I don’t know how many orgasms I actually gave her with my hands, mouth and tongue, but in spite of the fire raging inside I somehow managed to wait until I knew I simply couldn’t hold on any longer, before allowing myself the thrill of doing it all again, but with my cock. And that evening it seemed almost inexhaustible, as I moved and turned her this way and that, I probed and drove it into every part of her willing and so very receptive body. Up and down the fleshy valley between those magnificent breasts, between her succulent lips and into her vacuuming mouth, and then finally, deep into her by then incredibly juicy, but still unbelievably tight cunt.

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