Shade’s Destiny Ch. 04

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Double Penetration

I did – until the sun woke us up. Sleep that is. Gotta ask Shade if she can have the drape dudes fix this so they close automatically at night because somehow the two of us are … it just doesn’t get closed. Neither do your … Honey, I’m sorry! Go take your shower and don’t worry about Libby … oh shit! Wait! What? Hey angel, where did you go?

My Monday costume waited for me, as ever, after my shower. Kim had coffee and toast waiting. I wondered what the hell my angel meant. Both of them had shown up out of the blue. Coincidence? I was beginning to think like the cops in novels I read: There is no such thing! Kim stared at each of us. We never made eye contact but I could feel the vibe between us. I saw the little itch of a smile at the corner of her mouth. How cute! Shade stuffed the leash in her purse, kissed Kim goodbye; I did the same. We got to the office without much delay. Shade dropped me off in the garage and told me to expect a call on my office extension at about ten. We kissed warmly. I headed to the elevator and the office.

At about 9:15 Stacy breezed in with a smile and a cup of coffee. She babbled, I wrote a one word note, babbled and laughed. We met in the ladies room and closed the door behind us. We hugged. God how I missed her! I whispered my warning, felt her stiffen, then nod. We agreed to pass notes between us as we could. High end espionage right?

The phone rang at ten. “Put your phone on speaker. Don’t say a word!” Shade’s voice was cold. I did what I was told. I heard voices. Shade’s was unmistakable. The other took a second … Libby? No way!

Shade: There have been three calls about this. I agreed to meet you to settle this once and for all.

Libby: I’m sure I’ve been a pest, Shade, but I have my reasons.

Shade: (a harsh laugh) True. You have a business to run!

Libby: I’m not sure what you mean.

Shade: Really? You’ve called three times. Each time you asked what the rate was for a night with Destiny. I told you it wasn’t possible yet you persisted. You asked for this meeting. I want to know exactly what it is you want.

Libby: Just what I asked for. How much?

Shade: No sale. There is no rate. The fundraiser was a one time thing. I don’t pimp out my sluts.

Libby: Apparently not. You probably know that I know Destiny from high school. I was shocked to see her, couldn’t believe what I was seeing, and had to win the bidding to get to spend a night with her. I don’t normally do that sort of thing either … in my personal life or in my business affairs.

Shade: Of course you do. You run a high-end escort service. You pimp out women to any and all who pay you whatever the rate is for whatever they want. Now I want to know exactly what it is you’re after.

I was in shock. When she dropped me off this morning Shade told me to lock my door when she called. Thankfully I had. I was a sobbing, hysterical, mess a minute into this. Libby was silent for a bit, then continued.

Libby: All right Shade. I want to buy Destiny. Outright. Including any videos, stills, whatever you have on her. I want you to sell Destiny to me. I want a relationship with her, one we could never have had all those years ago. One that’s possible now. This new her, this not so new me.

I had stopped crying; I stared at the phone in shock and disbelief. Libby? Who are you? Buy me? Relationship? What did Shade know? She had baited Libby somehow. What else is there Shade?

Shade: There’s more you’re not telling me. Relationship? Doubtful, but let’s get deeper. What exactly is this business you keep babbling about? Some backroom bordello? Some small-time call girl scheme you float from city to city to stay ahead of local vice squad operatives?

Libby: You’re a good one to moralize, Shade. An insurance business run by a dyke who turns women for her own pleasure, using them for your own ends, turning them into pawns, preying on vulnerabilities, taking their clothes, cars, homes, furnishings ….

Shade: Enough! Yes, you’re right, though not about all of it. My girls get to leave as promised. Dawn chose to. Destiny will make up her own mind when her twelve months are over. You, on the other hand, run a very different kind of business. Fill in the blanks for me won’t you?

Libby: I’m into more than just submission and servitude. I like inflicting pain. There’s a market for it. Those who enjoy it will and do pay big money, really big money, to see it. Others enjoy having nights with a woman to do with her what they will. It’s fabulously successful. I want to add Destiny to my stable. What’s the price?

Shade: In a minute. You enjoy this you say? You enjoyed your liaisons with Destiny so much, think so highly of your old friend, are attracted to her so much that you want to buy her and turn her into another of your pain sluts? That is your end game isn’t it Libby?

Oh my god! She knows!! Shade knows I’ve been with her. Oh fuck, the phone? Oh my god!

Shade: Your silence confirms what my investigators found! There have antalya escort been instances where first responders to 911 calls have found injuries and worse. I was furious when I discovered your background, what you do to the women in your so-called enterprise. Worse still, what you allow others to do to these women!! I’m surprised the FBI and Interpol haven’t gotten to you yet.

Libby: (voice cold) I’m well protected, bitch. Fuck with me and ….

Shade: And what, you fucking cunt! And your precious Destiny will be hurt? Worse? Really? You can’t get to her, can’t touch her. No one can. She only knows you as her high school chum. She has no clue about who you are.

My head was on my arms as the curtain was being peeled back. I’d never heard anything that cut me as deeply as what I heard my Shade say to Libby. It sickened me to hear Libby talk about me in such cold, clinical, disgusting terms.

Shade: You have only one choice: Cease and desist. There is no other. I have provided those who need it with evidence that will bring you down! This is not a threat but a statement of fact! I know people. Statements have been given, affidavits taken. Warrants have been readied and await a judge’s signature.

I heard the sound of a chair scraping, heels clicking, and then, Shade’s voice: “It’s over lover. See you in a while.” The line went dead. I punched out the phone and sat, stunned. It just wasn’t possible. Elizabeth McGuire Sanders, my Libby, could not be what I heard. My Libby and I had made the sweetest love two women could. Sorry Shade; sorry Stacy. Yes, Libby scared me half to death with what she’d whispered. But what Shade said? A business enterprise? Trafficking in terror, abuse? What didn’t I know? What were the phone calls about? I was terrified and skeptical.

Skeptical? The woman on the other end of the phone call lured me into signing a year of my life over to her. I mean come on now!! But what I just heard … it was Shade taking Libby on, firmly telling her no, and more. She said she had investigators. Was she protecting me? Had she gone to such lengths for me? I thought about the conversation I’d heard, the words. ‘My girls get to leave as promised.’ ‘You enjoyed Destiny so much you want to turn her into …’ I couldn’t bring myself to say the words. They were too horrifying. First responders to 911 calls? What on earth had she uncovered? Why? Whatever she’d done it seemed to have frightened Libby enough to leave. Was Shade protecting her investment or her Destiny? I needed to know. I had to find out. Right now I needed Stacy!

I buzzed her on the intercom and went to the rest room. I heard the door open and the soft knock on the stall door. She looked at my tear stained face, red rimmed, puffy eyes and hugged me. Held me, hugged me as I sobbed against her. Held me as I let all the fright, the shock, the terrifying words I’d heard from someone I thought, maybe, I could love. Oh yeah, that too. The rank embarrassment of being so naive to think she actually cared about me.

The crying had slowed; Stacy kissed me, still hugging me tight to her. She tastes so good. My god I miss being with her. I shouldn’t be doing this, not after yesterday. I found myself melting in her arms and to her kiss … like always.

We heard the bathroom door slam into the wall as someone rushed in. We pulled away and looked at each other, wide-eyed, with the same thought on our minds: Shade! The door was pounded on in anger. I pointed to myself. Stacy nodded. I opened the door; Shade’s face was a mask of fury. I moved to her; Stacy slid behind me and scurried out the door. I went and locked the door; then turned to face Shade. She started to speak. I raised my hand; her face froze in shock. She took several steps toward me, raising her hand as she came. I took up the slack between us, grabbed her hand. My eyes never left hers. I said, “No. Just listen. I needed to cry, needed someone to hold me while I did. I chose Stacy; that can’t be a surprise. It wasn’t anything more. I needed someone to hold me while I cried. I wish it had been you Shade. I honest to god do. Now please, can we go to your office?”

Other than the fact we’d kissed each other everything I said was ‘hand on the Bible’ true. Maybe it was the tone of voice, my choice of words. I don’t know. But even as I spoke I could see the fury leach from her. Her eyes never left mine. She let her arm go limp. I thought about it for a second then stepped to and hugged her. I lay my head on her shoulder. I brought her as close to me as I could and held her. It took a few minutes but she did slide her arms around me.

I whispered, “Please kiss me.” Startled, she pushed me away. I could feel my eyes fill, my chin crumple. “Please!” She came to me, turned her face up to me. I bent to her and brushed my lips to hers. She opened her mouth to me. That’s when I cried. I gave her my tongue as we kissed. She put an arm in the small of my back, the other behind my head and held me to her as we kissed. I just let the tears flow. She loves me! She doesn’t know how or can’t fethiye escort say it yet but she does. Her sister told me, that phone call told me, Sunday told me. This kiss is telling me.

Shade released me, brushed away my tears, took my hand, unlocked the door and we walked to her office. She locked the door and we went to sit together on the couch.

I started. “I know what I heard and I know there’s more. Will you tell me what you know; what you found out?”

Her reaction told me Shade was surprised at the words I’d chosen to start this. “I couldn’t let you continue to see that woman once I’d begun to get some information about her.” I started to say something; she put up her hand to stop me. “Don’t Destiny. I won’t tell you the how, just why.” Her eyes went unfocused for a second and got ice cold. Whatever it was she might be thinking gave me shivers. She came back to me and smiled. “I wouldn’t let that bitch hurt you. I thought it could only be by coincidence that she was at the auction. I came to find out that’s where she got a number of those in her stable.” That word froze my heart with fear. Shade must have seen something in my eyes; hers teared, she said, her voice choked with emotion, “I would never have let her hurt you.”

We both let things settle a bit. I knew Shade had appointments. So we kissed and she said, “I need you to head home from work. I’ll meet you there. We’ll figure something out. I may ask my sister to cook early. We have somewhere to go tonight. I need to make a few stops on the way home.” She saw the curiosity in my eyes but shook her head. “No Destiny, not now. I have to get to my appointments. I promise to explain at home later.” A quick kiss, a tight hug, and she was out the door. I went to my office. Stacy stuck her head in a few minutes later. I wrote one word on a notepad and handed it to her. She nodded and winked. Good, we’d talk at lunch, out of the office!

Halloween was coming soon. I could only shudder at whatever mischief Shade had planned for the two of us!

It was only about fifteen minutes after she popped her head in the door that Stacy came back. Good lord, had the morning gone by that quickly? The clock said yes: 11:45. Oh well. I put on my raincoat and out we went. There was a little sandwich shop nearby. We each ordered, grabbed drinks, paid and found a table that gave us some privacy. I moved my chair so that we sat at ninety degree angles. I didn’t want anyone seeing what I said.

I started with, “We have to be careful, Stacy,” in a stage whisper. “Shade may be tracking your movements or mine. I can’t say for sure; we just need to be careful. I don’t want you put in any danger. Your job I mean.”

Her eyes welled up; I was surprised. Her voice low she said, “Destiny doesn’t give a shit about you.” I sat back in the chair, dumfounded at what she’d just said. What the fuck! I didn’t know whether to slap her or get up and leave.

“Of all the people, you have a lot of fucking nerve to talk! You betrayed our friendship and offered me up to Shade on a platter. You better have a damn good proof to back up what you just said honey!”

Stacy reacted to what I’d said as if I had slapped her. But, as I spoke, her eyes took on a look of sadness. She nodded as if she agreed with me. What she said nearly knocked me from my chair.

“Destiny, you may have deduced some of this, but I was one of Shade’s sluts too. The kids were real little, Matt was working impossibly long hours and, though the money was okay, his student loans had to be dealt with. We’re in a new house, up to our eyeballs, and I’m leaving work early and coming in late. I called in when the babysitter couldn’t come or the kids got sick or a million other ‘Mom’ things. Shade was going to fire me; ‘neglecting my job’ she said. I was in a panic. It wasn’t that much money but we desperately needed it. Remember, I was the only Admin at the time. Basically, I answered all the phones.” She shrugged. The sandwiches sat uneaten. We agreed we had to eat and talk.

“We bought the house in 2005 after Gavin was born. I got the job seven months later … about this time of year. This all happened in 2007 after Brianna came along. I was furious that I’d gotten pregnant until I saw my beautiful baby girl.” Her eyes got misty. So did mine. Sorry, I’ll be right back.

Sorry about that. I don’t have moments like those much anymore but writing of that conversation brought back the emotions of not being able to have children. Shrug. Back to the story!!

“You can probably guess most of the rest. Shade made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. I could work the hours I needed to, get a raise, and she would keep my servitude just between us. Matt still doesn’t know. I have no doubt Shade still has the pictures and videos somewhere. It wasn’t like it is now but when Shade asked me to ‘find’ someone new for the office I couldn’t really say no. I’d meet people at coffee shops, kids in tow. How easy right? Fucking obscene is what it was. ‘You need a job? Oh I can help.’ Yada yada.” I spit kaş escort the mouth full of water out as I laughed. Honest to god; I’d never heard her say that before. I told her; we laughed till we cried. She was still crying when she said, “I hated doing what I did to you lover. I knew she’d love you.”

Her eyes fell; she couldn’t make eye contact with me when she whispered, “I did; from early on. I prayed you’d get the job so I could see you every day. I loved us having lunch together so often. I didn’t dare touch you. I knew everyone in the office, how most of them had gotten there.” She looked at me with hard eyes. “I may be bi Destiny but I don’t like doing what I do under duress.” Huh? What? “Oh, she hasn’t told you?” A short, harsh laugh, and, “Yeah, still now, one day a month, I’m under the desk for a morning. Usually it’s when some company big wig is in town for a ‘pep talk’ or some other bullshit.” I was in shock! Plus, I was disgusted! I will put a stop to this crap. No fucking way this will be allowed to continue. She must have seen it in my eyes.

“Listen you, you fight your own battles and let me handle my shit. I’m a big girl too. I need these flex hours. It’s part of why Kelly has her job. She was chosen specifically because her husband works from home and has his own successful business. He’d shit a brick if he ever found out what his little angel does at work!!” She shook her head in disgust. “Then there’s my Matty; he has no idea I’m bisexual. It would devastate his little man ego.” I hear that!!!

There was so much of this that sickened and angered me. I would deal with it, Stacy’s protestations aside. Oh, I’ll pick my spots all right but this was not going to continue. Shade’s not the only one who can make threats and hold things over people’s heads. The bitch of it all was I couldn’t tell Stacy anything about Libby nor could I tell her about Shade and me. I just couldn’t. Shade’s eyes, in the bathroom this morning, told me she knew. She’d tell me; I knew that. I just had to drag it out of her. I laughed at the irony of that little gem. Shade, telling me she would drag the submissive lesbian out of me one way or the other. Lesbian, yes! Submissive my ass! I knew who was what!

Stacy was looking at me while I was, um, talking to myself. She had this odd, quizzical look on her face. Oh honey, if you only knew! I smiled the biggest smile and said in my best, brightest voice, “Stacy, I can’t tell you everything right now but you need to know. Shade really does care.” Damn, I wanted to take her hand, kiss her, something. I had to settle for looking in her eyes, those gorgeous, grey, tantalizing, tractor-beam eyes. Oh my god, stop yourself! “She honest to god does. I know this for a fact.” I saw the doubt, understood it, and let it be. We had to get back to work. We put on our coats, dumped the residue of lunch in the garbage and hurried back. On the way Stacy asked about when we could spend some private time together. I had no idea; we’d have to figure it out. Crap, it’s nearly 1 pm.

No visitors Monday afternoon. I did wonder if Shade got a ‘memo’ out that quickly! That I’d let ride unquestioned. If you want to know, it wasn’t anything like the early days when I wanted to vomit. I knew these women; had ‘before.’ Like everything in life, I liked some of them more than others. Some of them I saw more than others. Whatever! I just laughed as I typed that. Kelly hates it when I ‘whatever’ her. She never really knows what it means … so she says! So, of course, I say it … uh huh! Whenever!! Ain’t I the shit!!!

Anyway, when the day snail crawled to an end, my very own Bette Davis eyes asked if I wanted a ride home. Duh! Better than a cab ride with a terrorist-in-training!

Honey, you have some kinda serious thing goin’ on here and you better figure it out. You can’t do this with both of them. Angel, I know. Sigh! But honestly, what do I do? I didn’t know I could … be this me. Honey, I know. But you are; we tried, really we did. Snicker! I have no idea how to help you with this. But I’m here for ya if you need something. Okay, thank you Angel! Honey, I love you. Good luck to you!

I knew I could count on my Stacy! She found an alley that had a cut-out. She pulled the car in, killed the motor, and turned to me. I pulled her across the center console to straddle my lap. I was in my costume, the raincoat across my legs. This couldn’t be very long; I knew that Shade would be home sooner rather than later. The kisses and gropes were appropriately frantic. She begged me get her off. I did the best I could given her clothes, the cramped space, and the rest.

When my fingers brought her to nirvana she screamed. The sound filled the confines of the car. I worried someone might call 911! I was persistent; she was needy. I tweaked a nipple through fabric and bra. She tried to contort herself so my mouth could love her nipples and moaned when I couldn’t. I kept after her for as long as I could, dragging her through every last bit of it. She slumped against me when it left her. I smiled as I heard her heart pound, her chest heaving as she fought for gasping breaths. The angle of my fingers in her depths hurt my wrist. I’d get over it; she was worth it! Typing it brings tears to my eyes. We need to hurry me home goddammit! Through tears and goodbye kisses, we did, as always.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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