Sexy Maid

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Mark had booked into the hotel before the conference he was attending, and he was looking forward to a rest after all the travel to get there. The setting for the hotel and conference centre was an old country house that could have been the setting for a period drama. The place certainly had a feeling of sophistication and tradition. Best of all, Mark noticed that the maids all wore uniforms that were very much in the style of a French maid’s uniform, dark and silky, with a white apron and quite a short skirt, and all quite revealing!

Once in the room, he was eager for a shower, since it had been a hot day. So, after unpacking, he went into the shower, then realised there was no towel. There were none on the rail and he couldn’t find a towel anywhere else. A little bit frustrated at not being able to have his shower just yet, he rang reception, to be told someone would be up shortly.

A few minutes later there was a knock at the door, and he opened it to see a lovely girl in a very sexy maid’s outfit that showed off her ample curves and long legs.

“Hello, my name is Susan,” she said with an enchanting smile. “I understand you can’t find the towels. Would you like me to come in to see if I can locate them?”

Mark agreed, pointing out he could not find any towels. As she walked past him, he could not fail to notice her long legs and how her bottom wiggled delightfully in her outfit.

She walked into the bathroom and pulled opened a drawer Mark had overlooked and, pulling out a towel. “Is this what you are looking for?” Susan said with a smirk.

“Oops, I didn’t notice that drawer, it was well hidden,” replied Mark.

As Susan walked back to the door, she turned around. “Glad to be of help. Are you here for the conference for wildlife guides?”

Mark went to reply, but he was momentarily preoccupied. Standing in the door, Susan’s uniform perfectly outlined her curvaceous and sexy form, with her long wavy auburn hair tumbling down.

“Yes, I’m here for the conference for wildlife guides.”

“Well, you can’t be that observant if you couldn’t find the towels.” And she said this with a smirk, looking directly at him with her stunning blue eyes.

“I’ve noticed you are booked for two nights. I’m on call if you need anything”. Then, after a pause, “or want something.”

Then she was out the door, but Mark was intrigued. Had she given a slight pout as she had said ‘want something’, as if she knew he had noticed her curvaceous figure!

With thoughts of Susan in his mind, Mark undressed and got into the shower. There was a mirror above the sink, and he could see he still had a good tan from the recent trip he had been on, and he could clearly see the ‘white bits’ where his shorts had been. Turning around he was pleased his white bottom still looked good for his age. Of course, it was not as good as Susan’s bottom, that he started to dream about.

As he had his shower, he rubbed shower gel over his body and started to massage the gel into his slumbering cock. As he did this, he started to imagine it was Susan’s hand on his cock, which started to grow. He did this for a while, enjoying the feeling. Masturbating, he kept trying to imagine it was Susan who was eagerly and enthusiastically giving him a good wank. He carried on like this for a while, developing a full stiff erection, dreaming of Susan. Susan in her uniform, kneeling in front of him, as he ejaculated all over her face, hair and cleavage. He almost came with this very naughty thought, but not quite. He was tired and after playing with his cock for a while longer, he turned off the shower, used the towel to dry himself down, then went to bed, with thoughts of Susan in that uniform, still running through his mind.

Then there was the alarm waking him up and, as he got up, he noticed he had a big ‘boner’. All that dreaming about the maid. He wanted to spend some time to deal with his erection but had to get ready for the conference. So, as his erection slowly subsided, he shaved, washed his face, and cleaned his teeth, before opening up the door to go down to breakfast. As he walked along the corridor Susan came out of one of the rooms. “Hello there,” she smiled, “it looks like you’re up and alert early this morning!”

My God Mark thought to himself. She is so gorgeous – if only she knew of the naughty fantasies I had about her! He then went down to breakfast and headed back up to his room about 30 minutes later, before going to the conference. Opening the door of his room there was a sight to behold, Susan was on the far side of his bed, making it up.

Looking towards him and smiling, her ample boobs were perfectly outlined in that tight uniform.

“Enjoy your breakfast?” She then moved around the bed the near side, to tuck in the rest of the sheets, and bent right over.

Wow, it was a sight to behold! Susan’s thighs and perfect bottom was perfectly outlined in her short skirt. He was mesmerised and just wanted to go up to her from behind, lift up that skirt, then caress her knickers before pulling bahis firmaları them down, and thrust into her from behind!

With this fantasy going through his mind Susan turned around to look round to him, without standing up.

“Like the view?” Susan said with an innocent look.

“Err … what?” Mark had the look of an animal dazzled in car headlights.

“Do you like the view out of the window?”

“Yes,” said Mark, relieved he had not been caught out looking at her lovely behind.

As Susan went out of the door with the dirty linen she looked round to Mark, paused, then smiled.

“I hope you had some nice dreams last night, do enjoy your conference.”

This confused Mark even more, why on Earth would she mention having nice dreams. Did she know something?

As Susan closed the door she smiled, and a wicked smile. She knew Mark was eyeing her up from the very start, and even though he was an older guy, she fancied him and had been flirting with him. She also knew he had been dreaming last night, and must have had some naughty dreams, hopefully about her in her uniform! She knew this since she had noticed some tell tail marks on his bed linen just right where his cock would have been. It looked like he had been oozing some precum, the naughty boy. Mind you, if he had wanked himself off, she couldn’t notice any sperm stains. As a maid she could be quite the hotel detective!

It was a busy day for Mark at the conference, followed by a great time talking with friends and contacts at the bar that evening. In the end he didn’t get back to his room to quite late. A pity, it would have been nice to see Susan again. Anyway, feeling tired, and a bit drunk, he went straight to bed.

In the morning he woke up early, before the alarm. His mouth was dry, and he needed a drink. So, he had a drink of water and decided to clean his teeth – what he forgot to do last night. And to refresh himself even more, he decided to shave early.

Back in bed, he changed his alarm for a little bit later, but he could not sleep with thoughts of Susan in that maid’s uniform going through his mind again. He caressed his cock for a while, imagining it was Susan’s hand, then dreamed of Susan starting to lick and suck his cock. Then the fantasy changed again, and Susan was still sucking his cock, but straddled over the top of him in the 69 position, slowly lowering herself onto his face until her skirt formed a ‘tent’ over him as he started to nuzzle her wet panties.

By now he had a huge erection and dreaming about her, he almost came, but he wanted to revel in the thoughts, and held back, but was he was so randy, and was producing lots of precum. After caressing his very rigid cock for a while, he went into a lovely doze, dreaming of Susan in her uniform. Then he was woken up by the alarm and went for a shower.

As he washed himself, he stared to dream of Susan again and, as he rubbed shower gel into his cock, he starting to dream of what Susan’s ample and pert tits might look like. Then, as his ‘soaped’ up his growing cock, he imagined it was sliding in and out of Susan’s warm and very wet pussy. He was in heaven and in his own World when there was a knock at the door and Susan’s voice. “Housekeeping.”

“OK, I’ll be there,” Mark said as he frantically washed the soap off and dried himself down before putting a towel around his torso.

But he still had an erection and it was making a tent in the towel and it wouldn’t go away! What should he do? Luckily, he remembered there was hand towel and he draped it over his lower arm to hide his erection.

He went out of the bathroom to go to the door, only to hear the key unlocking the door and Susan, in that uniform, that sexy uniform, coming through the door.

“Sorry.” said Susan. “I thought you had got up earlier and were at breakfast.”

Saying it in a way that stressed the ‘UP’.

“No, I had lay in and was having a shower.”

“Looks like you have had some sun, you have a nice tan there. Is that hand towel for washing?”

And without giving him the chance to do anything, she skilfully took the hand towel away from his arm.

Susan had taken the towel assuming and hoping she had an impact on him and she wasn’t disappointed, his erection was making an obvious tent in his towel.

“So that is why you had the hand towel on your arm!”

“I can see that I was correct in assuming you got up early,” she said, with a very naughty look on her face.

Then, as she used her hands to push up her breasts, she said, “are you standing to attention because of me?”


Smiling she said, “I am so glad to hear that”.

She then gently caressed his cock through the towel. As she did this Mark pulled her into his embrace and they kissed, slowly at first, then with passion, tongues intertwined. Mark then started to feel the outline of her breasts, her waist, and her hips through the silky uniform, Susan revelling in his touch. He then run his hands down the soft skin of her thighs then up under her skirt kaçak iddaa and squeezed her panty clad bottom, using some of his fingertips to brush her clitoris and vagina through her panties.

Then she pushed him back onto the bed, and the front of the towel opened up, to show Mark’s full and stiff erection.

“Is that for me?’ Susan giggled, as she knelt down, in front of him, and clasped her hand around his big throbbing member.

“‘It is so hot and stiff’ she said with a pout.

Then, looking directly up into his eyes, “such a nice, big, cock.”

With that she used her fingertips to brush up and down his shaft, touching every part, before using her thumb and fingers to gently brush up and down his cock, the taught skin sliding over the hard shaft underneath, hard but with that slight softness and give of an erect cock. As she did this, some precum oozed out and she smeared it over his helmet until it was all shiny, Mark gasping at her touch, his cock growing bigger.

Then Susan cradled his balls and then knelt down to start to lick and explore his shaft, getting turned on by the phallic shape and the bulging helmet. As she did this, she also looked up into Mark’s eyes, who was so turned on by Susan in her maid’s uniform, licking his cock! As he looked on, gasping at her touch, she licked up to his helmet, then kissed the very head of his penis, before slowly, very slowly, slid her lips over his helmet.

She sucked his helmet for a while before pulling away to enjoy the view of his phallic erect cock, with his helmet glistening with her saliva. As she squeezed his shaft, more precum oozed out of his cock. Susan smiled, lent forward, and looking right into Mark’s eye, lapped up his precum with her tongue and swallowed!

She then started to suck his cock again, slowly at first, but down towards the base as far as she could go, Mark mesmerized as he watched her mouth and lips skilfully and tenderly slid down over his cock, then back up again. Susan would lick his cock for a while, then suck, and sometimes give it slobbery kisses whilst looking up at Mark.

Then she started to suck with more speed, swallowing more of his precum. Then she sucked more and more, faster, faster, Mark started to gasp and pant heavily.

Susan could feel Mark cock getting bigger, the helmet swelling even more, and she kept sucking and sucking, she so wanted him to come, to come in her mouth, to swallow his sperm! She was so turned up by what she was doing to him.

Mark couldn’t believe the delightful view before him, of Susan in her maid’s uniform eagerly sucking him off. Then his whole cock starting to shudder and pulsate, like a volcano about to erupt.

“Susan, Susan,” he cried, “I’m coming!”

With that he let out an animal-like groan, like a bear on heat, and she felt his cock suddenly expand even more. Then his whole body went into a spasm, with his hips rising up and his cock involuntary sliding further into her welcoming mouth. Then, pulsating and pumping, his cock erupted. She felt the first eruption of sperm and swallowed, then the second, then the third. It was like his whole being and essence was coming out of his cock and she was sucking up all his latent energy.

Finally, Mark’s spasm started to subside as Susan continued to suck his cock, savouring the last of his cum. As Mark breathed heavily, getting his breath back, she could feel his spent cock shrinking in her mouth. She pulled away and smiled and the impact she had, and how amazing it had felt to feel his erect cock in his mouth and then for him to come! She also noticed a last bit of cum was oozing out, so she took the whole of his shrunken penis into her mouth again and washed it clean. She then slid up to kiss Mark, pushing her body and her silky maid’s uniform onto his sweating body.

I hope you enjoyed that she said with a very big smile, before kissing him.

They kissed and cuddled for a while. Then Mark cradled her, face in his hands, looking lovingly into her eyes, and said, “What about you? You are still fully clothed in that very sexy outfit!”

Susan was still ‘fully dressed’, if that was the right word. Her skimpy black dress was ultra-revealing, the silky fabric pushed up against Mark and his penis, as it was beginning to whimper and soften.

“Let’s cuddle on the bed,” she whispered, pushing Mark down onto the big double bed then shuffling next to him. Blissfully happy in her embrace, Mark fell into a contented sleep for about 10 minutes, Susan smiling sweetly as she looked at his dishevelled appearance.

Finally, he woke up and his energy levels returned, he reached over and kissed her deeply. She accepted, as the two bodies folded into one. Her perfume induced a provocative feeling inside Mark’s head, she tasted good like fresh strawberries, delicious and sweet, and she felt so divine in that skimpy maid’s uniform.

All the sensations that Mark was used to feeling when he kissed a desirable woman were there for him to enjoy. But there was more with Susan in that uniform and he kaçak bahis began to let his hands roam around her delicious curves.

“Stand up,” he whispered. “You feel so amazing in that uniform.”

As he continued to caress her curves through her skimpy uniform, Susan was starting to get really turned on.

He continued to caress her for quite a while, feeling her breasts through her uniform, before finally, and very slowly, unzipping her skimpy uniform and letting it fall to the floor.

“Like what you see?” she whispered.

As she stood before him in her very sexy bra and panties, she looked so alluring, with quite large and pert breasts, a narrow waist, and curvaceous hips. They then cuddled, Mark naked, and Susan now semi-naked, revelling in the warmth of their bodies. Her soft skin was so enticing, and her waist and hips were heaven to him as he gently brushed his fingertips and hands over her feminine form.

His hands played firmly along her side, then over her ample behind, covered in those scanty panties, before sliding his hand into her panties, over her bare behind, until his fingertips touched her pussy. She was so aroused now, her pussy so wet and feeling like treacle as he caressed her pussy lips with his fingertips, probing into the entrance of her pussy.

Susan trembled at his touch, almost falling with the intensity of it all. Mark, sensing this, gently laid her down on the bed. He then slid up the bed and started to kiss her panties, before rubbing his nose very gently over the damp fabric, then pushed his nose, and the knickers, into the entrance of her wet pussy.

At the same time his hands slid up the side of her waist, then up to her breasts, caressing them through her bra. With the tip of his nose rubbing her pussy through her panties, and his hands fondling her breasts, Susan was in ecstasy.

Finally, he stopped caressing her with the tip of his nose and slowly kissed all the way up her body, to her cleavage, before pulling her tight into his embrace, then kissing, tongues intertwined. He then tried to undo her bra strap, but with the intensity of it all, didn’t get very far. Susan pushed him gently away, and smiling, looked deep into his eyes with a sultry look, skilfully unclipping her bra, then holding her loose bra to her bosom with her hands.

“Ready?” she whispered, then let her bra drop, Mark finally seeing her lovely breasts for the first time, looking so pert and inviting!

For the next five minutes or so Mark blissfully touched and caressed Susan’s breasts and nipples. He loved the way they felt in his hands and that lovely squashy feel as he gently squeezed them. Then he ever so gently stroked each breast, covering every inch of skin, paying special attention to the sensitive underside of each breast. He then starting to kiss and lick one breast whilst his other hand continued to massage the other. Susan was getting turned on with all the attention to her breasts. Then Mark started to lick and suck one nipple, then the other. Susan was now feeling powerful emotions, not only was Mark turning her on, caressing her very sensitive breasts, as Susan stroked Mark’s hair, she could ‘feel’ the intensity of it all, as if she was breathing life into Kevin as he sucked and worshipped her breasts.

“Do keep stroking and sucking my breasts, it feels so wonderful, and you are making them so sensitive!”

She always had sensitive breasts, and under Mark’s touch it really felt like an orgasm was building up. But that lovely pre-orgasmic feeling was building up and spreading from her breasts rather than her vagina, her protruding nipples becoming super hard and sensitive. Then her whole body started to glow, feeling like one erogenous zone. Mark, sensing this, continued to suck and lick each breast as he started to run his hands all over her naked upper torso. Then her whole body started to shudder, as she reached an intense orgasm, and all from Mark worshipping her breasts!

Susan had to regain her breath and Kevin was lying next to her, watching her with a smile.

“It was so lovely to watch you come!”

Susan was still out of breath after her orgasm, her breasts heaving up and down. Kevin then slid back down the bed, kissed her panties, then slowly removed them. At this point, as Mark slid her panties down her legs and off her feet, Susan felt so utterly relaxed in post-orgasmic bliss.

Peering over the end of the bed Mark started to kiss and suck her toes before slowly kissing the way up her legs to her thighs, then her now naked pussy, her labia lips so wet and puffy with the intensity of it all, and her recent orgasm. He then stared to kiss her pussy, suck gently on her labia, and use the tip of his tongue to circle her clitoris, his nose being tickled by the small amount of pubic hair that framed her pussy.

He sensed her reaction as she pushed up her hips ever so gently into his face, as if she was melting, opening up her body up to his advances, and wrapping her legs around his face.

As their love making continued, Mark’s hands slid over her midriff and up to her naked breasts, his hands massaging each breast, his fingertips tweaking her sensitive nipples. At the same time, he continued to kiss, lick, and suck her pussy and clitoris.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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