Sexual Roulette Ch. 03

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Big Tits

George had to pinch himself. Here it was four days after the surprise he sprung on Missy and she was coming over for a date to make up for his indiscretion. The thought of her hot body on the rotating table as a few random dicks were waiting to worship her seemed like a fantasy come true. Yet, he could tell she was starting to get into it when she reached over and unsheathed his sword before the others arrive. The feeling of her mouth inhaling him was a wonderful experience that ended shortly when the audience arrived. George more than ever wanted to go through with seducing and making love to this exquisite woman. Yet, this fantasy would have to wait for this was an apology dinner and his sauce needed to be finished to present with the linguini and the crusty bread. It was his decision tonight that wine would not be served so she would realize that he valued her friendship more than the thought of his lust for her.

As he finished adding the clams to the sauce, there was a soft knock at the door. He slowly checked his shirt for any stray stains as his khaki shorts were also free from intrusion. He then took a deep breath before he opened the door. He then stopped breathing. There before him stood the gorgeous woman he prepared himself for. However, judging by how she was dressed he was not only ill prepared, but also under dressed. Missy wore a red sleeveless dress augmented by red elbow length gloves. Her neck was adorned by a shimmering pearl necklace and her makeup had her looking more regal than casual. Her hair was up in a twirl as she looked at him before he allowed himself the opportunity to breathe.

“Wow!” bahis firmaları was all he could say as Missy allowed herself to enter. Her poise was more queenly than friendly as she looked around and noticed the mood. There was a table set with two place settings accented by one lone white candle. Some soft music played in the background as the kitchen smelled of the clams. George then freaked as he ran to the kitchen to catch the sauce before it burned. Missy looked on with interest as George was busy turning off the stove, removing his sauce from the burner and checking out his garlic bread. As George’s back was turned, Missy took the opportunity to check out George’s rear which was encased in those khaki shorts he always seem to be wearing. Her mind whirled at the thought of if her moves that night would be appropriate. After all, her experience with Roger was eventful and only heightened her curiosity to what George would be like.

As Missy found a place to sit down, George began to bring parts of the meal to the table. George looked over and saw Missy on the couch and then realized he was not following the cardinal rule of having guests over which was not ignoring the guest. As he came over with the glasses of water, Missy was surprised that he wasn’t serving the wine he served four days prior. As she drank the cool water, she watched as George’s nervousness got the better of him and spilled water all over his white polo. Missy stood and helped him out of his shirt and undershirt to reveal his hairy chest. Missy noticed how his nipples responded to her accidental touches as his nervousness kept him kaçak iddaa on edge. It was then that Missy made her move. She slowly gyrated her hips to distract George as she pulled a scarf out of her little purse. Before George could respond, Missy’s hands had his tied behind his back and his cock exposed to the air. Missy looked down at her work as George’s member swelled before her gaze. George’s mind wondered what was going on as his friend was kneeling before him and allowing her gloved hands to caress his balls and shaft slowly.

“Now that I have you all to myself,”Missy began,”I’m gonna finish what I started a few days ago.”

With those words, she slowly began stroking his member up and down slowly as George’s eyes closed, a moan emptying from his throat. Missy watched as George’s member slid between her gloved hands and felt the power as he moaned from her touch. It wasn’t long until she could see some fluid seeping from his tool. She slowly took a finger and rubbed the head around until it glistened from his fluid. As she slowly blew on it, she could tell that George was in tune as his moan was more shivered than before. Missy knew George was ready.

Missy’s mouth opened and like slow motion rolled her tongue around the head of his cock as George’s eyes opened in disbelief. He saw Missy in the splendor she was dressed in with her lips surrounding his cock in sober mind ashe felt his climax want to escape already. It took every bit of control he could muster to control himself. It was then Missy’s throat opened and his cock slipped deeper in her mouth. As she slowly raised from that position, George kaçak bahis was enjoying her tongue dragging up his shaft. Missy lowered again ever so slowly as George felt his hands struggle against the scarf. Missy’s mouth raised up showing her saliva coating on his shaft.

Missy then took the shaft into her gloved hands and stroked it slowly. She opened her mouth like the girls in those porn films she knew George watched and moaned softly. George was getting into it now as Missy’s hands moved faster and faster. Her tongue slinked out and licked the head once more as her eyes opened and winked at George, almost signaling him. George could hold back no longer as he moaned loudly, his essence shooting torrents out of his tool aimed right at her mouth. Missy was enjoying this attention. She felt the hot fluid on her face as he shot, her feelings of fulfillment overwhelming her as some seeped through her lips into her mouth. George tasted good to her, so she took his cock back in her mouth to clean him off. George’s dick was more sensitive now. He could feel her mouth milking him for all he had until he felt empty, a load lifted.

Missy stood up and swallowed a drink of water as George looked at her spellbound. This angel that had just emptied him looked down at him and smiled before walking quietly behind him and untying the scarf. As she did, she leaned down and kissed him on his cheek.

“So, is it time to eat, George?” Missy asked. George looked at her and smiled.

“If you want.”

They both walked to the table where Missy sat and George served her some linguini with red clam sauce with Garlic Bread. As George poured more water, Missy asked if there was any wine left since it went better with pasta. George smiled again and began to relax. After all, the first rule of being a good host is to never ignore the guest.

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