Sexual Biography of a Young Woman Pt. 04

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If you’ve read the previous parts you’ll know you what’s happened so far and that you can skip the rest of the intro and go straight to the action

You’ll also know that I’m writing a series of accounts about my life in England; mainly true accounts, with just a little embellishing here and there. They’re about my sex life to be precise, but then what other type of life is written about on Lit?

A biography I suppose, but a short one and an unfinished one. Is it arrogant for a, nearly, twenty one year old to write a bio? Probably, but then, hey, what the hell, I want to tell my short story so let’s see just how many want to read it.

How many want to read about how I lost my virginity when I was eighteen, had an affair with a thirty something man just after that and how since then I’ve been strongly attracted to older men. About my time at university, learning about girls and how male lecturers ignore the no fraternising with female students rule. How I became a photographic model, part-time and my conflict over what goes on in the studio when there’s just the model and the cameraman there.

The accounts flow naturally and are intrinsically linked. I strongly urge you to read them in the sequence I wrote them. Whatever way you do read them, though, enjoy them, leave whatever comments you wish and e-mail me if you’d like to discuss anything.


Chapter 1

I didn’t wear much. It was a warm day and there didn’t seem much point in overdoing the clothing. So I just slipped on a little white thong and a loose, pale blue, thin tee shirt dress that came to mid thigh. I walked the half mile or so to the hotel and feeling a little nervous, for a part of me was thinking someone would stop me, went up to room 854.

I knocked and the door slowly opened. Steph poked her head round the door but kept her body behind it. I walked in and my heart leaped when I saw that she was wearing just her panties and bra, both all white, very lacy and completely see through.

“Welcome to my lair,” she smiled holding her arms out.

“Thanks,” I smiled back, “it’s wonderful to be here.”

As her arms went round me and I was squashed against her marvellous chest she whispered just before we kissed, “I’ll make it so wonderful for you Sam, I promise.”

And she did.

Every single moment of the eight hours we spent in that room was wonderful. Every touch, every kiss, every fondle, caress, stroke and lick was a new experience, a marvellous sensation and a wonderful adventure for me. Every time we made each other cum, every climax and every orgasm, every time my body was held against hers and every time her head was between my legs was wonderful. And every time I licked and sucked Stephanie’s breasts or pussy was so wonderful.

Her hands had quickly lifted my dress over my head and she’d billed and cooed her delight at my naked breasts. I’d unclipped her bra and dropped that on the floor with my dress. We’d gone to the bed and lay in each others’ arms. We’d kissed and kissed and kissed and kissed. We stroked and fondled and licked and sucked each others’ breasts and nipples and we made each other cum, several times.

We were laying on our sides in each others’ arms when I felt her hands on my thong and bottom. She started to peel the thong down so I did the same to her panties. We were gazing adoringly into each others’ eyes swapping little kisses as we made each other naked. She rolled me onto my back her eyes not leaving mine for one second. She supported herself on one elbow as she ran her other hand down my body and stroked my pubic mound. Still gazing into my eyes her fingers slid a little further and slipped across my clitoris and onto my soaked lips. I grunted and my body jerked, so strong were the sensations.

“OK?” she mouthed, smiling tenderly at me.

“Yes of course,” I whispered back reaching up and cupping her breast as if to accentuate my agreement.

She then proceeded to finger fuck me to the most massive orgasm I think I’d ever had. I came with my mouth full of her nipple and one of my hands between her legs. But she didn’t stop when I climaxed. I was still shuddering with sexual ecstasy when, for the first time, I had a tongue on my pussy.

My body just seemed to explode with such extreme sexual feelings that I may well have fainted from them. I don’t know how many times I climaxed or whether I just had one of those long, long ones of the type Rick used to give me. All I know was that my mind and body coincided in such physical and emotional extremes that I lost all reason. I was crying, grunting, moaning, sighing and maybe even screaming, I don’t know.

All I know is that I loved it. I adored it and there and then I became addicted to and a massive fan of oral sex. I found it so wonderfully intimate and so fantastically giving. A unique blend of those two, the one being loved gives so much and the one doing it is so intimate. A perfect partnership in erotic sensations exchange, I found, but then to my readers I’m probably trying to teach grandparents to suck eggs, aren’t I? But remember it was totally güvenilir bahis new to me and my pussy, that was a virgin to tongues and lips, was just being deflowered!

And deflowered it was in such an awesome manner. But so far, the oral love had been one way. As I cuddled Steph and as she cradled my head to her lovely breasts I was thanking her and stroking her so I knew, and so I wanted and so I needed and so I so desired to do the same to her.

“That’s the first time anyone has done that to me,” I told her running my fingertips over her gloriously soft and smooth skin. I could hardly believe the difference in touch between a man and a woman, but then I suppose that’s obvious, so what I mean, I guess, is the difference to another woman when she’s sexually aroused.

“Really, anyone? Or do you mean just a girl?” she asked holding my breast and gently pinching the nipple.

I looked up right into her eyes.

“Anyone Steph, anyone at all, honestly.”

Smiling she replied. “Well I’m pleased to take your oral virginity Sam as well as your female one.” I’d told her in the car that I’d never been with another woman. I saw the sparkle in her eyes as she went on, still holding and rubbing my tits that were tingling wonderfully. “I take it you enjoyed it Sam?”

The kiss I gave her being open mouthed, tongue plunging and lips grinding, was intended to answer that question in the most affirmative way, but I still whispered.

“So much Steph, I enjoyed it so much.”

But the time had come; she knew it as well as I did. The moment was here when the favour had to be returned, no not had to be, needed to be and so badly. I wanted to love Steph that way, have sex with her like that, be so marvellously intimate with her and give her the pleasure she’d given me. I wanted to hold her down there, have my face against her most womanly place, I wanted to taste her and smell her. Yes I wanted to fuck her with my mouth as she’d just fucked me.

Looking deep into her eyes and softly stroking her body I started to slither downwards. She knew exactly what I was doing, where I was going and what was going to happen.

“Oh yes, yes Sammi,” she said softly and rather huskily I thought, as she ran her fingers through my hair. “Oh yes baby, have me like that, take me Sammi.”

Her words were almost as thrilling as the feel of her soft tummy on my face, nearly as exciting as feeling the crinkliness of her pubic hairs on my lips and getting on for being as pleasurable as the intoxicating smell that was filling my nostrils as my face rested on her silky thighs, that opened slowly but so, so wonderfully.

Then for the first time I gazed at another girl’s pussy, and in marvellous technicolour close up as well. Sure I’d seen pictures of a few in dirty mags and on the net; of course I’d looked at mine in a mirror and yes I’d got very brief glimpses of other girls “equipment” in the showers at school and at tennis, but never anything like this.

Having my face between Stephanie’s thighs, my eyes and mouth so close to her pussy, being able to see everything and to smell her streaming womanly juices was simply amazing. Well it was more than that if there is such a description. I can remember just laying there gazing at her for a while thinking rather ridiculously and unnecessarily crudely.

“Are all cunts this beautiful or is it just hers.”

But I had little time to ponder such delicate topics for I felt a pressure on my head and a low whimper from Steph, who had, I assumed been sitting patiently as I ogled her pussy!

Have you ever had a really magnificent curry? Have you ever sampled anything that simply makes your taste buds and sense of smell explode? Have you ever had anything that stimulates all the four senses of touch, sight, smell and taste at the same time to an electrifying degree? Well if not get to suck a pussy as soon as you can.

Everything just simply blew me away: the silkiness and the warmth of the excretions and of Steph’s lips; the feel and the sensations on my tongue as I was tipping her velvet; the way her lips opened and contracted as my mouth, so naturally it seemed, found its way round them, along them inside them and onto her clitoris that, to my uneducated tongue, felt as though it was throbbing. The way her hands gripped then released me; the way they sought and found, for I moved so they would, my breasts, my nipples, my mouth, bottom and pussy; the way her body went tight, her back arched, her legs opened and straightened and her chest, her marvellous, wonderful, awesome chest, rose and fell. All of it was unique and fabulous.

“Oooooooooooooo Sam, Sam Sam,” she groaned as my licking got to her.

She was pulling my hair with one hand and squeezing my breast with the other. I redoubled my efforts on my lover’s most intimate and private, yet now totally open and available places. I was holding her hips, but from a different angle to which I’d ever held anyone’s hips before. My face was between her opened thighs; my body was lying in straight line away from her tummy, like a massive prick I thought, türkçe bahis trying to get into her vagina. My arms were under her legs reaching up and holding her hips, pulling them towards my face as I pushed myself towards her; just like, I smiled to myself, that massive prick trying to get into her. Yes, my body and my face were both like phalluses trying to get inside Stephanie to fuck her. At that moment, as she started to cum, I wanted to be a man, I wanted to have a cock, I almost wanted to be a cock, I was a cock, or more realistically my tongue was a cock and it was that which was most certainly fucking this magnificent woman.

It was too complicated, confusing and sheer fucking exciting to faithfully record; I simply can’t remember what happened in detail. All I know is that I made Steph cum, several times and that was incredible. I’ve made men cum, but that had nowhere near the effect on me that giving my first female lover an orgasm did.

I don’t think I have a sufficient grasp of English to describe my feelings as I had oral sex with her; as I loved her with my tongue and mouth so tenderly, lovingly and erotically to the point that she climaxed due to me; as the realisation of what I was doing to her mind and body at the same time hit me; as at the same time I slithered my body so I gave greater availability of my womanly places to her; and as together we simply exploded with such extreme sexual sensations that we lie for I don’t know how long sobbing and holding each other as wave after wave of such sensational sensations consumed us.

Chapter 2

So my last few months at university were consumed by two things. DD, my older man, and Stephanie, my lesbian lover; some trilogy what?

Funnily and for no logical reason, neither knew that I was shagging the other. I often wondered, though, whether DD and she were getting it on behind my back. Even funnier, that didn’t really concern me and if they had I wouldn’t have minded, after all I had both of them as well didn’t I?

See, there’s another example of my sexual oddness that I started talking about in Part 1 of this bio. I loved both of them. Loved and wanted them, but I didn’t feel jealousy, I didn’t wonder what they were up to when not with me and I never asked or was really concerned about other partners they might have. I hardly even questioned DD about his wife and he volunteered little so she became what, a nothing I suppose? I didn’t feel that I was screwing up her marriage for my affair with her husband was clearly sexual and not romantic. And with Steph, as much as I adored her, I had no thoughts of living with her or, even, of committing myself to her. Neither she nor I were lesbians, we just liked fucking girls as well as men, didn’t we?

David had me first time on the sofa in his study. It was a leather Chesterfield, big and comfy but bloody cold on my bare skin.

We didn’t continue following the script of What the Butler Saw; that had served its purpose, it had got me where I wanted to be, in his arms, and it had got him where he wanted to be for some time, or so he told me later, in my knickers.

I guess he was pretty used to students throwing themselves at him and I know that he was used to catching a few. He certainly caught me, for as we kissed he pulled me onto his lap, his hands easily finding my unfettered breasts through the front of my blouse several buttons of which had “mysteriously” come undone. I so wanted him, but it wasn’t to be, well not right then at least.

“Sam, I don’t want to do this,” he said easing me off his lap.

“What? Why? What do you mean David?” I asked as confused by him as I had been by Rick when he’d gone walkabout.

“It’s very dangerous.”

Standing just a few feet from him, my blouse still undone the right edge of it catching on my nipple, which was still hard, the left almost, but not quite covering my breast, I smiled as I said.

“Mmmmm, yes deliciously so isn’t it?”

He smiled as well. “You know what I mean.”

“Yes I do, but you seem to like me and I like you,” I said hating the words as they came out for they were so childlike.

“Yes that’s as maybe Sam, but I’m married and I’m a lecturer at the college.”

“You’re also a man David and I’m a woman,” I responded staring right into his eyes as I popped a Marlboro into my mouth, letting the blouse fall completely open as I leaned forward to light the cigarette from his match. He was staring quite unashamedly at my tits, but then I was quite unashamedly flashing them wasn’t I?

“And a very attractive one at that Sam, but you don’t know what you’re letting yourself in for. It can be very complicated and messy”

“How do you mean?”

“If we have an affair?” were the stunning words he came back with.

I hadn’t really been thinking like that. An affair? That implied longer term didn’t it? It meant a commitment; emotional as well as physical involvement; cheating and lying, going behind his wife’s back and not telling my friends. None of that had occurred to me, I hadn’t thought it through. I was thinking more of having güvenilir bahis siteleri a shag now and then than of the other consequences. But of course he was right; there were all these other things to consider, especially for him. This was grown up stuff, but then it’s grown ups that have affairs isn’t it? Kids have relationships. Now he’d said it though I wanted one, yes an affair would do me nicely, it would be right up my street to have a lover and to be a mistress. How decadent and wonderfully romantic was that?

I was smiling, probably looking inane to David as I mulled all this over, the daft thought coming into my mind of. “Could I now put mistress down as my occupation when asked on forms?.”

“If David?” I asked taking a drag on the ciggy and looking intriguingly at him through the smoke. Unfortunately the intrigue look on my face rather vanished for I had a coughing fit, not being that used to smoking. “I rather thought we’d sort of started,” I went on placing my hand on my hip opening my blouse right up as I did.

“Well yes, er, yes we have sort of.”

“Well?” I asked holding the, what I thought was an incredibly sexy pose, of one hand on my hip, the other holding the fag, real Marlene Dietrich stuff!!

“Look Sam, I can’t lie to you and make out I don’t do things like that, that I haven’t had flings before and probably will in the future. I have. But I am married and that’s important to me as is my job. If an affair with a student became known I’d probably lose both. That’s a big, big risk.”

“So it mustn’t come out then, must it?” I said simply and I hoped meaningfully and sincerely. Smiling I added. “I won’t tell anyone if you don’t,” as I moved closer to him.

As I stood there, no more than a meter or so from this attractive forty year old man, I felt so excited. As I offered myself to him, as I sort of flaunted my body at him, flashed my bare breasts at him and as, effectively, I seduced him I have to admit, I felt great. It really was an amazing turn on to do that. Inexplicable and completely outside any experience I’d had, it gave me such strong sensations to be doing something that I’d always previously sort of frowned on and had thought was something I’d never do. To be putting myself on a platter and basically saying to a guy, “you can have me” was so far outside my moral code, if they’re the right words, that in an odd way it became acceptable. Not just acceptable but also arousing, stimulating, challenging and somehow empowering, a little like giving Stephanie an orgasm or a guy a blow job, not that I’d yet done that so maybe it wasn’t.

I felt powerful and for the first time in my sexual life, in charge. I was directing proceedings, making things happen, doing what I wanted; I was, I suppose, using terms I hardly knew the full meaning of, dominating him as he became my submissive.

My eyes not leaving his for a second I slipped the blouse off and gently let it fall to the floor. I placed my hands on my breasts as I closed the space between us and stood looking down at him sitting on the high backed chair his legs, in the corduroy trousers so popular with uni lecturers, slightly open. Caressing my boobs I stood so that my knees were touching his. He didn’t say a word so I decided silence was the best policy.

I’d purposefully worn a skirt; after all I had good legs, they were nicely tanned and a bit of bare flesh never hurt a seduction I’d always been told.

With a confidence I didn’t know I had and a sensuousness I’d learned there and then I slid myself onto his lap. My legs were wide open, the skirt was pussy high, my breasts were bare and my face was inches from his as I straddled his loins facing him.

“So Mr Deekins,” I whispered pinching both of my nipples.

“So Samantha?” he croaked back leaning forward and kissing me gently on each cheek.

“Do you think?” I asked between us grinding our mouths together and shoving our tongues into the other’s throats, “this sort of constitutes the start of an affair?”

“I’ll have to think deeply about that and perhaps check the rule books, but yes I think there’s good chance it does,” he smiled back as he took the hem of my denim skirt and rolled it up even further so it was bunched around my waist.

I opened his Ralph Lauren shirt and ran my fingers all over his nice chest. He was slightly tanned, quite, but not overly, muscular or hairy and really looked lovely sitting there as I peeled the shirt from him.

I leaned forward and started kissing and licking his chest. He put his hands under my bottom and lifted me nearer to him. I slid my fingers inside the waist of his trousers. He slipped his under the mini skirt and into my panties. I touched his erection just as he ran his fingers along the lips of my pussy.

“Oh God Sam,” he moaned lifting me off his knees and standing us up.

I panicked thinking, “here we go again,” but it was ok. He pulled me into his arms. My breasts were crushed against his lovely chest and his gorgeous erection made a wonderful dent right up my tummy. He struggled my skirt undone and with just a little help from me slid it down my legs and off so I stood in his arms in just my blue thong and brown, sling back shoes. He pushed me backwards manoeuvring me towards the big, green leather Chesterfield that he gently laid me on.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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