Sexplorations Ch. 08

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Big Tits

Sexplorations – Episode 4 – The Vacation Part 4 – Rita’s Tale


Susan and John were serving me with delightful oral attentions. We had already had two wonderful sessions that had opened my eyes and wishes to some new possibilities. And now I was the one receiving all of the pleasure as they both caressed and touched me. As much as I enjoyed the experience I began to wish for more. I let myself continue to feel their tongues and mouths as I fantasized about what I wanted next.

I finally decided that I would try something that only a short while ago I would have not even thought of. But Susan’s amazing performance with my hand up her ass while John screwed her pussy made me want to try it myself. In the years that I was married my husband never even hinted at anything anal and I remained unaware of the sexual potential of that forbidden area. Susan had made me aware of it during our first encounter and it had really excited me. And John’s tongue and penis in my ass had only made me more aware of what I had been missing. I felt like I wanted to make up for lost time, I wanted to have a gut-wrenching climax like Susan had had just a short while ago.

“I know this may sound unoriginal, but it is time for me to become more open and willing to try novel things. Susan, I want you to suck John to a full erection at the same time that you continue to caress my pussy. Then I want John’s penis in my pussy while Susan rims my anus. And finally, Susan, you’ll grease up your hand and do to me what I did to you, and between the two of you I’ll have a truly wonderful climax,” I said, blushing slightly at the explicitness of my words. I was definitely becoming more open sexually thanks to these two.

Susan and John were quick to respond to my wishes. Susan lay behind me with her head between my legs and her body pressed against my back. John was in front of me and continued to caress my breasts with both of his hands. I could feel Susan’s head resting on my thigh as she moved her mouth closer to John’s penis. I peered intently into his eyes, suddenly his eyelids fluttered and he gave out a groan. I could dimly hear the sound of Susan sucking on his penis. Every once in a while she stopped sucking and gave me some more attention on my labia and clitoris. I felt so wet and hot, sandwiched between their two bodies!

This seemed to go on forever. My feelings of lust and abandonment grew more and more intense. bahis firmaları I felt that I could do anything at all to reach a higher level of sexual satisfaction, I felt lascivious and I was willing to have anything done to me to get me there.

John suddenly shifted around and presented his penis to me. I looked at it closely, it looked very hard and full and was glistening with Susan’s saliva and his lubrication. I closed my eyes and opened my mouth as he began to push it into my oral cavity. I flicked my tongue around it as it slowly pushed in and pulled out. While he was doing this Susan concentrated on all of my crotch – her mouth and tongue kept traveling from front to back and then front again.

My clitoris was throbbing as Susan licked and sucked on it. My mind and body couldn’t decide which to concentrate on – the wonderful feelings Susan was giving me or the taste and feel of John’s penis filling my mouth. It was all too much!

I dimly realized that Susan had stopped eating me – I felt her get off the bed. She soon returned and resumed her oral attention, but only for a short while. She stopped licking my pussy and focused on my anus. At the same time I felt her begin to put some of her fingers in my vagina. She moved them around, withdrew them and then put just one finger deeply in. She began to bend the finger forward and began rubbing inside me with it – she was feeling for my G-spot. She soon found it. I let out a long groan, muffled somewhat by John’s penis in my mouth.

Susan rubbed a little more and then began to insert additional fingers. I began to feel a tightness down there as she continued to slowly move her fingers in and out. Each time she pushed in, she went a little further. I began to flex my muscles – I wanted to grab onto her. She pulled her fingers out, rubbed my clitoris with her wet fingers and then started to push them in to me again. It felt really tight this time. and then I realized she was trying to get her hand into me! Even as I realized this I felt the tightness move further into me.

“I’ve got my hand in, Rita.” Susan whispered. I couldn’t say anything – John’s penis was pushing deep into my mouth. But I did flex my muscles on her hand. She responded by pushing in some more. I could feel her fingers flicking inside me. And then I felt fingers rubbing K-Y on my anus. My God, she’s going to put another hand in me! Her fingers began to tease my anus – they penetrated kaçak iddaa a little and then she pulled then back. I felt totally consumed with lust and I knew that I had to watch as she did this.

I pushed against John with my hand and he withdrew his penis. “John, I am burning up with lust. I know how excited I got as I watched my hand go into Susan, I’ve got to see this too.”

He got off the bed and got a hand mirror. Before he positioned it he put his head down to my crotch and licked at my clitoris. Then he held the mirror so I could see what Susan was doing to me. Her right hand was in my vagina – my labia looked flame red and very distended. He tilted the mirror a little and I could see three fingers in my anus. As I watched she pulled them out, stuck her thumb below her fingers and began to put them all in.

“John, rub and lick my clitoris!” I demanded. I felt like I was going to be split in two by Susan, I was more than a little scared at the same time I wanted it to happen. Everything inside me was tingling, I began to feel a momentous orgasm building. I opened my eyes just in time to see Susan’s left hand move into my rectum. All I could see were her two wrists.

“I’m going to fuck you now Rita. Open up to me so I can get more in. John, she’s got a mouth that needs to be stuffed. We’re going to completely fill you Rita!” Susan said this with an almost animal ferocity. She began to push in with both hands and then she began to pull them out, and then in again. I looked at John and beckoned to him with a nod of my head. He put the mirror down and quickly stuffed my mouth. I tilted my head back a little and his penis began to enter my throat. As his pubic hair jammed against my nose I began to swallow so my throat muscles could massage his penis head. He pulled out enough so I could get some air, but he soon re-entered my throat. He began to quicken the pace, as did Susan.

I began to climax, and kept on climaxing as they both thrust into me. Between clenched teeth John said, “take a deep breath now, because I’m going to fuck your throat hard and fast.” He pulled out enough, I inhaled deeply, and then his penis was slipping in and out of my throat very quickly. My climax continued to go higher as he came deep in my throat and Susan’s hands reached new depths in me. My orgasm went on and on as my body felt completely full. John pulled his penis out of my throat and I gasped in some air. He held kaçak bahis his penis over my breasts as more cum shot out. Then he grabbed both of my breasts and squeezed them very hard. My orgasm renewed itself as he did this. My whole body was shaking and twitching, it was unbelievable how I felt.

I finally began to slow down, my breathing was still ragged and I felt my face and chest were still flushed but I was beginning to come down. Susan sensed this so she began to withdraw her hands, left hand first. As I continued to return to a normal state of existence I began to feel aches and pains that weren’t there a minute ago. My whole crotch was throbbing from the lustful assault it had just enjoyed. Susan finally got both of her hands out and I had such a feeling of emptiness.

She came up to my breasts and began to gently kiss them, and lick John’s cum from them. It felt sensual but not arousing. I wasn’t sure that I could ever get aroused again – it was like all of my nerve endings had overloaded and expired. When my breasts were clean she kissed me on my mouth and gently put her tongue in. My tongue feebly twisted against hers as we exchanged a small portion of John’s fluid. – “Well, I think you have managed to help me lose about five pounds or so, not to mention the fact that sex is ruined for me – I’ll never be able to have a climax as long as I have the memory of this,” I was finally able to say.

“Glad to help out with your weight problem, but I think you’ll be able to come again,” John said with a big smile.

“I’m going to just lie here for awhile, I’m not ready to move around or walk yet,” I said.

Susan got up and said, “I’m going to take a quick shower. John, why don’t you keep Rita company – and maybe get all of us something to drink?”

The rest of the day we spent relaxing and talking, mostly about gardening and other non-sexual matters. Susan and I put together a garden salad dinner which was light, cool, and refreshing. I felt very satisfied and relaxed and I think John and Susan felt the same way. When it was time for them to go home I saw them to the door and gave each a big hug.

“My friends, thanks for all the help and pleasure. I had a great time and I hope you did too. You’ve still got some more of your vacation, I’m going to read a book and listen to some music. Give me a call when you’re free again.”

“It was our pleasure, too. I think we’ll follow your suggestion, but we will be calling you again,” Susan said. With that she and John, arm in arm, walked down my sidewalk and turned towards their home. I let out a long sigh, closed the door, got into bed and slept for a long time.

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