Sex Paint

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“It’s so damn hot in here,” Sydney exclaims.

The petite brunette continues to roll the ugly purple paint onto the walls in the tiny room.

“Prop the door open,” Keith says, wiping his forehead with the back of his hand, still holding a paintbrush.

The two-stalled bathroom inside the restaurant where the pair work probably hasn’t been painted in ten years. The owner had bought all the supplies and asked for volunteers to paint after hours. Sydney and Keith were the only ones to raise their hands and, now found themselves alone in the women’s room at midnight on a Tuesday.

“It’s still fucking hot,” Sydney whined, her face wrinkling with disgust.

“Take your shirt off,” Keith laughs jokingly, but with a veiled dare evident in his voice.

“I will if you will,” Sydney challenges, realizing, of course, the stakes are higher for her and not caring. He’s started a game just now and she’s been wanting to play with him for months.

She watches him carefully as he stands, looking like a deer caught in the headlights, at war with himself. However, in an instant, his decision made, he sits down his paintbrush, and whips his black t-shirt over his head and with a wry smirk at her, Keith picks up his brush and turns to continue painting.

Sydney doesn’t waste any time, grinning, she pulls her shirt off, knowing the black lacy bra she’s wearing leaves nothing to the imagination.

She tosses her shirt aside and, with a quick glance over her shoulder to confirm that Keith still has his back to her, painting, she shrugs her shoulders and picks up her brush.

They work in silence and as time goes by, Sydney relaxes and forgets about being topless.

A short while later, her wall finished, Sydney stands and turns, her hands on her hips, declaring, “I’m hot.”

Keith turns as well and stands staring for a moment before agreeing with her.

“Yes, you are,” he nods, his eyes never leaving her chest.

Sydney, feeling self-conscious, looks down, remembering, she is only wearing a skimpy bra.

Regaining her confidence, she looks back to Keith, grinning.

“Does this bother you?” She taunts, raising her arms to cup her full breasts in her hands.

“N-No,” Keith stutters.

He stands there with his tongue visibly sticking out of his mouth, until Sydney takes pity on him.

Reaching behind her back, she unclasps her bra and allows it to slide down her arms and to the floor.

“Since you have that tongue bahis firmaları hanging out of your mouth, I think I should put it to good use.”

Again, Keith nods, but then seems to snap out of the trance he’s been under, a look of determination replacing the shocked expression on his face.

“Show me how you like it,” he challenges in a dominating tone.

Nowhere near submissive, Sydney hesitates for just a second before raising her arms back up to her tits, squeezing the soft mounds.

She watches the look of lust fill his eyes as Sydney pinches her pink nipples into hard nubs.

She moves her hands across her stomach, parting them to roam down her hips, and back together to unbutton her jeans. Sydney turns, shoving her ass out as she pushes the fabric over her ample bottom, giving Keith an amazing view.

She kicks her feet free of the pants and turns, backing up the few short steps to the vanity and sliding herself on top, spreading her legs. Purposefully, she reaches down, rubbing her pussy through the lacy panties. Her eyes snap closed momentarily as tiny shock waves of pleasure radiate through her body.

She opens them to find Keith directly in front of her, his hand hanging in mid-air above her tits.

“Yes,” she whispers huskily, giving consent.

Sydney’s fingers gather the lacy material, pulling them aside to gain easier access to her dripping pussy just as Keith’s hand finds her breast, kneading and twisting.

A strangled cry leaves her lips as she thrusts three fingers inside her hot hole.

Keith’s lips crash down hers heavily as he manipulates her nipples. She moans against his mouth, aware and reveling in the feel of his teeth scraping her bottom lip, his thumb and forefinger pinching her sensitive nipples and her own fingers moving rapidly in and out of her wetness. The erotic sensations overwhelm and Sydney’s body shudders from the force of the orgasm building from her core.

Keith places three light pecks on her lips before kissing down her neck and latching onto a reddened nipple, taking it lightly between his teeth and worrying the swelling flesh back and forth with his tongue.

Sydney screams in delight as her orgasm bubbles over her, pulling and jerking as it pleases.

She slides her fingers out of her entrance, cupping her mound and rubbing the tender skin. Keith pays no mind, kissing across her chest and paying homage to the other breast before moving down her stomach and swatting her kaçak iddaa hand away from her drenched pussy.

His tongue licks a slow trail up her slit, circling Sydney’s clit and nibbling on these lips just as he had her mouth. Sydney bucks beneath him, but he restrains her legs in his strong hands, holding her steady.

She moans steadily, her body rocking, trying to get closer to him to take what she needs but Keith is resolved to give in his own good time.

He takes his time, licking and sucking languidly at her dripping wetness.

He continues his slow pace, focusing more on her clit now, lapping like a kitten at milk. This small bundle, swollen a deep pink, appears to be the nucleus of every nerve ending in Sydney’s body, his tongue there, having the ability to manipulate her body.

She opens her eyes, to look down at him and watch as he makes her cum, only to find him looking back up at her. Her eyes alternate between watching his eyes and watching his mouth as the orgasm overtakes her, shaking her skin and bones with its force.

Keith doesn’t quit until she has stopped moving, melting into the vanity, her legs hanging awkwardly. He stands to his full height, licking his lips and grinning at her vacant stare.

“My turn,” he proclaims excitedly, and, like a small child with a new toy, he hooks his thumbs in the elastic and pushes down his sweatpants, proud to show off his possession.

Sydney feels a little proud, too, just being able to look at it. Long and smooth, with a fat mushroom-shaped head, Keith’s cock appears swollen with pride as well. Sydney slides from the sink to the floor, her legs still wobbly, adjusting her panties and taking the few steps needed to reach Keith.

She brushes her fingers across his hard cock before fisting her hand around its hardness, feeling it jump in excitement at her touch. She pumps her hand a few times as she kisses down his chest, stopping along the way to bite playfully at a nipple. She sinks to her knees, kissing the tip sweetly before swirling her tongue around the head. Sydney alternates between sucking him fully into her mouth, squeezing his balls, and flicking her tongue along the sweet spot of his frenulum, sucking the head.

Keith allows her to play, for a short while, watching her enjoy herself giving him pleasure before grabbing her by the shoulders, pulling her to her feet, and spinning her around. Sydney, confused and unbalanced, grabs hold of the ladder they had used kaçak bahis on the ceiling for support.

“I’m going to fuck you now, ” he whispers, his mouth at her ear.

Sydney doesn’t respond, only bends down, bracing herself on a lower rung, pushing her pussy toward him in offering.

Keith wastes no time, his cock already aligned and sliding in her wet pussy, pushing slowly till he’s deeply embedded.

Sydney, stands impaled helplessly, trying eagerly to rock back against him, but Keith holds her hips tightly, effectively forbidding movement. He can almost feel her heartbeat reverberating through her body and around his already throbbing cock, squeezing him desperately.

Finally, with agonizing slowness, he pulls all but the tip of his cock from her entrance only to slam right back in, forcing a high pitched, squeal from Sydney’s throat as she bounces on his cock.

Together, they set a feverish pace, urgent and unsteady, a grinding dance, producing mutual cries of satisfaction.

Sydney’s breasts bounce back and forth, her nipples brushing against the cool metal ladder. The muscles in her pussy tighten and clench, preparing for another earth-shattering orgasm. No noise escapes her lips when the waves finally overtake, sweeping her up and pulling her along into oblivion.

Keith movements become erratic, his breathing ragged and, once again, he holds her tightly in place, burying himself while his cock pumps wildly into her warm, wet recesses.

He pulls free, both of them groaning from the loss of contact. Sydney stands, glowing in the aftermath and turns into Keith’s arms that fold her up, hugging her to him tightly.

“What are you thinking?” Sydney asks, her face nuzzled into his shoulder.

“That you should come back to my place,” he chuckles.

“Ok,” she agrees, grinning as he bends to scoop up their tossed aside clothing.

“Without your clothes,” he calls triumphantly, slipping out the bathroom door with a laugh.

“Keith,” she calls in warning, her hands on her naked hips.

“What am I going to do with him,” she mutters to herself, but when various naughty images fill her mind of possible scenarios, she runs out of the bathroom after him with a sexy smile.

Keith is already in his car with the engine running when Sydney runs buck naked across the lot and slides into the passenger seat where he has conveniently left the door open.

“What made you so sure I’d agree,” she asks, shaking her head, laughing.

“I knew you couldn’t resist me,” Keith replies with sarcastic sincerity.

“Now about you show me, again, how you like it while I drive,” he challenges with a smirk as he drives out the exit.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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