Sex into the Sunset

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A story of sex after the children have left the nest.

I was married the first time at 21, she was the same age. Our sex life sucked and was the major factor in our divorce 6 years later.

I decided that if I ever got married again I would know more about good sex and be sure the lucky woman was at least as close to adventurous as I. You see after the divorce I was fucking on a regular basis and experiencing just how wet and ripe some women can be.

There was Vicki who squirmed with delight as she rode my cock from above. I reached around her nice, and I mean real nice, ass and put my finger in her back door hole up to the middle knuckle. This was something I wanted to do with the first wife but she, well let’s say she didn’t understand the pleasure of clamping her anus around a well inserted finger. I was rubbing my cock through the anal wall, she was pumping like crazy, I pushed my finger all the way in as she came and I exploded a good load into her tight pussy.

Marla wanted no more than to have her clit taken care of and me being obliging I always ate her pussy until she orgasmed multiple times. One afternoon she said she had a surprise. She had candles in the bedroom and a couple of bottles of sensuous massage oil. We spent some time rubbing that oil all over one bahis firmaları another fingers slipping in and out of her pussy, her hand all over my cock and balls. Out of the blue I turned onto my stomach and raised my ass while spreading my legs so that my cheeks spread open and exposed that place that no one had ever been. She started massaging my ass and reached down and squeezed my balls as she stroked my cock. I told her to slow down that I have an idea. I said mount my ass and grind your clit into my hole. I thought she was going to squirt right then. She stared breathing real hard as she rode my hole while i kept saying fuck me, fuck me. I had my cock in my hand jacking it off as she really started pounding her clit into my hole. We both came so hard, it was one of the best ever.

When I finally ‘settled down’ from the chasing pussy life I met Mimi. I knew I wanted to be with her forever but also that the sex had to be great. If she wasn’t a virgin she was at least not very experienced. We would kiss and and get partially undressed. She let me suck her awesome nipples, she has really big tits with aureolas the size of a silver dollar and nipples so big that when they are hard the stick out almost two inches. She would rub my cock until I came as I sucked her nips and rubbed kaçak iddaa her clit until she came. This was OK for a quick squirt but I had to know more.

One evening she came over and we had a little more to drink than usual which really loosed her up. We began our usual ritual but I had more in mind now. I slipped her boots off so I could get her tight jeans completely off. She resisted a little but I could tell she was more aroused being more exposed to me than ever before. I pushed her down onto the couch and rolled her on to her stomach. I knelt by her face and started kissing her passionately. I slid my left arm down and began massaging her firm white ass cheeks. Then I reached under her and she raised he flat stomach off the couch so I could get to her clit, or so she thought. I pushed up on her stomach raising her fine, firm white ass into the air. Now I got up and walked around to the end of the couch and saw the the most beautiful ass and I knew it was all mine.

Without hesitation I grabbed each cheek and spread them wide … I almost dumped my load right then I had never seen such a beautiful butt hole. I buried my face between those cheeks and pushed my tongue as far into her tight butt hole as I could. She squirmed a bit (remember the first time you had a tongue in your kaçak bahis ass?) and I tried to pry her hole open with my tongue.

I reached around to her wet pussy and began to slowly massage her clit. As her pussy got wetter I dredged that warm juice to her butt hole so I could slide my finger into the tight hole of my love. I was on fire. I had ass hole and pussy at my command. My cock was throbbing but I wanted it to wait. I brought her to a powerful orgasm but would not let her relax.

Now for my pleasure … a virgin butt hole … I told her to stay just as she was and went to the bedroom to get some personal lubricant. I came back and dribbled lube down her back and into her crack. I massaged her cheeks some more spreading them all the while. Now one finger, in, in up to the second knuckle, let it linger, now pull it back but not out. Again, again faster. Now stop, pull out and slip two fingers in,up to the knuckles, feel that anus clamp down and let up. In, back, back not out, in and out. Now three fingers, now four and without hesitation pull them out and push my throbbing cock in as deep as I can. She screamed but I did not hear. I rode that sweet ass with my cock deep as she begged for me to pull out. Just as I was ready to shoot I pulled out with a pop and squirted all over her back. It must have been a quart her little hole milked out of me.

Now we are in our 50s. The kids are gone and our favorite place for sex is on the couch just like the first time I popped her virgin butt hole.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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