Sex Adventures with Alisha Ch. 06

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NOTE: I am releasing parts five and six at the same time because the two chapters will likely appeal to different sets of readers. For anyone looking for woman on woman lesbian sex told from a woman’s point of view, this is the chapter that you want to read.

For anyone looking for gay male story told from a man’s point of view, then Sex Adventures with Alisha part five is the story that you’ll want to read.

While this story can stand alone, reading the first four chapters of this series can give the reader some context to make the beginning more understandable.


Hi everyone. It’s Alisha here. Not my real name, of course. Just like Steve’s name isn’t really Steve. When Steve writes these stories, he changes everyone’s name to protect the guilty lol.

I’m not as good a writer as Steve is. I didn’t think I could write this story at first, but he insisted. You see, the night after he went over to Kyle’s house, and I had girls’ night out with Kerri and another friend of mine—oh yeah, Steve hasn’t introduced you to Tori yet. Hee hee. Oh well, you’ll meet her in a minute.

Like I was saying, the night after Steve fucked Kyle and I had a threesome with Kerri and Tori, Steve and I told each other all about what had happened. It was like telling each other bedtime stories, only we were both naked and masturbating while we told them. Steve came so hard when I told him what Kerri and Tori and I did with each other that he made a big ole cum covered mess of himself. Hee hee. It was so hot! He said that I told the story so well that I should tell you all what happened in my own words. So, here I am.

I guess I should give you a little background about myself. I’ve known that I was drawn to both men and women ever since I was a little girl. When I was in the third grade, my teacher was Miss Turner, and she was gorgeous! I had a crush on her. I would just spend a lot of my class time daydreaming about Miss Turner being my girlfriend. All of the boys in my class had a crush on her too. I remember that one day during recess, three of the boys were arguing over who was going to marry Miss Turner when they grew up. I interrupted them and told them that none of them was going to marry her because I was going to do it. I was so embarrassed when the boys laughed at me and told me that girls can’t marry girls. I cried during the rest of that recess period. Of course none of us married Miss Turner. When we were all in middle school, Miss Turner married Mr. Johnson. He was one of the high school gym teachers, and he was hot! They had two kids and are still living happily ever after.

I was a good girl in high school. I had the same boyfriend for three years. I was a cheerleader, and he played on the football team. I lost my virginity to him. He was a good enough wide receiver to get a scholarship to a college out of state. We tried to make the long distance thing work, but I got too lonely. I also missed the sex. I couldn’t stand going for weeks on end without it. One day, I decided that enough was enough. I cheated on him, made sure that he found out, and that was the end of that relationship. It broke my heart to do that to him. I really did love him. But a girl has needs, and he couldn’t meet them from two states away.

I went to the local community college here in town. That’s where I had my first sexual encounter with another girl. She was my lab partner in biology class. We were both twenty. She was very shy and nerdy. She was also very cute. She was petite, like me! I had my own apartment by then. I invited her over to my place under the guise of studying for our biology final. What she didn’t know was that I didn’t really invite her over to my place to study. I really wanted to have sex with another woman for the first time, and I thought that she might be willing to try. antalya escort I was so nervous as I tried to decide how to make my move. She was nervous too, but I could sense that she wanted it just as badly as I did. So, I made my move. When I kissed her, she kissed me back. And, well, you know…

But, I’m getting off topic here. Let’s get back to what happened when I met Kerri and Tori for drinks. We met at a favorite bar. Kerri and Tori were already there when I arrived. They had already ordered a bottle of wine, and they had started drinking without me. Luckily, they had an empty glass waiting for me, so I was able to pour myself a little wine and get started. Soon, the appetizers arrived, and we tore into the buffalo wings, mozzarella sticks, and jalapeno poppers. We weren’t very lady-like about it. That’s what I love about girls’ night out. I don’t have to be lady-like. I can just eat my food and enjoy it.

Steve has already told you what a bombshell Kerri is. She’s got dark hair, dark eyes, and a “fuck me” body that gets people horny without her even trying. Tori (Steve let me pick out her fake name lol) is black, and she’s beautiful. I’m not as good at describing how people look as Steve is, but if you remember what Vivica A. Fox looked like when she played the stripper in Independence Day, then you have a pretty good idea of what Tori looks like.

After two bottles of wine and some small talk, we called an Uber and got rides to Kerri’s place. Kerri’s place was the most logical option since Pablo was out of town on a consulting job. No chance of Steve or of Torri’s husband interrupting us there. Don’t worry about Tori. Her husband knew what she was up to that night. You’ll meet him in a later chapter of this series.

Once we were in Kerri’s house, we didn’t waste a lot of time getting busy. We left a trail of clothes from Kerri’s living room to her bedroom so that we were already naked by the time we got in there.

Since Kerri and I had already had sex with each other the previous weekend, we both pounced on Tori. Before she knew it, she was on her back with Kerri and I each working on a breast. Tori’s breasts aren’t gigantic, but they’re still bigger than mine. Tori’s dark areolas have nipples on them that stick out so far when she’s horny that she could poke an eye out if you’re not careful. I loved chewing and sucking on her right nipple while Kerri worked over her left one. Tori laid back with her hands on the backs of our heads and relished the attention that her breasts were getting. Her deep moans of approval were all the encouragement I needed to keep going.

Eventually, Kerri decided that her own breasts needed attention, so she released Tori’s nipple from her mouth and moved up to feed Tori one of her breasts. Kerri has the biggest tits of the three of us by far, and Tori hungrily opened her mouth to suck on Kerri’s nipple.

I decided that while Kerri had Tori distracted, I could move down a little lower. I moved downward and used my hands to spread Tori’s legs. Once I did, Tori’s pussy was there for the taking. I used my fingers to separate her dark petals and open her pussy up a little bit. I love how pink Tori’s pussy looks inside of her dark, black pussy lips. And it was clear to me that mine and Kerri’s attention to her breasts had produced the desired effect. Her pussy juices were glistening on her lips and in her love tunnel. I couldn’t help myself. I just dove in and started eating her out.

I really do love to eat pussy. I licked her slit, sucked on her clit, and sucked and licked on her petals. I’ve fucked Tori enough to know what makes her happy, and I had her squirming in pleasure while she sucked on Kerri’s tits. Soon, she buried her face between Kerri’s breasts and screamed into her cleavage as an orgasm ripped through her body. fethiye escort I kept eating her pussy throughout her orgasm until I felt her go limp and relax.

Once I was done, Kerri moved down next to me. “My turn,” she said. I figured that was fair. While Kerri buried her face between Tori’s legs, I moved up and straddled Tori’s pretty face. I made sure that I was facing in the right direction to watch Kerri feast on Tori’s cookie as I lowered my own pussy down on Tori’s mouth. I shivered in pleasure as I felt Tori’s tongue run along my pussy from my clit all the way past the choate and rim my asshole. Tori has a talented tongue, and I was reaping the benefits of it. Meanwhile, I was watching Kerri munch on Tori’s hot box. The sight of Kerri eating Tori out combined with Tori’s tongue pleasuring me from clit to asshole had me in such a state of arousal that the juices from my pussy were getting all over Tori’s mouth, cheeks, and chin. She didn’t seem to mind though. She kept eating me out, determined to bring me to a climax.

And before I knew it, Tori had achieved her goal. I let out a scream and shuddered violently as my pussy gushed its juices out all over Tori’s face. I was afraid that I was going to drown the poor girl, but she didn’t seem worried. She drank as much of my squirt in as she could, and what she couldn’t drink in wound up all over her face, neck, breasts. Honestly, I sometimes wish that I wasn’t so messy when I cum, but it does feel really good to cum that hard, and everyone else doesn’t seem to mind, so I guess I shouldn’t either.

Meanwhile, Kerri had managed to cause Tori to have another orgasm. Tori shuddered and ground her pussy against Kerri’s mouth as Kerri brought her to climax. Eventually, Tori and I both came down off of our orgasmic highs, and I collapsed onto the bed.

After Tori and I caught our breaths, we decided that it wasn’t fair for us to have cum so hard, yet Kerri hadn’t had an orgasm yet. Since Tori had already sucked on Kerri’s tits, I leaned in and took Kerri’s left nipple in my mouth. Meanwhile, Tori moved down and spread Kerri’s legs. She leaned in, and I could watch from my vantage point as Tori started running her tongue along Kerri’s pussy.

As I watched Tori work Kerri’s pussy over with her tongue, I noticed that her ass was up in the air. I immediately detached myself from Kerri’s breast and moved in behind Tori. There, her pink pussy glistened with her juices beneath her plump, sexy ass. Kerri and I have nice, firm asses because we run and work out so much. But Tori’s ass has just a little bit of jiggle to it. She doesn’t have a fat ass, but when I smacked each ass cheek with my hands, it jiggled like a plate of Jell-O. I loved it! I buried my face in Tori’s pussy and licked upwards. I spread those juicy ass cheeks, and I rimmed her dark asshole good.

I don’t know how Tori was able to concentrate on Kerri while I was eating her pussy and her asshole, but I soon heard Kerri make those familiar noises that she makes when she is having an orgasm. Kerri is very loud when she cums, and I swear the walls of her house shook from her screams as her hands gripped Tori’s thick, shiny hair and her legs clamped around Tori’s head.

After Kerri came, we took a break for a few minutes. Then Tori asked me if I brought it. I knew exactly what she meant by “it.” She was asking if I brought that strap on that she likes for me to fuck her with. Of course, I said, “yes.” It wouldn’t be a girls’ night out if I didn’t use this strap on to fuck Kerri’s and Tori’s brains out. Hee hee.

The strap on that I use on the girls isn’t the same one that I fuck Steve with. Steve gets my favorite purple one. When I fuck my girlfriends, I use my pink double ended dildo. Each side is about 7 inches, and it definitely kaş escort fills both of our pussies up.

I didn’t need any lube as I slid my end into my soaking wet pussy. It was easy for me to get the dildo in fully while I strapped up. I put a little lube on the other side and asked, “who’s first?”

Kerri decided to play nice and let Tori go first. Tori laid down on her back and opened up her legs. I couldn’t help myself. I lowered my head and licked her pussy for about 30 seconds, and then I positioned myself to fuck her. Tori moaned in approval as I worked the other seven inches into her pussy. Soon, I was in to the hilt. I paused to let Tori catch her breath. She adjusted to the feel of my dildo in her pussy, and then, she nodded and said, “I’m ready.”

Once she did that, I started fucking her. I went gentle at first, but as we heated up, I fucked her a little harder. Soon, I was pounding her pretty pink pussy with my pink dildo. It’s such a pretty sight to see my pink dildo, glistening with Tori’s pussy juices, go in and out of her dark-lipped pussy. Meanwhile, the end of the dildo that was in my pussy was hitting all the right spots in me.

I gazed into Tori’s dark eyes while I fucked her. Truth be told, the double ended dildo felt like she was fucking me at the same time. It was amazing. Soon, my pussy was squirting over my end of the strap on and soaking the bed sheets between Tori’s legs. Her orgasm followed very closely. Despite her dark skin, I could see that Tori’s face was flush as she closed her eyes and moaned in pleasure. I kept fucking her all the way through our mutual orgasms until we were both exhausted.

From my side, I heard, “Wow! That was so hot!” It was Kerri. I had completely forgotten that she was in the room. I looked over and saw that she had three fingers buried knuckle deep into her pussy. I couldn’t let her bring herself off with her fingers when I had a perfectly good cock sticking out from between my legs. I told her to come over and hop on top of me.

Kerri scrambled to get there. She straddled my waist, positioned the dildo until it was lined up with her pussy, and then she slid right down on it. She was fully impaled on the first go. Then, she started grinding her hips while she rode me.

When Kerri positioned her hands above my shoulders, her tits were positioned right above my mouth. Kerri has some of the most perfect tits in the world! I grabbed them with my hands, and I started working over both nipples with my mouth—switching from one to the other and back again. Meanwhile, Kerri’s bouncing and grinding made the end of the strap on that was buried in my pussy hit my g spot in all the right ways. I felt like I had died and gone to Heaven. I had Kerri’s breasts in my face, and my pussy was filled with half of a double ended strap on dildo. I knew that Kerri was going for her own orgasm whether I got mine or not, but her efforts were certainly bringing me to the verge of another bed sheet soaking orgasm.

Kerri and I reached our orgasms at about the same time. I couldn’t see her face because mine was buried in her breasts, but I could hear her screams of pleasure. Meanwhile, my pussy started gushing too as I came all over the place. From beside us, Tori also started making orgasmic sounds. Apparently, she had been working one of own favorite toys in her own pussy while she watched Kerri ride me. I almost wish that there had been a camera in the room recording us. I can imagine that seeing three beautiful women orgasm almost simultaneously must have been quite a sight! Hee hee.

After that, we were all exhausted. Tori and I had expected to spend the night, so we had brought a change of clothes for the next day. They were in the same bags that our sex toys were in lol. Since I had soaked the sheets in Kerri and Pablo’s bed so much, we ended up piling into the queen sized bed in the guest room and sleeping in there.

So that’s what happened during girls’ night out. I hope that you enjoyed reading this story as much as I enjoyed reliving it as I told it to you. XOXO

Good bye.

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