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If you haven’t caught on by now, my Lo is unabashed about self-pleasuring. Women, unlike men, tend to be somewhere on a spectrum when it comes to touching themselves. Almost all men masturbate at some point or other. It is usually due to a deficiency in libido and not due to any moral compulsion that prevents a man from manually manipulating himself to orgasm. Men with the strictest of moral standards fail to resist the necessity of releasing their pent-up semen. But with women it is otherwise. Many women never touch themselves for a variety of reasons: low libido, inhibitions, inability to bring themselves to orgasm, fear, repression, etc.

Of the women who do touch themselves, they do so with a variety of frequency from rarely to, well, let’s just say that of all the women I have known in my life and all the women that Lo has known in her life, Lo knows for certain that she far exceeds even the runner-up in frequency of self-pleasuring.

Lo touches herself on average at least twice a day. Now, when I say “touches herself,” I mean she engages in a session of self-pleasuring. Such sessions can result in anywhere from one to five or more orgasms. On rare occasions she does not bring herself to orgasm, but that is only when she is exhausted and, lying in bed at the end of the day she touches her pussy, as she does habitually every night, but falls asleep in the process.

On most days Lo wakes up and if she is not able to have sex with a partner, she reaches under the covers and rubs her pussy awake till she achieves orgasm. Not satisfied with that, she then pulls out her trusty dildo and goes in the shower where she then turns the special hand-held spout on the massage setting her clit likes and she inserts her dildo into her pussy. She frantically fucks herself with the dildo, often having to sit on the floor of the tub with her legs spread wide and the water jetting out in pulsating spurts on her clit. She can bring herself to orgasm anywhere from one to five times like this.

I’ve even been witness to her doing this to such a furious extent that she made herself bleed from the exertion. One time she had gone into the shower with the intention of actually just taking a shower. But when she was in there the feel of her hands on her breasts, her fingers pinching her nipples, her fingers groping for her pussy or the hot, steamy, pulsation of a strong shower-head on her clit got her excited. Unable to bring herself to orgasm through merely external stimulation, and without her trusty 18 incher, she resorted to taking a shampoo bottle and standing it up straight on the floor of the tub, she slowly lowered herself onto it, thrusting almost the entire cylindrical container in her sweet, hungry snatch.

Once, on a transcontinental flight from Asia, when everyone was asleep on the plane, Lo reached deep into her carry-on bag and found a pink highlighting marker. With nothing else to do and nothing else to do it with, Lo carefully spread the complimentary blanket over her lap, reached under it, undid the snap and sipper of her jeans, slid them down a bit, and then took the marker and manipulated it so that it worked just as well as a dildo. It was significantly diminutive in length and also in girth, but it got the job done. Mind you, this was on a sold out flight and Lo was sitting in the middle row of the middle isle. Yet, nympho that she is, such constraints do not deter her; quite the contrary, the public nature of it all arouses her to an even more heightened state of sexual compulsion.

Having achieved her morning orgasm(s) Lo goes through the day in a crazed state of sexual excitement, wanting to rub her pussy all day long. Occasionally she will find a quiet place (a supply closet or other such room) to bring herself to orgasm in seconds merely by the gentle touch of her fingertips. But such impulsive acts are not only dangerous, but often result in an inconvenient wetting of her panties, thus she usually carries a spare with her for just such occasions.

After her long day, often immediately after her return from work, she runs into the bed and immediately turns on a pornographic video (not from the porn industry, but her favorite genre: home-made movies streaming from porn internet sites) of a gang-bang, two women, or a woman and her boyfriend as he slowly dominates her ass with his cock.

After making herself cum a few times like that she may return to the shower to repeat exactly what she did in the morning. In the shower it is impossible to bring the computer for visual aid, so one of her favorite fantasies while diddling herself in the shower is of the man in the apartment above. She maltepe escort imagines that he can hear her moans (and screams — Lo is a screamer! And he most certainly can hear her.) and that he goes into his bathroom, located right above hers, and begins jacking it to her orgasmic aria.

Finally, every night before falling asleep Lo will touch herself under the sheets or watch another video or, if she’s feeling really randy, she’ll pull out the dildo again. In total, I’ve known Lo to have in excess of ten or twelve unassisted orgasms in a one day. Lo has told me that when talking with her girlfriends about self-pleasuring that none of them even came close to her in frequency. Some of them may touch themselves once a day, but more often it’s somewhere between once a week and three times a week. Lo had only one friend, Kate, who could almost go toe-to-toe with her — and I mean that literally.

Lo lived with this woman, Kate, in college for a brief spell. Lo told me that one night there was a party at their dorm and a number of frat boys came over. Two of them stayed around after everyone else had left. Kate and Lo were playing pool with them in the basement and the two guys were coming on to them as the night went on. Of course it didn’t hurt that Lo and Kate were competing for who could lean over the furthest allowing the guys to see down their blouses the most or up their short skirts.

The guys began telling Lo and Kate about how they would fuck them and how they would swap and so forth. Kate and Lo indulged the guys to a point — they kissed and allowed the guys to touch their breasts and nipples, but eventually Kate and Lo turned them out. When the two girls got ready for bed they climbed onto the couch and Lo was sitting with her back propped up against one end of the couch and Kate was on the other end opposite her. Their feet were touching under the blankets on the couch.

Kate said to Lo, “Lo, would it bother you if I touched myself? I’m really, really horny now and I just have to.”

Lo said, “No, I don’t mind, go ahead.”

Kate reached under the blankets and shut her eyes and Lo could see Kate’s hand moving up and down by observing the small bulge in the blanket between Kate’s legs. Lo couldn’t control herself any longer and so Lo reached down between her legs, under her panties and shut her eyes as well. The soft rhythmic caress of Kate’s feet on Lo’s feet aroused Lo to no end.

Lo quietly creamed her panties as Kate loudly moaned across from her. The two of them fell asleep in that position, slowly moving down the couch and allowing their bare feet to slide between the other’s legs and rest softly upon the wet pussy of the other.

That was in Lo’s freshman year of college, before she realized, or rather acknowledged, that she was attracted to women. My little Lo had always watched porn with women in it, even girl-on-girl porn, but it took some time before the connection was made that she actually wanted to be with a woman. This year in college was not that time. And, besides this fact, her roommate Kate presented herself as totally hetero. Even this incident of the mutual masturbation was sparked by the sexual advances of two boys and, so far as Lo could tell, Kate was lying there diddling her clit imagining what she would do with the boys and what they would do with her.

Kate was very sexually active. Promiscuous may be the proper word. Though not technically a nymphomaniac like my Lo — since Kate’s sexual activity was not lacking control, characterized by a continuous need, compulsive, or accompanied by self-contempt — Kate was a woman who knew what she wanted and had the looks to get it. As a result, many nights of Lo’s first semester of freshman year were spent in her dorm room twin bed across the small 10′ wide room from Kate’s twin bed, pretending to be asleep as Kate took various lovers in her arms and between her legs.

Lo would lie there in the cloak of darkness with eyes wide open watching her roommate toss and turn under the sheets, moaning and groaning. As the semester wore on Kate became less and less modest about her sexual exploits in the room. She furtively, over a series of nights, went from rollicking beneath the sheets to letting the sheets fall from the bed, to getting out of the bed and going down on the guy she was with, kneeling on the floor, to bending herself over her bedside while the man rhythmically pounded her from behind.

On each of these occasions it was impossible for Lo to sleep, of course, but rather than be annoyed by this inconsiderate behavior, Lo secretly thanked her lucky stars that she had live-action visual escort maltepe aids for her to stroke her pussy to and rub out orgasm after orgasm throughout the night.

At this time in her life Lo was too bashful (believe it or not) to be forthcoming about her cumming. She kept her private pleasuring to herself, but Kate, of course, had suspicions of Lo’s midnight activities. No one could be that sound of a sleeper. So, one night, just to test the boundaries of Lo’s slumbers and her friendship, Kate rolled out of bed with her lover of the night and perched herself over the side of Lo’s bed, her face just inches away from Lo’s as the guy rammed her from behind. Lo could no longer pretend and so she opened her eyes and said, feigning surprise, “Kate, what are you doing?”

Kate simply said, “Shhhh,” and kissed Lo on the lips. At this, Lo’s juices flowed into her bed uncontrollably. Kate pulled down Lo’s sheets and turned Lo’s legs to the side of the bed and then she proceeded to bury her face in Lo’s moist and aching pussy.

Unfortunately for Lo, it was very soon after this that Kate failed out of school and so Lo got a new roommate for the second half of freshman year. This roommate, known as a prude on campus, had a secret life. She would go on-line during the day between classes and she had a number of “friends” in cyberspace with whom she had steamy chat.

Lo only found out about this late in the semester when one day Lo’s writing seminar was unexpectedly cancelled and Lo returned to her dorm room for a quick nap and, opening her door she found her roommate naked at the computer rubbing one out. Lo quickly closed the door and then talked with her roommate about it later. Her roommate confessed to her “secret shame” and worked out an arrangement with Lo such that Lo wouldn’t interrupt her again.

Lo never confessed to her roommate about what activities she, herself, was up to when no one was around or at night, beneath the sheets as she watched her roommate undress for bed, or in the communal shower in the morning, but this new experience opened up a whole new world for Lo to explore — the world of cybersex. Very soon after Lo had as many “virtual friends” as her roommate, both male and female, and in the safety of her own room she explored all sorts of forbidden possibilities. This was how Lo came to discover her attraction for women.

Lo would stay up late (pretending to be writing a paper while her roommate slept) and she would “chat” with men, women, couples on-line — instructing them what to do and following their instructions. In this way Lo found a couple (hetero) who needed her help. Every night she would instruct the woman (who had her own hang-ups about sex) on how to please her man. Lo would go into minute detail on how to perform fellatio, explain how to gently tease her man’s ass, tell her what to do to bring her to an orgasm, etc.

In return the couple (usually the guy) would inquire into Lo’s activities and tell her what to do. On the rare occasions when Lo’s roommate was out for the evening, the couple would request Lo to take pictures of herself fingering herself, teasing her own ass, pulling her erect nipples, etc. Lo would enthusiastically indulge these requests.

That was all in college. And who says that college doesn’t prepare people for “the real world”? Because of these various experiences Lo found her true calling. Or rather, she was set on the track to her calling. It took one more virtual interaction for her to discover what it is she does best. One of Lo’s college girlfriends was off doing a semester abroad. Lo and her friend, Michelle, were casual acquaintances at school, but because Michelle was in a part of the world that Lo longed to visit, they kept up communication on Facebook and e-mail.

Being so far away and in a very foreign environment, Michelle was having great difficulty forging new friendships and, more importantly, finding intimate partners. One day, while chatting on-line, Michelle happened to mention her frustration. With a little encouragement from Lo, Michelle opened up about her inability to get laid and her pent-up sexual energies.

Lo asked her, rather blatantly, “Why don’t you just jack it?” Michelle was a bit embarrassed and did not know how to respond, but she admitted to Lo that she doesn’t do that because she feels too self-conscious and, furthermore, she hasn’t been able to bring herself to orgasm in that way — ever. Lo gave her a few instructions involving a long shower, moisturizing lotion, incense, candles, and a mirror.

Lo encouraged her to explore her body and to imagine to herself how much money men maltepe escort bayan would pay just to see what she was doing to herself. Michelle followed Lo’s instructions and continued at it for a few days, but she still just went away from each session feeling more frustrated and unable to reach her goal. So Lo suggested that they “Skype” each other (ah the benefits of technology) so that Lo could walk her through the process, step by step. On the appointed night they made the connection and Lo slowly removed her clothes for Michelle, encouraging Michelle to follow suit.

She did and soon the two of them were sitting naked in front of their respective computers with their legs spread and the two “windows” open: one for the person on the other end and the other showing themselves. The Skype session was a success! It took over two hours, but eventually Michelle got off and, of course, my little Lo got off numerous times.

Since then Michelle has discovered what works for her and has used her new-found techniques to great effect. She wrote to Lo to thank her and said that Lo should have her own sex-ed course called: Lo Dishes the Down-low: Helping Women Help Themselves.

This altruistic offering of sexual healing showed Lo where her true calling was — in the field of sexual self-help. Needless to say, such helping of others has provided hours upon hours of self-help for Lo as well.

But now all of this long, but partial, history of Lo’s pleasuring herself has all been a sort of propaedeutic for explaining the current situation. In my relationship with Lo I find that my little nympho often turns the tables on the stereo-typical gender roles. By this I mean that one often hears complaints from women that their men are more interested in videos, porn, and other sorts of visual aids than in actual sex with them. But with my Lo the situation is reversed.

Often when we have sex she requests to watch her favorite clips on the computer screen. Sometimes she bends over the edge of the bed and has the computer in front of her on the bed as I pound her from the rear. Other times she watches something on the computer as she masturbates herself to orgasm and then we fuck. But lately she’s taken having me lie on my back. She then takes out the KY Jelly and rubs it all over my lower abdomen and around my cock and up and down my hard shaft.

After she has thoroughly lubricated me as if I were just another cheap sex-shop toy for her, she then takes off her panties and grabs the computer and places it on my chest — open to her, back to me — and she sits on my hard cock as she navigates to her favorite clips. I can hear the sound of the women moaning, but all I see is the black back of the laptop and, just over the screen, her large breasts bouncing as she goes up and down on my cock as if it were a stationary dildo for her. I see her eyes peering through her glasses at the screen and I can just barely make out the reflection of two people (two women, a man and a woman?) having sex in her lenses.

She does this for a while; flipping between one video and another till she finds exactly what she is in the mood to see. Then, she leans back and sits as far down on my erect member as she can and her right hand reaches down to flip her clit back and forth and diddle with her pussy lips as her left hand gropes at her own breasts or reaches behind her to tease her ass. She does this and within a few seconds she achieves orgasm. I feel the hot, sticky juices just flow down my cock and onto my waist, oozing down my side to soak the bed. And again. And repeat a third time — all in quick succession, taking no more than a few minutes.

When she is done with me (for the moment) she dismounts and tells me, “Grab your cock.” I comply. “Stroke it. You have permission to look.” She turns the computer screen toward me and watches my cock as I jerk off. As I do so she reaches down between her legs and massages her hot, smoothly shaved pussy, watching me as if I were just another video.

She does this till I am about to cum. Realizing what the quickness and shallowness of my breath means, she instantly jumps to action and puts her hot lips over my cock in order to catch all my jiz in her mouth. She swallows in one gulp, some semen leaking from the corner of her mouth. While I lie back and try to recuperate she has already gotten up, grabbed her dildo, a red towel, and has made her way to the bedroom door.

“I’ll be back in a few,” she says, turning her ass as she leaves. I hear the hot water of the shower running and in about a half hour I hear her crying out with screams of pain and pleasure. She returns to the bed with a big smile on her face and she crawls under the sheets naked. She finally falls asleep (no doubt dreaming about sex) and she sleeps the night away till she wakes up refreshed the next day and starts her massage therapy all over again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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