Sedona Heat Ch. 05

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Big Dicks

We walked back to my suite hand in hand, my thumb scratching lightly against your palm. Our eyes would meet and everything else would disappear just like an old movie when the camera pans out; the lovers cross the screen in aching slowness and everything in the periphery is blurred and unimportant. My thighs were positively quivering and the adrenalin was pumping through ever fiber of my body as you closed the door behind us. I took two steps into the room and stopped, waiting to feel you press your body against mine and within a breath you were there. Your body was hot against my cool damp skin and I shivered as we came together skin to skin. You were standing in such a way that your chest held the back of my head; your stomach pressing into the curve below my ribs and above my bottom; your long thick cock lodged between the cheeks of my ass; your knees supported the back of my thighs and our calves stood together as our feet intertwined.

Every millimeter of my skin was on fire as your hands slid lightly up my arms and more firmly on my shoulders and neck; my head falling forward enjoying the kneading of your strong hands. My arms stretched back to rest on the sides of your thighs where my fingers caressed your bare skin, then my nails scored lightly as your lips assaulted the back of my neck making me bow into you slightly and shiver. I turned slowly, staying as connected to your body as I could, steam nearly rising as my cool damp skin slides against your fevered flesh and we are connected again, the curves of our bodies fitting together like two puzzle pieces yet again. I brought my right thumb to your lips and drew across them lightly, my left hand joins tuzla escort the right as my finger tips trace the lines and angles of your face adoring and memorizing each inch before rising on my toes to ask for a kiss; which you grant in agonizing slow motion. The moment is so soft and pure as our lips touch that the spasms rocked through my body with blinding speed and I climaxed as our tongues met in the cool air between our mouths. My sighs and moans muffled as our mouths and tongues fell into the deepest, longest, most sensual kiss I’d ever experienced.

You untied the strings to my bikini and I let it fall to the floor; then you tugged off your briefs, took my hand and turned the water on in the shower. We kissed feverishly as the water warmed and I couldn’t help but giggle as I checked off the list of rules that I’d already broken with regard to Stranger Danger but I threw caution to the wind and laughed out loud as we began to soap each other up.

The way you washed me was delightful torture; you didn’t miss a pinch of skin, even going down onto bended knee to wash my feet and legs. Each slippery touch sent a tremor to my pleasure spot and my hips moved slightly towards you involuntarily. I returned the favor and lathered you up, enjoying the feeling of your firm body beneath my fingertips. I looked up as I gently grasped your cock and slithered along its length, your head was tipped back and your mouth open slightly. The muscles on your firm belly contracted as my other hand began to wash your jewels, polishing them with my loving touch then pressing you back into the warm stream of water to rinse.

We step from the warmth of the shower and you wrap tuzla escort bayan me lightly in a towel, not drying, leaving the beads of water trickling down between my breasts; down my spine and through the crease of my bottom. Hand in hand we walked back towards the bedroom where you swept me up and laid me softly on the bed. You tenderly lifted my arms up above my head and your eyes were predatory as you opened the towel and spread my thighs just a bit; your actions and eyes telling me to lay back and enjoy what was coming next. You leaned in and kissed my forehead warmly, cupped my cheeks before pressing your lips to their blush then taking my lips with yours. Our kiss deepens as you kneel upon the bed, straddling my body, your firm butt resting lightly on my hips. Your fingertips close my eyes and then began searching my face like a blind person would explore in order to see. My skin raised with goose bumps as your fingers moved lower and lower still, lovingly surveying my flesh from head to toe but avoiding my tight nipples and aching pussy, your touch was so sensual and branded me with licks of flame. I was nearly panting as I felt you move between my thighs; I opened my eyes and looked down to see you gazing at the entrance to my sex. Our eyes met over the short curls on my mound; you smiled a languid but lusty smile as you blew softly against my dew covered petals and you press my thighs further apart. Your long wet hair tickled my thighs as you bent in and placed a soft kiss on my hooded clit that protrudes from my labia; I shivered with anticipation as you blew again before swiping your thick tongue from the bottom of my lips to the hard button at the top. escort tuzla There was no rhythm just unexpected jolts of electricity as you licked me leisurely like a lollipop for what seemed like hours. My thighs began to quiver when your tongue snaked between my swollen lips tasting the warm sweet nectar inside before whirling around my bulging clit. Each swipe elicited a sharp intake of breath and an arch to my back. You sucked my gem into your mouth and attacked its surface with your tongue until you felt me shudder and heard my moans of ecstasy and gasping; then plunged your face into me and drank my very essence. Oh my god the fire raged and spread; I writhed beneath you trying to escape your tongue but you just kept licking and sucking at my clit extending my stay at the pinnacle until an even stronger orgasm exploded out from my center.

I couldn’t breathe, I panted as you snaked your way up my body to claim my mouth. My hands grabbed you tight, pulling you hard against me while my body continued to tremor. Your lips and hands covered my face as you whispered “Nizhoni” over and over again the sound so beautiful and foreign to my ears.

“Nitcheyoney?” I was sure my attempt at your language was disgusting but you smiled and corrected my pronunciation and I tried it again “Nizhoni?” you nodded and I said it correctly again a few times liking the way the words formed and fell from the tongue. ‘What does it mean?”


I blushed at your compliment and raised my lips to you, my tongue seeking yours and then pulling back I asked

“How do you say thank you?”


“Ahéhee’?” I asked hesitantly and we laughed; it took a few more tries but eventually I got it and said is softly as I stroked your face “Ahéhee'”

A cheshire cat grin raised the corners of my mouth; my legs wrapped around you and I said

“Now it’s YOUR turn!!”

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