Scout’s Honor

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“You’re here to scout Richie Belton, aren’t you?”

I looked up from my notepad into the gorgeous blue eyes of a woman who couldn’t be much older than 19. Her auburn hair was pinned up, but looked like it could be down to the middle of her back. She stood about 5’4” with proud round tits that bulged forth through a tight sweater and a killer body poured into a pair of blue jeans. I smiled back.

“Now, I usually don’t answer that question. I might be a scout, and if I am, I’m searching out a lot of talent in this tournament, not just Richie Belton.”

It was only half true. I’m Dylan O’Neill, and I scout for a major university’s hockey program. I’ve been doing this job since two major knee operations ended my hockey career three years ago, at age 21. I was here to scout Richie Belton. The kid was dynamite, tall, fast and with good hands. He could also hit and lead, and we were hungry for him.

The girl seemed hungry, too, but I wasn’t quite sure what for.

“I think you’re here for Richie, or at least you should be. I’m Veronica Belton, his older sister.”

I smiled. “Well, Richie is a good player, you should be proud.”

“I am proud. He’d fit into your university program.”

“Really? What makes you think I’m with a university?”

“You’re Dylan O’Neill, I go to OUR university.”

“You know who I am?”

“Of course! I’m a hockey fan, and I saw you play three years ago in the Frozen Four. Sorry about your knees.”

I was taken aback. She knew who I was. She was also older than she looked, I thought.

“You don’t look like you’re in university.”

“I’m 19, a freshman. I saw you while visiting my older sister, she’s 24.”

I looked back down at my notes. I wondered if her sister was as hot. Veronica looked out at the players skating around the ice, then back at me.

“I think hockey players are sexy, they make me quite hot.”

I could have been knocked over with a feather after that statement.

“I see. So, you date hockey players?”

“No, I just fuck them.”

Damn, that feather was strong!

“Excuse me?” I was backpedaling like mad. I didn’t know what to do next.

“I said, I fuck tuzla escort them. That’s all I like to do. I don’t want to complicate things with romance or shit like that, so I fuck.”

“I see.” I was sounding lamer by the second.

“I don’t think you do, because if you did, you’d take me by the hand and we’d find a place a little more private.”

Now I was sure my jaw hit the floor. I was positive.

She held out her hand. “Are you coming?” She grinned at the double entendre and licked her lips slightly. Full, pink lips, I noticed for the first time.

“Um, I…uh…” I felt my hand move of its own accord into hers and I got up, slowly, so as to conceal my sudden hard-on.

She looked down and giggled. “Looks like I made a good choice.”

She led me down a back hallway of the arena.

“This is where the ladies’ auxiliary has their meeting room. I have a key, because my mom is the president.” She unlocked the door and led me inside, turning on the light. It was like a lounge, with a few long couches and chairs.

She locked the door again behind us, and turned off the lights. The arena fluorescents cast an eerie glow through the blinds of the main window. I watched this young beauty pull the sweater over her head, revealing a lacy red bra. She quickly unbuckled her belt and dropped her jeans to the floor, kicking off her hiking boots and socks at the same time. She stood there in a red satin thong that cupped her beautiful treasure box well. I found myself staring at it, licking my lips.

She moved closer, swaying her young hips. She reached a hand out, running it up my jean-clad leg until it reached the bulge of my painfully hard cock.

“Oh, that’s nice,” she breathed. “Hard and big. I’ll bet a few women have handled this big guy, haven’t they?” She gave it a little squeeze for effect, and I swear my knees almost buckled.

“Yes,” I managed to gulp out. I had done very well in university, but none of those women were as forward and aggressive as Veronica.

I heard my belt being undone, and the coolness of the air hit my thighs as my jeans hit the floor. I kicked off my shoes while she pulled my golf shirt over my head. tuzla escort bayan Veronica then reached into the fly of my boxers and caressed my cock. Her cool hand made it jump, almost painfully.

“Mmmmm,” She moaned. “Is it okay if I’m impatient?” I nodded.

She yanked my boxers to the floor, and then turned around, bending over at the waist and moving the crotch of her satin thong out of the way. Her hairless slit winked back at me, and I swear I almost lost my load right then.

She looked back over her shoulder. “Fuck me, Dylan…please?”

I saw her pussy was sopping with juices. Obviously she liked grabbing a stranger and seducing him quite a bit!

I tentatively slid my hard eight inches along her slit, and she moaned deeply. “Please.” was all she would say.

I slid my cock into her tight pussy. It took a couple of strokes, but I mad it all the way in. It felt fantastic! Her puss was hot and clung to my turgid cock like a warm sheath. “Fuck…me,” was all Veronica said.

I pulled it out quickly, then stuffed it back in. I heard her intake of breath, then a quiet squeal of delight. Her pussy seemed to grip me tighter than a fist on the way out, then relax as I slammed it back into her. Soon, we had a great rhythm going, and she was shouting with each thrust as she fucked back against my cock.

“FUCK…me…FUCK…meeee…FUCK…meeee!” each time I hit bottom, her shout got a little longer. I started to wonder if anyone could hear us, but didn’t really care, since I was lost in her pussy. I reached around and gripped her big tits, using them to help me drive myself deeper and deeper into her churning channel.

I felt her pussy start to spasm, and her shouts just became one long one.


My cock began to explode and I moaned heavily as it started spasming, dumping loads of cum into her young, wet channel.

“YEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!” we both shouted in unison. I kept pumping my cock, feeling a buzz in my head and the floor start to tilt. My spasms kept going longer than I had ever remembered. She didn’t stop shaking, or fucking her gorgeous ass back against me.

Finally, I felt escort tuzla the last jerk of my prick, and slowly slid it out. I looked down at her round ass saw her juices literally dripping down her legs. It was amazing! My knees buckled slightly, and I found myself with my cheek resting against the inside of her thigh, covering it with her juice. I turned a licked a bit into my mouth, savoring the sweet, yet salty taste.

“Wow,” was all she could say. I couldn’t even get that much out for about three minutes, until our breathing returned to normal.

I led her to one of the couches, and we sat next to each other, holding hands.

“That was amazing, Dylan,” she said. “I’ve had a crush on you since I was, like, 16. I have fingered myself more than a few times thinking about you.”

I looked over, and her fingers were indeed rubbing herself softly.

“That was unbelievable,” I said. “You’re amazing!”

“You’re pretty good yourself.”

“I’m flattered, but what are the chances of us getting caught? You were pretty vocal, you know.”

“I know!” She grinned. “But nobody has this room booked for the next two days. We’re pretty….unnnh…safe.” her fingers kept moving in furious little circles around her clit. I stared, transfixed, as she worked her little button like a pro. Her eyes closed and her breathing quickened. I felt my cock growing hard again watching this spectacle.

She opened her eyes and saw my condition, quickly moving over top of me and lowering her runny pussy over my inflating manhood. Her eyes rolled back in her head as she lowered her amazing body down the length of my shaft, exhaling her breath all the way down. When she hit bottom, she looked deep into my eyes and started bouncing up and down on it like she was riding a pogo stick. I could feel our mingling juices flowing around the shaft of my cock, which I thrust up into her as she slid down it.

“OHHH, GOOOODDDDDDD YYYEEEESSSSSSSS” she moaned loudly, hissing it out, almost. My hands grabbed at her large jugs, thumbs rubbing circles around her stiff nipples.

It felt like she was coming again, as her pussy walls clutched me tightly, but her moaning never changed. “YYYEEEESSSSSSSSSSS!” She ground her clit into my pelvis, back and forth across me. I could feel myself already climbing towards another climax…

Until I heard the key in the lock.

To Be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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