School Days Ch. 03

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The Jeep rumbled down the road with John and Tina in the front seats and Jeff and April in the back hugging and kissing. Jeff’s hand slid up the long tan legs she had thrown over his thighs, gently caressing her knee before sliding further up her silky thigh. She moaned into his mouth as his hand brushed up against her denim-covered mound. With deliberate slowness, his fingers traced the edges of her shorts before slipping inside them and touching the satin panties beneath.

She writhed beside him, his fingers massaging her moist pussy through the smooth fabric. He felt her warm breath on his ear, “Put them in me.” Jeff felt her fingers brush against his as she pulled aside the denim and satin allowing his fingers to easily slide into her. He slid them in and out of her wet muff, his thumb continuously circling her engorged clit.

April could feel herself rushing toward an orgasm. When she felt Jeff grab her sensitive breast and roll her nipple, it was the last impetus she needed to send her into orgasmic bliss. She panted hard as her pussy clenched around his fingers, coating them with her juices. She bit her lip to keep from screaming out as he continued to fuck her with his fingers, bringing another smaller but still intense release.

Jeff leaned over and kissed her full on the mouth as his fingers slipped from their smooth wet sheath. Her mouth opened easily to him, his tongue slipping past her lips to massage her tongue. As April recovered from her release she began to kiss him back, her lips clenching around his tongue sucking deeply on it. The Jeep slid to a stop on the gravel parking lot as they broke their passionate kiss.

“We’re here,” John announced, pushing the door open and pulling the seat forward. “You guys coming in, or are you just going to stay out here and suck face?”

Jeff stepped out of the Jeep and held out his hand to help April down from the high step. She stood there looking at the garish neon light illuminating the low clapboard building. “Well this place hasn’t changed at all.”

“That’s not necessarily a bad thing,” Jeff replied.

April looked at him incredulously. “We’ll see.”

JG’s was the kind of place out-of-towners avoided because of its appearance. Its gruff exterior of weathered clapboard, and the occasional broken window mended with duct tape, gave the impression of a dive. A quick glance around once you were inside seemed to confirm what the outside made you suspect. There was a dirt floor, a ceiling littered with bras from the female patrons and a bouncer who looked like he could be in the dictionary next to the entry for “redneck.”

A closer inspection though revealed some surprises. The massive wooden bar was constructed from the mahogany bars of two old saloon cars salvaged from a nearby rail yard. It was immaculate, gleaming with brass and chrome fixture and had a state of the art pouring system. In the far corner was a stage that looked like it had been hijacked from the county fair, but sported the finest sound system money could buy. A band belting out a steady stream of southern rock occupied the stage; the dance floor in front a sea of bodies.

Jeff felt April tug at his arm, “Let’s get a drink,” she shouted above the din.

They walked arm in arm up to the bar, April garnering appreciative stares from every man they passed. The women looked too, but their stares were of jealousy or contempt and in a few cases admiration. “Two Jack and Cokes,” Jeff announced to the bartender as she came near. The glasses appeared mere moments later. He paid the tab and handed April her drink.

Jeff looked deep into her blue eyes, “A toast,” he said raising his glass, “to new beginnings.”

April smiled a radiant smile, “To new beginnings.” And clinked her glass against his, and then took a long pull on her drink. Jeff’s arm wrapped around her waist and pulled her tight to him.

“I love you, April.”

“And I love you,” she said before kissing him lightly on the lips. “Let’s go dance.”

They danced close, grinding on each other through the band’s repertoire of southern rock standards. When the band began playing a slow song, April melted into Jeff’s arms as they danced in a slow circle, her arms around his neck. Jeff’s hands gently slid up and down her back before finally coming to a rest on the firm globes of her behind. April kissed his neck as his hands massaged her bottom, occasionally pulling her tight so she could feel his stiffening prick.

As the song ended he pulled April to a dark corner of the bar where they continued making out. April wriggled up onto a barstool, putting the two of them at eye level. Her legs went around him as their tongues probed each other’s mouths; her hands went from his neck to the waistband of his jeans. Jeff was hard as steel and her fingers only had to dip a bit below his belt before they were massaging the tip of his swollen cock.

Jeff took a long pull on his drink as April continued strumming her fingers over his sensitive pendik escort cockhead. He leaned in close to her, “If you don’t stop that I’m going to come all over your hand.”

April slipped her hands from his jeans and put them back around his neck. “Then I’ll stop, because the next place I want you to come is deep inside my steamy, tight pussy.” To emphasize her point she took his hand and placed it on her crotch, urging him to probe deeper. “Touch me, Jeff. Feel how wet I am for you. When we get back to your room, I want you to fuck me hard and deep. I’ll get on my hands and knees and you can bang me from behind like you love to do. You can spew your load in my cunt. And when you’re done, I’ll suck you until you’re hard again. I’ll suck and lick you until you blast another load down my throat.”

Jeff stood there speechless. She had never talked like this before and he found it incredibly erotic. With each word he felt his cock harden even more. He wanted her right there in the bar, bend her over the stool and stick his cock deep inside her, but he knew he would have to wait. His only response was to kiss her full on the mouth.

The sound of Tina’s voice intruded on the kiss, “Well, looks like you two have everything patched up.”

April looked her right in the eyes, “Yes we do, and later I’m going to see if you taught him anything new.”

“Don’t worry,” she said sarcastically, “I didn’t break him.”

April was about to respond when the band stopped playing and the lead singer asked if anyone was interested in seeing a wet t-shirt contest. The place erupted in applause and screams. “If you want to sign up go see Wendy at the bar and she’ll get you taken care of. We’ll start our next set with the contest in about twenty minutes.”

April was off the barstool in a flash, grabbing Tina’s hand as she went, “Let’s go sign up.”

Tina pulled back. “Yeah right like anyone stands a chance against your chest.”

“It’s not always about size, besides judging by how hard your nipples are you’re turned on by the idea.”

Jeff immediately looked at Tina’s chest. Her long thick nipples were pushing against the tight camisole top. While her breasts were average in size, Tina had the biggest nipples Jeff had ever seen. They were also incredibly sensitive and she loved to have them played with. Tina couldn’t deny April’s assessment, the thought of all these horny men staring at her tits made her wet.

“All right,” she said as April pulled her past John and over to the bar.

“Hey Jeff, where are they going,” John asked as he reached the table.

“Believe it or not, they’re entering the wet t-shirt contest.”


“Yeah, really.” Jeff wasn’t sure how he’d feel about his girlfriend showing her tits to the crowd. He’d been to enough of these to know that it was usually about how much the girls were willing to show not how good their chest was. Oh well, they could look all they wanted; he was the one who would get to touch later.

“April, I really don’t know if I should do this,” Tina griped.

“Come on it will be fun. The boys will get all worked up and we can take them back and fuck their brains out.”

“Okay, but you’ll be next to me the whole time right.”

“You can count on it; I won’t let your cute little butt out of my sight,” she said giving Tina a wink.

Tina shot her a glance and April just smiled back. How could she know, Tina thought to herself. It was a well-kept secret that Tina enjoyed an occasional romp with the girls. She never let any of her boyfriends find out. She loved men, their hard strong features and the animalistic way they treated sex, it was just that sometimes she craved a softer, gentler experience. It was these times when she sought out a few close friends who were happy to keep her secret. At least she thought it was a secret.

She couldn’t know; I’m just being paranoid, Tina tried to convince herself. No matter how many times Tina said it she just couldn’t shake the thought that April knew, or at least suspected. Her mind reeled as the girls were ushered backstage and given t-shirts to change into.

Her eyes were fixed on April as she unbuttoned the oxford shirt and hung it on the hook. Tina had seen plenty of breasts and even some bigger than April’s but she couldn’t remember any that were so perfect. They strained at the pink satin, but it wasn’t because of the downward pull of gravity but rather because they were straining to expand. Tina gawked as the cups fell away and the breasts seemed to grow before her eyes. The thick nipples stiffened in the cool air as April pulled the tight t-shirt down over them.

She gathered the bottom of the shirt and tied it in a knot, stretching the thin material even tighter across her chest. Out of the corner of her eye, she caught Tina staring at her and a thin smile formed on her lips. Perhaps her friend wasn’t lying about Tina after all.

“Like what you see?” She asked the lithe brunette.

Fighting off embarrassment escort pendik at being caught she retorted, “Just trying to see what all the fuss was about. That boy talked about them like they were the ninth and tenth wonders of the world.”

April walked over to her smiling. “Here let me help you with that,” she said pulling Tina’s shirt over her head and then sliding the thin white t-shirt back over it. She leaned in close to Tina’s ear. “He talks about them like that because I let him slide his thick cock between them, licking it as he fucks my tits. Then, when he’s good and slick, I wrap them tighter around his pole and he fucks them until he spews his messy load all over them.” Tina gasped at the erotic language.

“Don’t be shocked,” she said with a glint in her eye, “lots of people like my breasts. Your friend Anne is especially fond of sucking on them,” she whispered.

The sharp breath told April everything she needed to know. She too had dabbled in Sapphic love and it turned out that she and Tina had both a man, and a woman, that they shared. The look on the brunette’s face when she turned to face April was nothing short of stark fear.

“Don’t worry I won’t tell anyone,” April reassured her. “Besides if I outed you, you could do the same to me. I told Anne I didn’t believe her but I guess I owe her an apology. Now let’s go have some fun and we can talk about our shared lovers later.”

Tina stared at April’s swaying hips as she walked up the steps to the stage. The contest was about to begin and Tina wasn’t sure which excited her more, showing her perky tits and hard nipples to a room full of horny guys, or getting another chance to see April’s magnificent chest. She saw April waving to her from the top of the stairs and moved to her as if in a trance.

When she reached the top step April took her hand and squeezed it tightly. She held out a shot glass filled with a clear liquid. “Here, down this, it will help you loosen up and get you past the shock.”

Tina stared at the glass for a moment and, deciding she could do with some liquid courage, slugged the cool peppermint-flavored liquor down her throat. She set the empty glass on one of the huge speakers, as April dragged her out into the bright lights. As the lead singer of the band went down the line of ten women, he introduced them to the crowd and handed each a jug of cold water.

Tina strained to see John through the bright lights but couldn’t locate him. She playfully blew kisses to the crowd when she was introduced before taking her water. April demurely waved and took her jug as the intros continued. After another minute all the girls had their water and the singer told them to pair up with another girl and get the contest started.

April and Tina immediately turned to each other. “You go first,” Tina said, expecting a gentle pour. Instead April slung the water jug, the entire contents flying out and striking Tina square in the chest. She was instantly soaked and the cold water only hardened her nipples even more.

“Okay, your turn,” April said with an impish grin.

Tina simply smiled back. She didn’t retaliate in the same manner as April. Waiting until all the other girls had finished, she then went to April and, drop by drop, poured the water onto her chest. Slowly the water turned the thin white cotton transparent. Tina increased the flow to a small stream, moving it back and forth along the swell of April’s breasts. When the cold began to stiffen her nipples the crowd screamed.

April didn’t hear them though as she was focused on Tina’s firm breasts and the huge nipples pushing against the wet cotton. She remembered what Anne had told her, “Her nipples are so sensitive you can get her off just by playing with them.” April desperately wanted to find out if that was true.

“You’re making me wet,” April said softly to Tina.

“It’s hard to have a wet t-shirt contest if I don’t,” she replied.

“That’s not what I meant.”

Tina proceeded to dump the last of the water out and then turned to face the crowd. Their cheers had emboldened her, adrenaline coursing through her veins. Out of the corner of her mouth she said to April, “If I can make you wet without even touching you, maybe we should plan a more private meeting.” As soon as the words were out of her mouth she wished she could take them back. It was the alcohol talking she told herself. She was about to say she was just kidding when she heard April’s voice in her ear.

“I’ll be at your room tomorrow morning at ten. We’ll tell the boys we’re going shopping.”

The next few minutes were all a blur to Tina; she couldn’t get the vision of April in her room out of her head. She was ushered off the stage, having not made the first cut, but instead of changing stayed back stage, her eyes locked on April as she made it to the top two. She watched in awe as April shimmied and shook her luscious breasts, but apparently it wasn’t enough to sway the judges, whoever they were. First place went to pendik escort bayan a bubble-headed bleach blonde with store bought tits.

April bounded down the steps and took Tina by the arm, “Come on let’s take our boyfriends back and fuck their brains out.”

The two quickly changed out of the wet shirts and made their way through the crowd to Jeff and John. “You were robbed,” Jeff said over the thumping music, “that silicone bimbo’s rack isn’t anywhere close to as good as yours.”

April hugged him tightly and gave him a quick kiss on the lips. “Let’s get out of here,” she said, “we still have some making up to do.”

Jeff turned to ask John if he was ready to leave, but he was already on his way out the door, Tina pulling him along. The cool night air swirled around them as they climbed up into the Jeep. The trip back to campus seemed to last forever as Jeff could think of nothing but climbing into bed with April and spending the entire night wrapped in her arms.

After what seemed an eternity, April slid the vehicle into the spot just outside Jeff’s dorm. As they headed up the back steps, April called back to Tina, “Don’t forget about our date. I’ll see you around ten.” She could just barely make out the nod of agreement, but it was there nonetheless.

“What’s that all about?” Jeff asked as they headed to his room.

“Nothing, we’re just going to the mall for some shopping. Don’t worry I promise I’ll get you something while I’m out,” she said trying to satisfy his curious look. “Now let’s go upstairs so I can show you again just how sorry I am for breaking up with you.”

They quickly climbed the stairs and in moments were back in his dorm room. Jeff closed the door and locked it, and pulling April tight to him, kissed her deeply. He pressed her against the door as their tongues caressed, his hands pulling open the shirt with a rough tug, sending buttons flying across the room. His hands went to her satin covered breasts, thumbs rubbing across her stiffening nipples as his fingers stroked the undersides of her tits.

April moaned into his mouth. His touch was electric and she felt herself tingle with anticipation. She pushed his face away and looked deep into his eyes as his hands continued caressing her. “Lick them,” she demanded lustfully.

“Lick what?” Jeff asked playfully. “Your lips?” With the lightest touch, he traced the outline of her mouth with his tongue.

April fought back the urge to open her mouth to him. She was about to give in and suck his tongue when he stopped and said, “Or maybe it was your shoulders you wanted licked.”

After he pushed the shirt away, she felt his hot lips on her smooth shoulder as he kissed and licked his way to her neck then repeated the process with the other shoulder. April shuddered as his tongue snaked its way up her neck and his lips again rested on hers. His hands never stopped plying her chest, her state of arousal continuing to increase.

Unable to endure any more teasing she grasped his head and pushed him down her body. His tongue slithered into her cleavage and she guided him to her nipple. He licked at the hard nub through her bra, coating the smooth material in his saliva before sucking her stiff nipple into his mouth. April moaned with delight for the few seconds he nuzzled her tit.

She felt his hands tugging at her shorts as he kneeled in front of her, his mouth releasing her breast and dragging down her ribs and across her taut stomach. As he succeeded in unsnapping her shorts his tongue followed the zipper down, licking and kissing the satin covering her wet pussy. With a tug her shorts were around her ankles as she had dropped the shirt from her arms.

Jeff kept running his tongue along the indentation of her panties, as April lifted her foot out of the shorts and swung it over Jeff’s shoulder, her sole resting flat against his back. She felt his fingers pull the thin strip of fabric aside, exposing her pouting lips. The warm flow of air he blew across her wet hole sent ripples of electricity through her.

Jeff gently kissed the sensitive lips, occasionally slipping his tongue along them as well. He breathed in her musky arousal, the scent making him hard. He felt her hand on the back of his head, insistently pushing him toward her sex. With broad strokes of his tongue he parted her labia and flicked at her hooded clitoris. She ground herself down on him each time he touched her erect clit, juices dribbling onto his face.

April moaned louder with each stroke of her boyfriend’s tongue. Soon she was rocking her hips in time with him, pushing herself closer and closer to orgasm. She was on the verge when she felt him probing at her opening with his fingers. “Put them in me,” she moaned. He easily pushed two fingers inside her slick pussy, which immediately clamped down on them. A few quick thrusts and April was in heaven. Her pussy gushed over Jeff’s face coating him, as the pent up energy was released with one blissful scream.

Jeff eagerly licked up the sweet nectar flowing from April. As her orgasm subsided, he slowly retraced his path back up to her mouth. She kissed him, tasting herself on his lips. “That was incredible,” she said between kisses.

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