Sauna Sensuality

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Ramon grimaced under the strain, as he forced the barbell up once more. As his arms straightened, he tilted them slightly backwards and released, the barbell falling into the cradle with a satisfied clank as he completed yet another set. He took a large swig from his water bottle and wiped his sweat drenched face with a towel. The gym was like a second home to Ramon. It provided an escape to the drudgery of day to day life, and working out had always given him an adrenalin rush. As he picked up his things and headed to the next machine, he took time to look at himself in a mirror.

He was no Schwarzenegger or Lee Haney by any means, however there was no doubt that Ramon was indeed a fine specimen of a man. There was hardly an ounce of fat on his six foot frame. Biceps bulged from his arms, while his legs were solid as tree trunks. While he didn’t have the washboard abs that most men crave, his stomach was still very firm and flat. His chest proudly filling the t-shirt he wore. Had he not been distinctly Latino, he may well have been mistaken for a Greek god.

As he sat down to start a set of leg presses, a group of women walked into the gym for their aerobics class. Many were regulars at the gym, however one new woman in particular caught his eye. She was a petite girl with jet black hair and large brown eyes. Although small, she was very athletic. Her body toned and tight in all the right places. Her orange lycra outfit fitting snugly over every contour of her body. Ramon could not help but let his gaze linger over her. As she turned her head to look around, he quickly turned his as well so as not to be seen staring.

As the weeks went by, Ramon became more and more fascinated by this woman who came to the gym for the aerobics class, whose name he later discovered (from one of the gym regulars) was Stephanie. He even hung around to watch her work out on the machines afterwards, she was that alluring. He especially enjoyed watching her on the pec deck. The way her small but supple breasts heaved to and fro with each rep made his loins quiver with excitement. He simply had to know more about this girl, and formulated a plan to make that happen.

The following week the women all filed in for the aerobics class, except this time Ramon joined them. While pendik escort he was not the only male in the class this week, his hulking physique turned more than a few heads. As he looked around, he saw no sign of this woman who had captivated him. Just as he was about to give up and leave, Stephanie walked through the door.

She was wearing a bright yellow sports bra, and a pair of tight black lycra shorts. The instructor called everyone to their places to begin their stretches. Ramon positioned himself right behind her in order to maximize his “viewing pleasure”. He did not have to wait long. Stephanie stood with her legs apart and stretched forward reaching her arms out, giving Ramon a perfect view of her ass. As she stretched, her shorts hitched up just enough to reveal the right amount of ass cheek through the legs. The faint outline of her pussy lips could also be seen through the thin layer of lycra.

Ramon instantly felt a stirring, and closed his eyes and imagined how it would feel to put his dick between the cheeks of that tight little ass and ram it inside that equally tight wet pussy. He could see the vision of him pounding away inside her with spectacular clarity. His daydream was shattered when he heard a group of ladies giggling. He opened his eyes to find they were all looking at him, or more precisely his crotch. As he looked down, he realized he was living the horror of every pre-pubescent boy in a high school gym class. In the excitement of his daydream, his rock hard cock had caused the front of Ramon’s shorts to bulge out like a huge circus tent. Even Stephanie was looking back at him and smiling, her ass still proudly poking in the air. His face red with embarrassment, Ramon quickly grabbed his gear and raced out the door to the laughter of the ladies behind him.

Once he had calmed down, Ramon decided to seek solace in the warmth of the gym’s sauna. He changed into his swimsuit and sat down on one of the lower benches and tried to relax. He played over the incident in aerobics over and over again in his mind. He could not believe something so embarrassing had cost him the chance to get to know Stephanie better, and potentially something more. He laid back on the bench, closed his eyes and tried to relax in the stifling heat. He had been lying escort pendik there for about 10 minutes when he heard the sauna door open.

He sat up to see Stephanie standing there, wearing a white towel knotted at the front. He did not know whether to be embarrassed or exulted at her being there.

Clearly uneasy he stammered “I’m so sorry about what happened back there. I’ve never been so embarrassed in all my life”.

Stephanie smiled back. “It’s ok”, she said, “These things happen. It’s only natural when you think about it”.

“I know, but still it’s not exactly wonderful to have all those women laughing at you”, Ramon replied.

Stephanie paused for a moment. “Do you know why I was smiling at you?” Ramon shook his head. “It’s not because I was laughing at you” Stephanie continued “It was because I really liked what I saw”.

As she finished her sentence she undid the knot in her towel and let it fall to the floor. Ramon’s eyes opened wide, as he drank in the glorious sight of Stephanie’s naked body. It was everything he had hoped for, and more. Her figure was slim, yet quite muscular, but not as much to take away her femininity. Her stomach had the beginnings of a six pack, and her legs strong yet toned. As a gym junkie himself, Ramon appreciated not only the raw sexuality of her body, but the effort that had gone into creating it. It wasn’t long before Ramon felt himself getting hard again, something that was not lost on Stephanie.

“Now, THAT’S the reaction I was hoping for” she said as she walked and kneeled down in front of him.

In one swift motion she pulled down Ramon’s swimsuit, and placed her mouth over his now unshackled cock. Her head bobbed up and down as her hand worked on his shaft in well perfected precision. As she sucked her tongue rubbed across the tip of Ramon’s penis, heightening the pleasure. Her free hand stole between her legs as she rubbed her clit and played with her shaved pussy. Ramon tilted his head back and moaned slightly as Stephanie gave him the blowjob of his life. She would occasionally slow the tempo, and use just her hands or mouth to prevent him climaxing too soon. After a few more minutes she removed him from her mouth and laid down on the lower bench, her legs spread apart inviting Ramon to taste the pendik escort bayan sweetness of her pussy.

Ramon did not need to be asked twice. In a flash the tip of his tongue was tracing a path around her labia, occasionally darting inside her as her breathing became a little more laboured. He began to use the flat of his tongue to lap up and down her clitoris like a dog lapping water. Stephanie’s hands searched for something to grip as the surge in pleasure began to overcome her. Ramon increased the speed and force of his tongue as he could feel Stephanie gyrate her hips and begin to moan a little louder. Just as he was about to up the tempo again, Stephanie suddenly pulled away.

She stood up and faced the wall of the sauna, her legs wide open and her body stretching forward just like in aerobics class, her dripping pussy now fully exposed to Ramon.

“I believe THIS, is what you were after” she said with a smile.

Ramon wasted no time in ramming his cock inside her and begin pounding away, just as in his daydream. He was not disappointed. Her pussy was just as tight as he imagined, yet wet enough to make every stroke glide easily in and out of her. Both Ramon and Stephanie were dripping with sweat, and it was hard to determine whether it was from the physical exertion, or the heat of the sauna. Ramon’s buttocks flexed with every stroke as he went deep and hard inside her. Every thrust accompanied by a loud smack as their hips collided with each other. Stephanie was delirious with pleasure and uttered short sharp little screams as her climax approached.

“YES” she screamed as her body jolted as if electrified as her orgasm surged through her. Ramon began to slow down when this happened but Stephanie was not done yet.

“Fuck me harder” she said “I want you to cum inside me. Fill my pussy with your hot cum”. Ramon obliged by ramming his cock as hard and as fast as he could inside her. He could feel the pressure building up inside him. He began to moan as he felt his seed begin to surge.

“Cum in my pussy. Please cum in my pussy” Stephanie repeated. A few more strokes was all it took as Ramon’s cock pulsated and released wave after wave of cum insider Stephanie. So big was the volume that cum started dripping out of her pussy while he was still exploding. They collapsed in each others arms on the lower bench of the sauna, hot sweaty and totally exhausted. After a few minutes Stephanie turned to Ramon and playfully said.

“So, aerobics again next week?”

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