Saturday with Carol Pt. 02

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.


So Doadie of course called me Sunday afternoon to see how the date went. She sounded nervous on the phone and when I said she needed to get her ass ready she said she knew, that Carol had told her it was an early night, that I had driven her home at 11. She just wanted to confirm…lol. I told her we would meet at her cousin’s house since only Carol would be there and to make sure her ass was ready! 6 PM and be there on time! Wear sexy under garments! Then I hung up and called Carol. She laughed and said sounds like we were going to have fun at Doadie’s expense and be there early.

I got to her around 4 and Carol greeted me at the door with a long, sensual kiss. As I pushed her into the house I grabbed her hair and yanked it back as she moaned. Barely through the doorway I forced her to her knees and pushed my crotch into her face. Suck my cock you slut! Her mouth was open as she licked my cock through my jeans. I forcefully pushed her head and mouth to my ball sack and she slobbered on my jeans. I had decided after last night that Carol was really into both pain and being degraded so I yanked her hair back and slapped her across the face several times, telling her she was a dumb cunt for not taking my cock out and getting my pants wet.

The look on her face was priceless. Tears on her eyes but then the head bent down as she mumbled Sorry Sir…with that I had her open my jeans and forced her on her back, sat on her face and started to throat fuck her. She was wearing slacks herself and I reached around and slapped her cunt hard several times as she groaned into my cock. I could see she was really getting excited so I stopped and stood. Then I had her strip me, licking my body as she did so. I then sat on a chair in the living room as she stripped. She removed her blouse and had on a frilly bra. I had her remove that and walk over to me where I started to pinch and twist her nipples. I was fascinated how long her nipples were on such tight (34 b) breasts. While her eyes reared she was moaning and shaking. I looked up at her and slapped her again, hard, causing her to cry out as she fell backwards with my teeth holding her nipple. I loosened my mouth just enough to let the nipple escape without causing it to bleed. I then told her to proceed.

She was shaking but slowly pulled off her slacks, revealing a very sexy pair of panties that matched her now discarded beylikdüzü escort bra. She also had on black thigh highs. I was really starting to develop a fetish for stockings and on her perfect legs it made my already hard cock twitch. Once her panties were removed I had her stand in front of me, facing away and bend over. I slapped her beautiful butt several times then fingered her cunt. It was dripping wet! Before she could do anything I pulled her on top of me and my cock slid into her cunt. As the night before it was really loose. I found out later she had a pelvic disorder that eventually would require surgery but now just made her really loose. After a few strokes I pushed her slightly forward and yanked her back by her hair but my cock now went into her ass.

She started to cry, begging me that it hurt as I used her hair to keep pulling her bump and down. I finally pulled her back and slowed down as I twisted her nipples, feeling her cunt juices dripping onto my balls as her ass throbbed around my cock, squeezing it like someone jerking it off. I started to bite her shoulders when she screamed. At this point I felt like my cock was being ripped off of me and I started to shoot my load. She fell forward and twisted around, taking my cock from her ass to her mouth and licking it clean. After a few minutes I noticed a few globs of my cum on the floor. I grabbed her hair and forced her face down, making her lick it clean.

At this point I wondered what else I could do to degrade her when it struck me. I had to piss so I had her go into the bathroom with me. I made her kneel in the tub, put her hands clasped behind her head and her mouth open. I then started to piss in her mouth. She tried to spit it out. I stopped and put my cock in her mouth and pissed, holding her nose so she had to swallow my piss. The look on her face told me this was not her favorite thing but she swallowed it. I finished off by spraying over her face and body, then turn the shower right on, watching as the cold water made her jump but eventually the warm water soothe her. When we were done and it was still only 5:30, still a half hour to prepare for Doadie!

Carol had now changed. I watched her as she took her time, putting on a halter top, no bra, pantyhose, no panties, and Daisy Dukes, her ass cheeks showing. Also 4 inch heels that really made her look stunning. Our plan was to tie Doadie down and me slowly fuck her ass, then go beyoğlu escort ass to mouth making her clean it. I knew she hated anal as she had already developed hemorrhoids at a young age. A small jar of Vaseline and a scarf I could use as a blindfold and we were ready. Carol was to leave but come back in the back door to watch, then humiliated cousin.

By 6:15 Doadie had still not shown when the phone rang and it was her. She would be late. I told her she would pay and laughed as she tried to make excuses as I hung up. She arrived at 6:30 and after a few minutes chatting with Carol, Carol left. I took her in my arms and kissed her. Doadie was not into pain so as we kissed i clutched her firm ass, massaging her ass cheeks as she moaned. We moved to the bedroom and as we continued to kiss we undressed each other. Under her jeans she had worn pink panties and pantyhose. Under her blouse a matching bra, which with her tiny tits, useless. Once her bra was off I started to suck on her tits. Basically it was just her puffy nipples that I remembered so well, chewing and gently biting as she ground her crotch into mine.

Off came my pants and her panties but she kept on the pantyhose. I gathered her idea was to do whatever she could to avoid being ass fucked. She started working her way down my body when I asked if she would wear the blindfold while she sucked my cock. She said sure and started to suck my cock, licking it, teasing it, slowly stroking it. By now Carol had returned and was watching. She had snuck back in and was in the closet, door slightly ajar as she watched and masturbated. Doadie was sucking my cock like pro, her head bobbing up and down, stroking it with her hands. Not knowing I had fucked Carol earlier and the night before she was trying to make me cum and get out of her ass fuck.

As she did this I twisted around and as I massaged her firm ass cheeks I worked her clit through her pantyhose. She was moaning and started talking dirty, asking if she was a good girl, sucking my cock, begging me to cum so she could drink it all down! In the past when she got into this zone I would cum quickly but now my cock just accepted the worship. After a good half hour I told her time to payoff her bet…

Her still being blindfolded I twisted her till she was facing the head board. She was now begging me not to fuck her ass, offering e to suck my cock every night for a week. I told her I was going to tie her up. bostancı escort She said if I didn’t ass fuck her that would be ok. I said I would think about it as I used a pair of Carol’s stockings to tie her wrists to the head board. Between her being blindfolded and her begging she never heard her cousin come out of the closet and hand them to me. I now tied her thighs to her wrists so she could not close them or open them too much. I started to slowly fuck her pussy. It felt so good after Carol’s loose twat. I had pulled her pantyhose down just enough to allow me access to her but to also keep her legs tightly together.

As I fucked her tight cunt she was moaning and fucking back. I now opened the jar of Vaseline and started to finger her ass. She was moaning but started to beg, please, not my ass. You said…I said I would THINK about it and I have, thinking your tight ass would be wonderful! I then pulled my cock from her pussy and lined it up with her anal opening. As I started to slowly push in she started to fight. I told her if she relaxed it would be better. She shook her head, calling me names and swearing I would pay! At that point I forced my cock in her to my balls as she screamed. I started fucking her. As I did I also started to rub her clit. As her ass moved her crying stopped. I could feel her cunt juices. I rubbed her clit harder as she moaned.

Now she was moving her ass slightly, fucking back. I couldn’t believe her ass was tighter than her cousins. It felt wonderful. All of a sudden she said she was cumming and started to scream. As she did so her ass muscles forced my cock from her ass. I quickly moved around, untied one wrist and forced my cock into her mouth. I never looked to see if any shit was on my cock but her disgusting look made it apparent that some was. I held her head and started to fuck her mouth. She was into it now, her tongue swirling around my cock. That did it, I came! Considering it was my second cum of the day I still felt it pulse several times.

As I lay back to relax she slid off her blindfold and started to untie herself when she heard Carol applauding. Carol also laughed and told Doadie she wanted to thank her for a great night! Doadie looked stunned! You told me you left the to go home at 11! Carol told she did but did so to fuck! She helped Doadie untie herself and asked if she enjoyed cumming while being ass fucked! Doadie sheepishly grinned and said actually it was the most intense orgasm she ever had. Then they smiled at each other. By now it was 8 and I told them I had work the next day so I left. Carol spoke to me the next day and Doadie had told her that she still wanted me for her! Carol told her how much of a sadist I could be! We all agreed to meet for a barbecue the following Saturday afternoon to discuss things!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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