Satisfying Urges Ch. 01

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I wake up excited. Today was the day that my fortune might finally turn around. I had an interview with one of the biggest companies in North America. Sure, it was only as an administrative assistant, but compared to the kind of job offers I had gotten over the past few months this could really be a step in the right direction.

I roll out of bed and start to get ready, starting with a shower. There’s nothing more invigorating then a warm shower. That feeling of warm water against soft skin is absolutely incredible. Rubbing shampoo through my long cherry-blonde hair always feels so relaxing too. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t like it as an excuse to feel up my own naked body either.

I run my hands along my considerable D-cup tits, paying special attention to my nipples, rubbing them until they were hard as diamonds. The hot water and my caressing of my breasts were starting to give me a familiar tingle in my crotch. I knew that I didn’t really have time, I knew that I shouldn’t, but I just couldn’t help myself. Unable to control the urge I start to massage my left tit with one hand while my other slowly starts to move its way down my firm stomach towards my eagerly awaiting clit. The second my hand grazes it I let out an audible gasp and almost collapse to the shower floor as pleasure washes over my body. Apparently I needed this more than I thought I did.

“Oh fuck,” I gasp quietly as my fingers start to work their magic. They start to move faster and faster against my clit, making my body feel like it was on fire. Taken over by my sexual arousal, I plunge a finger deep into my pussy, causing me to moan uncontrollably. I worked my finger in and out, deeper and deeper. It wasn’t enough though, I needed more.

I work another finger into my body, followed quickly by another. In mere moments I had all three fingers buried deep inside of me while my palm was rubbing my clit at a furious rate. I feel my body getting tense as I get closer to my climax. My breath began to get ragged and I had to release my breast in order to hold myself up against the shower wall. I work my pussy as hard as I can, hopelessly trying to force my body towards release.

Finally, just as I thought I couldn’t handle it anymore, my knees start to buckle and a wave of pleasure surges over me. I can feel my juices flowing from my loins as I arch my back and let out a loud moan of joy. Slowly, the incredible feeling of my orgasm begins to subside, my muscles relaxing. I turn and lean my back against the shower wall while gently rubbing my pussy a few more times. Ultimately, I ended up exactly as I had been a few minutes ago, standing in the shower, enjoying the feeling of water cascading over my soft skin except now, I’m much happier.

I finish my shower quickly and step out, wrapping a towel around me. I had intended to give myself more than enough time to prepare for my interview, but as fate would have it my shower session had run just a bit too long and now I was running late.

“Great,” I say to myself as I rush around my small, cluttered apartment getting myself ready. I look in my closet and grab the first nice blouse I could find, a dark purple piece that was just tight enough to accentuate my ample chest. I also snatch a black business style skirt that ran just a little bit passed my knees, but still drew attention to my gorgeous ass. I also make sure to throw on a pair of stylish back high heel shoes, the staple of every professional woman’s outfit.

Haphazardly I throw my hair into a quick bun as I fly around the house, throwing a few things into my purse. Just as I was heading out the door I stop in front of the full sized mirror in my hallway and examine myself. Beautiful blonde hair, perfect tits and an ass to die for, all shown off with a classy, but still sexy outfit? Not too bad for the last minute.

I rush down the stairs of my building to the small parking lot. Once there, I jump into my beat down Honda Civic and turn on the ignition. The engine makes her customary angry noises, but she starts up, and I guess that’s all I can ask for. I pull out of my buildings parking lot and start off down the street, hoping that there isn’t much traffic.

My neighbourhood isn’t exactly the best in the world by any stretch of the imagination. It’s mostly made up of mid-sized apartment buildings like mine that provided a decent amount of room for a pretty cheap price. Definitely not the full floor penthouse I hoped for when I moved from the small rural town of Portman’s Creek to the busy city of New Umbridge, but who was I to argue? I still loved it here in the “big city.”

As I pull onto the freeway, I hear my phone vibrate in my purse. I reach over and feel around for it while making sure I keep my eyes on the road. After a few moments I find it hidden at the bottom of my bag. Glancing away for a second I look down and read my phones screen.

“Hey good luck today with the interview Jenny, I know you’ll nail it!


Aww, how sweet. Holly was a close friend of mine who had moved to New Umbridge about six pendik escort months before me. She had a job selling shoes at the local mall and spent most of her free time flirting with boys or texting me. Quickly, I text her back…

Thanks beautiful. I’ll tell you how it went as soon as I can!

I drive for about fifteen more minutes before finally arriving at my destination. Edwards Enterprises was a massive building, at least 30 floors and filled with hundreds of windows, definitely an intimidating sight. A place like this would make even the most qualified of applicant’s quake in their boots. Nevertheless, I find myself a parking spot on the side of the street that was relatively close to the huge building and make my way in.

The lobby of Edwards Enterprises was massive. It was almost all white marble and glass, with two sets of stairs spiralling up to the next floor. Between them were four large glass elevators that lift their passengers into the bulk of the building. Large, beautiful fountains were on either side of the lobby, causing the rushing sound of water to echo faintly throughout the large room. In the very center was a full three hundred and sixty degree glass desk with receptionists working in the middle.

Nervously, I approach the receptionist closest to me. She appears to be in her early twenties, about my age and she had short chestnut hair and tanned skin. I stand in front of her for a moment before she notices me and smiles.

“Welcome to Edwards Enterprises, what can I do for you today?” She asks me with a cheery tone and a smile.

“Uh, I have an 11:15 interview; do you know where I’m supposed to go?” I reply, hoping my nerves weren’t too obvious. As soon as I mention the time though, the receptionist’s expression instantly turned from cheery to serious.

“11:15? Are you sure?”

“Yep, they said 11:15.” I answer, thinking back to the phone call from a few days earlier, trying to remember, just in case I was mistaken.

“Alright, if you say so,” The receptionist says, clearly still a bit sceptical. “Take the elevator up to floor 32 and check in with the receptionist there. She’ll tell you what to do next.”

Following her instructions, I enter the large elevator and hit the button for the 32nd floor. I’m alone in the elevator as it moves upwards, my only company being the gentle hum of the elevator itself. 32 floors on an elevator alone is a really long trip by the way. Oddly though, it helps me settle my pre-interview jitters a bit. I just keep telling myself how much I deserved the job and how confident I was that I would get it.

After what seems like eons, the elevator dings and the doors open up. I step out into a large room that looks a lot different than the lobby down below. Instead of marble, there were normal walls split in half, the top painted a dark red, with hardwood making up the bottom half. The flooring wasn’t tiled, but instead had a thin carpet covering that was the same colour as the walls. Instead of large water fountains on the sides, there were simple ferns with small droplets of water still on them. At the far end of the room there are two large oak double doors, and slightly off to the left of that was an oak desk with a brand new Macbook on it, as well as a few phones. Sitting behind the desk is a beautiful looking red haired woman with pale skin. She was wearing a dress shirt very similar to the one I was wearing, except dark green instead of purple. I also couldn’t help but notice that her shirt showed off her great set of tits almost as well as mine did.

“You’re here for the interview I take it?” she asks me, smiling sweetly at me. All I do in return was nod yes. “Mr. Edwards will be with you in just a moment.”

That one caught my attention.

“Mr. Edwards!?!” I exclaim, probably a bit too loudly. “As in Edwards Enterprises Mr. Edwards?”

“Oh didn’t they mention? You’re being interviewed to be his personal assistant,” she says, giggling a bit. As I stood staring at her like an idiot, she presses a button on her phone, and tells who I assume was Mr. Edwards that I was here. A moment later there was a reply that sounds distinctly like static to me, but the red-haired woman seems to understand just fine.

“He says he’s ready for you now,” she tells me still smiling. As I start to push open one of the large oak doors I hear her wish me luck. Yeah, it was starting to look like I would need it.

The room behind the doors appears a lot like the one outside. The carpet, walls, and flooring are all exactly the same, and the same green ferns sit on either side of the room. In the far left corner is as small bar, and diagonal from that in the right corner closest to me sits a rather large leather couch. The most important thing however, is directly in front of me. A large redwood desk in front of a huge window that took up most of the far wall. On the desk are a computer, a single phone, a few scattered pieces of paper and a nameplate that read ‘Jason Edwards; Owner & CEO’.

Sitting behind the desk in a large leather office chair escort pendik is a strikingly handsome man, most likely still in his mid to late twenties, with perfectly groomed brown hair and piercing blue eyes. Now I have seen a lot of men in my life, but none of them have ever captivated me with just their appearance like Jason Edwards did. His hair looked perfect, his skin looked perfect, and he dressed perfectly in what looked to be a two thousand dollar suit at the very least. You could just tell by looking at him that he is a man of power. Despite looking wholly unconcerned in his work, he just exuded charisma from every pore. I could feel my pussy getting wet as he sat reading his computer screen.”God he’s hot”
I think to myself as I slowly move to sit down in a chair opposite of him. I honestly couldn’t believe how turned on I was becoming just by the sight of this man, It made me feel like such a slut. I was really glad that I had decided to wear a bra today, because if I hadn’t I’m sure that he’d be able to see my rock hard nipples through my blouse.

I sat for a few minutes, my slit getting wetter and wetter and my skin getting warmer and warmer. Half of me was praying that he wouldn’t notice how flushed I was becoming while the other half was praying that he would notice and do something about it, maybe he’d him tear my blouse open and suck on my huge nipples, or maybe he would lift up my skirt and touch my throbbing clit. My crotch was on fire as I images of this man having his way with me fly through my mind.

“How old are you?” he asks me curtly, snapping me out of my fantasies.

“twenty-three sir, ” I answer after a moment’s pause. Amidst my urges it slipped my mind that this was a job interview, and if I was going to be working directly under the company’s CEO, it’d be a very important one.

The two of us sat for a few more minutes, him typing on his computer and me waiting patiently while trying to repress the fire enveloping my body. It was becoming incredibly difficult to keep focus in my state of heightened arousal. This interview needed to pick up soon or I was going to go crazy sitting here.

“Masturbating this morning was a horrible idea,”I think to myself as Mr. Edwards types a few quick words on his keyboard, essentially ignoring me.”I always wanna fuck the second I’m done.”

Despite my flustered state, I notice him look away from his computer screen for just a split second eying me. Oh god, what if he noticed how turned on I am? Why can’t I control my hormones enough to get through a simple interview? This is a disaster…

“You’ll do,” He says suddenly, yet completely disinterested, his gaze returning to his screen. “Report to Sarah and she’ll start your training.”

“You mean I got the job?” I ask, unable to believe my ears. He just nods his head yes, clearly unconcerned with me.

I walk out of the room with so many different thoughts and emotions swirling around my head. I was so excited to have gotten the job, but why was he so disinterested? More importantly, how was I going to work with him every day if he was going to get me so aroused? Whatever, I’d just have to deal with that later.

“I got the job,” I tell Sarah the red head as I exit Mr. Edwards office.

“Good for you!” Sarah says, congratulating me. “You’re very lucky. It’s a great job. He interviewed over fifty applicants you know.”

“Fifty?” I ask, confused. “But he only asked me one question! And it really didn’t seem like he cared at all.”

“Oh trust me, you’re the right fit. He just knows these things,” Sarah informs me me with a smile. “Now let’s teach you how to do your new job shall we?”

Sarah starts by explaining a bit of the history of the company to me. Apparently Jason’s father, Thomas Edwards II had found a ridiculous amount of oil on his land in Canada and used that money to start Edwards Enterprises, a multi-billion dollar company that dealt in everything from cars to software to food distribution. She told me that about 5 years ago, Thomas Edwards II died of a heart attack and left the company in the hands of his only son Jason, who had pretty much been prepped his entire life to run the family company.

She also explains a few of Mr. Edwards’s nuances regarding his schedule. For example, he always comes in at 10 in the morning and asks for a glass of apple juice and a muffin for breakfast. At one o’clock he normally has lunch in his office with a vodka and orange juice to drink. Three O’clock he goes to the gym for thirty minutes before returning to finish his work for the day.

I try my very best to take in everything Sarah tells me, but to be honest it was near impossible for me to process what she was saying. Every time it was quiet for more than a few seconds my mind would instantly jump back to how horny I was. I can feel that my panties are completely drenched from the constant flow of my juice that were pouring from my aching pussy. It was taking all the willpower I had to stop myself from running to the bathroom and finger fucking myself to orgasm right then pendik escort bayan and there. Thankfully Sarah was kind enough not to mention anything, even if she had noticed.

So the day wore on, just like that. Sarah would explain something to me, and I pretended to pay attention to her while instead I’d be imaging a huge cock plunging into my gaping slit. Occasionally Mr. Edwards would page Sarah to bring him a document, or to get him something to eat, but aside from that the job was pretty lax. Sarah informs me that Jason handles most of his work-related things himself, and that she really didn’t have to do much during the day, only a few odds and ends that Jason didn’t feel like doing himself.

“Sarah?” I say, interrupting her as she explains to me how Mr. Edwards documents were filed. “Sorry to stop you, but I just realized that I have no idea how much money I’ll be making here.”

“Oh, don’t worry, its fine,” She says with a perfect smile. “As for money, well you’ll only be earning a dollar over minimum wage during your four month probation period, but once that’s over you’ll start making a lot more.”

“How much more?”

“Well I’ve been working under Mr. Edwards for a little over three years now and I make about a six figure salary.”

I was speechless. I even manage to forget my burning loins for a moment as I stare at her completely dumbfounded.

“You mean one hundred thousand plus? That kind of six figures?” I ask her once I gather my thoughts. “And you’re leaving why?”

“Oh Mr. Edwards promoted me,” she tells me nonchalantly. “Almost all of his assistants are promoted to some sort of executive position within the company. I heard that the girl before me is in charge of our New York branch now.”

“Why does he do that? Promote his assistants like that?”

“I asked him that once. All he told me was that ‘being trust worthy was worth a thousand business degrees.’ I guess that means he trusts us. We should probably get back to work though.

A few more hours pass and my arousal had returned in full force. Five o’clock came, and Sarah tells that I can leave and it couldn’t happen at a better time. I was going to explode my body was so hot. I take the elevator down to the first floor and I’m about to leave through the front doors when I decide to take a quick detour to the washroom to freshen up a bit.

The washroom was impeccably clean and almost all stainless steel, exactly what you’d expect from the headquarters of a billion dollar company. I step into the far stall and reach under my skirt, feeling my panties. My earlier suspicions were confirmed, they were soaking wet. There’s nothing in the world that I hate more than wearing wet underwear, so I opt to take them off and throw them in my purse. As I start to pull them off, the cool air of the air conditioned building causes a slight tingle in my burning and now very exposed slit.

Unable to control myself any longer I reach down with my right hand and graze my clit with my middle finger. The sensation is incredible. Pleasure flies from my crotch throughout my entire body in an instant, my desire stronger than it’s ever been in my life. My eyes nearly roll into the back of my head as I tilt it back and let out a loud uncontrollable moan. I can guarantee at that moment I would have only needed a few more quick strokes for me to be screaming in ecstasy, but right after that first touch of my fingers, some bitch walks into the bathroom, snapping me out of my sex fuelled stupor.

I sit in silence as the woman who enters the bathroom washes her hands and leaves. Realizing that I had almost be caught masturbating in a public washroom, I straighten out my clothes and step out of the stall. Now standing in front of the mirror, I reach up and unbutton the top few buttons of my blouse, exposing a bit of cleavage. I was amazed to see that the top of my breasts, normally pale as ivory were so flushed that it looked almost like sunburn. My breathing was heavy and the cool air felt incredible on my chest so I just stood there in the empty washroom for a few minutes collecting myself.

‘This is insane,’I think to myself as I stare at my reflection in the mirror. Determined to fix this problem, I dig through my purse to find my phone. As I search I can’t help but smell the sweet scent of my soiled panties that are inside. What an incredible scent.

After a few seconds of searching I find what I’m looking for. It appears that I got a message from Holly asking me if I wanted to go out for dinner tonight. I quickly answer no, there’s absolutely no way I’d be able to sit through a girls’ night out in my current state. Instead I scroll through my contacts until I find exactly who I’m looking for.

Ken Garrett is a 30 year old single man who lives on the floor below me. He’s six foot two with sandy blonde hair and he boxes on the weekends giving him a great muscular body, rounded off with a great eight inch shaft. All in all, he was pretty much the perfect booty call. I send him a quick text, asking him if I can come over when I get back from work and thankfully he responds back instantly with a yes. I don’t know what i would have done with myself if he had said no, I probably would have had to go home and finger fuck myself until my pussy went raw.

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