Sandy Ch. 02

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Big Dicks

Everything’s Dandy When Sandy’s Handy

My story about Sandy was factual and was planned to end there. As stated, I often wondered what happened after I moved away. Some readers asked what the point of the story was and others felt that it was the build up for a series and asked that it be continued. The only way I can do that is to resort to fiction. So be it, and here goes!

Hi, my name is Jim, and like you, I read Literotica too. I live in Seattle now, and have a good job in the software technology industry there.

My wife, Jane and I divorced recently and since I have more free time these days, I have found myself reading more of the Literotica stories now. I like to look through the new submissions, and pick out the stories that look like they might be interesting to me.

One story, “Sandy” caught my eye, and when I opened it, I was flabbergasted because I was one of the motorists who asked Sandy to go for a ride. You can imagine my surprise at seeing a story that took place in my home town back east, and one that I was involved in as well.

It all started when a Mrs. Arnold decided to move to the city. Her husband died of a heart attack a couple of years earlier and her kids had either moved to the city already or wanted to. Sandy’s family bought her house.

Our village was a bedroom community for people that worked in the city, as Sandy’s parents did. They hadn’t been in town very long before I started hearing reports that their daughter was an easy fuck.

I had a pretty good job in the city, and like most young guys, I was playing the field, and well, if there was any free pussy floating around, why not?

So bursa escort the next time I happened to see Sandy at the gas station when I was gassing up, I asked her if she wanted to go for a ride, and she hopped right in the car.

Now, I have to admit that I was as horny as the next guy, but I was also curious. I knew what I had heard, but wanted to find out what was going on for myself, so I asked her where she wanted to go. She directed me to take the main road to the lake as much by gestures as telling me which way to go.

While we were driving, I tried to make conversation with her, with little success. I don’t know whether she was bashful or just didn’t have anything to say. She only answered my direct questions, and with as few words as possible.

When we got to the end of the road she directed me to turn right with her finger, and when we got to the bend in the lakeshore road, she pointed to a little trail leading in to some trees and told me that there was a good place in there.

It was a good place too. We were concealed from the road, and it would be difficult to surprise us from the beach here.

I was expecting some kissing and foreplay, maybe some finger fucking, but no. The moment I parked the car, Sandy started undoing her shorts. She was wearing short shorts and panties, and kicking off her left shoe, she slid her shorts and her panties off of her left leg, but keeping them around her right ankle. She turned toward me, slouching down in her seat, and spread her legs to me.

It wasn’t easy in the front seat of the car, but looking at that young pussy staring a me, and my being celibate for more than the bursa escort bayan past week, it didn’t take me long to get on my knees on the floor in front of her, rubbing my rock hard cock up and down that choice young cunt.

I didn’t have a condom with me, and Sandy hadn’t spoken to me since she directed me to the parking spot. I was probably too horny to even care by that time and it appeared that she wasn’t objecting, so I simply shoved my cock into her bareback.

She really wasn’t wet, but her fuck hole was moist enough for me to get into her, and do my thing. During all of this, Sandy never said a word or moved a muscle that I could tell, anyway. Not that it mattered much, I was more than horny enough for both of us.

It didn’t take me long to cum, and since fucking in the front seat of my car was really awkward, it didn’t take me long to extricate myself from that position and get out of the car. Since there was no one around, I had a piss and did up my pants.

Sandy got out of the other side the car, squatted to pee, and then pulled up her clothes.

Getting back in the car, we drove to the gas station without speaking, where I stopped on the other side of the street. I told Sandy “thanks” but she got out of the car without replying.

So, I had confirmed everything I had been told, but was no wiser about what was really going on.

However, after that, almost every time I gassed up and she was at the station, we would go and visit the same parking spot. While I was horny enough to enjoy the sex no matter how much I would have preferred more. I always tried to push what I knew about Sandy. No matter how hard I tried escort bursa to get her to talk to me, she rarely would say more than a few words in direct response to a question.

No matter how often I fucked her, Sandy never did more than pull her pants down and spread her legs. I tried to kiss her, but she didn’t even seem to know how to kiss somebody. Ditto her tits. While she didn’t stop me from feeling her tits, I might just as well been asking her the time of day.

Whether Sandy realized it or not, she was doing wonders for the business the gas station was doing. Some people never even spoke to her, but seemed to want to have a look at this girl that everyone was talking about, so they came in for gas.

For myself, I was driving 23 miles each way, just to go to work, so I was no stranger to the gas station. As a result, I was buying gas and fucking Sandy at least once a week.

Once when the family had gone away for the week end, I tried to get Sandy to come home with me. Naturally, I was thinking I might get her into a bed, to see if there was anything more than the loveless quickies I was getting from her. When I asked her, I could see that Sandy was getting really agitated, so I told her that was not necessary, figuring to take what I could get, and not worry about what I was missing.

Then I found out that Sandy was pregnant! With that, I learned that she was much younger than I had believed, and that made me think that I needed to be somewhere else, anywhere else, and quickly as possible too.

Inside of forty-eight hours I got rid of everything I had, taken all of the money out of my savings and left. I sold my car in Buffalo and took the train to Chicago. From there, I travelled around the Midwest by bus, working here and there for short periods until I eventually reached the west coast, but that is another story, stay tuned.

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