Sandi’s Erotic Interludes Ch. 02

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Chapter 2. Jason. (July 2009.)

The second experience I’m going to relate is a bit more up to date having occurred two and a half years ago.

Jason was a hitchhiker I picked up one day while driving back from a distant town. He was heading for a friends house some 30 miles or so short of my own destination.

Despite the age difference, Jason was in his early 20’s and half my age, I was encouraged by the frequent and blatant looks he gave my legs. I had instinctively hitched my skirt higher before he climbed in the car and was aware that the darker mesh of my stocking tops would be visible to his eyes. It didn’t seem as if Jason was going to make a move though and with a familiar lay-by coming up I turned into it.

“I need a break to stretch my legs.” I told him. “Coming?”

I pointed to the stile which I knew from past experience led to a path beside the narrow spinney visible to our right.

“O.K.” Jason replied diffidently, perhaps not realising the opportunity that presented itself.

That or he thought me too old and wasn’t interested, a thought I hastily banished from my mind. I was soon disabused of the thought anyway when Jason placed his hand on my bottom, ostensibly to assist me over the stile! At that I sent him back to the car for the rug I keep on the rear seats.

“Perhaps do a spot of sunbathing.” I explained.

We walked along the edge of the field, scaring a pheasant which flew up noisily just in front of us. It was hot, sunny, the bids were whistling and I was feeling randy. At the next stile I pretended to have difficulty climbing it, a difficulty which necessitated hiking bursa escort my skirt high up my thighs to negotiate the top rung. Jason, who up into then had seemed subdued, again placed his hand on my bottom to help me over but this time under my skirt. Feeling his hand on my panties I knew then that the day would turn out well.

At the end of the next field there’s a secluded dip in the ground I know well and it was here that I suggestive stopping for a spot of sunbathing.

“Fine by me.” Jason said, dropping his T-shirt on the grass and kicking his shoes off.

“I don’t want my skirt to get creased.” I told him unzipping it.

It was a blatant ploy but I didn’t care.

Having removed my skirt I folded it carefully on the grass all the time aware of Jason’s eyes on me.

“I think I’m going to have your knickers off and fuck you,” he said suddenly.

“Yes, I think you are.” I agreed, watching closely while Jason lowered his jeans and pants.

His circumcised cock was erect and directly his clothing was off I took it in my hand, cradling his balls with the other. Startled, he gasped but then slipped a hand down inside my panties. With Jason’s fingers slipping through my pubic hair I eagerly parted my legs.

“Ah yes, you’re very wet.” Jason said, his fingers locating and entering my hot and receptive cunt.

I pushed myself against his thrusting fingers, squeezing Jason’s cock and urging him to fuck me.

“Take me now.” I begged. “Rip my panties off and do it to me hard and fast, rough as you like.”

Well he did just that!

Literally tearing the panties from my body Jason threw me to the ground and bursa escort bayan mounted me.

“Yes!” he yelled triumphantly, driving his cock into my cunt.

With his cock buried to the hilt inside me Jason paused and grinned down at me.

“You randy bitch, you’ve wanted this from the moment you picked me up.”

“Yes, now just shut up and fuck me.” I begged.

Laughing Jason began to do so, taking me with fierce thrusts of his penis which soon had me yelling almost hysterically. I wrapped my legs around the lithe young body, revelling in the power and strength of his cock thrusts into me.

It didn’t last long but by the time the sweating Jason rose from between my legs my stockings were laddered and shredded, testifying to his roughness. It had been great and I told him so while removing my ruined stockings and suspender belt; no point keeping them on in that condition.

“Well unless you’re in a hurry I’m going to fuck you at least once more.”

“No hurry at all.” I replied, running my fingers lovingly along the youngster’s cock, a cock already beginning to stir into life again.

I took it into my mouth, my fingers stroking Jason’s balls while I sucked him. Aroused by the taste and smell of my own cunt on Jason’s cock I sucked it greedily and he was quickly erect again.

He pulled me upright saying, “I haven’t seen your tits yet, get them out for me.”

I took the remainder of my clothing off to enjoy the feel of the sun on my skin and Jason’s hands on my breasts. He licked and sucked my nipples while I played happily with his cock and balls. Then he lowered me back down on to the grass, telling me escort bursa to turn over onto my hands and knees.

“I’m going to give it to you from the back this time.” Jason told me, hands caressing and stroking my bottom.

I shuffled my knees further apart when I felt the youngster guiding his cock between my thighs. He was inside then and fucking me again, this time gripping my hips tightly as he drove his cock in deep. Jason was grunting, sweat dripping down onto my skin, as his lovely cock continued to pound in and out. Lunging over me he grabbed my hanging breast, pulling at the nipples, his body pressing to my back feeling wet with perspiration.

With a shout he came, pulling me hard against himself while I pushed backwards, his cock buried to the hilt inside my cunt. We both collapsed forward then, his cock, to my regret, slipping from my body.

It seemed as if no time passed at all before Jason was hard again and urging me to go on top this time. It’s a favourite position of mine and I wasted no time in climbing astride the randy youngster. I lowered myself onto his waiting erection, sighing happily to feel it burrowing its way inside yet again.

There was no urgency this time, Jason toying with my breasts, pinching and rubbing the nipples, while his cock moved slowly in and out of my clinging cunt. Taking my pace from him I rode his cock slowly, enjoying every minute of it.

Eventually though, Jason released my breasts to seize my bottom, pulling me down hard on his upward thrusting cock. I responded in kind and we were soon fucking as frenziedly as the other times, my breasts bouncing as I rode his cock almost frantically.

Already having drained his cock twice this, our third copulation, seemed to last an age. It was fantastic. I was left satiated for once and regretting we lived too far apart for a repeat to be possible.

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