Samantha and the Wolf

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My friend Jeff’s wife Katie was about to graduate from law school, and they invited me to her graduation party. As far as I knew, Jeff would be the only one I knew there, but I didn’t have anything else going on that weekend, so I figured I may as well. It turned out Jeff is friends with Carl, my mechanic, who brought chili. I occasionally experiment with different recipes for chili myself, and his was really good. So, we pulled up a couple chairs near the buffet table and sat there geeking out over different combinations of ingredients. Carl got a call on his cell phone and had to take it in private. I got myself another plate of wings and sat down. I was looking down to dip a nacho chip in the cheese, and I looked up just as a somewhat large woman passed me by. We’re not talking Roseanne levels here, but a little larger than Ashley Graham. She had a great party dress on. I could see her ass move from side to side as she headed to the other end of the table. She exuded confidence, which really turned me on. I took my plate with me and walked up behind her. She was getting some wings. I told her, “The sriracha sauce is really good.”

She looked back at me and smiled. “I’ll have to try it, then.” She had just picked up a small paper bowl with the image of a cap and gown. She poured some of the sauce into it, then picked up a few wings and turned around.

I had to catch my breath, because this beauty was making the effort to talk to me face to face! “My name’s Tom, but my friends call me Wolf,” I told her.

“Samantha,” she answered. “Friend of Jeff’s?”

“Yeah. You?”

“I’m a paralegal at the firm where Katie’s been interning.”

I could see that her bust was as hot as her ass. “Do you go by Sam?” I asked.

“No,” she said indignantly. “And I don’t like green eggs and ham, either.”

“Damn,” I said. “I was gonna offer it on my boat.”

“Are you joking?” Samantha asked. “I can’t tell.”

“I was joking, but I do have one,” I answered.

“What kind?” she asked, and she headed for the living room. She wanted to continue the conversation!

“Outboard motor. Sometimes I go fishing, but mostly I like cruising around the lake.”

“Me too. Not the fishing, ’cause I hate the smell. Just the cruising part.”

“I’ll bet you look great in a swimsuit,” I said.

What happened, or didn’t happen, next made my afternoon. “Yeah, I do, if I say so myself,” Samantha said. “Thanks.”

In the movie Fantasia, when the alligator is dancing with the hippo, the hippo knows she’s beautiful, and the other hippos know they’re beautiful. Even though we humans use hippos as a metaphor for fat women, no one in the movie thinks it’s the least bit unusual that the alligator desires her. It’s the same thing with Samantha. She didn’t just accept my compliment. She believed it herself, and that made her even sexier than I already thought she was.

“What kind do you like to wear?”

“I usually wear a one-piece if it’s too early in the spring, or if I’m with people I don’t know.”

“And in the summer?”

“I have a couple different bikinis. One of ’em covers more than my most conservative bra and panty combination. The other one’s yellow and shows off my figure.”

“Oh, please tell me it has polka dots,” I joked.

Samantha laughed with me. “No, but I would totally get one if I could find it in my size.”

“Well, is it at least itsy bitsy?”

She got her cell phone out and looked through her albums. She handed me the phone and said, “See for yourself.”

My heart leaped when I saw the picture. “Where’s the swimsuit?” I asked. She took the phone back and zoomed in. “Oh, there it is. Swear to God, it’s so small, I thought you accidentally showed me a nude.” She glared at me. “It’s fantastic!”

“Now you know why it doesn’t have polka dots.”

“‘Cause it’s so narrow, there’s no room!” I exclaimed. She nodded. “Hey, I know I said the swimsuit’s fantastic, but you are too. I mean, literally fantastic. I’m looking at this picture and imagining.” I was picturing her untying the side string on the bra portion, but I stopped myself from telling her. “Would you like to go for a boat ride sometime?”

“I’m free this weekend,” Samantha said.

I went to the contacts on her phone and added my cell phone number. “Let me know when you want me to pick you up.” In my mind, I was literally picking her up like the alligator with the hippo, and all our alligator and hippo friends were cheering us on. I saw Carl, and I used that as a good point to quit while I was ahead.

On Wednesday, Samantha texted me that I could pick her up any time after eleven on Saturday morning, and she’d meet me at the public parking lot near City Hall. She also sent me a selfie where she wore a blue bikini. It was less revealing than the tiny one she’d shown me before, but she was only wearing the bottom half, with her arms folded over her chest. “Just bought this one, b/c I loved what U said about me.”

I replied, “11’s fine, but if you dress like that, I might not pay attention bursa escort to the water.”

She texted back, “Counting on it (smiley face).” This time she sent a picture where she was wearing the yellow bikini bottom, but the top half was pulled down just far enough for me to see a couple wisps of her black pubic hair.

When I picked Samantha up, she had a small terrycloth bag. She was wearing a pocketed shirt, Bermuda shorts and sandals. I was wearing a captain’s hat that I’d picked up at a vintage clothing shop. “Hiya, sailor!” she said.

“Hey, gorgeous!” I greeted her. “Wanna see my dinghy?” She didn’t react. “Ah, crap, that’s the best I could do. I mean, it really is ’cause you’re so gorgeous, I couldn’t come with anything funnier.”

Samantha looked me straight in the eye and said, “I’d love to see your dinghy.” Then, as if she’d had a bad experience before, she added, “But not here!”

“I’m parked a couple blocks away,” I explained. “It was the closest place I could fit my car with the trailer behind it.”

“I don’t mind. I enjoy a good walk on a day like today,” she told me.

“Good, ’cause I’d love for all of downtown to see the babe I’m with.” She smiled when I said that.

When we got to the car, Samantha saw that I’d lifted one of the seats in the boat to reveal a storage area. I moved the picnic basket from the trunk of my car to the storage area, and she added her bag. I drove to a county park a few miles away, adjacent to a lake. Once I backed the boat into the water, Samantha stayed to watch it while I moved the car and the trailer to the area that’s reserved for them. When I came back, she’d taken off her shirt. She was wearing the top of the yellow bikini. I put on my life jacket and started the motor, and we headed for open water. Once I could turn around, I saw she’d put one on too. She must have sensed my disappointment, because she said, “Safety first, but I knew you’d want to see me in the top first.”

“Thanks for that,” I said. We couldn’t have much of a conversation because of the engine. About ten minutes later, I spotted the part of the shore I’d been looking for. “Land ho!” I yelled.

“What did you call me?” Samantha asked.

“Nothing! I’m just saying–” I stammered as I pulled the boat up to shore.

She took my hand. “I know. You don’t have to be nervous.”

“Well, it’s just–When we were in town, my first thought for a joke was that I was a sailor on leave, picking you up. I thought better of it, but when you made the play on ‘ho,’ it threw me.”

She laughed. “I love that I have that effect on you.”

I pulled her toward me and kissed her on the lips. “Now, I haven’t eaten since I picked you up, so I’m hungry.” I went back to the boat and got the picnic basket.

“Where did you want to eat?”

“Well, I chose this spot ’cause no one else is around, so any place far from the tide is fine.” We walked a few yards further and I set the basket down.

Samantha opened it and spread the blanket out. “Nice wine,” she said.

“I’m not gonna have much,” I told her. “I have to drive the boat. You can have all you want, though.”

“Gonna get me drunk?” Samantha joked.

“No! I mean, it wasn’t part of my plan. Not that I had a plan.”

She took my hand. “Relax,” she said. “There’s no need to be nervous.”

“Of course I’m nervous. You’re beautiful, and I’m amazed that you’re here with me.”

She took my other hand and put them on her lower back. “I’m here,” she assured me. “Believe it.”

I kissed her again, but this time I held her close. “I believe, I believe,” I said. I pushed myself away again.

Samantha pulled me back and kissed me even harder. “Are you worried that I’ll notice what’s going on down there?” she asked. “I noticed. I’d be disappointed if I couldn’t feel it.”

“I really need to eat,” I said. “Food.”

“I knew what you meant, silly.”

I opened the cardboard package. “Boneless wings this time, so we don’t have as much to throw away.”

“And ranch instead of hot sauce,” Samantha noted. She winked at me and said, “Good thinking.”

I poured us each a glass of wine. We left our glasses on top of the basket, because there weren’t any level surfaces nearby. I sat next to it, but Samantha lay on her side and dipped a wing. After she’d eaten a couple, she said, “You need to eat, too, you know.”

I looked at my plate. I’d taken four wings, but I hadn’t touched them, because I was so transfixed by her breasts. Well, the left one anyway, since she was lying on her right side. The top covered so little that it was like getting a full side boob. I picked up a wing and put it in my mouth, still not looking away. Once I forced myself to eat the remaining three, I managed to eat some potato wedges as well. I drank a little wine and excused myself. I went back to the boat and changed from jeans into swim trunks. “Damn, now I can’t see how much I turn you on,” Samantha complained.

The wine gave me some courage. I took her hand and put it on my crotch. “Why see when you can feel?” bursa escort bayan I asked.

“That’s more like it,” she said, and she rubbed my dick through my swimsuit.

“What about you?” I asked. Apparently the wine had made me even braver than I thought!

Samantha stood up and took off her shorts. She was wearing the matching bottom to her top. She put my hand over the fabric. I caressed it, not knowing quite where I was. “Mmm,” she said approvingly. That made me even more uncomfortable in my trunks than I had already been. “I think I like this big, bad wolf.”

I howled and pressed my palm a little harder into her crotch. I could feel moisture. “Looks like you’re as turned on as me,” I said.

“I don’t know about that,” she replied. I felt her fingertips on my cockhead, which had slipped past the hem of my trunks!

I moved the fabric of her bikini bottom to the side and tried to slip my fingertip inside her. “Did you bring me some sweets, my sweet?” I asked.

“No, you bad wolf,” she said. “Those are for Grandma.”

I picked up her shirt and ran off. When I came back. I had the shirt on top of my head like a nightcap. “Hello, Little Red Riding Hood,” I said. “Did you bring me something?”

She pulled away and said, “Why, Grandma, what big eyes you have!”

“All the better to look at your beautiful bosom, my dear,” I told her. I moved back and was able to get two fingers into her pussy.

“Why, Grandma, what big hands you have!”

“All the better to caress you, my dear.” I opened my mouth.

“Why, Grandma, what a big tongue you have!”

I moved her back onto the blanket and kissed her again. “All the better to eat you with, my dear!” Before I could do anything, Samantha had stood up and was pretending to run away from me. While she ran, she untied the left side of her bikini bottom. When she sat down again, I untied the back of her top and pulled it off. Her tits were as big as I’d imagined. I managed to get her left nipple into my mouth. With the fabric out of the way, I could now get three fingers into her. I sucked that tit for all I was worth and then moved to the right one.

“Oh, God,” she moaned. When I moved the ball of my thumb over her clit, she pulled her legs together, forcing my fingers in deeper.

“Damn,” I said. “I’ve never seen a body this beautiful before. You are just so damn sexy!”

Samantha put her hand on my back and pushed my head until I was kissing her again. I was a little uncomfortable in this position, so I tried to move between her legs. “That’s right, you did say you were gonna eat me, didn’t you?”

“Mm-hmm,” I said, nodding. She opened up her legs, and I kissed my way down her chest and belly. I licked her clit, and I saw that her pussy lips had already separated. She didn’t look like the photos I’d seen of smaller women’s pussies. She looked more like a painting based on someone’s memory, and it was wonderful. I licked a straight line from her clit to the bottom of her pussy and back up the middle. I put my index finger between her folds and licked the space in between each fold and the next.

Samantha was bucking, and I loved it. The third time she did it, her foot got caught on my shorts and pulled them halfway down. I looked her in the eye. “Not yet,” she said. I sighed and got off her. “Don’t act disappointed,” she told me. She eased me onto my back, removed my swimsuit and got between my legs. She put my dick between those beautiful mammoth tits and proceeded to use me to pleasure herself.

“Oh, God, Samantha. I want you so bad,” I moaned.

“It’s mutual, if you hadn’t noticed,” she said. She moved down and licked the head. It was hard as it had ever been, so she didn’t need to do anything else to prep me. She took it into her mouth and proceeded to suck me better than I’d ever had before.

“Oh, shit!” I exclaimed. “The way you wiggle your butt, I don’t even know which part I want to make love to!”

Samantha slowed her sucking but stroked me even harder, twisting back and forth. I could feel my balls contract. She must have noticed, because she took me all in except for an inch or two, which was funny because she’d probably made it an inch or two longer than it had ever been before. I blew my load into her mouth. She held it shut for about a minute. She let a little bit of my cum dribble onto my dick. Then she sat up and let a little more drip onto her tits. Finally, she pulled me up and kissed me. After I’d tasted my own cum, she said, “You might not know which part, but I sure do. I just don’t know how.” She put my hand back over her pussy.

“I’ve never done it with a woman of your … charms before,” I said. “I want you on top.”

“I’ve never been with a man who called it ‘making love,'” she said.

“I’m sorry to hear that,” I told her.

“You’re probably gonna make too much out of this, but show me. Show me what making love is all about.”

I hadn’t gotten on my back yet, which was just as well. I pulled her toward me so we were facing each other. “Wrap your escort bursa legs around me,” I told her. She moved my legs out of the way and put hers on top of mine. I put my hands under her butt and caressed both cheeks. Samantha reached down and started stroking my cock. I kissed both sides of her neck and ran the palms of my hands up and down her back. She did the same to me. I moved onto my back, and Samantha moved with me. She kept her back low enough that her tits were touching my waist. My cock was pointing down, but as she moved up, her stomach forced it to point upward. Once her tits were at my shoulders, her pussy was right over my dick. She lifted herself up and forward. I reached up and sucked each tit into my mouth. She moved back down, and I could feel her pubic hair at my newly exposed crown. I asked her, “Are you protected?” Before she could say anything, I added, “When it’s making love, I care about the answer to the question.”

“Protected from what?”

“Getting pregnant.”

“I’m on the Pill. Do I need protection from anything else?”

“I’m clean. Do I need protection?” I asked.

We heard a horn go off in the distance. We both sat up. I moved the picnic basket off the blanket and wrapped us both in it. “There’s a boat on the other side of the island, but they can’t see us.”

“Do we need to set off a signal?” Samantha asked with a laugh.

“Don’t you dare,” I answered.

Samantha laughed some more. “The only thing you need protection from is unrealistic expectations.”

“What do you mean?”

“I’m having a wonderful day. I’m with a cute guy–yes, I said you’re cute, get over it–who thinks I’m sexy as hell, and you obviously care about more than just yourself. I don’t want you to think that a year from Christmas, we’ll be moving into a new house and painting a nursery blue.”

I laughed, but I laughed at myself. “You’re worried about my expectations? I promise you, all I want to do is use that beautiful body for my own pleasure, over and over until dawn, take compromising photos, knock you up with twins, change my name and phone number and then forget everything I ever knew about you by Monday morning.”

Samantha kissed me. “You are such a terrible liar.”

“I’m working on it,” I told her.

“You’re lying again,” she said. She pushed me onto my back.

“Okay, now I’m lying. Come and get me!”

We both noticed that I’d lost my erection. No matter, she started stroking me and sucking me until I was good and ready. “I want that cock, damn you,” she murmured. She sat up so she was directly over it, and I watched that beautiful pussy swallowing the head and then the shaft, one inch at a time. I’ve never seen a more erotic sight than her black pubic hairs next to my light brown ones at the spot where we came together. I wasn’t in denial about her weight. I could feel it as she bounced up and down, making those beautiful tits sway back and forth, and I like it. The faster she went and the more weight I could feel on my hips, the harder I got. A couple times I reached up and rubbed her tits.

I pulled her down a little and sucked on her nipples. I let her out and told her, “You don’t wanna hear what I’m gonna say.”

“Don’t worry about coming in my cunt,” Samantha said. “I want you to, and I already told you I’m on the Pill.”

“Good, but that’s not what I meant.” I was indeed shooting my seed inside her womb. “You don’t want me to tell you I love you.”

Samantha put her hands on my hips and held me in place so I’d shoot every last drop into her. “Then don’t,” she insisted.

I pulled her down and kissed her on the lips. I ran my fingers up her spine. “But I do,” I said.

She convulsed around my cock. “I lied,” she moaned.

I panicked and tried to pull my dick out of her. “You’re not on the Pill?”

Of course, it would have been too late if that had been what she meant. “I’m definitely on the Pill. Thank God, too, but I meant about unrealistic expectations. It’s not yours I’m worried about.”

“You mean you’re not this conceited bitch who jumps from guy to guy, breaking hearts along the way?”

“I wish,” she chuckled. “Okay, no, I don’t. But I’m not as confident as you think I am. Any time I’m with a guy, in the back of my mind, I think he’s just doing it so he can laugh about screwing a fat chick. But you? You meant it all those times you told me I’m beautiful.”

“Like you said, I’m a terrible liar.”

“I’m afraid I’ll get so used to hearing you say it that I’ll believe it myself.”

“Well, you should believe it,” I told her. “Your face is beautiful. Your tits are marvelous. Your pussy’s delicious, and it fits me perfectly. And I haven’t even gotten to your ass. That’s the first thing I noticed about you at the party!”

“Really? You think I have a sexy ass?” She moved her hips, and I got the sense she was doing it without knowing it.

I slapped one of her buttocks and put my hands between her butt cheeks. I found her asshole and tried to get my middle finger inside it. My effort made her straighten up, unfortunately. “The sexiest I’ve ever seen.”

“That’s why you couldn’t decide which part you wanted to fuck, isn’t it? Well, you don’t have to choose, Wolf. This Red Riding Hood is ready to ride.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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