Run Away for the Weekend

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Well, I told you I was going to write a story for you, and so here it is.

It’s Friday. I’ve picked you up from work, and we’ve chatted and teased each other a little in 4 hours it took to drive from your office to our weekend hideaway. A hand on each other’s thigh has been enough to keep the sexual tension at a suitable level, at least for driving without getting TOO distracted, but I know that you were wearing the pearl thong all day and I can see from the look in your eyes that it was working it’s magic on your pussy, the rubbing back and forth on your outer lips just serving to increase your horniness.

Your hand has been steadily caressing my leg, occasionally teasing up as high as my crotch, making me half hard and wondering what’s going on in your mind. We talk about your day, and our weekend ahead, just me and you and whatever we’ve brought with us, spending as little time as possible clothed, and just relaxing. But there’s also a part of us that knows we’ll be doing much more than relaxing without clothes on, and I for one am hoping it will be a combination of resting, then making love, then resting some more. Hell, we might even get to finally try out more of the items in our toy bag.

We arrive at the resort and check in, the process going thankfully quick, and we get the resort map showing the location of our condo. A short drive later the condo is in sight, and we park right in front, open up the trunk, and quickly move our stuff inside, placing the cooler in the kitchen, and our bags in the master bedroom. Hand in hand, we walk back to the front entrance, and I pull you close for a deep kiss, my hands running up and down your back, finally coming to rest on your ass and squeezing while pulling you close to me. Your hands are up in my hair and then pulling me close to you too, and I push you back against the wall to grind the bulge in my pants on your pussy. We separate slightly and you start to unbutton my shirt, rubbing your hands on my chest as it’s revealed, and pushing it off my shoulders and letting it fall to the floor. I lift your blouse up and over your head bursa escort and kiss the tops of your breasts above your bra, using quite a bit of tongue and running it right along the edge to slightly underneath. You push your chest out to me, reveling in the sensations of my attentions, and also giving my hands access to the clasps on your back. I swiftly unhook you, and the proceed to kiss the skin revealed as your bra comes off, ending with a quick suck on each hard nipple before kissing my way up your neck and along your jaw, back to your lips and pressing our now naked chests together.

We stand like that for a few minutes, sucking on each other’s lips in turn, tasting with our tongues, and making little moans into each other’s mouths. We reluctantly pull apart, and still holding hands, walk around the condo to check out each room and see just what our little love nest looks like. The second bedroom has 2 twin beds, which might be fun for a little romp later, but we know we’ll be spending the majority of bed time in the king sized master bed. We pass through our bedroom and into the bathroom, looking longingly at the corner jacuzzi and separate shower, and then it’s back into the living room to see the couch and tv and fireplace. Though it’s a gas fireplace, it’ll do much to give the place the appropriate ambiance later in the evening. I push the curtain aside to look out onto the balcony, and notice we have a very secluded view down towards a lake, and no one else can really see us even when we’re on the balcony. A few ideas cross my mind, and you come up behind me and wrap your arms around me. I feel the points of your nipples in my back and turn around to kiss you again, and we go over to the kitchen and make short work of emptying the cooler and getting those items needing cooling into the fridge.

Once that’s complete, it’s now time to get fully naked and into each other. I stop you from leaving the kitchen, and kneel down to undo the snap and zipper on your pants, lowering them down past your knees and helping you step out of them. I think for a moment about taking off your thong, bursa escort bayan but decide to leave it on and even make it a little more naughty by sliding the strands inside your lips to rub more directly on your inner lips and clit. I feel you shudder slightly as I do so, and then you’re pulling me up to kiss you harder than before. As we kiss, one of your legs wraps around me to keep me closer, and I can feel the heat of your pussy through my shorts. Mmmm… I know just how hot and wet you are!

I lead you over to a chair and sit you down in it, and you quickly unbutton and unzip me and pull down my shorts, but leave me in my boxer briefs, taking a moment to kiss the wet spot on the front for a taste of my precum. I kneel down and kiss you again, and then work my down down your neck and back to your breasts as you lean back in the chair, relaxing and letting me access all of your body. I pay much attention to each breast, sucking and licking your nipples, and kneading each tit to bring more blood and engorge them even more. You moan and hold the back of my head, and scoot your crotch closer to me, indicating you’d love my attentions to also move lower. One finger on my hand traces the edge of your panties along your waist, and then the lower edge until I get to the pearls. I grab them and pull slightly, forcing them a little deeper into your cleft and making you moan a little louder. I bring myself to leave your nipple and kiss your stomach and down past your belly button, while you move your hips to ensure your pussy is right at the edge of the seat. I kiss the upper edge of your panties and then the lower edge, right along the joining of your torso to your leg. I see the goosebumps I’ve raised with that kiss and then kiss the pearls and the skin beneath them, following each round orb downward until I’m kissing your pussy and smelling and tasting you. Mmmmmm….

I spread your outer lips and see how the pearls caress your inner lips and rub against your clit, and just think about how much that’s been turning you on all day long. I can see some evidence by the wetness of your escort bursa pussy, and the most wonderful aroma of a woman very turned on. I put my tongue all the way out and lick your pussy, savoring you and making you moan at the contact. I proceed to make love to your pussy, using my tongue to move the pearls this way and that over your clit and lips, and your hips are moving involuntarily, trying to increase the sensations. Your hips move even more over the edge ofthe chair, and I can tell you’re very close to a BIG orgasm. I silently push my underwear down over my hard cock, and continue my efforts to assist your impending cum. My tongue lightly attacks your clit, and that sends you into bliss. As you tense up and hold my head still, you moan loudly at how good it feels, and I quickly pull my head up and move my hard cock forward to the entrance to your spasming cunt, and you spread your legs wider and pull me to you, helping me enter you and slide all the way in.

I pull on the top of your ass and bring your hips close to mine, and slide in and out while you’re still trying to come down from your recent orgasm. This sets you off again and you moan “YES” loudly as you cum, and feel my cock start to swell in size, knowing my orgasm isn’t far behind. You hook your legs around behind my back and urge me on faster, looking at me with lust in your eyes as your hands move to pull on your nipples and add to the sensations. My hips are moving faster, and the sensation of being in your pussy, and the pearls on either side of my cock adding their stimulation not only to your and your clit, but to the sides of my cock as well, serve to bring me just as quickly to the top of a big orgasm, and as you feel me get huge inside of you, I tense up and thrust deeply into you, sending shot after shot of my cum into your pussy. I pull you up into an embrace and your arms wrap around me and hold me close while we both cum together. Finally I’m completely spent, and I kiss the side of your neck and then your lips and tell you how much I love you. You tell me you love mt oo and we hold each other for another minute, and then I get up and go grab a towel and a blanket, place the towel on the couch to preclude a wet spot and we lay down and snuggle togethe with the blanket covering us, as we drift off to a well-deserved nap before dinner.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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